I don't travel much,
but when I do,
the absence of
mountain ranges
I miss the
calming, cool blues and greens
that frame
my world,
and feel
e   x   p   o   s   e   d
without them.
But they welcome me
a sure embrace
each time.
I am the silence before the lightning.
The roll of thunder before the rain,
and the calm before the hurricane.
I am the cry of an wolf,
and the roar of a lion.

I will not be shaken.
I want to write something happy,
But honestly, I'm not sure how,
It's easier to write when I'm sad, or angry,
Easier than when I'm just ok, like now,

Right now I feel like stillness,
Like a quiet afternoon without a breeze,
Like a sweatshirt made of cotton,
Like a memory of salty seas,

I feel like something restful,
Like some great slumbering beast,
Like I'm looking to the horizon,
Waiting for the sun to break in the east.
This came from a conversation I had with my English teacher. She encouraged me to write something happy and I think I halfway succeeded.
Me sente sobre la mesa
todo el lugar es lindo
la mente esta en calma
y todo el lugar es lindo
las vias silencias
los ninos llorrando callados
el ruido de la registradora
y el cambio cambiando de manos
es tranquilamente mudo
al igual que la quietud
que ejerce paz sobre mi mente
I saw you

soft as the clouds of heaven.

I felt you

covered in the condensed drops

of love that the whole world breathes out.

And I hated you for it.

I saw your skin marked with me.

I saw the cracks in your smile

covered in my kisses.

I saw my reflection in your heart

that was made for my thirst.

I saw my heart.

I saw what hid there.

I saw the storm that never calms.

I saw the poison that has no color.

I saw your eyes become the clouds,

I saw it rain.

I saw you tremble as earthquake

that tries to contain itself.

I saw you make your home

in my storm.

And I hated you for that.
Simon 6d
Be patient
Wait a little
Wait for a while

Be calm
Breathe a little
Rest for a while

Be mindful
Think a little
Think for a while

Be happy
Smile a little
Smile for a while
Advice to myself
Dany Mar 15
We search seas for rough
cleansing, but
some times, some new
some old,
we search for her to lap away
the warmth in our sun-born flesh,
to ease away the white-hot-heat and frenzy,
till her cold wet fatigue may kiss us full
of calm, of passivity, of loftiness, of sea-foam docility
and to chill our temperment some.
Sip her blessings, child,
but I warn you, her cup overfloweth
and in your wanting,
your pining doubt,
an open mouth spells a ominous quiet,
and a hushed sigh of grief--
for the sea mourns your passing--
or rather, the passing of the warmth
she grasped too quickly at
when your heavy head dipped too low
too weakly, and bright eyes closed cold
and meekly.
Dany Mar 15
I came to the sea,
where she lapped
and fled so easily,
but in my wanting
I saw her not.
…But the clouds came.
They came, they went—
and shyness was the shore
where I rested my heavy
soggy head, to offer up dreams
to the dying warm gold of grain,
in defiance to the cold n' coming rain.
seas are alaways a comfort.
Madolyn Mar 13
feel your body sink down
your hands and feet are numb
half awake, half asleep
melting into the blanket underneath you
all there is
is your breath

and the kindest voice
explaining and guiding
                                                                ­    to even deeper relaxation
hypnosis felt so nice, like a better version of sleep
On some days,
she is the calm
amidst the storm.
On some days,
she is the storm.
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