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I lose last battle
Your attention awarded
To somebody else
Never make someone a priority when you are only an option
unknown Jun 9
Hindi inaasahang napadpad ako sa iyong kaharian,
Kung saan ako’y pinagsilbihan at inalagaan,
At sa bawat minuto na nasa piling mo ako,
Tila ba isang panaginip na ayaw kong huminto.

Ngunit mali ‘tong nararamdaman ko,
Sandata ko’y hindi kumpleto,
Hindi ka nga pala handa’t sigurado,
Para ipaglaban yung nararamdaman mo.

Heto ako paulit-ulit na naniniwala,
Pilit pa rin na umaasa,
Na baka bukas kamay ko’y hawak mo na,
Wala ng takot at pangangamba.

Pero kahit ako lang ang lumalaban,
Kathang isip lamang ang “tayo” sa aking isipan,
Hindi man ako yung prinsesa na para sayo,
Mananatili ka sa aking puso, prinsepe ko.
Nigdaw May 30
they are in the grass
beneath my feet
their fear distilled
into the trees
where the leaves
dance as their banners
and flags once did
in the cool breeze
a river of red where
they bled their last breath
now flows clear
no winners or losers here
the lush green foliage
tells the story of how
it is fertilised
by the bodies of men
who lost their lives
centuries ago
I can still feel them
in the landscape
they have grown
Written after a visit to Battle in East Sussex.
Race 2
Same old **** going down
Graves of men now silent
Nowt much happening here
Just dead bodies buried
After being riddled blasted
Russians killed by Ukrainians
Prisoners mostly of Wagner
Sentences cut lives now cut
Politicians bathe in blood
They had quite a run
Still race in Part 2
Race 1 was a loss
No victory only death
Plus injuries and ruin
Battlefield injuries extreme
It's fine there's time
So much time here
Satan has all the time
In the world
Wait and see
Eventful War Book 2
Nick Armbrister and other writers
Eventful War Part 2
It is simply ongoing
The war as you all call it
Continues and will never end
For those who control the world
And all of us are pulling the strings
To make more cash and power
From the war acts which don't stop
A new year a new war in a new place
Or an old place dusting off an old war
It's doesn't matter why who how when
What matters is power and a bit of cash
They lust for power have it all want more
Many will die nations will be wrecked
Weapons used in anger or for fun
You name it they'll use it and do it
Conflict is the normal for them
There is no profit in peace
The Eventful War Part 2 continues
Part 1 never actually stopped…
Eventful War Book 2
Nick Armbrister and other writers
Nigdaw Apr 11
in the end
every warzone looks the same
eyeless broken buildings
personal possessions strewn
across rubble scattered streets
the odd house
against all odds still standing
the sudden shock of a body
the husk of a life
where is the victory
where is the glory
why do men have to break so much
just to say they won
midnight sun Jan 15
and in our battle of words,
yours succeeded to wade its meaning straight across
and with a solid one at most,
i have once again been rendered lost
jan. 15
Pooja Basnett Jan 10
I am a prisoner of thoughts,
Fighting invisible battles every day,
Some days I win and some days I lose,
But I put up a good fight, I give it all in!
My head is in chaos, voices of surrender,
I close my eyes and call out to my saviour.. He doesn't disappoint!
Mimmi Dec 2022
Then out of nowhere and at once, the voice stopped.
No lingering feeling of self hate
The questions
The pondering
It all came to a halt
A thing that’s been with me all these years
Came to an abrupt end
Not bitter
Not sweet
Just end
An ending i’ve been hoping, but not waiting on
I didn’t know that there was such a thing
As an end to it

A blabbering, mumbling sorrow of self pity
Or just a mere convenience of a lexicon with words to degrade myself
A daily reminder of how worthless I was
So I would’ve never forgotten my reason
A reason never explained
Never cared for
With a reach of a sovereign hand I touch the notes
Floundering through the air
Playing a floating piano
“A river flows in you”
Caring for unprotected skin

I was waiting for a different ending
An abrupt ending, not like this one
Fingernails not bitten off bleeding
A curious feeling of relentlessness
Not used to the feeling of not being alone

It all came to a halt
A voice that’s been with me for years
A sadness of emptiness is nowhere to be found
A clue to a healthy mind
Maybe a fear of what could’ve been if not the voice left
A sort of trembling worry of who to now complain when I do wrong
An understatement of falling leaves from my tree

I know my family will be glad
Even though I haven’t ever told them bout the pain I contain
Who to be worthy shall never pass
Through my gates of hell
No one is worthy of that pain
Maybe not even me?

I think this was and end worth waiting for
Inner demons are worth fighting
They don't have the right to win over your life!
So a Good ending, Is worth fighting for.
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