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Haylin 23m
Your elegent voice
Soft and subtle
Can't be missed
In this chair
Looking at you
In that bed
Stay with me
Just another minute
We were 17
Chocolate for soldiers
Covers for tables
Flower for you
Glass Coca cola
Movie playing
Back of my Chevy
Staring at stars
Sky in your eyes
Going steady
Meeting your parents
No computers
Strongest connection
You're my password
Watching and waiting
Course of history
Making our own
We made plenty
Kids having kids
Years to decades
75 and still
Laying beside me
Gave a promise
We were 17
You accepted
But I kept it
Here's another
Sitting, this chair
You, that bed
Not our chair
Not our bed
Smell of Iodoform
And wilted flowers
Yet still
Your elegant whisper
Cant be missed
But I promise this
You will be
Never forgetting
We were 17

Just another minute

Ocean singing
Water and sand
Crashing, commanding
Standing Attention
Beside you,
Never close enough
Fly with me
Back home, before
The history
Rations for bravery
You for you
Proper pop
Screen dances
Frozen eyes
Only Star I see
See the beginning
Butterflies in sync
Inks drying
Pens and letters
Melt together
Moons and suns
Here and there
Decadence and
We did our
Own thing
Planting gardens
Self watering
In our chest
Of treasure
3 quarters
Of century
Gave me
That star
Not always bright
Never falling
Leaves now
To illuminate
Another planet
But I'll see it
Everytime I
Close my eyes
We were 17
Jealousy, a final decree.
Admittedly a fallacy submitted formidably... impervious?
She'll move onto sea.
Move on from those who can't see.
They'll show us what it means to see.

Presently a mistaken alignment of aliment, yet so indicative of the deceptive.
An intervention of emancipation requires degradation of the love that relegates, brainless.
Vindictive of the culture, fault, to penance, too addicted.
Barbie style, she heads an isle of the vile whom are consumed by denial.
Normality brushed aside with the hand whom highlights brushed, melting eyes.
Life, an achievable yet inconceivable lie shrouded by personality.
Subjective to the respective hospitality.
"Aint no love for thee..."
I just hope, some day, there will be love for all. Until that day, there is no fault for being one who can't belong. We are the great, bar the hate for today is the day you show us what makes you, you.
Sehar Bajwa Nov 6
the kind of guy who will hold your bags but never go keep your plate
the kind of guy who will tell you he loves you at random moments because thats when it matters most
the kind of guy who will listen to you read storybooks aloud just so he can stare a little longer
the kind of guy who can make every novel funny and every day magical
the kind of guy who can stand up to his best friend and side with the bullied
the kind of guy who never forgets but nearly always forgives
the kind of guy with hair a different perfect mess every day
the kind of guy who knows when everyone's looking and still doesnt care
the kind of guy who will removes every single pea because he knows you cant stand them
the kind of guy who kisses you like your lips are oxygen masks
who hugs you like hes afraid to let go
the kind of guy who will miss you every second you're away and will remember to tell you so.
thats my kind of guy.
Non Pescador Nov 24
I found myself,smiling.
Staring at my phone,
While waiting for your replies.

I smile bitterly,
When I realize you’re not gonna reply,
All the feelings that I’m hiding dies.

Can you help me,
I’m drowning in my own feelings
Is he really woth the pain I feel everyday? Cauze if no, I don’t know what to do.
We've been planning this for months, years even.
Nothing can stand in our way now, nothing.
The Protestant King will surely fall,
after we blow Parliament up the wall.

Today is the day that they will remember us.
We shall fight! We shall prevail!
History will be made tonight.
No stone will go unturned as we overthrow the King.

I sit here, keeping guard over the barrels.
Waiting for the signal to ignite.
It's a menial task - sitting and waiting. Caw! Caw!
There's the signal! Time to ignite!

Sizzle! *****! Pop!
There go the barrels! Setting ablaze the room.
Parliament and the King will fall!
Down tumbles the building! Burning up the sky!

We have fought! We have prevailed!
The Catholics will be in power once again!
We have made them remember us forever!
Remember, remember the 5th of November.


"Remember, remember, the fifth of November

Gunpowder treason and plot

We see no reason Why Gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot ...."
mjad Oct 15
He only goes with "skinny *******" or so his friends say
But it's alright, I don't go with guys who call girls "*******" anyway
Petals weaved and laced for limbs,
   Infinity intricately at his feet,
Arrows of lobster clawed feathers,
   Shooting lanterns up the street.

Four corners in black,
   Multiplied with moving tints,
Grey flowing into the endless drift,
   Scissors slicing ribbons,
The final trick played by twins.

Redly lit and pink warmth of a bird's statue,
   Emitting frozen tones,
Evermore catering his fortitude,
   Fleetly plucking each leaf,
Each one falling and bending,
   Into smokey cat-eyed gleam.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
i heard the sound at night

get up from that fright

get ride from that sight

wish and stay for a time

pray to me ask me your desire

ask me to cure you from the paralysis

cry to me see me your weakness

ask me if you want some money

ask me if you want tobe a guy

that everyone wants to be that guy

all minds admire himand so the eye

obey me in doing the good

you gain the help of  me

the *** calls you ,who will be that guy
everyone eeds the help of the ***. the most power give his hand
Natalie Oct 5
my feelings are so deep,
so strong
with you.
your feelings are so weak,
it feels wrong
for you.
I turn the other cheek,
I spent so long
on you.
my heart once warm, now bleak,
no longer belongs
to you.
why do you love to mess with my head
Natalie Jan 26
my heart races for you,
it goes the extra mile for you,
it passes the finish line for you,
it does all these things for you
and you aren’t even there to cheer it on from the crowd
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