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no Nov 2019
Running was tiresome with a long day ahead
Sniffing glue is the only thing in my head
The death of by brother was never good
He got burnt at least there was no blood

I lost my family and a whole lot more
Sniffing glue is the thing I do now I am poor
I used to live in gutu
now I live in a bridge and sniff glue

I lost my brother in Johannesburg
I remember when we ate a burger
Stop sniffing glue
Check out my new Subaru
I remember when I stopped sniffing glue
I started to play the kazoo
And now my book is overdue
I bad at rhythming yabbadabbadoo
And I will never stop sniffing glue
Azulene Azulia Jun 2019
Do people see me like a rock?
Because all they do is mock.
Is it just the rain,
That cries with me and my pain?
This fake smile is fooling me too,
Why does sadness stay with me like glue?
I can't be the glue holding us together
we're only as broken as we think
Madeleine Jun 2019
My brokenness
Pieces of me
Being put back together
By you, God
Piece by piece you put me together
Showing me the way of where to go
My pieces
The map
I cannot see it so
I rely on you to show me the way
Once I find my way
With your help
My pieces are slowly getting glued back together
One by one and
Once I hit the end of my adventure
My pieces are glued forever
As if I was never broken
For in you I am found perfect
With you I am found perfect
Because that is how you see me
Perfect and unbroken
Madeleine Apr 2019
You are the glue
that holds my broken pieces
together, forever
You see me as whole
Perfect and unbroken
Daniel Feb 2019
I can´t resist anymore,
I simply want to hold you,
wrap my arms
around your
delicate body.

I know you´re shattered
but I will be
your safeguard
protecting you
from any more damage,
your detective
searching for
the tiniest pieces of you
and your long-lasting glue
sticking you back

I will try my best
to stick your pieces
and again
and hope that
my presence makes you realize,
you are whole with
and without

just **** cheesy
Kirsten Hunt Jan 2019
Tape is a dollar.
Glue is Two.
I'd do anything just to fix you.
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