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Sun and Moon posture a battle stance  
Charge of darkness parry of light          
Pagans celebrate the Sun's advance      
Four days from the longest night
Try 3d
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
No time to stall out now,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
Can not let the demons win,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
Every day is another day I gotta win,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
Every moves gotta be precise,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
No room for a single mistake,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
For today could be my final day,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
No time to stall out now,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
The demons are coming full force,
Gotta go all out,
Gotta go all in,
The darkness is coming for me,
Gotta go all in,
Gotta go all out,
Tho my light shall shine on thru,
Gotta go all out ,
Gotta go all in,
I will stand victorious!
Each day is not an easy one when facing depression suicidal thoughts tho we all gotta push on thru to the next day your dreams are worth fighting for don’t let your depression take that from you.
Jayson 6d
Will you know?
Will you really know-
The pain-
The hurt-
The suffering?

The long nights-
The long days-

Giving up.

Have you known?
Have you really known-
The cuts-
The scars-
The injuries?


Do you know?
Do you really know-
Every little thing,
That we went through?
Ilion gray Dec 10
While staring into the heavens,
A vast storm came
Tearing into the atmosphere,
out from the wild darkness.

While listening,
to the silenced;
I heard rumors
of a mega galactic cloud.
A star maker;
unknown elements
with moonless planets
In her eternal belly.

  Here I was,
Too Weak
to break
the skin of space...
Traveling adrift,
Where the presence of chasmic cliffs,
bring comfort
from the sight
Of the great cloud,
eating planets in the dark.

Suddenly, I heard a sound
Like myriads of thunderstorms
being held prisoner
By the never ending cloud,
The resonance of which,
ripped the page of days apart--

Everything empty down
into the trembling earth
And all of the
light escaped the dark...

I stopped existing..
I couldn't hear anything;
not even,
the quiet vibration
of my own voice in my head
every second,
Achingly expiring at birth;
of the beaten silence.

Woe, to the chaos of my eyes,
They, see nothing...
Seeing nothing
Every time
I forgot my name.
A name that was,
whispered by raindrops,
And written in my blood.



I heard the silenced,

I have learned,
Why, darkness first hated the light
and challenged its power.
How, the stars
that you and I can see,
are the lowliest luminaries;
they have fallen
So far down,
too far from heaven, now.

How, when galaxies
  consume the stars
that the almighty named;
they are erased,
from everything;
throughout all of the immensity!"


I waited for the
Ageless clouds.
And, though I knew
That once a raindrop whispers
A name,
never again would it fall
from the lips of a storm.
I am listening,
I know I
Won't understand the
languages of the names
Still I listen
without my eyes;
Listening for the sound
Of the ancient wild fire
At the bottom of an unfounded sea;
Ablaze, climbing
The staircase
Of the sea,
The roar of it's furious limbs  
shattering the soaked ceiling---

This is the image of
Words, and names descending...
Still I must listen...
When I hear the vibration
Like lightning strikes,
Across a cellos strings
in mid-heaven;
 an adagio,
Composed by angels...
the augmented chord
kept secret
through the valleys
Of years.

  I will search,
for the almighty,
Into the
wild world enraged
I will only speak as the silenced do,
In the tongues of clouds
Yet, the words carry the weight
Of worlds,

I will go.
When I find
Someone who is
Weary, who is beaten down
And *****,
And yet...
He is awake-
or if while traveling
with a thunderstorm
through a city
And there among the busy streets,
I find anyone standing moveless,
Where Heavy feet rush to escape the rain,
Their eyes shut,
Just waiting,
patiently In the rain-

I will tell them;

Why this world
is not their home.

I will show them,
how to hear..and-
Most importantly-
How to listen,
to the words of the rain,
That whispers.

