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KM Hanslik Jan 23
we're hungry and we've come to collect
don't mind what's yours, mind what could be yours;
there's such a thing as "too sweet", and
i don't think i can stomach it anymore;
don't plant seeds in my lawn and call it your garden,
i make my own peace with what i grow.
You call it a catastrophe the way the world is always raining down on us,
i tell you to learn how to handle the blows.

We aren't crazy, just out of our heads a little
our bones aren't broken, just a bit brittle
I know you want to hold the world down with me,
we might even find a way to do it
but don't close doors on the things you've seen
I know you want this to be evergreen;
but nobody with clean hands has ever learned anything
about tending to their own soil.
TTodd Nov 2018
Within your thin shell new life waits

For weather warm and sun to shine.

You slumber until cold abates;

It’s what you do – a planned design.

Then, on a day that beckons you,

Up through the earth you send a shoot

To peek into the growing world

And reach up to the sky-so-blue.

Your anchor is a sturdy root;

Your arms will spread to leaves unfurled.
Star BG Nov 2018
We DOST have sparks within of sacred energy CALLED LOVE. Yes, IT MAKES all things possible, as we GROUND and move on stage of life. A platform where WE, are performers for our soul.A place to radiate our love qualities

Come, dance to the music with the musical magical metronome of heart we carry.

Come celebrate with vibrations of love to spread in wind. lights power that travels with intention of breath.

We are human farmers infused with love seeds, all we need do is remember. And go to a harvesting the sacred love we carry.

All we need do is look within our own sun to germinate the gift of self. The gift of LOVE we are.
inspired by conversation with Tapiwa Individualist  THANKS
Becca Nov 2018
her bare toes touch the
wet grass,
the bottoms of her feet
now covered in mud
her feet are the garden
growing fresh movements
her mind is the water
nourishing the herbs
stopdoopy Nov 2018
1 2 3
Seeds from fruit trees

I've missed you
My cherished one

You will be
With us again

Is the earth
Beneath soft snow

Way down here
The embers glow

Are we, beloved
Feelings freely flowing

Crashing into rocks
Passionate and fierce

4 5 6
Cross the river Styx
. . . . . .
Tanay Sengupta Oct 2018
Shattered frames of ashes and dust
Remnants of our deeds,
Like the fruitful tree in August
Unaware of its seeds.
Claiming to be intellectuals
Ravaging on the weak,
Tied down by our own rituals
And the words we do not speak.

Divided by our views
Fake is what we feed,
Battered and bruised
We watch as we bleed.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved.
Hello there, it feels good to write something after a long time. Hope you like it. Cheers!
sunprincess Oct 2018
After sowing a few seeds up sprang a friend,
and then another and another
Just like pretty daisies in a flower garden,
Then along came a pesky ****
Isaac Sep 2018
If poems were seeds,
How many could you plant
If you lived a full life,
And worked like an ant?
It would be amazing to have
Your own poetry forest,
Observing your thought life
Through poems clear and honest.
As this world is changing
And you are moving forward,
Don't forget to keep planting
Seeds to become your new orchard.
Written 13 September 2018
Amare Leslie Sep 2018
Small dandelion seeds
Glide into the timeless breeze
For a better home
Isaac Aug 2018
A day is coming
when you will be
on your last day
no time to flee
your entire life
ready to be sealed
packaged for the day
it will be revealed
to the whole world
each choice shown
you will reap whatever
seeds you have sown.
Written 27 August 2018

Galatians 6:7
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