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Killan 4d
would you notice my pain
if your too focuse on your fame
would you be ashamed
to feel the same
it is crawling to my vien
until it reaches my brain
help me release from this chain
an unfair melody came
it took you from me in a flash
and cut your throat with a slash
with all the money we have
would it be enough?
for our life be like a candy plastic-wrapped.
hi guis help me to give tittle for this poem..
i would gladly appreciate it
MyLinh Sep 1
as my emotions turn dark
a pain emerges
instead of crying
i feel a chain
a think silver chain
the chest
the heart
and everytime they hurt me
where i feel pain
a chain will lock up the emotions
yet... there are still gaps for droplets to fall
and slip
but there will be a time where i'll be locked
this was ****
Wai Phyo Win Aug 30
the strongest chain
secures the gate
Knowing the future
not based on the past
Prejudice dissolve
chain broken
30 August 2019
Was forged in chains
Trapped by our ancestors
To remain untainted for eternity
In the depths
Of a sealed cave
But time conquers
Stone erodes
Chains rust away
And when exposed to the sun
In a wisp of crumbling dust
Impossible fades
impossible motivate time fade ancestors
floW Jun 22
chained around the wrist,
bound with thoughts and regrets
you can't break them without breaking yourself.

there's no escape for you.

a light flickering in the corner of the dark cell,
a shadow appears in the doorway.

"Time", they say

"Time?", you ask, "how is time going to help me?"

sure enough, as the days pass, the flicker turns into an intense flame.
the whole room, illuminated with light.
the chains slowly deteriorate, until nothing is left besides
the clanging of metal within your mind.

you're free.

you stand up to move, but you're frozen.
your hands aren't bound but they're still stuck together like two lovers refusing to even coming up for air.

"why can't i move?" you whisper softly,
the shadow speaks one last time, "only you can decide when you're ready."
Sanjali Jun 3
-Gratitude Chain-
Once, I ignore it
I hope it’ll fade away.
Twice, I turn
Feels like a bitter taste.
Thrice, I walk.
I could never run anyway.

Keep calling my name.
Have no shame.
I walk like a prisoner
Bound in a gratitude chain.

Once, its cold
Freeze my blood, I pray.
Twice, a chill
I’m sure it’ll **** me any day.
Thrice, I walk.
Waiting for the day I’ll disobey.
Christopher May 27
Where did I go?
Path ()
Why did I follow?
Regard ()
So why bother?
Care ()
It didn't matter as I followed my heart.
Lost without a thought.

By my mind,
Thinking I was fine,
Following what I thought was right,

Hope ()
I ran
Mind ()
I have become the  past
It just felt great to think () when I was ****** into a great time.
Friends of mine,
Take me high,
High as I never did.
So now,
Brain () I feel,
So chained again not just by a king.
But the deceased.
Because of me,
And my decisions,
I feel

() and ()
Months and months...still I'm haunted and search for peace.
Mehek May 12
Bloodshot eyes
Pumped up veins
Clustering lung
And a mind that drains
Are all the symptoms of you
That I try to chain
I fail
Star BG May 11
I be a link
forged by authentic self.  
The higher part that drifts
in highways of stars.

I be a nexus threaded
with spirals of love
energies and poetic song.

My inner glow pulsates
as moments become hours
and days years.

I am coupled
with compassion
and forgiveness...
the fuel that launches
my vessel inside dance.

My sacred journey
brings me to your eyes,
and perhaps face as dreams align.

I be grateful
for the pond that mirrors
myself reaching out
to touch the world.

Care to link up and expand
with humanities necklace
of light?

Theirs always room for
another tie into the love chain.
Inspired from  Pagan Paul Many thanks.
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