linhp 2d

i try to build love on your empty promises
and now i'm broken, just like them.

God laid his cards on the table and made me choose.
I picked hope.
She had the warmest eyes.
Her smile was inviting.
She was full of promises.
Promises don't mean anything.

Our government could promise world peace.
Promises don't mean anything.

God could've promised me another hand.
Promises don't mean anything.

You could've promised to stay.
Promises don't mean anything.

There's a lot of good to be said about living life with certainty.
About us.
Revised 1/18/18
nycteris Jan 13

your words ooze empty promises and maybe next times;
I learned to tune it out to keep me sane.
my heart grows weary with every hope I keep;
heart strings become out of tune to the beat of yours.

I can feel myself sinking in the quicksand that is your words;
sometimes I let myself drown in them.
I think that this time will be different that you have changed;
no one changes unless they see what needs to be.

Catching myself lying to you that I am fine;
secretly I am not.
I’ll just keep drowning in the sorrow;
your empty words can weigh me down to the bottom of the sea.

Scarlet M Jan 13

aren't made
be kept,
to be

Nayana Nair Jan 12

there were others as well
who were standing beside me till now,
who loved me, at least liked me.
Surely I am mistaken
that I am abandoned.
There were several houses that fell silent
as my legs lingered on their doorsteps.
There was a sigh of relief as I left.
A sigh
muffled by my own will to ‘not hear’.
As I went far from them,
their memories and promises
became louder in my head.

Surely I was mistaken.

Devin Ortiz Jan 3

A year ago, I resolved to write,
Everyday, no matter what.
Noble in my intention, to let
These words Blossom
But impractical in my imprisonment

Papers and parchment became walls
Which grew hungry and full off anxiety
True to the nature of my failure
I felt every bit of imagination die
The magic engine chocked out, rusted
With failed expectations.

However, this creative vigor, this
Impossibly strong passion, sparked
Life once again, as it tends to do.

So I resolve once again, to write
But only as the wind blows

As the extraordinary rushes,
So will I, to the pages.


You promised
To hurt me
I knew
You would
Grind me up
Take me—
A chewable
There for
Your joy
(God willing).

You said you
To love me
It was just
A Thing
That happened—
I was just
A Thing
That happened
(To you).

To love you
I worked
I cried
I made waves
I thought
It would be
If they didn’t
(Work now).

Loved you
But couldn’t
Let you
You didn’t
The pain
(You caused).

You were
The one
In love
But still
The one
Who threw me
The most
(In the Recycling bin).

My boyfriend of a year in a half broke up with me over Facebook and I have a lot of feelings and bad poems to share
Blois Dec 2017

It's Sunday, that I know. Also that
the new year will start on the same day
as the new week will, it seems appropriate.
Not that that would make any difference,
we will get confused anyway.
With all the promises in the air,
like the tiny ghosts of unborn
children that will bring laughter
into our lives, supposedly.
That is, unless you are old enough
as to not to promise anything anymore,
we are very much aware that the first person
that will get disappointed will be ourselves.

All of those who will be coming back home
tomorrow, to fight for what we think
is best for us, all of us who will be starting
the year with ash running out from our hands,
still sentimentally moved by the same songs,
old dogs trying to learn new tricks
but failing miserably, as we let time
run out. We all will be there.

Maybe the me from five years ago will no longer
recognize himself. He will be here to,
confused, afraid, and looking into the future.

Arcassin B Dec 2017

By Arcassin Burnham

Heart and pride that remains strong in a human while
facing other matters knowing you could get between,
The legs of female that creates life, your faith in
women are isolated , you cant do right,
Don't let enemies avoid your pride , cause you to do suicide,
blame all your family members that didn't reside,
Mad at the world cause you simply can't provide,
keep fighting,
everybody knows the government will keep trolling,
they tell us keep looking for a light but nothings brightening,
especially for a black man ,
a good man,
that let the system and the drugs take hand,
forgiveness is something the law enforcers don't understand,
We came up off of poverty, don't tell a man that he can't,
its a sticky situation that'll never end.

Britney Lyn Dec 2017

My heart dissolves with the impact of your words
Like cotton candy to the saliva that drips from your mouth,
With the formless promises that crash against my ribcage barrier.
I, made from sugar, forever meant to be your sweetness,
Clinging to you with a candy coated grip,
I melt against the warmth burning from within you.
Your heat has shaped me into another, your lies not meant for mine.
I wish to make you sick with wonder, sick with love.
But my sweetness was made for so much, and you my dear were never enough.

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