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Smile, guarantee
No problem with serendipity...
A local house of music and dance, a sharing means
That has the time, to look and see you will be

A promise on top of a hill
Waiting on the first, to live better
Than causes question, the anger of misery still
But to know a faring friend, in scope and letter...

Sweet, goodness
The favors of proper sunshine
To tell a different story than mercy in legend, do attest
The coming hope we due, to liberty, has the voice of time

Picking the best, the wages of a windy day
To these, there is a lived few, fury in the known
Has begun here, to truthful many and their save
We are cares in the needs of more, than a virtue to lonely, come

Sameness, guidance
Welcome to the home of sense, a heed to collect ours
That has the silence for a moment's reward, to advance
We know you, the measure of simplicity to fend for ideal powers

So tender, so without pain
Of remembered gestures and vexes, that seem to be
The fate of anarchy said, the wishes we tell were all of same
All of shared names and the told season of fame, that is our such's lead
Benevolence, Ambivalence, Deliverance, and shadows of home with a unity of more than strangers to worry
Do you think of me when you look at the moon
When you marvel at it's fullness and beauty,
Do you feel my absence?
Is my memory etched into your soul like you promised it would be?
For eternity?
Poetic Eagle Dec 2023
Once upon a time your words meant everything that held on to them,
Until l saw every promise pass by.
Now, l yearn to believe each word you speak.....
But it all sounds like a poem that caught the right muse.
In the hit of the moment we say so much but with no actions,words slowly lose their meaning
Zack Ripley Oct 2023
I won't pretend I can keep every promise I make. And I know good intentions can only take you so far. But I's OK if you need to let go
xavier thomas Sep 2023
when I first met you,
I thought life.
when your smile came,
quantity and quality balance
when we proceeded that kiss,
there was belief.
when intimacy came & finished,
it was partner & commitment.
when that ring was given,
intentions form a priority bond.

Just mine.

So now that you know how I feel.
When do you want me to come home?
Dear Love,
my sunshine that wakes me up early every morning
to let me know
a new day has come.
my hope,
in one day,
a graceful opportunity comes for us
to move towards
blessings upon blessings
from the most high
that protects us.  
my treasure
I found
one man once lost
with low morals
blinded in the naked eyes through sorrow values.
she may have claimed
that she could always
find one of those rare
desperately sought
four-leaf clovers
amongst any cluster
that had sprouted
amidst the grass
and **** growth
of park or pasture
but never once did she
try to find one
for me
xjf Sep 2023
Promise kept, for the sake of promise kept.
Robes worn, for the sake of robes worn.
Wedding bands, and oming hands.
The value in virtue, I will willfully adorn.
Its tightening locks of golden strands
the lightning rocks me, but it understands.
I must work through what I've made,
I trust the solace in this, a stoic slave.
I picked my lot and hold it fast,
I'll stick my spot, this mold is cast

Doubt will cause a shadow
and I've drunken all I had, so
a deep drink in divine, then have your spew.

Trust in the voice
that made this choice,
and for this lifetime, actually see it through.
tumbledry Jul 2023
Every time I close my eyes
broken promises demand to be soothed
I wonder if all your lies ever even haunt you.
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