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I have used my life to stay alive
Nurturing death into its prime
Only to be saddened by facts
For my eternity resides
Within lines of defeat
So unique and rare
Even I,
Have questioned happiness

But I’m here
Making silver into gold
Bronze into the richness of life
For an unknown to profit sincerely  
That I am still here
I went out for a ride trying to find something interesting,
trying to clear my mind off things,
yet all I keep thinking is about you and me;
the way I want it to be and the way it really is.

I don’t know why everything we do feels so wrong.
We’re like a broken record that repeats the same irritating song.
Trapped in a car that seems to get tinier and uncomfortable
and each promise we make floats away in a bubble.  

Apparently, our promises are made to fill our empty spaces, the void we feel about each other;
they’re pretentious and boring, heavy with the unwavering longing we have for each other.

I don’t hate “us”,
but right now, I can’t stand us.
Written on February 22, 2003
Composition number 150
A 4d
Sometimes it hard to see
Though the foggy land we walk
Sometimes its hard to know
There's support among the talk
Chatter blurs my head with things unsaid
Should I have even tried at all?
There's only one way to know
I guess I need to fall

When it gets dark, it gets easier
Not knowing who's around
Their candle light burns in my eyes
No peace of mind as I hit the ground
I know they've tried
And opened up their eyes
But mine don't seem to work
I just want to try to get there
Without getting hurt.

Todays the day, is always the day
But somehow it's still tomorrow
"One foot in front of the other"
Is just talk among my sorrow
No one can do it for me
I'm lost and scared and cold and lonely
But the worst sound of all is my own voice
Making promises continuously
Latifah 7d
I saw you smiling
Correction; laughing
I just hope she knows you’re lying
And your words mean nothing
But bottles filled with empty promises
I hope she finds out the truth
Before it’s too late
I hope she saves herself from you.
Pallavi Feb 6
To whom should I tell........
My heart is bleeding like ****.
Shattered ray of hopes,
Dark well & deep slopes.
Deserted island & empty shell,
Broken promises would never sell.
Anger, pain harder to dwell.
To whom should I tell.......
To whom should I tell.......
You’d never leave : you’re no where to be found.
You’d never hurt me : You put my heart in the ground.
You’d always keep me up : You shot me down.
You’d never lie to me : You made a fib everytime you made a sound.
You’d stay loyal : You made me look like a clown.
You’d always love me : I never feel it when you’re around ..
Outsider Feb 5
The force of his look, swept my mind for consciousness.
His sweet touch made my soul tremble.
Caressing my skin with his poisonous tongue
that drove me to madness.
The whisperers of empty promises, that I believed.
Lingering in the air, even after he´s gone.

I´d die for many loved ones.
But for you, I´d live.
You captivated my soul, then ran away with it.
Could I please have it back?
Since I no longer can have
Bansi Adroja Feb 3
Wanting is a strange feeling
an abstract emotion
that can tie you up
in all sorts of ways
days undercover hiding
or running away
from a ghost
a promise
something tangible
A Poem a Day: What do you want from life?
Eloisa Feb 3
Your lack of love does not diminish hers
Hers is a love that never ceases
Hers is a love that always forgives
Even with your promises that you can never keep
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