Amanda 2d
Every day is a
Battle to keep taking steps
Forward and not back
One day at a time
This is where I stand.
Intrinsic beauty in each drop of tear
that splashes my eyes.
Pride in my unclad figure
like faith in a benign tumor
Behold the majesty of surrender
as I severe ties with a talking mind
that feeds on attention; evermore
Since I stand,free of giving.
Behold! I no longer am
the hands you can shake
or the lips you can kiss
My peers envy those tears
they cannot cry.

Tina RSH
Her weakness wasn't her love,
Instead it was her greatest strength
It had driven her to win,
to be the best,
Too drive for excellence.
Here only weakness was her hate,
It burned through her,
Like a forest fire threatening to devour every thing inside her
Her heart constantly battling between  her greatest strength and her greatest weakness.
duncan Aug 6
you can only see orion
in winter
she says.
i make pretend.
if minds are swords
than i am dull twice over
and she is
battle ready.

i cook a meal
so tender in
the moment.
when it ends i will
crash back
to the bottom
i know.

i get a little
too personal by the fire.
id love to say
i dont care
and mean it,
but that would
be a load of shit.
i am a whore for
validation i will pay
you for it.

orion died for
what a beautiful
way to go.
Nicky Aug 5
Barriers rose as we prepared for the war
A battle of two minds, we'd been there before
Protecting our hearts, the walls became higher
Silently willing, someone call a cease fire

Words were so hollow, a battle of the wills
Loaded guns, taking shots for cheap thrills
Opposing minds in each corner of the room
A sense of dread at the impending doom

There were no winners, it's easy to say
Just two broken pieces that had to walk away.
Sleeplessness has struck my body yet again.
A mind catastrophe has been twirling  around in my head for hours.
Thoughts crashing together.
Ideas falling apart.
Hopes being shattered.
Fears being born.
And love is still lost.

The battle still seems to rage on.
But honestly.
I think I’m losing this one.

                      With love,
Red Scales Aug 4
My heart is on fire
It is like a battle zone
A war
But every time the war ends
Everything is broken
Set alight
I am shattered
Like glass that was dropped
But wasn’t picked up
My heart is a battle field
My heart is aflame
My heart feels heavy with all of my pain
And they tell me that they can help me carry my doubts
But I’ve gotten used to the constant drowning
And the empty pit that lies in my chest
what I hold would break you down
so I’ll stay
heavy and empty
How can my heart feel so heavy and empty at the same time? How can I have a constant need to end this life, yet not care at all? How am I battling two sides of my heart without it ripping me apart?
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