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Sahana Oct 5
Remember when, he
Called me on that rooftop night,
Just checking, to make sure
I got in—pulled me in for half a hug.
Joined me for a dance,
Thought about the time he
Told me that I’m so fun.
One last night out,
Young and free, before
Careers kick in and reality sets in.
It ended before I knew it,
On the car ride home,
Thinking about what coulda been,
He tells me he’s crying,
Begging me to stay—but
Saying yes is not an option.
Remembering when I found out,
He was reading the book I had,
Or felt he that fire in chest,
About our political crisis,
in a way like me,
In a way I hadn’t seen yet.
Spending so long settled in
The idea of a man lesser than &
Surprised to find the joy
In expanding my horizons,
Learning about my self imposed limits,
Watching them crumble in,
Realizing I am capable of
Every bit of the life I wanna live.
Found solace in the similar ways we think,
A sketchbook of drawings,
Connecting each & every limb,
Far far away
from spaced repetition.
Death by a thousand cuts
Ambition, something else
That I didn’t think I was looking for.
You took me by surprise,
Chelsea boots in that kitchen,
Didn’t ask me where i was from.
Between the bridges and lights,
Guitar riffs playing in the back
You grabbed my hand,
Spun me round, drink in another.
Kinda hated the smell of your breath,
The way you patted me on the head.
When you begged me to stay,
Under the night sky, every sway.
Ally Sep 21
Sorrowful tears
happy memories of, almost forgotten times - to you
but, I remember
all of you

I sit here
with weepy, emerald eyes
in my delicate solace
TD Sep 19
Verde the solace seethes
jealous of the tumbling wind
tossing bountiful waves about
in careless patulous splendor.

Out of the burning light
tendrils warm anfractuous trails
placid to the touch
alive beneath leathery veins.

Their tenuous links splinter
unaware of their impending plight.
The nights will give way
to mornings of gold and dying.

But I know--
after it all
new life will bring solace
the company she longs for
--once more.
Inspired by: the moments of contentment I felt when standing near our old madrone tree, as a child, before when I felt alone, and after when I was surrounded by love.

Solace isn't being alone
only that we've experienced it
and understand
there is more life
that we haven't met.
I am yours in the first month of fall when the trees begin to dance their autumn song.
I am yours when the sun smothers your cheeks and I envy the way it kisses you.
I am yours when December air pulls against your lips and sends shivers down your spine.
I am yours in the crowd of a million people and I am especially yours when the silence of your solace drives you mad.
I love you.
and I am yours.
Eloisa Jul 27
In my quest for solace, love truly never fails,
Your memory magically appears to calm the violent storms and adjust my sail.
Amaris Jul 6
Hang a star on the ceiling, my love
To protect you during the daylight
Whenever the sky closes its eyes
It’s not perfect, I understand
But darling, nothing ever is
Hold onto what you can
When I'm tired
Wish me a sweet dream

Meet you there
Genre: Micro Verse
Theme: Welcome In
kl May 17
I run midst the trees, dreaming and imagining
That I'm running away to dwell with the kind strangers of the woods.
Mother Nature offers her embrace here,
Putting to rest every thought that tangles and snares.

This place of sweet solitude.
This quiet home
Where the only interruption is
The sudden drop of melting snow
Hitting my warm face
And my subsequent laughter;
The rushing river
Where the fisherman stands and waves
And we find solace in our shared existence;
The soft patter of the deer's nimble gait
That leaves a path for me to follow
And wonder what musings a lonesome deer might have.

I reflect; it's a nice thing to be alone with another.
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