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wabisabichii Aug 2020
'meow' he said 
'and you understand me?' i replied 
he licked his paw and touched my hand 
his warmth i can't deny 

'you know how i feel, don't you?' 
he purred as if to agree 
he rubbed himself against my shin 
knowing i wanted to flee

'meow' again he said 
i laughed and pet his head 
he stayed by me and didn't leave 
a true friend til the end 

'im tired of this' i mumbled 
he looked a little sad 
and when i said i needed him 
he looked a bit more glad 

'let's leave this place' i told him
he stood and followed suit 
i jotted down a paper where
we'd have our escape route

a cat is not a friend 
but family so to say 
i held him tight as we ran through the night 
and that day, we went away
Samuel Hoffmann Jun 2020
Please put me down.
and yes I know I’m covered with fur
and yes I know I meow
and you say I’m cute
because I am...
Please put me down.

You can brush me
and stroke me
do not pull, push, or poke me.
Feed me food right now.
Please put me down.

If YOU do not like something YOU walk away;
I’ve ran to every corner
under every bed
yet you still find a way

so I scratch you
or bite you
rip and ruin your rug.
Day after day, hug after hug.

Mom says if I do it again
she’ll go to adoption
give me away
—that’d be the day.
Please put me down.
Amanda Hawkins May 2020
cat eye make up after a break up
on my bed she crawls
in my back her claws
I will pet your *****-cat
where to find me at?
between her hidden fur
who said only kittens purr?
Sally A Bayan Jul 2019

Through a DARK, treed space
a selfish beam lights slim path
this DARK, moonless night.

something stirs...'midst this
spine-tingling DARK....the wind warns:
"a thousand eyes...w a t c h..."

skin is all goose bumps
cold, scared of this patch of BLACK
my pupils dilate,

six steps back, to run,
should i hear evil whispers
.........o'er hungry voices?
"whsh, whsh, whsh......kitties?"
green, grey eyes limps, yet,
all share the fish......."meow..."


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
    July 19, 2019
(A scary night on a scary vacant lot...)
Dennis Willis Jun 2019
This adjustment I make
to the universe

shouldn't affect you
at all

still there
i told you

i know
you'll make
your own

at me

i think
i felt that
Zach Short Jan 2019
tiny hands grip tail

eyes bulging…”MEOW!” “MEOW!”

cat prays for swift death
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