sometimes i need to remind myself that im not the only flower in your garden when your tears is pouring out like a watercan.
and sometimes i need to remind myself to plant some seeds in my own empty garden that i drowned during the hurricane.
i come to realize that im bad at picking seeds that can endure the cold winter season.
and you are better off without me, and only with the flowers you have by the million.

I feel like everyone is better off without me.
Richard Grahn Sep 23

Beneath the ground
Cool water flows without sound
Roots reach down and drink

Kilam TA Sep 4

The seed cracks with growth
separating through reach destined for the heavens
competing with the similarly ambitious
because space is finite
So, aspire to grow small?
I think not for I am a seed
"Let me exceed", I shall ask
fore my pedals will expand and spread my  pollen
Never, to recede

Attempting to mix imagery with abstract cerebral complexity

Deep in the forest
Lies a tree grand in size
Older than the rest
But close to demise

Each winter is harder
The bitter cold bites
And is a slow killer
But still she fights

The humans come with axes
And kill those around her
Never able to relax
When one day she'll just be lumber

Each day branches snap
Because of the dry life
The sun beats down as she naps
Always causing strife

And one day she withers
And is not longer in pain
But all she has weathered
Is not in vain

Because below seeds flourish
The ground is moist and full of water
And soft, full with nourish
All thanks to mother

Paul Jones Apr 29

In the stretch of time,      I sow my seeds so
I may leave my life     like light leaves the sun.

Gather the fruits of the season
the harvest of the land
and of the heart
is ripe for the picking
though the only fruit that has grown
is of the seeds of denial
that you let them plant in you
and that you have nurtured
to their rich color and noxious scent
overwhelming to all
but to you and your joyful sorrow
because they remind you of them.

© LadyofRavenhill 7/2/17
Richard Grahn Jun 10

Only made nothing!
Only that or this.
Only for a moment but,
Only for a kiss.

Beware conceived of something.
Beware of that or this.
Beware of giant thoughts in there.
Beware of mindless bliss.

Content took just a moment.
Content with that or this.
Content to breach the levy.
Content in the abyss.

Always stops at nothing.
Always that or this.
Always finding something.
Always gets the gist.

Amazed comes on in waves.
Amazed of that or this.
Amazed rained down in teardrops.
Amazed was not remiss.

Aware was very clear to see.
Aware of that or this.
Aware took all the rainbow seeds
And tossed them in the mist.

Amazed, she kissed the Only.
Only touched Beware.
Content reached out for Always.
Amazed became Aware.

Cynthia A Jun 6

a seed filled with wanderlust,

spiders ride the wind.

settle like the rocks,

suffocating beneath waves.

leeches deplete their host,

water drains from a lake,

but immortality is ensured.

seeds full of wanderlust,

repeat the cycle.

destroying the land.

laying waste,

to all that



Vexren4000 May 17

The bracken stretches,
Its many arms out onto the land,
Puffing up and attempting,
To outgrow his brothers,
Vying for the sweet light,
That only the strongest may indulge in,
The succulent nutrients of sunlight,
So that they may survive,
For yet one more day,
To hopefully,
Drop seeds,
To compete all over again.


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