Left said is of the simple stories unread,
Begun of tales lost and of mistakes within rot.
A flower blooms in the mist,
Open petals of human thirst,
Nourish, as the sun burnt, our seething scars learnt.
Each of each fought,
And this story witnessed by the stars,
Grows through the whistling call of the Sorrowful,
The Vengeful,
The Regretful.
All characters sought;
A kiss from the power of light, life with litigation,
Left and begun,
Battle and won, from all, anticipating admiration.
Hero, he is, to escape the soul of those that know him not.
He was everything, yet
Everything willing to bet.
The tale of called-on salvation from endless forget.
Script by the Gods, this desperation,
A play with human nature, I must mention.
He proved endearing eyes, grinning grimes,
By grain and by grain,
Destiny designs a breakable frame.
Prologue that will soon be followed by 4 parts with an epilogue.
Logan D 18h
If you don't mind
Back off
Oh sorry, not you
But my mind

See, we fight often
He tries to take over
Trying to make me miserable
But I resist
I'm into happiness and bliss

Too much time spent
Playing scenarios
Suspecting things
Believing lies
We usually end up in a compromise

I used to wish for the superpower of mind control
Until I realized I already have it
I control my own mind
Call me Professor X
I just schooled my mind

Positive thoughts
No more hate
Righteous thinking
I'm changing my fate

Put me through hell
But I tied him down
Like Naruto did to the nine tails
Yeah you'll see me around
But I'll be glowing this time
you're one mindset away from a different life
Geanna 3d
The feeling of loneliness takes over once again. This is a bit different, I admit. Day and night I sit and cry, I've finally stopped asking why. I feel like I lost all my friends, I lost all my family. it's a mess, the thoughts in my head. I know they love me, I know they care. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. By here I mean home, the home that they own. No one else is around, in the cold dark water I forever drown. All I have left is my lover. No brothers, no sisters, no father, no mother. I blind them with a smile, the smile that they trust. Soon it'll bust. The secrets, the lies, they're gonna ask "why?". Why didn't I say, why didn't I tell, why didn't I go out looking for help. But I did mother, I did father, I did brothers and sisters and oh my lover, I tried, I tried with all my might. I fought, I cried, I just need to find out why.
This is obviously not the best, but I tried and i'm still learning .. i'd love to hear your guys thoughts :)
Bobcat 3d
It's a tough pill to swallow.
I want to fucking puke.
This feeling in my stomach,
like I swallowed a live nuke.

They just give me pills to swallow
and run a lot of useless tests.
I tried so hard to keep it away,
to fight it off but it infests.

I hate these pills I swallow.
I feel the cancer in my veins.
It's consuming my body
and fucking with my brain.

It's not your pill to swallow.
I wouldn't blame you to leave.
This isn't your battle to fight.
This battle belongs to me.

I don't want these pills to swallow.
I want to give up and let it win.
Poetic for my life to end,
just as I'm ready for our life to begin.
That moment,
That dread-filled instant you feel everything slip away.

Hope, Lost.
Strength, Gone

Suddenly you feel useless and hated by everyone, inexplicably.

Just in that moment, Everything changes.

Is Depression.

That moment,
We feel the earth shatter beneath us and we fall and all we feel is,
"Please, not now. Not again."

Our eyes flush with black and we let go,
And we fall, again.

In that moment,
We leave ourselves behind,
We wave goodbye to our minds,
That we hope to see again, soon.

Is Depression...

Not a moment later our arms and legs turn to stone,
Our hearts fill with lead.

An intangible yet truly powerful pain consumes us as we fall,

And we cry,
Inside or out,
Sometimes both.

Is not who we are.

This is our disease.
This is not Us.

We are the strongest people on this planet.
Because, we battle a war that only we can feel,
And yeah, some of us don't make it.

This is our disease.

My friends,
It is not terminal,
This is not who we are.

Let's stand up and make one more day, just in case,
We'll find love in the smallest things,
In just the simplest gesture,
A thank you,
Or a hug,
Will make our day.

To those who don't give up on us when we give up on ourselves,
Thank you.

This, ❤
Is Us.

~Robert van Lingen
Never give up.
Amanda 5d
I am still trying to be your friend
Looking past many flaws
It's kinda hard to see past
The stress you always cause

I know I should let you go
You are a battle I'll never win
Something keeps me holding on
Through the chaos I am in

You are not worth it anymore
This is not what I envisioned
I truly mean it this time when I say
I am done with being imprisoned
No date on this one..
Aa Harvey Jun 13

An old stone built tower stands above all on the skyline;
The curves of its body twisting spiral’s in the air.
The moon shines around its peak, which reaches up so very high.
It is surrounded by a castle keep,
That is an image of a burnt out nightmare.

The castle walls are in pieces, like its people,
Cannon fodder their game.
The drawbridge has fallen, but the iron gate still remains.
The shadows in the night speak of a desire to be the enemy within.
The voices of the fallen spit out their final endless scream’s.

The sound of war is upon the castle door.
No more escape for its inhabitants,
Apart from those who are fleeing through the century old tunnel.
The secret passage to a way away from all the savage.
The army continues to do battle, at the top of ladders and ramparts.
All have been affected by this battle’s damage.

The sorcerer of this cursed land,
Stands in the furthest, most high room,
Shooting lightning at the wall tops as the chaos reigns below,
Where all is doom
And in a final decisive action,
The sorcerer reads from his big black book;
The ground shakes, the fire falls and all enemy are shook
And thrown from their steeds in front of the castle gate.
In pieces they bleed and from the tops of the castle walls,
Those who are falling will never be saved.
They crash to the floor and become no more.
The sorcerer falls to his knees, exhausted of power,
But he has put an end to this midnight war.

No protection was given by the enemies armour.
Their swords and shields crashed loudly as they hit the ground.
The enemy is no longer the invading warrior;
They are all running in fear and their last sounds are all dying out.

As the sorcerer takes the final step down from his twisted tower,
He pushes open the thick oak wooden door.
As he walks out into the open air courtyard his face is a glower;
No living enemy can be seen, because the enemy are no more.

His men are all cheering and shouting his name,
But the sorcerer is not laughing with them, for he has a plan.
He tells them this morrow they will all fight again,
So they must all prepare to once more stand.

Some voices of discontent whisper within the ranks;
Some of them openly criticize his view.
As he creates a ball of flame that hovers above the palm of his hand,
They all realize he has been their antihero
And he could be their demise too…if he chooses to.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sylph Jun 11
Waking up
I wonder why


Why are you shouting at me?

What did I do wrong?

I don't know
I just

I don't know.

Please stop.

You won't.

Why would you do this?
Why am I even here?

I want to leave.

I can't
I can't
I can't

I can't.

No matter what.

I'm stuck here
No escape
No freedom
No hope


I want to save myself
No matter what
I just

and over
and over
and over


I just want
To be

There's no
other choice



Will you miss me?
--save me.
There is a monster
Inside of my head.
It’s not in the closet,
Or under the bed.
Us two locked in combat,
Soon one will be dead.
War is peace
For this monster and me.
The arrow,
The notch,
The sword in the sheath,
It stops.
Is it blood?
Have I spilled the beast’s blood?
Perhaps it’s water,
Please give me water.
They are mine.
Streaking white across my face.
Fate is truly divine.
Fate is truly divine.
No monsters in the dark to fear,
For my monster is always a mirror near.
There is a monster inside us all, just clawing it's way out. I fight mine all the time, in a constant never-ending warfare, fighting both valiantly and full of cowardice against my most fearsome monster of all... Myself
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