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malluraeh Jul 4
my lifes a mess
when i look into your
my own eyes ache
and get wet
Silver Feb 7
try to find your way when

the voices are far
and the fog is near.

try not to get lost when

the eyes burn
the tongue dries
the ears fall away and
the heart falls apart.

like two lips that lose their
words and choose to breathe instead,
to pacify the aches in the head.

but most important is what you find beneath the haze.

the art
of the maze.
time is passing slow but the hours go fast
My brain
Is under so much pain

I wonder,
What have I gained?
By all that I have stained?
With words
With strokes
Of effort

The ink
Never fading

But the pain
Was it worth?
I think I overexerted myself yesterday, refused to rest even tho I had a headache because I hate sleeping. I just finished my O/Ls and I wanted to have a little fun so yh didn't wanna take a nap.
Tasnim Uddin Dec 2018
says the clock on the wall.
my thoughts  
drift off
another world.
a sly pain
creeps up
the ridge of my nose
and trickles
down into  
my eyes  
i blink,
a frail attempt to
push it back,
her eyes filled with
sincere concern.
she asks if i'm okay,
snapping me out of my daze,
i blurt out,  
yeah, i'm fine,
it’s just a headache.
offering her a  
small smile,
in an effort
to calm the dull ache
i press my cool fingers
over my eyes
and move my thumbs  
in tiny circles
along my temples
a rush of relief  
washes over me,
but it lasts  
only a few seconds.  
waves of pain
flood the space between my temples
and course
down my neck,
into my shoulders.
i nestle my head
into my arms
the shouts and roars  
around me.
i lift my head  
and peek
at the clock  
at last
my suffering is over,
for today.


there is

-Tasnim Uddin
I get really bad headaches all the time, this the best way to describe it.
Brynn S Nov 2018
Breathes of the room
Each silent creek
Warning the chambers
Footsteps of stealth
Inside the mind
Exhale the darkness
Breathe in new light
Fallen to none
The planets collide
Each star a signal
Lasting comfort inside
Beating heads
Racing hearts
It hurts so bad
But I want more
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018
The mind is throbbing
Thoughts and doubts, screaming loudly
Blurring my vision
Sorry guys!
I'm definitely going to finish the final freeverse today.
My headaches have returned with a vengeance and its hard for me to both rest and write, but I'm not letting it stop me.
The last freeverse will be up today and then I'll put it in a collection later!
Thank you so much for 214 followers and for your patience!
Much love!
Lyn ***
Willard Wells Jul 2018
I have awoken at an early hour, Early morning or earlier than I want, but the gathering has begun. It appears in clusters as they say, as the pain gently taps, almost an absent thought, but if not aware, taking over all focus or any thoughts beyond the pain. I see the dark on the other side of the blade as I look over the edge of the crevasse trying not to go too far into the depth of my pain. It has been many years with a dance of doctors, drugs, along with a little experimentation along the way. A form of self-imposed self-medication. Avoiding the dark on of that side is to avoid the doctor's opiates advise.
The thirsty throat of my thought never lets me think
It swallows up each idea into the dead mass of depression
Selecting what joys to **** dry each day
Headaches and hangovers help me forget my forgetfulness
The remiss panic attacks assist my fugue state
Then my own failure and impending irrelevance does me the honor
Of piercing the center of my skull like a rhino's horn
Grateful I feed it my fears and futilely fake freedom for my family
They can’t know, they have problems I know, I wont let it show,
Friends, whether fake or “for real” worry for me,
Im not some sappy sonofabitch looking for sorrow
Just wake me when I’m already late and disappointing you tomorrow
Ari Jan 2018
Hearing the deafening static in my mind
Every time I get motion sick
Arguing siblings who can't be mature
Dead of night where a thunderstorm rages on
After a really long, hard, cry
Concentrating too ******* too many things at once
Harmless basketball headed fast for cranium
Eating or drinking nothing for too long
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