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fear winding upward it
speaks of gusted nests.
a tap tap tap-
at one window
the timeless
tick vex stick

chicken skinteeth
curling up your spine

the glass hilt of another
ice cold slap
or heat-ironed patch
to soothe the eye

Glowing Friend-
I worship.
My new religion screen

keep it in a
knot running
stitch by stitch
bound up
tell the need of longing
Cedric Chin Oct 2023
The world he lives in is small.
Black waves lap at the shores of vapid sand
As clouds hold their place overhead.

The promises etched on his spine,
In the most faraway places β€”
He couldn't read them.

He runs his hands along the pale green barrier,
Feeling its imperfections sprint along
His fingertips.

The walls close in β€” and it's sad here.

He screams, he screams,
Each gasp a breath of tombstone air,
Each thrash an electric abstinence from thought.

What flavours describe the tendrils of his soul?
The red-stained weeds that grew over bare feet
Now trap him.

There is poetry to be found in a little life,
But the gravity of supposition weighed too heavy.
So he sits β€” counting the dark stars.

The walls close in β€” and it's sad here.
Part of my book, The Good Knight & His Sore Rose.
Savio Fonseca Jun 2023
Your Humour splits the World
and the Universe begins to Laugh.
Your jokes flow like a Fountain
and splits Me into Half.
Your Smile makes Me Quiver,
along My nervous Spine.
It's like the Ripples of a River,
Where the high tide begins at Nine.
Your Beauty is so Beautiful,
It moves My naked Soul.
Your Kindness is so much Loving,
It sewed My broken Heart to Whole.
I was waiting for My Heartbeats,
So I could Dedicate a Poem with Words.
But Words were hard to come by,
So I stole them from the Birds.
Payton Hayes Feb 2021
The thought of you asking me to be your valentine sent butterflies up my spine and they went crazy in my stomach.

It's so funny, though, because you have been my valentine for so long already, and somehow you still leave my heart feeling completely and utterly enchanted.
This mini poem was written in 2016.
Payton Hayes Feb 2021
You came up behind me and wrapped me in your arms and covered my eyes with your hands.

"Guess who," you whispered in my ear, and

I laughed to think that you believed I would not know that it was you by the feeling of your heart beating against my spine.
This poem was written in 2016.
cold sweat trickled down her spine,
gasping reluctantly for air penetrated
her thoughts, but it was just;
she beamed upwards to sight the welkin,
relinquishedβ€” she stopped abruptly.
hi! i’ve been MIA for quite some time now. i’ve been rly busy with school. i hope everyone is safe! < 3
Chris Chaffin Jan 2021
I am small like a child,
wet face pressed
against a massive chest.

His arms crush me gently,
wrap me in a shroud
of sinew and bone

as the smell of bourbon
and musk fills my nostrils.
His breath feathers lightly

across the top of my head;
reassuring whispers
tickle my spine

and tell me
I am not wicked,
I am not a useless, hopeless thing.

I am perfect and flawed.
I am loved.
It is enough.
Alien Nov 2020
I mustn’t speak
or the monsters will creep
I must’ve bled
they sent vultures to keep
I wish i could speak
about what my mind leaks
bury my eyes under my cheeks
they sneak a creak
i am too scared to peek
i wish i could speak
of all that i fear
but my voice i cant hear
and so i disappear
theres a knock at the door
my heart hits the floor
my back against the wall
i still feel someone behind
there is someone in my mind
this room'ss key i can't find
everyone lied,
i must hide
the flower that died
and the child abide
though her spine
spiked with sharp edges
and still!  
she mustn’t speak.
John McCafferty Mar 2020
Clear the mind
with forms of breath control
Vibrations emanate
Serpent flows in swirls
It curls around the centre line
Seven points along the spine
From base to crown
Varied hues are queued
where energy is key
Use the force
to elevate your qi
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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