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Sally A Bayan Jul 19
Selfish beam...hardly
guides one through a wide, DARK space,
this DARK, moonless night...

something stirs...'midst this
spine-tingling DARK....the wind warns:
"a thousand eyes...w a t c h..."

i m all goose bumps...cold
and scared of this patch of BLACK...
my pupils dilate,

six steps run,
should i hear evil whispers
.........o'er hungry voices?
"whsh, whsh, whsh......kitties?"
green, grey eyes limps, yet,
all share the fish......."meow..."


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
    July 19, 2019
(A scary night on a scary vacant lot...)
Dennis Willis Jun 30
This adjustment I make
to the universe

shouldn't affect you
at all

still there
i told you

i know
you'll make
your own

at me

i think
i felt that
Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow.
Meow, Meow.
Meow, Meow, Meow!

Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow.
Meow, Meow.
Meow, Meow, Meow!

Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow.
Meow, Meow.
Meow, Meow!
Meow, Meow!
Try to find rhythm...
Zach Short Jan 7
tiny hands grip tail

eyes bulging…”MEOW!” “MEOW!”

cat prays for swift death
To Save Strays Deserve Lagniappe

Ruff lee, e'er since
     aye waz za lil whippersnapper
     watt wit dis awful temper, yet
     obedient to a pooch loving Aleut
til present moment, Asian ole mangy coot

this hot day (woof faux pas
     dipping into animal shelter
     donated water bowl)
     filled to the brim with smoothie fruit

flavored slaking, moistening, cooling,
     sans lallygagging tongue
     doth wipe phlegmy ooze away,
     where nearby a kazoo

     playing labradoodle
accompanies mum
     muttering prettifying self,
     via quasi preening snout
     when squeezed

     automatically issues
     ***** tonk sound imitating hoot,
where passerine twittering
     fly night passersby

     toss bone fied token loot
and a Norwegian
     bachelor farmer named Knute
Rockne took immediate

     liking to yours truly,
     who when scratched
     itchy fur patches remained mute
imparting unconditional love

     to petting man's best friend
hoof right then and there
     Isaiah felt as top underdog
momentarily distracted

Fermi n Rico as petsmart necessary fix
reduced to that as newshound ******
     oft times in desperation
     shine shoes ala boot lix

usually rewarded with bona fide prolix
about such a docile mix
breed to old for chase sticks
     to learn super champing cheap tricks.
Homage to the furry four footed a mew zing friend that smart pet house cat whose nine lives spanned nearly a score. This ode scratched out about a half dozen ***** of yarn unspooled around the terra firmae.
the euthanize cat silenced meow –
less audible than when a kitten 19 years ago – whew
heart wrenching to you
Richard n I presume Brendan too

though ye my dear sister will moost likely miss do
to sensitive resonance with creatures that grew
and an omnipotent bond through
well nigh two decades - whereby a tapestry of love hew

as pet owner solely knew
wove with colorful memories will brew
regular need to grieve as a family member true
as yar own flesh and bone will wake thee no more – boo

lament must be free to woo
tears of sadness possible prompt thine heart to rue
tis only understandable if such conscionable choice to
terminate life one such beautiful feline knew

within his being affection lavished with memories to view
and replay his corporeal presence where time flew
as calendar ushered near score longevity
   end date along timeline queue

memorialized n sentimentalized
   by unused litter box n cat bowl used to poo
and chew
respectively will usher inxs purr remembrance of thinks past

by Marcel Proust of human zoo
leaves inky traces without a clew
his latter fading discernible

   holographic soul with any faux paws
dagger like claws indelibly etched
   within mcgeehan family unforgettable presence he drew!
…luv frum ur brother math who
moost now rush off n skip to the loo!
GreenTrees Aug 2017
The ocean air rushed over us

as linen curtains swayed in the afternoon light.

A bronze outline against the cool shades of summer bedding

The taste of ocean air lingers on wine stained lips.

Sweet desserts to welcome the afternoon day dreams.

The taste of salty caramel still on my tongue.

Tales of voyage in leather bound books that line the walls

I hear the ocean and I can feel my lover's call

On moonlit nights by the shore I feel her arms around me

and as the sea pulls away under the sleepy gaze of the moon

I would lay beside you and dream of your kisses by the sea...

© Karl V. (2017)
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