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All is fair in love and war
Was full of it

Because how can something that burns so quickly and leaves charred corpses in it's wake be fair
How can something that uproots the lives of many while leaving the lives of those adjacent fine
It is wholly unfair fall victim merely for being in the wrong place or time

Battlefields consume souls
No matter their varied geography
The path is always the same
Destruction can not be avoided nor cheated
Like Sister Death, both lie in wait
Lurking and prowling to devour the unfortunate ones
Praying for fairness that doesn't exist
Beckie Davies Jul 19
i am poised,
ready to fight
hands clenched
straightened spine
i've been through this
a thousand times
everyone knows
my battle cry
it's the sound of a woman
trying to break free
it's the sound of liberation
a song called victory
i am ready for war
i am ready to fight
i will reclaim my power
i will take back what is mine
i will take back what is mine
Dinamus Jul 3
There will be no heroes
In our dance of death
So take my hand
And take your last breath

Keep your eyes on me
In this macabre masquerade
And stay light on your feet
Or you'll be the first to break
My love, seems to be ferocious.
Towards you, it could go unkind.
Best be wise.
The comparison of my love in your eyes, is much more than it's true size.

More of it lies!

Within my heart,
a battleground like no other.
The scars I've burdened, many I'm scared to show.
A grenade of emotions, counting down five
seconds away till they explode.
What more does it ask me for? A cost of interest I can't ignore.

I'm going round again for another tour!

Words are a weapon, you load with a tongue.
Lips the after fire. A gun powder of words I've spoken.
And I'm hoping my relentless love, won't leave one to be broken.
Love left me with many wounds, a few of which are still open.

Nowadays I'm just coping!

I'll fight for you, as much as you fight for me.
Give my all, as much as you've given all to me.

Don't give up on me!

Love you as much as you love the much of me.
Be all as you want, as the want you are to me.

All that I am is you. All that you are is me.

Till the end of a battle knife,
you've carved a piece of you in my skin.
And to think,
at a time I questioned this all being a dream.

But what is real!?

A war for love asks for blood. We bleed for the one we love.

That's real!

Making love to each other. Two sides coming to make peace out of their conflicts.

That's real!

We've made accords to each other. Two parties coming to terms in the end.

That's real!

We spit fire at each other. Arguing till one admits the other is right.

That's real!

We'll fight for love, and tear a few hearts down.
The smoke all clears. And we hope the result in the end is, true love found.

A true war to love.
We fight for love, and in turn it fights us. What lesson then do we learn?
Lunar Jun 28
When the darkness spreads and the screaming penetrates even my dreams
The seduction of empty space calls at me
It’s attraction is undeniable
My daydreaming naturally becoming more visual  
The flavour of death
An ecstasy like no other
My strongest and last ******
So many options but only one to be my sinful romance

Will it be:
My tanned yellow appearance if I take too much
The chalk outline if I take a nudge
The rose stained bath if I dig a bit more
My neck ornament when I hit the floor
The gruesome distance a burst pipeline will go
The sweating and shaking from a hypo
Or simply a collision with a glare of light
Or maybe the ground was never my right
And I would prefer the pull from my lungs’ weight
or the heat off my skin as it ablates

Or maybe you would prefer an accident
Maybe that will help you cover your names
Don’t worry I won’t leave a note
I’ll let your guilt engross you
And when it gets too much you can use your sorry excuses to help suit you
You can blame my unstable personality
My weak mental health
My poverty of speech
But at least you’ll think twice the next time you speak
This will be my sweet everlasting revenge
However for now my battle isn’t over. I just refuse to be taken to the enemy side. I would rather stab myself with own spear than have my soul be tainted.

When It’s do or die, I feel electrified
- Autumn Kings: Electrified
Lunar May 28
~A person once said 'its not the situation thats good or bad it's how we interpret it'. Like how the thoughts of a rollercoaster will cause fear to some, but pure joy in others~

It is our experience and memories that shape our response
Our fears and shame that hide them
But it is at the end just thoughts...
With no intent, it is but a pen-less writer
For actions are stronger than words

The bully is as we forget simply a projection
All bark and no bite
He scares you because he is what you fear
A polar opposite
An existence you wish you could tear

He is what you grow not to be
He is not you, and never will be
You are not bad, but sadly
Good cant live if evil doesn't exist

So ignore the bully
because as the saying goes
~Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never break me~

By Lunar
Nature has made up her mind that what cannot defend itself shall not be defended - Ralph Waldo Emerson

So train your mind and stay strong!
Bailey May 27
A glance below
Reveals a mudded water
Reflecting the city lights from above

Tightly closed eyes
Squeeze out the few tears that remain
A wind so cold it slices through the skin

The pretend future flashes in the dark
A writer
Who's work stands tall with the best

As this battle runs on repeat
Sanity becomes a luxury
That can't seem to be purchased anymore
RobbieG May 8
in past sorrows

barely above waters

just to survive

for my life

becoming more weak

depleting very quickly

I ask myself

the light above

like the sun

it isn’t it

the bathroom light

and very insecure

create false situations

runs with it

Within our heads

I grasp for my last breath
as I look down and the reflection of a chrome plug catches my eyes

I am in control and I do get to decide , as I pull the plug and the water slowly pours out from the drain

But wait , this isn’t the tub nor am I in the bathroom, quickly I realize I’m in the ocean and it was a piece of jewelry that caught my eye

I’m totally submerged under the water and the sun is beating down as the rays create lines pointing up like an arm reaching for me , calling my name ....

I go to kick my feet to swim to the surface, the sand crashes between my toes and consumes my heels as I feel so confused my legs extend up and I stand

I’m in shallow waters and I realize it’s just another panic attack  as I take a couple deep breaths , my mom calls from the shore “ son are you alright “ I pour out in tears crying uncontrollably

Yes  mom , I’ll be fine
Kassan Jahmal Apr 27
You're only as strong
knowing your greatest weakness
If man knows not what they fight for,
why must he fight at all?

An open palm to aid the people,
closed one to protect things most cherished.

To force another to fight their battles,
shouldn't be as so.
One who cannot fight battles within them,
cannot fight the many more battles outwards.
If man knows not what they fight for,
why must he fight at all?

But if by any chance
one could win a war without fighting
and spilling blood
He'd be a fool not to take it.

One must know the worth
of what they fight for
to truly value it of it's all.

Be it,
family, integrity, ambitions or cause.
One fights with all that he has.
And only gives up
if they no longer have the strength of Lord.
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