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Malia Mar 31
I think I actually
Hate this feeling.
You’re not supposed to
Make me nervous.
You’re not supposed to
Plant seeds in my mind,
Strange seeds that grow strange fruit.
Or, at least you didn’t used to.

I don’t know why I bother at all.

I never did say
That it was a good idea
Did I?
We are all seeds
tiny grains of sand
lost on a desert wind
or so I understand,
on a hot afternoon
under a clear african sky
we blew into existence
God alone knows why
Bekah Halle Jan 31
Little girl, big brimmed hat,
Alone, with suitcases,
traveling to boarding school she sat.
Wanting to be embraced by loving arms,
Reassuring tones, peaceful pungent breaths, she calms,
But, the war loomed outside,
And onwards she tried.
The constant Chameleon: hairdresser, interiors, reporter and healer,
Now, the season of inner healing to transform into a counsellor.
But, it’s the true counsel that she heeds,
To transform from the wounds that bleed.
May she hear from you, the One who truly heals.
May you lovingly embrace and hold all she feels.
May the little girl grow up into the woman you imagined,
And may she bloom into a lush garden with seeds you've planted.
Savio Fonseca Jul 2023
She planted, seeds in My Heart
and watered them,
With Love and Attention.
When Flowers bloomed,
they gave My Life
altogether a new Dimension.
Expanding universe
Plant some seeds
See the fruits
That our world needs

What we plant
Will surely grow
In spirit above
Or soil below

Week by week
Our visions appear
From our intents
When thought is clear

Be choiceful with
The seeds you plant
For yearly growth
Will surely grant

The endful fruit
Of seeds that grow
So sow today
The truth you know

In faith and hope
Plant tiny seeds
That surely grow
And fill our needs
You can see this poem on a background here
Zywa Sep 2022
The cows are mooing,

sheep are bleating, and the wind --

disperses the seeds.
"Koeien loeien" ("Cows moo", 1980, Jules Deelder)

Collection "No wonder"
neth jones Jun 2022
knee high sea of grass
tussled like groomed fur
  spry winds lashing
distribution of lifted seeds
life in correspondence
Tanka style
early June 2022
Ren Sturgis May 2022
I create with Earth,
my pliant hands in her soil.
Seeds of life we sow <3
Yousra Amatullah Apr 2022
People never really leave
You either meet them again in person 
Or you'll find their flowers blooming, contemplating that image in the mirror
I S A A C Apr 2022
underneath the covers, no worries of lovers
too busy focused on the uncovering of all my budding flowers
of all my seeds sproutings, if spirit is allowing
springtime is my favourite, it's a fresh start
to be better and bigger than before
to pick yourself up and wish for more
so I will wish for more, more than men who are decor
so I wish to explore, a man not plagued with internal wars
one that is not afraid to see what lies behind the door
one that is not afraid to let their heart pour
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