I kissed you goodbye that rainy night
Under the Tree in the Sacred Garden
Not realizing as I left for my flight
I would never see my lover again
The man who swore undying love
Would soon be gone and in his place
A cruel cold cad I never dreamed of
To cancel promises and love erase
Was Iceman inside you ready to strike
If ever anyone got too close?
Tearing down trust and faith alike
Pushing me away for loving you most

Still awaken to the reality of my shattered dreams.....but the Sacred Tree still stands witness

When something bad happens in my life, I start spending most of my time sleeping,
And all of my time distracting.

When you came, I was already on my early-to-bed formula-for-peace,
And when I realized you wouldn't stay, I once again became a princess locked in a castle covered in soot-black night.
The only windows were too high, the only light was flickering hope.

When something bad happens in my life, and if it's great, I wait for time to settle the whirling balls and rack them in a frame
Because I saw most of my pool balls fall in place but you hit the final score and now I cannot trust an effort's worth anymore.
I thought I would part with grace this time. I didn't know you could hurt me on my way.

When you left, you forgot to fasten the doors as politely as you had tried to open them
Behind you, they were left at the mercy of the storm that started soon after.
Rattled until shut, of course. But the noise was so loud it still rings in my ears
Like your promises echo against the walls from dawn to dusk, your poems perch on my eyelids when I lay on bed
To sleep, too weak.

I only hope I didn't come across very vulnerable, that you didn't linger a little longer to see my shadow on the same window,
That my metaphors didn't tell my tale,
That I didn't lose myself if I couldn't win you.

After a while, you forget the kisses shared.
It is as if they were barely even there.
And after some time, you forget the lips
and all the promises that from them slipped.

It's like forgetting your first taste of liquor
or forgetting the burning sensation.
It's like forgetting her perfect figure
or forgetting his sweet vocal modulation.

And in the blink of an eye
all the memories go down the drain
with sad sorrows and goodbyes
being the only things to remain.

originally written 2/8/17

Silly words
Until you give them meaning
But only you know how hard you try
Others see a lie

Rutendo Apr 19

Some promise are better unspoken than unkept

Don't say it if you don't mean it
Shane Leigh Apr 17

A sharp prick from my needle’s point.
Mother strides into the room
Licking the dark dye from freshly picked blackberries –
Her voice muffled from the fullness of her fingers.
Then, a sudden whir – of bees? –  resonating,
No doubt drawn from the sweet promises of berries.
We start, in a panic, towards the open window.
Moments after our plummet to the ground,
We look upon the back door, agape,
And awaiting our impromptu exit.
Sigh! Oh, how I hate the promises of berries.

Wordsinalign Apr 13

Standing alone in the courtyard, there she stands swaying in the humid breeze, a yard in the open she is a humble to fragrant Plumeria trees. Oh how I loved the wind before he took you from me, tell me it was all false and stay awhile is my only plea.
You did a swirl and you twirled in white and yellow, only to turn me into a sad old fellow!

Well I’ve waited for twenty years my love, clinging to your hopeless memory, of how there was a day that came where you couldn’t remember me.

Kiss me
Even when we're struggling
I promise I taste like you're favorite tea
My every dream
Our lips so close
I can feel it
So close but we never touch
You are a must
Through all our pain
When I look in your eyes
I see our future  
I don't wanna hurt anymore
Only want to dream of you next to me
A dream I know will come true
We are inseparable
No matter how many times
We break each other's hearts

They said they could tell
From the space in our bones
How very tall we would be
And they promised us
the Moon and the Sky

But we stopped growing
too short to reach,
And gained too much
to carry from our houses
built in matching rows

We just hem our clothes
And hide our dreams
in disappointed hearts
Behind brittle rib bones

Still hoping one day
the spaces we still hope
will fill and lift us to riches
though our weary legs
and empty wishes
barely hold us up

©LadyofRavenhill 3/28/17
Please feel free to critique my work. I am always looking for ways to improve my art. Thank you for reading.
Ady Apr 5

Death made promises Life could never hope to keep, forever.

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