Like a closed book he speaks nothing

But being judge with empty reasons

And still walks upright in the streets

Without realizing emotional pain drawns him

As clouds of words clouded his mind

Rain started to fall down his eyes

Self doubting has begun, untill his silence

Become unbearable noises of screeching cries

Those words that slowly swallowing his confidence;

He couldn't lied for he know it's affecting him;

For everytime the nights come, those words, burns him,

It's killing him deep until the day has come

The last petal falls also did his beating heart.
It may be that i am just an empty book
But i am ready to write your love
On my blank pages.
Your facade
does no(t)
(n)or give justice
to what's
insi(d)e that
h(e)art of you(r)s
that you
keep hidden
"If I Could Give You My Eyes" Series
I’m the hidden book,
Leather bound
Threads fraying
On the top shelf.
You like the paperbacks
And hardcovers,
Pretty titles
And modernity.
But please know
I’m collecting dust
and I deserve a chance.
Just this once,
Brush me off
And open my pages.
Read my story.
I promise I won’t leave you hanging.
haley 6d
you couldn’t imagine
pains all over

Fixed rigid

pain in my gut
A horrible throb, throb, throb

it seemed to me that
I could not
Even if I tried to
Out of the line of fire
blackout poetry from A Clockwork Orange, page 116.
Isaac Aug 8
A choose your own adventure book
Mimics life so well.
If only I could have a look
At other stories life could tell.
I would peak into the different plots
Where reality would diverge.
I’d probably begin to notice lots
Of new problems which emerge.
Though curious, I’ll remain content
With this narrative I am in.
May the future me not want it
To be contrary to how it has been!
Written 8 August 2018
Aniq Ahmad Aug 3
What comes to mind when they say "Disney"?
All the mysteries and Mickey in my epiphany

Aladdin got stuck in the cave and found the lamp
Huey, Dewey and Louie all are out in a camp

When daffy is about to lose control for daisy
Goofy woke up and walked like if its all hazy

Pluto never knows it has a planet on his name
Still it doesn't leave Mickey even being all lame

When Cinderella lost her shoe and ran away
Rapunzel meanwhile got her hair taken away

Timon said "Hakuna Matata it means no worries"
When Simba found Nala, Timon got insecurities

Peter Pan came from Neverland and saw Wendy
Seeing them fly together in childhood was trendy

Hercules got Meg and showed off his muscles with a wink
Hades made her pawn and Hercules found it was a fling

Canine Superstar Bolt thought he was the real deal
When camera stopped rolling,he began to squeal

Pooh with honey and Christopher on journey
Tigger bounces and Owl pretends to be an attorney

A witch with Poisoned apple got her sleeping
On seeing, the dwarfs couldn't stop weeping

Alice got over her fears
Dumbo got used to his ears

All the Kids got mesmerized by the fun
Its Disney, from which you dont wanna run
lotusflower5 Aug 1
Dear no one,

I don't know why I talk to you
every day.
It's not like you have the abilty
to answer me,
but I feel I must tell someone
when I'm happy or sad
or even in between.

You're someone I can trust to
keep a secret,
and be quiet when I need you to.
Thank you for that,

but you're still just a book labeled
Özcan Sh Jul 29
She was like a book
When I read her words
I sink into her world

A world in which I always want to stay
A world in which we can drink our café in peace
A world where nobody puts stones on our way

I don't know
When the last chapter comes
But i'm afraid that the last chapter
Will separate us forever.
Kalen Dion Jul 28
The hardest words
I've ever written
were a riposite "farewell",
a chapter left unfinished,
a blank page in my book of life,
set aside for you
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