And once
they learn to listen
they will hear,
their names;
They will remember everything,
All that mankind has forgotten.
And, then...
                           I will wait,
the withering.
the unending night
my heart humbled,
imploring the almighty,
To name me again,
The name that I forgot;

And plead with him
to succor me,
So that
without fear;
I may
make a stand,
For the truth
Bearing it's light
through dark wars,
and my struggle,
With the sons of the night;
            these days,
at the very edge of days,

On the eve of,
The war that finishes
all things-

That is not ours to wage,

That day the riders from the heavens
Will eat up the sky,
And the black blood
Will rain;
from the deepest
white clouds.
8M Dec 9
The ruins of the world were in their hands.
They suffered, and they did not object.
They were shattering, bit by bit.

One of them looked up, and purred.
A battle for the ages, it ways.
5 against 1.

The fate of the universe was in their hands.

It was reset many times before.
This would be the last.

A final strike, for them.

For the knight.
For the mage.
For the redeemed.
For the young.
For the spirit.

For them, it was a victory.

But at what cost?
This is a bit different from what I usually write. Contains spoilers.
Anna Sophia Dec 8
As children, we are told to be a Beowulf.
To be brave and to put others before ourselves,
To be the strongest and the best,
We are told to be the perfect hero.

In this day and age, it is never really okay to make mistakes, even if they say it is.
We have a drive within us that being the best and the strongest is our only option.
We put the pressure on ourselves to be the Beowulf, which only causes us to wake up the Grendel.

But the real problem is, we are ashamed of that.
We are ashamed of fear, which causes us to act out and create evil.
But when you think about it, what is bravery without fear.
Because the truth is, no one is ever going to be one-hundred percent a Beowulf.

All of us have a little Grendel inside, it’s called being human.
We yell, we scream, we scare each other,
We lie, we cheat, we judge.
We are vicious and hurtful with our words.
At times, we see no light in our hearts,
We let evil win.
We are often so far from perfect.
In fact, the Grendel in me is sometimes more prominent than the Beowulf,
But we have to realize that sometimes, that’s okay.

You see, if not for the Grendel in me, the Beowulf wouldn’t know it’s true strength.
For the Beowulf in me, within all of us, would not fight nearly as hard, because it would have nothing to overcome.
The point isn’t to be ashamed of the Grendel within,
The point is to keep pushing through so the Grendel doesn’t win.
Do not isolate yourself and hide away in the depths of darkness when you can’t seem to find the light.
Find the Beowulf within yourselves,
Embrace it’s fierce loyalty and drive to destroy evil.
Welcome the light within you,
If you do that, you will win the war within yourself.

To all those out there desperately trying to be the hero:
Accept that losing the battle sometimes is okay,
Try your best to win the war,
But do not take on that army alone,
Because the person who fights with no one by their side is bound to lose eventually.

Because how can you be a hero, when you have no one by your side?
Beowulf vs Grendel, war within yourself
슬기 Dec 5
He's hopeful to complete the missing pieces of himself
not knowing that she's more than willing
to fill him those pieces from
part of her.
noren Dec 2
You don't have to
flex your strength
in every battle.

There are many wars
that you have to fight
with your inaction.

It might appear
to be your weakness
but actually holds
the power to bring peace.
Michael Kelly Nov 30
The pen can strike much deeper than the sword.
Yet the sword will always have its place.
It deserves the utmost respect.
Like a solider who sets out to meet his foe- he recognizes his enemy and acknowledges its power.
He's prepared for every blow.

Know your place and learn your stance.
Be ever quick to hold your tongue.
The man behind a rifle analyzes every angle before he pulls the trigger on that gun.

Both a bullet and a word can send a ripple in effect.
Make no mistake in all your judgments
they may stretch the length of death.

Pressing on into the future yet we never know what's next.
What does tomorrow hold?
Take a guess, and I assure you it's as good as mine will ever be.

I see a man behind a desk;
he conjures up a thought.
I see a soldier set in battle;
he's prepared to take his shot.

You see before the lights go out, there's always work yet to be done.
As the clock continues racing,
set your pace against the sun.

Take aim.
Your opponent is at the ready.
Qwn Nov 30
You had short red hair
And a smile that killed
You spoke of home
And the army you'd build
You had freckles under your eyes
And a couple on your nose
You laughed at all my jokes
And then you told your own
You trained us from nothing
And you were never scared
You led us into battle
And I followed you everywhere
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