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—a buyer and seller
of mostly himself

—a ***** on the take
and about to slip

Each made promises to the other
but both loved journeys
and valleys
and limericks
and turntables
and spirits
and skirt-raising
and slowdives
and lip-biting
and come-hither
more than their here-and-now vow

Trigger-happy begetter
with an ax to grind
killing captives slowly
with jagged little things
it's the strangest sound
in spite of the plight of
the ringing in his ears
it never fades away

I reckon numbers and lead are arbitrary
to a button man
whose wheels turn circles
mainly in his skull
as infinite go-around

Never mind though, the time must be now
for a show of hands

Motherhood waited in the ship's hold
until the treasure hunt
brought her to this final island
a choice between gold
and the aging ******

The young who suckle at her breast
might one day run mum through
with the sword at Payback
—that unsteady little homestead
where profit and loss
share the same face

Never mind though, the moment must be now
to ring the bell

And raise redemption
like a burning flag of regret
mark soltero Apr 29
empty emotions
fuel the deep devotions of yesterday
nothing fulfilling
no true feelings
there was nothing in between
nothing breathing
lifeless ill intended words
that feel like promises
only fueled what made you die
I remember the night you held my hand and kissed my scars.

I remember the night you wiped my tears and said you'll be right here by my side.

I remember the night you walked with me under the city lights and made me feel alright.

I remember the night you pinched my nose when you ****** me off.

I remember the night you tried to kiss me under a tree.

I remember the night you promised not to leave me.

I remember every night I spent with you, especially the night you said we can't be lovers because you want me to be not in your past, but to always be in your present. The night when everything we had was set aside. The night you chose to ignore me.

I remember the night you chose to live your life, and I chose to die each day.

I remember the night when we chose to break our promises- your feet and my blades had gone through the same distance.
I saw this poem of mine on my Facebook Memories, and I originally  posted this on April 28, 2015.

I can still feel the pain 6 years after
Jay M Apr 19
Once, long ago
A brilliant flash before
Saved forever in time
Faded in shades of greys
Like a photograph;
Black and white
One thing or another
Not shining in its entirety quite yet

Then, saturation of color and hue
Bring forth visions unseen
Slightly blurred at first,
Then in full detail
Sprawled out into glorious view

Though once, only raw and bare
Time brings it into exposure
Into the open air
Believe it or not
Some brought into the light of reality
As they are surely meant to be

- Jay M
April 19th, 2021
Just something new. Familiar.
little lion Apr 8
I hope that you choke on the promises that you made me.
Every word,
every plan,
every reassurance that you'd always be there,
every claim that I was yours and yours alone,
I hope that they suffocate you the way that your misplaced love sits on my lungs like a brick, sinking deeper and deeper into my soul with every breath I take and every beat of my heart.

I'll miss you always,
I'll want you always...

but I might just hate you always, too.
**** I know I can't have her and I know she doesn't want me but there's nothing I wouldn't give to be hers.
Promises are evil
Mouths open awaiting
To be filled with blood
Sometimes bones
Other times hope
They make you sell
Another man for nickels
They make you
Bury life to avenge the dead
I despise them so
For they demand too much
Often bruising, often enslaving.
dear basil,

i promise i'll go to sleep soon
as long as you promise you'll smile at me
if you see me in public

i swear i'll fix my posture
if you swear to celebrate your birthday this year

and i pinkie swear that i'll love you
if you always love me back

please get enough sleep and sit a little straighter (ahahh, no pun intended. if ykyk) and don't forget to love your--water **

Eli Apr 2
you promised me you would never forget me,
did you forget that too?
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