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aha Mar 5
I tell my friends on the first day
she's the first person
to ask me out
and I tell my friends
everything about her
(I've always been bad at managing expectations)

[we met at my job.
she thought I was ten years older than I am. I thought
she was three years older]

and a week later when she tells me she isn't ready for a relationship, I will tell her I'm not either
(I've always been a liar)

"who is, really?" she asks, relieved
I don't know how to answer that
(I've always been a *******)
every day is a gift and by gift I mean it's a jack 'n the box that I keep winding and getting jumpscared by
maria nicole Dec 2023
it is nights like this --- when you rest in my arms
that i do not want the sun to rise
or the stars --- to fall.

i have no need for a shooting star
or a new beginning,

for this is it,

the moment i stop to wait.
Savio Fonseca Aug 2023
Last Night a Cat climbed My Roof.
I have no reason Why.
Though I'm a Lover of Cats,
I was scared to ask Her Why.
I'm figuring out How She got There.
As My House is Down by the Sea.
I tried calling Her Kitty,
But She wouldn't answer Me.
Maybe She was in search of Fish,
So My Heart uttered a Hi to Her.
With that She purred a Meow
and began to lick Her Fur.
I finally brought Her Down
and asked Her what She Wanted.
I have failed to Understand Cats
and the last One, had Me Haunted.
She kept purring all Night
and the Lion in Me lost Control.
But I buried all My Sins,
When She held My Heart and Soul.
wabisabichii Aug 2020
'meow' he said 
'and you understand me?' i replied 
he licked his paw and touched my hand 
his warmth i can't deny 

'you know how i feel, don't you?' 
he purred as if to agree 
he rubbed himself against my shin 
knowing i wanted to flee

'meow' again he said 
i laughed and pet his head 
he stayed by me and didn't leave 
a true friend til the end 

'im tired of this' i mumbled 
he looked a little sad 
and when i said i needed him 
he looked a bit more glad 

'let's leave this place' i told him
he stood and followed suit 
i jotted down a paper where
we'd have our escape route

a cat is not a friend 
but family so to say 
i held him tight as we ran through the night 
and that day, we went away
Amanda Hawkins May 2020
cat eye make up after a break up
on my bed she crawls
in my back her claws
I will pet your *****-cat
where to find me at?
between her hidden fur
who said only kittens purr?
Sally A Bayan Jul 2019

Through a DARK, treed space
a selfish beam lights slim path
this DARK, moonless night.

something stirs...'midst this
spine-tingling DARK....the wind warns:
"a thousand eyes...w a t c h..."

skin is all goose bumps
cold, scared of this patch of BLACK
my pupils dilate,

six steps back, to run,
should i hear evil whispers
.........o'er hungry voices?
"whsh, whsh, whsh......kitties?"
green, grey eyes limps, yet,
all share the fish......."meow..."


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
    July 19, 2019
(A scary night on a scary vacant lot...)
Dennis Willis Jun 2019
This adjustment I make
to the universe

shouldn't affect you
at all

still there
i told you

i know
you'll make
your own

at me

i think
i felt that
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