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Maria Etre Sep 9
"What happened along the way?"
as she looked back to see
her lines crooked, her ink melted
and her pages torn apart
from the book that held her
Nigdaw Sep 5
my wife watches tik tok in bed
sounding like she is trying
to tune in a radio to someone's life
so many voices fading in and out
or maybe a spirit box with a message
from the other side

I'm with Johannes Gutenberg
some 570 years behind
the smell of the print as much
an enjoyment as the words inside
the book I am reading
about his life

we lie
a respectable distance between us
centuries apart
A Psalmist Sep 2
You picked me from the masses
Taken from the grasses
"I'll remember you forever"
So I'm stored between the covers
Pressed and crushed within the pages
Just like all the others
And over time, I am dried
No more tears left to cry.
I am just another leaflet
In your book of memories
Amelia Aug 26
you weren't even looking for it
yet you found the right book
liking it more than you expected
now you read like you owe it

for the lost time, maybe
questioning the timing
craving for more, you indulge
answering its questions

getting to know yourself more
you never thought,
how can a book connect,
and show your reflection

in many ways you couldn't imagine
of all the books you could choose
your favorite book owes it to you
for giving it an interest, a chance

for the attention
almost undivided
an ordinary book waiting
to touch even just for a single life

you flipped it open
patiently waited
carefully thought of it
and appreciated it

this book served its purpose
you could go back at it from time to time
it will be  right there lying around
you won't even need to look for it

you know where it is,
the pilot book, that made you read more
you would have discover a lot of books then
realize how unique and equally beautiful they are.
Writing writing
Tomorrow I would be
written off
My book value
For some may be zero
For some millions
Scrap value for all zero
For some I may be a hero
For some a zero
Others may consider a villain
All these would be opinions
I shall go
An elevated soul
It's my opinion
The fact would remain
You won't find me
Even If you spend trillions
Writing writing
Tomorrow I would be written off
Whatever my book value
An elevated soul
I shall go
It's my opinion
I want that
Gorgeous bookish moment
With you

I want to sit on the roof
Of a cozy important house
Under the stars
Having... god knows what
Kind of deep discussion
(Though it may have been had a million times before,
this time it's ours)

I want to see you
Silhouetted by the light
Of the moon
While your expressions contort
As you share a heartfelt story
With me
(That you think I don't know)

I want to be comforted
By you
Even if it uncomfortable
On the rough rooftop
When you think,
Wow she needs a hug
(Because I do
If it's from you)

I want to see
Your eyes glow
Brilliant in the darkness
When you emphasize a point
Staring at me
Feeling the strength of our
(Even if it's guided by
The general ambiance)

I want to hear
The breeze sing
With your words
Their importance far from lost
Sending shivers down my spine
As you lean intently
Into or toward me

Just kiss me
Under that night sky
Knowing well
That just one kiss
Changed everything for us
Kelsey Jul 14
Let my words slide like slithering snakes on your tongue
Devour my sentence structure like children ******* thumbs
Feel the anguish of fake people that can't see, touch or hear
Then when your tears sludge the page, I am your master puppeteer
May every letter leave you wetter and each comma stir up drama
And when you reach the end of it all, you'll be begging for more trauma.
Be your own cheerleader
Raven Feels Jul 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, inspiration: favorite book---Invisible Life In A Miserable Age version two :>

met her at the library
rasped the portrait in ancient poetry
booked her love in print of coffee calligraphy
vanished curses of September from the entire history
remembered eyes bared and fell at feet so complementary
one-eighty degrees the fine line supplementary
deviled angelic
marveled hurdled
seven freckles and stashed in memory
celebrates venus and mercury

                                                       ­                                     -----ravenfeels
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