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This nice guy pretense will wear off soon,
I’ll avoid you, lie to you, and keep secrets from you,
I’ll not even let you know that I’m engaged to someone,
I’m a nice guy; I’ll let you find it on Instagram,
And when you question me, I’ll explain it to you in nice words,
‘Look I’ve found someone else so you –’
I’m a nice guy; I won’t fill in the blanks,
I’ll let you fill in the blanks (you ***** who wasn’t good enough for me),
I’ll leave you broken, shattered and disappointed for life,
But still, at the end of the day, I’m a nice guy.
I’m a nice guy,
Certain boys like to say that often don’t they?
I’m a nice guy,
I’m a nice guy; I’ll open doors for you,
I’ll let you walk first,
I’ll be ‘modest’ with you,
I’m a nice guy; I’ll never lie to you,
I’m a nice guy; I’ll never keep you waiting,
I’ll never ask for nudes,
I’ll wait till you get comfortable,
Then ask for nudes,
I’m a nice guy; I’ll call you from overseas just to check on you during your ***,
I’ll skip my work to cheer you up,
I’ll treat you like a queen,
Always, and forever,
Who am I kidding? Forever? Nah!
J-Long Sep 29
Finally home
My little safe space
The only place in the world
I can show my true face

Not the happy face
Smiling at a bright tomorrow
But a zombie like expression
That shows nothing but sorrow

So this is me
In all my "glory"
Just a "happy guy"
With a truly sad story
I never thought you could be that type of guy. Yet deep inside I always knew you were, I could see it in your eyes when you looked at girls. I could see it in your smile when you talked to them. I could see it in your legs when you walked to them. Everything about the way you looked and acted showed you were a bad guy for me. But I couldn't get you out my head, so I started to think about all the good things you would do when we were kids. I started seeing that little boy in you. I was too naive to see the truth. Even when it was right in front of me. The truth is that you use girls, to you they are something you can throw away. Sadly, I wished you could have used least got to know me… that something about me could make you change and stay. But nothing I do could make you see. Cant you the person that really cares. But you cant see that. We haven't had a conversation longer than 3min in 4 years. We drifted apart. And now I wont see you again. Ever again. Next month is the party I will see you. I wont see you , I will see a boy who was once my world but is now a memory of a painful hell he didn't know he was giving me. I never thought you could be that guy, but you are.
this is not a poem i think
Erian Sep 12
I know you don't like me
You don't like guys like me
But I like you
more than you'd ever know
I guess friends are all we'll ever be.
Maddie M Aug 20
Stay quiet girl
In the midst of all your riots
Because you know you love him
A love you can’t deny it.
In its purifying form
At this point your heart was warned.
Love like a sweater
A ******-sweater.
It strapped you up
With knots and bows
Hurt like hell, when it blowed.
Chapter ended
Left her kinda bended
She scream to the shadows where she vented.
Travel to paradise, got stranded In The desert
She had to censored —-
Anyway, Shes good and Im free
our roots were sprouting, thank god for those seeds.
I hate to say, I wish we could’ve made it.
**** happens, and that’s okay because
There are rainbows after the every other  rain
I know your mouth is still full with my name.
Thank god, I’m the one whose sane.
I wish you luck in everything you do,because
After all, you were my boo.
Emily Jo Jul 18
I’m not





With brown locks

and a pouty allure

Sorry I couldn’t

Worth a mention

To your inner world
Liz Carlson Jun 21
Lord, thank you.
You've shown me once again Your faithfulness and love for me.

I prayed a simple prayer in the morning air with desperate lips.
No more than a week later, you started answering it.

You've brought new joy, peace, and laughter in my life.
New men that have taught me that I'm valued and worthy of love and affection.

Thank you, Lord, for these new friends and your love for me.

I pray that You'd keep my heart pure.
Keep these friendships simple and sweet.
No alternative feelings or complications.

Let us be glad in the joy of friendship, and let that be enough for my wandering heart.

Keep my intentions true, Father, and protect us as we grow closer.
Cover us with wisdom and prudence as we move forward.

Thank you, Lord.
We're not classmates anymore,
But schoolmates.
I have always wondered if I'll have feelings for someone new who is my classmate,
Since we won't always see each other at this rate.
I have this classmate that could be a good candidate,
Tall, cute and fair.
I asked myself, "could this be it?"
But I didn't have any feelings yet.
Dismissal, it was eight past three,
I saw you sitting near the gate.
I got nervous, is this fate?
You looked at me, pointed and smiled.
I missed that, isn't this great?
It felt like you answered my question ealier.
Looks like you'll still be stuck here in my heart and no one else,
But we'll see.
The new classmate was really tall, I thought he isn't that bad but when I went outside I saw my bunnyyy and gosh. My heart.
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