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Savio Fonseca Jul 18
A Woman took My Name,
While a Girl stole My Heart.
On seeing the Girl with Me,
The Woman's headaches Start.
The Woman has Sharp Eyes,
The Girl's Eyes are Blue.
The Woman has chained My Life
and wants to stick Me with Glue.
The Girl holds on to My Heart
While the Woman holds on to Me.
What good is this Life of mine,
When My Heart isn't Free.
I'm caught in a ****** Triangle,
Where the characters are the Same.
All I do is play Hide and Seek.
When they keep calling out My Name.
Ken Pepiton Mar 18
Old wine, sometimes, has been
vinegar, a while.
On opening, one learns, they say.

It's good
for cleaning windows, and lenses.
- but we'd better let the next
- jug of that vintage go to auction

New wine. Make glad the heart,
workers in the vineyard, laughing tired,
sugar high burned out, say hey, boss,
why don't you hire more hands,

eleventh hour hordes appear, as they
by right of the lateness, are  payed
a whole day's wage.

And that's alright now, momma,
nobody cheated me, I worked all day,
took my pay.

And it is,
very good, if I may say
so now,
Life is short, but filled
with instances, infinite instants
in some state
of methodic mental ascent.

And that's alright now, momma,
nobody cheated me, I worked all day,
took my pay.

We got plenty,
we have confirmed,
as is, to up and hit the road,
go boldly old into this cold night.
Dust bowl radical mindset,  good for... sweeping generalizations
Emma Sep 2021
When the sun gets low,
And the stars and moon don’t seem to be hanging in the sky,
Taunting me with their ability to disappear into oblivion,
It can feel almost impossible to breathe.

While I know that being unable to breathe
Because there is nothing in the darkness to light my way
Is as about impossible as it is possible for me to love you again,
It is still my reality.

I know that my heart will never be open to the possibility of
surrendering itself so completely to you once more,
Just as well as I know that this weight on my chest isn’t real,
But it doesn’t make the feeling evaporate like water on a blisteringly hot day,
Or even on a slightly too warm for a jumper day.

The harshness of my condition has been taught to me
Like a bunny has been taught to hide
When the foxes stalk it’s way.
Even more so, the cures have been preached to me since
The moment I admitted I led a tormented existence,
And yet my existence has remained tormented.

Maybe this is my moment, my completely, impossible to ignore,
To quiet those which torment me.
Which taunt me.
Which remind me,
I will never truly escape these chains
That hold me on the starless nights.
My Dear Poet Aug 2021
It’s a fork you don’t want to walk
It’s a mind you don’t want to find
It’s a fall you don’t want to crawl
It’s a rage you don’t want to cage
It’s a trap you don’t want to snap
It’s a sin you don’t want in
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, when you know you know :>>>>

in the window pane
nature white brided its head through its bewildered veins

a sonata to the heart that breathes a blessing in a pile of much
a locking of a chain that believes in no such

of an ending that green around eyes of jealous presence
and a million miles tall table of a wooden necklace

                                                      ­                 ------ravenfeeels
excess rusted broken  shackles
free from ancient gyves
tongues in dungeons no more
a present prisoner of forefather's  measures

ears drum no more
notes fall through the cracks
remodeling skips yet another age
future slavers of our descendants

emancipated you stand
a guests to a freeman's  world
you are no more
return us to the future
free from the present past.

                                   In mirrored minds we remain.
Silence can be comforting
Silence can be calming
Silence can be harming
Silence can be deathly
Silence can be stealthy
In this silence, you can leave me
You can break me
Drown me in this silent sea
This silence is killing me
This silence is chaining me down
Leaving me to drown
While I wish to be free
In this silent sea
take this snow white daisy chain
a handmade token of my faith
my faith in love
my faith in love
take this and please don't give up
daisy chain  of faith
J Dec 2020
salty lava snaking down my ashy skin
meeting at the curves of my lips,
bouncing off the flesh when I speak.
Your laugh on the other end
vibrations that leave me deaf
and yet I stay eager for more,
slumping against the sound.
the weighed down wriggling piece of nothing,
the chipped little porcelain teacup
the veiny vessel
releases and rises,
no longer drowned by thoughts.
I missed the sound of your voice saying you loved me, I miss how I feel when I hear you. Missing someone is bad enough, but to miss their voice on top of it? Their voice, their touch. I've touched you only a few times in a span of mere hours, and yet I think about it every day. This hoodie is very nice, but it doesn't compare in the slightest to your arms around me. I love your chain, but it pales in comparison to you as well. you. I love you. and I am so so sorry that I ever let you doubt that, I'm so sorry that you ever wonder, I'm so sorry for the times that I make you sad. I don't mean to be. I'm going to start working on it, I promise I will. I love you.
my mind sucls
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