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Slowly, your memory fades
Swiftly, your promises wanes
Trembling in wrath
My words sharp as a sword
To shoot like a gun
But now, you are gone
And I freely moved on
I feel no hurt
I say no curse
Pedro Oct 9
I made a promise
my fear, my anxiety
I just couldn't control them
I gave you my word
and that meant nothing
sorry, friend
I wasn't ready
for you to truly know me
Mae Oct 2
I don’t need to make promises
to love you unendingly
or think of you incessantly
I don’t need to swear
that I will never leave your side
Those are things that I cannot control
They will happen regardless of my choosing
Because my soul has already chosen yours
Heidi Johanna Sep 29
Know your promises!
Hold them in your heart
Count them by the night
As they shine to the dark

For as many as you can see
All those little stars
Delight in the waiting
For your joy to come
Mrs Anybody Sep 27
make promises
you’re drunk

Your sober self
will be
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now hear these nonsenses
words spilled on the pale page
words wasted on the wind
and strewn in media
to cry over and again

nonsenses generous
as poverty, as sickness:
plenty to go around
hear how more nonsenses
(as if in fear of being late)

arrive crowding the platform
but always as words
woven barbed and twisted
beyond boundaries of truth
these nonsenses of hope and hate
Hello, Love of my life,
the one i dream of each night,
If there was ever a time I broke your heart,
I put it on my life i wont do it again

I've said "I love you" countless times
but as they say"you cant make people believe one truth when you have a mouthful of lies"
You see the good in me when i couldn't see the good in myself
This caused me to think negatively and wronged you
I'm sorry..

I know you love me for who i am and even with the wrongs you loved me still
and i will always love u from the moon and back for still trusting me all this timer
For this i shall not wrong you again
I promise..
Owen Sep 18
Well, it happened.
I was once again, a temporary fix
for a yearning soul.
A bandage
discarded after use.
All the promises,
oh the ******* promises,
the sweet words,
the long nights,
I love you's,
were a lie.
And now I stumble
through days with no meaning.
My body
a husk
in agony.
My breath is gone
and I am at the bottom
of the deepest trench,
of the deepest ocean,
drowning in darkness.
As she flys away
A stranger now.
I must love.
standing in the eye of your storm
while words are hurled
into my heart once more
I never asked to defend
my right to breathe
when your moods erupt
in jagged shards of tragedy
destroying all the love
we held so beautifully
but I can't fight you any more
no I can't fight the fury of your hurt
It's not about me
this rage you stage
in firestorms whenever  I walk away
It's not about me
when you tell me no one will ever
love you this way again
It's not about
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