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Why am I called a funny girl?
When my humour is as dry
As the pages of a book
Or Gaston's flirtatious lies
Is it because people laugh
Before words even escape my mouth
That reading is ridiculous
How could such a woman be allowed?
To the characters in the stories
They do not laugh or judge me
They share my thirst for adventure
How I wish my life would be more lively
Every morning is a routine
That requires no risk to take
If I settle and rot in this tiny town
It would be my biggest mistake
My books are like tiny windows
In lives I wish to live
I just wanted something new for a change
Something more than this town can give
She saw his writing in her book
Fell in love with his words
She wanted to have his heart
He gave her his broken pen.
Poetry is love
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Marsha 5d
I wrote a book
that's entirely
about you
even though
I was
only a paragraph
in yours
You were my whole book...
Corey Oct 10
Here is a space to write things
bound by deep yellow covers

With bees crawling around
on a drawn on honeycomb

A journal you can hold
and a space to be discovered

Allow the words within
to become something on their own

Imagine the ecstatic joy
that fills the pages lines

Pages being filled
with your passionate creation

Imagine the subtle sadness
that seeps from the covers design

Here is a space to write things
bound by your imagination
when I wrote my first book
and had it published

my family didn’t even know
I was a writer

****, I didn’t even know I was a writer
until 9 months prior to my
first publishing

but they were quick to assume
that I was now wealthy in riches

asking if I had quit my job yet
or my dad asking if I was a
millionaire now

and I told him, that
everything was the same
only that I had just done
something else that doesn’t
involve the same routine
of work and life.

but in his brash tone,
he immediately had to
one up me by telling me
that he just got done building
6 Panera Bread restaurants
within a one year timespan
in the Minneapolis metropolitan area.

“we all got our small victories.” I told him

mine just happens to be
words on blank pages
between covers

his just happens to be
$17 ham and cheese

you’re best
A page filled with nonsense
in a book of standard things,
How's one to get lost in a jungle
lush and teeming with all these
mind boggles and heartstrings?

You're in for a surprise, splendor
Forget-me-nots by the ardent river,
Babbling, waiting, plucked to give
Placed on a grave of your spring,
Winter is coming, as fall retiring,
Set in for your rude awakening -

You're meant to outgrow within
The child dies, but the man refuses
To go out and start - he fears to begin.
D Letwixt Oct 5
Books on the shelf
The pages yellow with age
marking time's passage
Elizabeth Oct 5
I read a book so long ago
During a certain phase
From when I was just a little girl
Awaiting my coming-of-age
But I remember the prominence of a line
When a character birthed a girl
She hoped she would stay ignorant
And avoid the truth of this world
In reference to the Great Gatby
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