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I am not controlling
My life,
Nor the world,
Nor the words and actions
Of all these people around me.
Still I am in control.
Still every word makes sense,
Just as it always had.
Still their actions are clear,
Plain and intellegible to me.
I have an identity, somewhere.
But I don't bother to find it.
Everything just fits.
And I am not really supposed
To explain why.
Maybe this vertigo
Is the last sigh
Of my controlling self,
Slowly fading
In this new found peace.
Maybe it is the beginning
Of an emancipated self,
Free and calm.
Maybe this vertigo
Is another name for freedom.
We can call it
Freedom, or Liberty or Self-determination.
Maybe the cultured man
Will think of Euthymia,
Or some other label
Of Stoic wisdom.
Be like that.
Maybe it's an ending.
Maybe a beginning.
Probably, both.
Maybe it's just beautiful.
his touch
is the only thing
ever known
to be able to
calm this storm
buried deep
inside me
B D Caissie Oct 8
It was as if only yesterday...

The endless sounds of rippling water passing me by.

Birds whistling a soothing song that all is well.

A gentle breeze rustling the leaves above and the grasses below.

The smell of earth, air and water filling my lungs.

Exhaling my troubles onto the gentle river and watching them float away.

I miss yesterday...

I cast a wish into  the world,
A message from a good old girl,
As  I wish for good intentions,
From a pacifist, I mention,
Make the best of every situation,
Step back from their manipulation,
Nasty makes negativity,
Let's hear it for positivity,
I am okay here today,
Are you okay this way?
Yes, we're both good as gold,
It's a ****** to be growing old,
So let's pray for tranquil ways,
Peace means calm, hooray!
Feedback welcome.
B D Caissie Sep 26
Nature in a picture frame
I yearn to climb within.
Staring lost in thought with
hands upon my chin.

Peering at the Heron who
holds his pose with ease.
I hear the birds a chirping
high amongst the trees.

Should you try and find me
look beyond the cove.
You’ll find me full of laughter
dancing in the grove.

Jumping with the rabbit
prancing with the deer.
The only thing that brings me
back are those I hold so dear...

The only you can calm my heart. The only you can hear my silence. The only you can see the truth inside my eyes, which hide behinde my silly smile.
The only you can bring me joy and happiness and freedow.
The only you do, no body can.
Coral Red Sep 23
The air is warm like the sand on the beach we walk on, my hand is rough intertwined with yours, like the words you speak to me, your smile is bright, like the light in my eyes when I look forth to see you, August evenings, January dinning, I’m in love with you and I hear you crying, let me hold on, let me keep these August evenings in my heart, don’t break my whole life apart, but if need be, leave me and break my soul into pieces of shattered glass, as long as these August evenings will so last.
Nigdaw Sep 18
There is calm

early september pushes summer's
burning sun aside
light changes
air cools, like chilled water
on skin, drink it in

autumn beckons
winter threatens

there is a sadness in your heart
as the world changes
an eternal cycle of hellos
and goodbyes
punctuated with days
that you stick into that memory
scrapbook, which may or may not fade

but now there is this stillness
nothing is happening
before all Hell lets loose
I can be happy
savour a moment
a moment of truth.
Mike Sep 17
i miss the sounds of cars
splashing through wet snow and slush puddles
i miss a calm stillness as
snowflakes fall under distant streetlights
i miss the taste of salt
when i slip on frozen city sidewalks
pressure building in my face
i miss wearing jackets too big
and socks too long
i miss the heavy blankets
and the drinks too strong
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