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Van Xuan Oct 9
Who should I choose
A woman who made my world
Or a woman who colors my world?

My heart is torn
Between my past and present
Between who I am today
And who I will be in the future

What shall I do
To stay in love with the girl in the past
Or to love the woman in front of me

Tell me... What should I do?
Torn between two lovers
There’s a mark on my back.
It’s a scar,
from days gone by.
A memory,
of long-lost faith.

I run my fingers over it,
slowly going up and down
in a pattern on my skin.
I count the ripples as I count my days,
silently waiting, hoping they will end.

Weeds grow out my body,
from seeds planted by destiny.
What created an upheaval to my skin,
will do the same for my mind.

Destiny will get us all in the end.
But all that they will remember,
are days gone by,
memories long gone,
and a back, torn apart.
Maya Sep 23
How can this be love if I can live without you
If all I ever need is to know you’re safe

How can this be love if I can love another
And if a part of me is happy that you found her

But if this isn’t love why do haunt my dreams
And how come a part of me wishes I was her

I know you wouldn’t believe me

Or maybe you would, because you are me

And because no matters what
You will always be
Maya Sep 23

Between running to catch you
And keeping you safe in my mind

Holding you tight
And watching you from afar

Crying out my distress
And Praising your happiness

I love you so much
That I can not bear to lose you again
And even the thought that I might hurt you terrifies me

So it is so absurd to say
I love you so much
That I want you to stay away
Seanathon Sep 5
Cool blue turns calm dusk
To hopeful still and quiet
As warm well lit dawn
Arrives in full force of arms
To carry tired lovers torn
Sunset, Lovers Torn, Tanka
Simone13 Aug 19
People take it for granted
And just assume that everyone has it
To feel themselves be captured
By something they won't admit

To feel the pain
That consuming torture
To have that warm beat in your chest
Spreading like wildfire

To feel what
I want to feel

Not when the music starts
Or when a novel ends
I want that constant suffocating feeling
That gives my life meaning
I want to be whole and broken

I want what words can’t explain
Or letters can't decode
I want to be  torn apart
And sowed back together
I want to feel my stomach drop
when life nocks me down
I want to feel my vocals rip
When i cry

I want to feel
Like something to someone
I want the emotion of knowing
I ment something
I felt something

To feel the raw emotions
Of being human
Not this numbness

Not the dread of the sunrise
knowing It will be gone
Joanna Aug 4
Waves of tears, uncensored opinions. White-caps of anger,
and selfish dominion crash on the shores with such power.

Heralding a cry, that there's a shortness of hours. Flooding
the base of where we live.

Leaving one unaware and torn up about what we can give.

While in the corners of these private places, there's a realization
that this world displaces.  

Waves crash and white caps dissolve in learning to get quiet
enough to hear the snowfall.
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Cameron Aug 4
Love is a fickle thing,
Though romance has more sting.
Lost in her warm sad eyes,
She stared right on through mine.

I thought that it was me,
That was a fruitless plea
Back against my heart’s walls,
She tore a hole right through.

She drained my heart to naught
No blame stems from that spot
Escaped through the puncture
She searched for a lover

My heart is torn to shreds
All that is left are dregs
Now I finally see
It would never be me.
Desire rod Aug 3
Why is that we seek for attention and affection a love so pure and expecting
Yet we don’t give not even half of what we are expecting  we look for pointless lovers useless partners and expect them to stay to love to care and be the perfect lover it’s a cat and mouse game my lover wants another while the love they want is with another and you also dream of having your ex lover and other so why is it that we seek the touch of others
Millie Jul 28
At the thought of you
From my love for you
From the energy you stole
By the things we can’t control
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