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Jay May 3
No matter how many times I'm called beautiful
or pretty, of gorgeous, or any other comment,
I will always cry when I hear the name
You try to call me adoringly...

It is dead.
I bury it here
In the words.
I write its tombstone.
Sakura Mar 18
I am twenty, you are twenty two
See the sky is so blue
Let's gulp some mountain dew
And write a poem for you
Don't be so blue
Just chew chew chewingum chew
Sitting on top of a mountain
Just me and you
Just the grass and morning dew
Such a serene view
While listening music
Let's have a barbecue!Some wine and Belgium beef stew
Walking together down the hill
A sudden gust of wind blew
Holding hands together
Talking bit about nature
Birds chirping around the corner
It's Like a déjà vu
Let's travel to peru
And see the ruins of Machu Picchu
Talking about the sun and the moon
Let's get a sick tattoo
Who knew
What we will go through tomorrow
Is this true
I'm feeling a déjà vu
I'm meeting my Waterloo
Russ Heeschen Jan 14
I want to tell you the story
Why I cannot sing the blues
I want to tell you the story
Why I cannot sing the blues
It’s because I’m a white guy
And I wear inexpensive shoes.

I went down to the crossroads
To learn to play the guitar
I went down to the crossroads
To learn to play the guitar
When I walked into the crossroads
I got hit by a car.

I went back to the crossroads
I wanted to have it all
I went back to those crossroads
I wanted to have it all
When I got down to the crossroads
They turned it into a mall.

So I am done with the blues now
I need to change my style
I am done with the blues now
I need to change my style
Goodbye to the blues
I’ll try hip hop for a while.
... Yo!
Inspired whilst taking a Rhythm & Blues Cruise.
Words' Worth Dec 2020
Your love feels right
The night is just right
Because we both have brown eyes
I see yours are darker

As I scour through the layers for hours
Redness of your cheeks make them beautiful
Its the simple act of loving someone
That makes me feel so good about brown eyes

When I wanted to have hazel ones
That look purple in dawn
Green in the seaside house
Blue in the reflection of the water

I look deeper into those tiny irises
My sun rises and sets in them
We share the whole day, lost in an embrace
Held by a stare, arms around each other

Wrapping our love in our heads on the first date
I dare you, to love someone like I did you on the first kiss
First Date of my life
Corbyn Nov 2020
my skin is howling  
my tears descend
the pain is somehow still caged

my throat swells
my jaw tightens
the hurt must stay within

its more painful than anything I’ve ever felt
like a pack of wolves tearing my heart out
the pain is eating me

eating more than I ate for the years my dysphoria got me to starve myself

i can’t hide anymore
tear me open if you must
but tear me open in the right places
Zack Ripley Nov 2020
If you want him, I could be the guy
Who makes you believe
That everything will be alright.
If you want him, I could be the guy
Who holds you til the morning light.
If you want him, I could be the guy
Who stays home with the baby
So you can have a girl's night.
I can be almost anyone
You want me to be
As long as I can still be me.
Palpebra Oct 2020
He's not strong nor is he tall,
He's not the typical 'man' you call.
He's not built up, nor is he cool,
Maybe he's the quietest in the school.

He's not good at academics,
And often has dates with paramedics.
He's the clumsiest of all.
Maybe he'll never be the guy for whom you'll fall.

He's not that talented nor has any gifts,
A complete misfit!
He's slow and steady but never wins a race!
Maybe he's totally a gone case.

He's not so many things,
Which back brings;
My idea of writing about him,
Even though he's not the hero of my film.

You wonder why?
I'm so fixated on this guy;
Because after all the things he's not,
He still smiles and takes all the shots.
He isn't 'the love at first sight'
But a slow burn that makes my life bright.
He is different, I guess.
An open jar of happiness.
He's got nothing to impress;
Yet so much to express!

He is not attractive; but radioactive!
A radioactive substance only knows emission. He only knows how to give- love, life and meaning to my existence!

Maybe I'll never love you as a lover,
Maybe I'll use you when I'll suffer.
But one thing is for sure,
You will have a place in my heart secure!
Lee Jackman Oct 2020
Why do nice guys always come last?
Iv got so much love to give.
I would do everything in my power to give you the best life.
I would be loyal.
You would be loved.
You could trust me with everything.
Our children would know a loving father.
But it feels like you dont want that.
It feels like you would rather be with a player.
It feels like you would rather be cheated on.
It feels like you would rather you children didnt know there father.
Maybe you dont really want the nice guy?
Please excuse any spelling, Im dyslexic. I have not had the confidence to share any of my poems until very recently. So kind words please
Cutezeni Sep 2020
My father who art in heaven
May he be also a masterpiece
Like eleven
May my main man also join the skies
That part the seas like milky lights.
May my man bring with him me
As a tourist of the nightlife.
Wife me up and hold me tight
Like the stars cling onto the duly skies.

May my main man be the mainest of them all
Sure a little mean isn’t bad at all
Nay he never become a Mayfair sayer
Or a naysayer to his wife’s call.
Today I call upon thee
To help me free fall.
Tall and fully
In love with you truly
You are my one and only all.
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