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Flowers buried deep
Rooted in her skin
Growing in her sunlight
Drowning in her rain
A scattering
Of dandelion seeds
Left to thrive
In a local park
Popping up and out
Turned away from the ground
Face to the sun
Everyone wonders
Where we come from
Niki Gray Jul 28
Think about your self less
and your community more
plant the seeds of success
that open prosperity's door.
In a world that is so full of selfishness it is important to remember to strive to leave a legacy that will remain when you're gone.  Thank you to my family and friends who encourage and support me.  Syd, James, Jimmy, Todd, Sheela, Courtney and Christian.
Lift and inspire - clear the way
Be a friend to another today
Helping others will always pay
Rewards of peace and wealth

Life is full of daily needs
That you can fill with kindly deeds
What you get back ever exceeds
That which you give away

Lift and inspire - start right here
Spread vitality, hope and cheer
Your abundance is always near
As you plant inspiring seeds
This is Prosperity Poem 41 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here

Lift and Inspire is dedicated to my Mom - Marge Westra.

She has been a lifting and inspiring influence to me throughout my life, and is still doing so today. And I'm not the only one - she lifts and inspires everyone she knows!

A big part of the prosperous life is helping and inspiring others. My Mom taught me my basic philosophy of life, and especially the principle of helping others.
Nathalie Jul 3
I see you spreading seeds
of kindness wherever you go
Your acts are filled with
generosity and compassion
Your smile can lift
and light up the darkess rooms
The energy you share
inspires trust and invites
others to participate
in sharing their
love which in turn
create these
beautiful waves of
acceptance and connection.

Priyam Jun 26
I am my own enemy
Watering fresh dreams
With stale efforts

I am my own foe
Reaping the fruits of
The dead seeds I sow

I am my own rival
Dying of thirst
But trying to drown first

I am my own nemesis
A perpetual decadent
A fool, A pessimist
shamamama May 27
Pull the weeds, plant the seeds
this is what the garden said

choose what stays
choose what goes

be mindful when you do

the silver oaks darken the sun in the mind
trim the trunks, so light may you find

the bindweed traps the heart
clip the vine, free the art

the poison oak stings your delicate hand
let the goats eat these weeds right off the land

the pompous grass clouds the soul in your eyes
pluck these weeds before they set and rise

the deadweed piles darken your spirit
compost the weeds, lighten your merit

plant the seeds of love, hope and color
water with nourishment, fertilize with wonder
and you will warm the heart of another

and then,

begin again,

pull the weeds
plant the seeds
I feel like my garden has been talking to my soul and I want to share the conversation.
Elizabeth May 12
As she sat upon her windowsill she watched the cars roll by and the nervous man linger along the grass just beyond the sidewalks end. She had hoped that one day she would work up the courageous to be someone in a busy city with dreams and deadlines to be met. She hoped that she wouldn’t be who she was becoming for she returned to darkness at night with nothing but an unfinished book and withering flowers to welcome her home. She would sit upon the windowsill to make sense of the man who paced the streets at night and the cars who rushed by in a hurry to be somewhere. She wanted to be a newly planted flower in a field full of seeds. She wanted to have a purpose other than sitting upon that windowsill. She told herself she would but she wished someone would tell her that she could
Hope in perseverance
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