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Sean Achilleos Jan 2019
Like flowers of different colours decorate a garden
So we through our differences adorn the earth
For there is beauty in difference
Written by Sean Achilleos 13 January 2019©
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Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
She’s so cute I wanna eat her face,
like I’m high on bath salts,
she’s vegan,
but takes my tongue like a cannibal,

eat your hearts out Haters,
cut my ear off and send it to her like Van Gogh,
ear off a part of the big picture,
or rather painting we’re painting she gets the first stroke,
we’re wild like animals untamable all in all the time,
into the deep end head first Geronimo cannonball,
Black Swan dive she’s gone alive,
the Pied Piper the Eyed Viper the venom & the antidote,

and I quote a quote I wrote myself,
“She’s the answer to my prayers”, the reason and the hope,

she’s the answer to my prayers,
and I don’t even pray,
okay actually on the low I do pray,
and I’ve seen a lot of amazing things but I’m still amazed,

I’m amazed,
and tomorrow isn’t promised today,
and tomorrow never comes,
but she comes and when she does she comes in waves,

I’m in a daze,
honey glazed and lovely crazed,
my bed’s a mess haven’t made it in days,
bed’s a mess but when we’re together we’ve got it made,

so perfectly misbehaved it’s insane,

lost myself then found my self all up in her maze,
and usually I’m not religious,
but she’s so delicious I must say,
thank you Lord or God Amen to her I give all thanks & praise,

and she’s so cute I wanna eat her face,
like I’m high on bath salts,
she’s vegan,
but takes my tongue like a cannibal…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

Venice, California; 2018
Fugitive, fugitive, fugitive
You must not be fugitive
You must be active
Love your home
Make it as a groom
Adorn with every pomp on
To show himself handsome
Wear and pretty trim
And be always in the place
To lead all nations
Imitate its way, obey its say
Fear to be face
With yours at face
Fugitive, fugitive, fugitive
You must be passive
Do your work in active
Even others see you negative
Don't look at them
Don't hear their says
As they may be lies
Consider them as absent
They will destroy your active
, make you away of sight
And confuse your mind
To loose your mother
The home you belong
They dream to see you
As a remind of last
They thought that you
Is one of the past
If you obey them
You will be lost
Shake your head
To clean it from dust
That it is covered your head
That makes you the last
That makes you the worst
That appears your laziness
Wash it by water waves
Those are new sciences
Support your legs
Make you in advance
And high your home over heads
They will lead you downward
They learn you bad habit
As alcohol drinker
Or use drugs as converter
From good to be danger
Or women lover
Take you to the lowest
And make you forget
Your duty about your land
And you will be fugitive
Who will defeat the worst?
Who will face the devils?
That your prince
That is your God
You must be proud
That you obey your God
do not stop in hope. the sun rises surely
Isaac Aug 2018
Poetry does not
toot her own horn.

She knows that's what
invites scorn.

It was for honour that
she was born.

Those who have it
she will adorn.
Written 7 August 2018
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
Adorn your essence and legacy
with good deeds. Not your
outer shell.
It's the soul that counts, never vanity.

Be back soon!
Lyn x
Look up sugar
Let your walls down.
Let my passion caress
your mind,
as you wear my poetry
out on your skin.
Let these words induce
salacious thoughts;
with each adjective &
every verb intensifying
your desires.
Just lay down,
as my love lifts you higher,
and higher,
until we reach the sun.
Love aint' never looked so good on ya'
Alexa Sinclair Nov 2015
Twirling, leaping

Frosty flakes drifting
No frown.

Grin spreads wide
Across the sky.

Crystals fall into my hair
Adorn it with the greatest care.

Myriah May 2015
Theses lips can't wait
To taste your skin,
Baby these fists will always protect ya
lady and  this mind,
will never neglect you,
Just let my love
Just let my love
Adorn you

— The End —