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Awakened she stumbles upon the remains of her conscious,
Forever being a fantasy she held onto solemnly,
Fragments of realization pieced with passion left astray,
Broken hearted prayers uplift and revive,
A warrior goddess prevailing.
Akriti Jun 24
Hustling winds,
through the silent streets.
A dying flower,
with a hope to live.
in search of solace.
A blank paper,
awaits to be written on.
Somewhere amidst this chaos,
we met.
We met,
for the wind,
to break the silence,
for the flower,
preserved forever,
between the pages of our story,
for clouds,
to let it rain,
for paper,
decorated in smell of love.
We met,
like the limitless sky meets the land,
with memories sealed in clouds,
sailing across the silent blue ocean.
We met,
like the drifting river meets the sea,
mixing into each other,
making it one water altogether.
We met,
like the first drop of blissful rain meets the thirsty earth,
losing his existence,
to nurture her.
We met,
because we were meant to be.
I forget to breathe.

At all times,
My mind is a cesspool of
Whirling thoughts
Intrusive desires
Violent emotions

When it all becomes
Too much
Too little

I stop.

That is.

If I’m suffocating
Dying of oxygen depletion
Writhing in decaying misery
As my brain shuts down,

I find silence.


But then,
Comes the time when I must
breathe again.

Refocus my eyes,
Halt my blind stare into the void.

Resume my breath.

And smile.

For I know,
That if I’m gone too long
If I fall into the nothing

Then I might dissociate forever.

And there are far
Too many beautiful things
To sacrifice
For peace of mind
And an
Empty head.
I'm in love with Sia
Each song she sings it's like she wrote it for me
I like the truth she puts out
I like that despite her sickness, it didn't prevent her from pushing on with her dreams
If she was a flower, my room would be a garden of flowers
She has a magical voice
I want my heart to always beat in unison with her music
For it gives me peace
Sia is a talented artist.
Her music is my solace sometimes
selina Apr 5
i was burning those photos with a hope
that the memories of the past
could stop haunting me today

but there were scars on my hands
and my burned and blurred fingertips
reminded me of what made me

the heat was never kind but i found solace
in likening myself with phoenix and fire
i knew i was not meant to be controlled

the plastic melted with my fears
the faces and memories disintegrated
but i held onto the ashes of my origins

you told me that people would tie me to a stake
wrap ropes around my hands and feet
burn me down and scatter me to the sea

you taught me to fight back because you knew
like a city buried under cinders and dust
like a phoenix crawling from under ash and feathers

even if the world slipped from under my feet
if i came crashing to the bottom of an abyss
i would rise again, and again, and again...
don't really know where i was going with this
Melody Mann Mar 16
Hear her silence for it tells a tale to seeking ears,
Through pursed lips she spills secrets the mind's eye has led you to fathom,
The wisdom that lies in her intellect is that of awe,
Spare her a mere moment to witness a world of constellations and revelations.
Juno Jan 12
My cheeks are damp with silent tears
but you don’t seem to notice.
I reach out to get some comfort
but you offer little solace.
My love of memories falls
So many a image to hold on
They drain down infinitely
Never to stop my hoping heart

Like manna from heaven
Measured my desire even
My mind said six
But the best is seven
I overlooked the ratings of what we once shared

So long without  ago
So far without away
Present in the third eyes
I rather use that sight

Now I cuddle safe in the arms of our past  
And when the dark reality burn my inner
I sip your image down my mind
Knowing that you're there
I feel secured from the truth
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