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Savio Fonseca Jun 16
When a Man, Loves His Woman.
He's a Hero, in Her Eyes.
There's Romance in the Air
and Stars Twinkle in their Eyes.
Heaven waits for Her,
in His chiseled empty Arms.
He keeps weaving Her Dreams,
with His Amorous Mystical Charms.
On a Bed of Red Roses,
He fulfills Her Burning Desires.
Their Passion of Love,
keeps raising their Flames of Fire.
As they swim their Dreams,
beneath the Twilight Sky.
The World looks Beautiful
As White Clouds go Sailing By.
Savio Fonseca Jun 15
She Kissed Me so sensually,
on My Lips just Once.
The Moon and The Stars,
fell in a Trance at Once.
Such is the Power,
of Her Mystical Charms.
The World comes to a Halt,
When She's in My Arms.
Her Eyes are like Stars,
that Sparkle in the Sky.
Clouds envy Her Beauty,
when they pass By.
She's not an Object,
for Me to Own.
Like every other Woman,
She's a Queen on Her Throne.
Eloisa Apr 22
She’s into ravens and dragons,
charms, prayers and spells.
Enchantment and mystery,
spirits and fantasy.
Phantom and magic,
dreams and stardust.
She’s into fascinating connections,
rituals and meditations.
She gives thanks to the sun,
the stars and the moon.
She trusts patience and love.
She adores understanding souls,
She’s into all these
and a thousand things more.
K Lupus Nov 2019
You'll fly away from me,
out of my hands...
And I,
stricken with grief,
will venture out into the world
In search of a new vestige of you.

That is the happy ending to our story
O maidens in your savage season
Shruti Dadhich Feb 2019
I tried to escape,
I tried to fled,
But nothing in my control I had!
My heart denied,
But all my senses intoxicated,
In your liquor!
I took steps bit-by-bit,
To be your!
Like a fish,
moving in the depths of life's sea,
Got stuck in the waves,
& is moving  out to the death's  peaceful shore without her wish...
& now that you're just a step far,
I have found you the brightest star,
Brighter than the success' Sun,
Brighter than any lively fun!

So hearby I declare myself your prisoner of yours,
Oh Princess of Charms!
Cause leaving as small thing as breathe to get you,
has no harms...
Death may sound fearful from far, but trust it's real Princess of Charms!!! I think it needs more improvement, & so please give me your valuable suggestions in comments!!!
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