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I tried to escape,
I tried to fled,
But nothing in my control I had!
My heart denied,
But all my senses intoxicated,
In your liquor!
I took steps bit-by-bit,
To be your!
Like a fish,
moving in the depths of life's sea,
Got stuck in the waves,
& is moving  out to the death's  peaceful shore without her wish...
& now that you're just a step far,
I have found you the brightest star,
Brighter than the success' Sun,
Brighter than any lively fun!

So hearby I declare myself your prisoner of yours,
Oh Princess of Charms!
Cause leaving as small thing as breathe to get you,
has no harms...
Death may sound fearful from far, but trust it's real Princess of Charms!!! I think it needs more improvement, & so please give me your valuable suggestions in comments!!!
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Sometimes whilst In my darkest dreams there
come to me memories of all my yesterdays, moments
In my life that I've seen and done, so beautiful there shine's a blinding
the light that brightens even my darkest of the days
Remembering laid In bed with my lovely wife snuggled In to the beautiful charms of her warming
To rest my head upon her oh so gentle rising ******* with every breath she
To catch the gorgeous sent of her perfume filling the air all around our
No closer to Heaven have I ever been, than whilst laid In the arms of my
So many wonderful memories whilst laid In the arms of my lover to keep me through the coming winter
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Helen was my lady at times
she drove me crazy with her
desire and her passion would
really drive me wild
Kisses to blow your mind take
your breath away all  I ever
wanted to, Is to stay forever
In her arms, and to see and
feel the beauty of her
So much I had for Helen wanted forever
to lay In her arms
jg Oct 2018
You ask why I no longer write,
But how on Earth am I supposed to?
The parts you took from me were the best
that I could do

The day you slowly flew,
from the utter mess of what we were,
from me and my life,
You took what used to be a joyful soul
before the wound
of your manipulative knife,
And you left it here
to rue seeing nothing
but black and blue.

You ask why I no longer write,
But you still miss to understand;
You have taken with you my fragile arms
through your deceitful but compelling charms,

You have taken with you my sensible and thin fingers
With the way your body used to linger,
Millimeters away from mine,
just enough to make it impossible for me to live without.

And you still ask why I no longer write...
This has been so far, my favorite poem of mine. That is why im reposting it. Hope you enjoy!
Mary Frances Sep 2018
You are the Sea - peaceful and soothing.
Your big waves are your strengths.
And the small ones, your charms.

I am your Shore - acccepting and silent.
Your weaknesses, I embraced.
Your failures, I welcomed.

Not many will understand and agree
But that's how a Shore loves her Sea.
Simra Sadaf May 2018
her blood stained canines have
ripped out your heart,
her malevolent words have
eaten through your soul,
every word a figment
of sinister plan,
every day, every night
they are like a knife
pressed against your throat,
she was your lady
and you were her man,
her mouth now spills
poorly worded apologies,
her charms were tricks and
tactics to a game
she loves to play,
there were clear signs
which you chose to overlook,
like when she said she did not
like reading Hemingway,
or when she bought you a book
to divert your attention
from seeing her real look.
Cat Lynn Dec 2017
Down in the ground, your silver body lays
You were buried, with another person on that day

Both of you are unsaved
So now your abandoned in this muddy ***** grave

You men seek for answers, you seek fullfillment
For you only have half your heart, what an empty torment

Where did the other half go? We may never know
Who has it? The Questions seem to grow

You are not in a grave yard, but within the woods of one
You should be counted as dead, and your memories done

But there is no grave stone, so there maybe hope
Maybe your time in the ground is a scope

An opportunity to learn, to believe, and to repent of past sins
For those who have ears let him ear! For the change first starts from within.

Your darkened eyes, look to find hope and relief in others
But only the drowning down pour of depression is you cover

Your shadows of hair hang over your faces, your eyes to the cold moist dirt
Deep down under, your gray chains get tangled to share each others hurt.

The only company you have is each other, along with the fallen sin trees and young future saplings
Learn from nature dear men, for the love of the roots of the tree's  to the dirt is forever grappling.

Your charm of words remain in the containment of a plastic force
The force field refuses to open for you until you end your sinful course.

I have tried to dig you two up myself, but you were down too deep.
No power on earth could unburry you two, the possibilities seem too steep

Only the Super Natural forces of God could do that
But When? WHEN will you be unburied?

I'm sorry... I'm am one impatient Cat...

*Every now and then We can feel your clasping hands reach for the empty red bench... hoping to get out of this grave.... and sit with us again....
Thankfully, one has been unburied recently, now, only by the Lord's will and grace, the other shall be too. I won't stop hoping and praying  for the lost one to finally return.
(Thank you David T for Checking this for me!)
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