This is not the first
Not even the second
Honestly I lose count
So can I count on you

It's like we used to
Had a conversation
Calm and sexy one
Yeah I'm into you

The grass turns greener
Everytime we're together
The cloud looks prettier
When your head's on my shoulder

I miss this
I miss us
I miss everything
Includes the taste of your lips

you say you stargaze but i see you at night out on the grass and there are tears slipping down your face like satin slipping off a body and i see you hurting like i am. you say you see my fates in the stars but you don’t need to look that far you look to your tears and your shaking hands and write my fates yourself.

every night while you’re lying staring into the sky i’m writing my heartache with red ink as my tears fall from my cheeks and sizzle on the fire. i find myself always fighting back tears even when i smile and even after the person who broke me gave me what i needed i was still numb.

you’re my alcatraz and my zenith and my island. i wander through your fields of grainy sunflowers. i gave you all i had and you left me standing here.

Umi 1d

Milk with such a loving taste
makes it hard to drink without such haste!
Warm, sweet oh I can't get enough,
don't worry my dear I will not be rough,
I cherish each drop of this flavor
let me consume it with my best behaviour.
Oh Rin, thank you for calming me down...
And always remember this when you frown:
I will be here for you, until you smile
Until your day becomes happy and worthwhile
So please my dear, wear a smile on your face
it expresses your cuteness it expresses your grace
thank you for being so kind....
I am glad theres a person like you I could find <3

~ Umi

For my friend Rin
Maja S 3d

Bathe in gray areas and be happy
Sleep in the house of the academic
Eat in the house of the fool
Inhale the inaccuracies
Let them reach your lungs
Exhale the accuracies
And dream of your truth

Bella Dec 1

Can I turn on my side
Curl my arms and my knees to my chest
Curl until there's no space for something
Until I squeeze to the size of a pea
Infinitely drawing smaller
Eyes closed
Tucked chin to breasts
Every piece of me is folded
Fitting together like a  jigsaw puzzle
Like hands
Fingers laced
Skin on my own skin
On the backs of my eyelids I can see myself
Curled up in the dark
In safety
In calm
Can't I just stay there forever

Shay Moore Dec 9

                    ­      trees

Shh shh shhhh
marina Dec 9

my obsession with the thought of you
is like seeing the ocean and never looking back
i want to see you
i want to feel your touch
but you're not here
you are somewhere here, in this universe
i do not want to believe i don't have you yet
but i can feel you
your gift of your heart
i'll be waiting

a burning flame,
full of wrath and hatred,
holding grudges against people
who loved you the most.

flooding water pouring through streets,
pouring down cheeks,
as you curled yourself into a ball,
reassuring yourself you’d be okay.

a calm, sweet wind,
moved trees and sent the scent
of flowers to your lungs,
calming you as you took
a long, slow breath.

the cool, soft earth
that you dig your nails in,
holding on tighter than imagined,
and you wondered,
how could you lose yourself?

Lily Thibert Dec 6

I'm in a very odd state,
Like logically I know I have a lot to do but emotionally I'm just not...registering it? It's not that I'm calm, it's like I'm in a sound proof bowl
watching all my responsibilities and emotions pressing up against the glass, yelling, and my school work is a ram trying to break through and my family is like digging under me trying to sweep me out but won't, and I'm just standing here, watching it all muffled,
like deaf silence.

I've always been the woman of many jobs,
Who floats from one thing to the next.
My interests are too expansive and too small,
At once.

I always change my hair,
I frequently change my diet,
And I always change my mind.

I wish I had a passion,
Something to call my own.

And though I have my loved ones,
I'm always left alone.

Some may say I'm in a valley,
And all that's left is to climb.

But all I see is myself,
Slowly wasting time.

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