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deadhead Apr 18
old dandelion
close your eyes and make a wish
gently blow the seeds
deadhead Apr 6
we should be planting
seeds of both love and flowers
instead we plant hate
Gemma Mar 18
I planted their seeds some time ago now. I'm still struggling to set them free.

I want to chew them up and spit them out from where they grow inside of me.

I can feel them now, writhing around,
like poison ivy in my veins.

The bitter taste in the back of my throat,
as they creep up towards their escape.

It's too painful to even try to release them,
So for now I guess they'll stay.

My words are hiding within me, growing darker every day.

Twisting around all that I am and all that I can be.

Taking root withing my bones and soul, a dark forest inside of me.
Once the seed of something has been planted, the idea grows.  Harvest them or let them rot.
Sarah Lane Jan 30
We have things in our life that are precious
They are the parts of us
That make us who we are
The things we will never forget
They make us whole and leave a scar
A seed plants itself in your heart
It happens without your control
But suddenly it’s there
It’s a delicate thing that gives you joy
It doesn’t matter if it’s imperfect
But you never want to lose it
Our lives will consist of these pieces
That are like dandelion seeds
We feed them love without thinking
From the core of our being
Without just one, we aren’t whole
Why can’t we hold them all together
So that forever we have it all
Inevitably time blows like the wind
Each fragile seed flies away
We can dance around to catch them
But love was never ours to hold
It must be free to live and breathe
To create and to pass away
Every part of our soul that we have fed
That feeds us and makes life worth it
Belongs to the maker of the wind
The One that is greater than it all
Who holds everything in balance
The core that each life belongs to
That very heart of Love
Saves every smile and tear
From the beginning to the end
And is painting a beautiful portrait
As the breeze blows each moment away
So that when we look back at our life
We see the precious memories
Blessings that never truly disappeared
It starts but doesn’t end bare
Loving, remembering, painting
Until your picture is complete
A dandelion in God’s hand
With every part that made
Diljeev Jan 21
It was last year
the day they embrace
their love,
all of them,
it was then
I declared my own.
Seeds were sown,
In the sun then
her face shone,
it was me alone
who could see,
the seeds growing
into our sweet union's tree.
But as fate would have it,
it's their union's fruits
that the tree bore,
and it was almost as if
an encounter with death
deep inside my core,
there was rebirth then,
a man with the whole earth
to his name as if,
it is indeed land galore,
to sow seeds
until one day a tree grows
just like it's seeds it's pure,
bearing fruits
it should've always bore.
As sands flow through
The glass this hour
My will
Stays free
And filled with power

Now is
the time
To act and choose
To plant and sow
No sand -
to lose

Creation comes
As no surprise
For all my
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The Hourglass background was an option for another poem, but wasn't chosen as the winner.  Yet, The Hourglass had such striking symbolism and clarity that I decided to write a poem just for that picture.

We live in an expanding universe.  Seeds grow.  Thoughts grow.  If we plant the right seeds and act in the NOW, then we can manifest more of what we truly desire in life.
kyle dionysus Nov 2020
Vines around my neck.
Thorns in my waist.
Seeds in my eyes.
Juice drips from my veins.
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