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Louise Jul 31
We were marching into a war
we know we would end up doomed.
I once dreamt of reaching reaching the stars
Until living just felt like picking on scars,
as if opening old wounds.

But I refuse to be bruised;
I refuse to 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 be bruised,
For I so desire to be thrown off the cliff.
I am ready to bust open my eyes and lips.
I long to have an arrow shot
to my weary heart.
I daydream of spilling blood
on your strong arms.

I refuse to be bruised;
For I am never more thrilled to perish,
Just to get a taste of your lips.
Into the lions' den
I would beg to be shoved,
Only for the glory
and name of your love.
Darling I am most ready to die,
burn and decay,
If that means I would feel your touch
across my face.
Walking right in front of the face of love is like marching into a battlefield. One must be a good warrior to win. But I am The Great Warrior.
This life's a battleground,
We're all warriors here. 
Fake smile is our shield in this, 
And we're battling through our invisible tear' (tears).

Fighting to conquer the kingdom named 'success,'
And the failure is our only fear.
Even after identifying the target of attack,
Our goal seems to be hazy and unclear.

Resisting against unknown adversaries,
Struggling every single day to survive.
"One day, that kingdom will be ours,"
Only this hope keeps us alive.

With a tired body and countless scars,
We prepare again to endure all the strife (strives). 
We back ourselves up again to fight the next...
Perhaps this is what we call life..!
Accept or not, but we're all battling here each day... 🙂
Wyatt Jun 26
Today is a good day,
the sun is shining bright.
Maybe you'll meet someone fun
and you'll both hit it off quickly.
Today is the day you change,
all it starts with is a moment.
This is the time to shed
your shell you live inside
and finally be happy.
The sun is shining bright
and their smiles are brighter,
maybe you should join them.

You're wrong,
today is the same
as any other day.
Those people you know,
they don't like you at all.
You're annoying them,
stop pretending you're
apart of their group,
apart of their smiles,
apart of their world.
You're only an alien
and you will remain that way.
Get used to it,
there's a reason
that you listen to me.
That shell is where you belong,
showered in these rain clouds.
The sun will never shine here,
you will never fit in with them.
Give up already.
The battle I have with my brain every day. I'm always alone because of this back and forth. Will I ever be able to join them? I don't think so.
Kassan Jahmal Apr 20
All the shortest summers,
I compare a love to a beautiful day,
Tempted temperatures; this artistry close to lust,
There's a careless wind of having nothing to say.

But summer's a bit short,
by these winter chills down my spine,
You leave so lovely; missing a bright complexion,
And of course; that lovely bright smile.

All that's fair; but feels dimmed, and trimmed,
Cut off from your love, I held to my very last,
Opened my eyes to yours; to feel I once dreamed.

But I do scare of beauty's fade; coming to our age,
When all our possessions are but empty, and cold,
Children remembering us as shadows under shade.

Time grows. And I've grown deep roots into love,
But love often is this constant battleground.

But I'll be one keen to fight all for you.
Broken Pieces Mar 30
This is my personal poem to you,
One that I will keep private and new.
You have helped set me free,
In a way I never thought could be.

You showed me simple things that mean a lot,
I won't let the darkness have a hold, I cannot.
You've helped show me I can fight this life,
You've helped show me I can go without the knife.

You've let me see the person I can be,
You've let me grow so I won't drown in the sea.
I thank you for the simple things you've done,
You've shown me this battle can be won.
Kelsey Mar 22
The pain of grief
Can last lifetimes
If it gets the chance.

.    .    .

I dont want it to get that chance.
A quote from my novel. The rawness of grief is a tricky thing
Leah Carr Mar 2
You can say I'm weak
You can say I deserve this
But you can't claim to know me
Or my life
Or the battle I'm fighting
Every. Single. *******. Day.

I may sound angry
I may look angry
But that is just another lie I've told
The truth is, I'm tired
I'm so tired of surviving
And battling
And standing up for myself
And just standing

I want to let myself fall
Please, just let me fall...
ZL Jan 25
bulletproof vest.

Yet, I still bled.

Crossed my heart,

and held my head.

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