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Troy 4d
The battle done,

Remaining combatants one,

Gazing up to the gray cloak,

Tailored to the palace of the moon,

Threatened only by the ever-fading emissaries,

Of the ailing sun.

Each a perfect sentinel,

Of solar prowess technical.

The ceasefire teased opposite

By the lunar composite,

Of that sweeping cloak,


Where the moon once woke.

Neither one nor other,

As if my breath could the life

Of either titan smother.
an effort to make someone feel an image
دema Oct 5
my thoughts
have invaded
descending on
this mind
of mine
Blargh, (repulsed)
Blue moon, blue moon? (playful calling)
Where are you?
Where have you been?(tender)

Blue moon, blue moon? (loneliness setting in as you gaze out awaiting the train that never arrives)
What have you seen?

Blue moon, blue moon? (heavy hearted)
I've had a dream, (sigh) I've had a dream. (side gaze with a sigh)
A slot of open and a bash of delight. (guileless)

Oh, blue moon, blue moon? (glum)
Where are you tonight?

I need to leave this area! (fiery rage)
I want to leave this area? (curious)
yes?! (erratic)
To leave this area? (humble bewilderment)
To leave behind the crazed and the immature, the delinquants and the tyranny (assertive)

Such dispair lies within their minds, lost like the foggy winters depth. (anguish)

To wonder, if there will ever be a smile lay upon their ashened faces. (heartened)

The once rosy and pleasant of all chosen places. (sweet blossom enriched with the crisp warmth of mulled wine)

They went and they came, but never accepted, so left behind they became dilapidated. (nonchalant)

Taken by their own obsessions! (dejected)

Like the creaks of the night, they became the howls of the moon. (like cool chills upon the face, the bitter kiss of Jack frost scratching at your door(dead as the night, even the beat of your heart echoes))

Oh, blue moon, Blue moon!? (weep)
Where are you? (nonchalent)

A ponder here sat patiently waiting. (self pity)
Blue moon, Blue moon? (inquisitive)
Why have you left me? (sorrow)
We've been here soo long, so patiently waiting. (tearful)
So far no good, the cries not answered, will there ever be a moment of joy or will they ever be belated. (faded like the mist of the seas, leaving the bitter taste of salt upon the lips)
Mind bending
A M Ryder Oct 4
We buried ours
And they buried theirs
Then it started all over again
Chiara Sep 29
I lie awake at night, my fears won't let me sleep,
I'm staring at the ceiling, ‘till dawn leaves no trace
Of the internal battle, fought in the dark of night,
When my mind decides to wake, but my heart remains dark.
Chiara Sep 26
You lie in my arms, unmoving and still,
I’ve carried you for hours, hoping you would speak.
I’m aching all over but I don’t dare to stop,
I have to find shelter, get you out of the cold.

We’ve escaped with our lives, but will we make it?
We’ve always been together, we are best friends,
So it wasn’t surprising when you came back for me.
They tackled me down, you being way before me,
But you didn’t run, you came back for me,
You brought them down, helped me to my feet.

It happened so fast, it came right from behind you;
The blow to your head that sent you sprawling.
The audible crack, it chilled me to the bones,
I was frozen in time and my blood ran cold.
I made my way towards you; a man had his foot on your chest
My fist hit his jaw, he fell and knew nothing more.

I scooped you up in my arms and ran for our lives,
I didn’t stop once, you had to survive!
Now I’ve been walking for hours, but you didn’t wake,
Did not even stir, so I’m left to my thoughts.
The only thing I can hear is my labored breathing.
You were hurt ‘cause you saved me, can you forgive me?

I should’ve run faster, so you didn’t have to come back.
I try to go on, but at last stumble and fall.
Kneeling on the hard ground, I hold you my friend…
I’m checking your vitals, your heart’s beating too fast!
Your breathing is slowing, please don’t do this to me…
My tears staining the ground, despair reigning my thoughts,
I beg you to wake up, but there’s no answer for me.

I sit there in silence, the sky’s growing darker,
My hope is waning and I again check on you.
I bring my hand to your wrist; it is shaking with dread.
As I remove my fingers, I know you are dead.
Chiara Sep 25
Your blood flows so freely,
Quickly seeps through my fingers.
I try to stop it, but we cannot linger.

We have to flee,
Enemies draw near,
But your life is fading
And it’s only for me.

You stopped the arrow
Intended for me,
Didn’t hesitate a moment,
But jumped before me.

You saved my life,
A debt I cannot repay.
And I fear for the cost,
For now you slip away.

You’re steps from death’s door,
But what can I do?
I want to do something,
I want to save you too!

But I know my chances
Against the forces ahead.
They steadily grow slimmer
As I hold your hand.

I want to scream,
Demand to know why you did it!
I love you my friend,
Why did you do this?

Then it happens:
You touch my face!
You tell me to flee,
To go and save them and me.

But I can’t just leave you,
I wouldn’t dare!
But you don’t back down
As death stains the air.

You tell me to go,
To live on with the rest.
A stray tear leaves you eye
And I cannot deny.

It’s the last thing that you want,
The last wish I can grant.
I place a kiss on your brow
And rise to my feet.

I inhale the air,
All I can get.
I shout out loud:
Retreat! Follow me!

We’ve been successful,
We’ve escaped with our lives.
And we’ll never forget
Those sacrifices made.
Vish Sep 24
these eyes have cried an ocean of tears,
this heart has endured hurt in the form of daggers and swords,
this mouth has kept an eternity of words unspoken,
these ears have heard things that can’t be forgotten,
this body has fought wars that are yet to be won
but this phoenix will rise from the ashes,
unshaken and unbroken,
like the heat of the sun that’s ever burning,
warming everything it touches,
the phoenix will be unrestrained,
and effervescent
whatever you’re going through, you will get through it
i love you
Peter Garrett Sep 23
Every day I fight…
A poet’s hopeless battle
Desperately trying to tame
The raging ocean in my heart
Into something beautiful

Every day I fail…
For I can’t swim to a calm bay
Or find any beauty in my words
Still I fight, for I’m a fighter
And that’s what fighters do
I'm probably just doing it wrong...
Bryce Sep 19
Like cattle,
It is hot and dark in there
An anti-amniotic sacular
Pulsating through the tube

Here the humans brood
Awaiting destinations carried to
Pressed light against the walls of their cage for rest
The flashing of distant lights behind the darkness
go unnoticed

The stars are hidden by our feeling
Disguised by the more important sun
And our spires cast their cold steel shadows
Giving us none

The light is cast and we accept its sadness
For what it is-- pale limitations
And the decay of its photons
Give us space to call it names
Here, this is where we are

A far away from the stars.
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