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I’ve always wanted happiness, to keep it
Not just feel it.
To never feel the pressure to have an umbrella, allowing the rain to soak my skin and leave the sun to dry my soul.
I’ve always wanted it all.
Nagging at the television, of what’s real and what could be.
A good home was always better than a perfect home.
Oh how I wanted it all!
And to know, it was of existence, while I denied myself the moments.

I wanted it all, but it would seem I needed not it at all.
Anais Vionet Jan 2
I tried to draw the attention
of the disinterested God
who builds the weather.

“Send us snow - just a few feet -
make our Christmas fantasy complete”
I pleaded, but she never interceded.

Angels, that will-less posse of hers
only seem to watch earth’s slaughter
as the wind carries a warm disregard.
Peter (my BF) flew out last night. #harshrealm

(*BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: posse = a friend or working group*)
Savio Fonseca Aug 2023
At Night, I often lock My Eyes,
as I stare up at the Sky.
I hope to Romance the Moon,
That's perched there up so High.
I stretch out both My Hands,
Hoping She falls into My Arms.
I wish My Prayers were heard
and they bring Me all Her Charms.
Through the looking glass of Mine,
I see the Universe that's out There.
There's Darkness all around
and Romance is Everywhere.
What good is this World to Me,
if it cannot offer Me it's Love?
This broken Heart of Mine,
found solace from Above.
David Hilburn Aug 2023
Just the peace, the least
Of a lesson in gray seem...
Care for any of a mere in is...?
The pasts day come by a heart to win...

Places we played, we fated with a new passion
To call upon what we knew, for a deeds many
In held today, the common with the lasting
Of a smiling friend, that has the voice to lend any...

Heard in a clash with silence's blessing
Today is a merit in keeping style
Through a moment alone, we saw the hour we are giving
Have the affect of heeding the same, still powers, all the while...

Mercy in a roll of thunder...
Time with a being sit of earn, to know a charity to burn...
Sacrifice and learning, dealt the blow of wonder...
Sameness of a presence of mind, with shyness to churn...

Final guarantee of a simple care, in the hands of life's appetite?
Here to say, and know a seldom in the name of comparison
A snapped finger has its way of settling an argument, a fight
With itself, and the world of other's, without mercy on the run...

Cares of vice, within the range of your ears...
Patience in kind, if strength has a say...
Lucid forces to intone, a way amid pain and fears...
And wholly fated shame, we almost missed for nix, that just learned how to pray...
Where angels fear to treatise, the miracle is on the now, with vows to count...
Savio Fonseca Aug 2023
Each Day is a Treasure, O Lord.
As you keep walking, by My Side.
Your Love, is beyond all Measures
and there's nothing, that I have to Hide.
You have never failed Me O Lord
and Today you answered My Prayers.
You reached out to me, O Lord
and your Miracle, was standing There.
When the Shadows begin to fade,
Your Light light's up My Road.
In this World full of Sin.
Your Commandments are on the Board.
You are Our guiding Star, O Lord
and your Name, is above all Names.
Thank you, for this wonderful Day.
A Day, Which I shall Frame.
David Hilburn Jun 2023
Powers of side-ways laughs...
Kick of light into a searched for kiss
Make and meant, are we a hopeful hath?
Sure, the toil of adding ourselves, to a heart to miss?

And the game of can't and won't
Wished for a friend in hollow limelight, a ridiculing guest?
The taken hiss, for a wishful smile; arduous but don't...

How, or wisdom?
Or, the tale of significance
With a moment to share even kind, to these we dumb?
But a shadow of history is a muse to the light, we sense...

Any and all, to a thing of since, we are to be...
In the hands of deference, where one more step is a being
Hour, to which selfish is a range of voice, in all anarchy
We save a friends time with sour regrets, in the name of simply seeing

Martyrs of deliberate quote and silence from a boat...
Together they make a notion, to tell the truth...
West with a capable soul, the tale has become a superior love...
Argued by you and me, see the head for simplicity, that is youth...
When sight is a raging storm with nowhere to go, its up to yet and its bother, together to know what to do next...
THEY claim that their laws
protect the rights and lives
of women and children

that’s why they criminalize
women's rights over their bodies
children's rights for knowledge
     of their history, basic sexuality, etc.
     and a safe school environment
banning books on global warming
     and *** education from libraries

over 200 mass shootings with 264 deaths
in the first five months of this year
strongly suggest that information and
the right over your body
are not what’s killing people

yet THEY are unable to react
with tighter gun laws

     praying for the victims and their families
     does not prevent the next shooting

dangerous signs
of political and ethical impotence
gun violence is  rampant in the USA
Nat Lipstadt Jan 2023
my hidden shames

are an excellent source of moral fibre,
nurturing, but not nutritious.
we coexist in a quiet
 mutual acknowledgment,
coexisting but un-categorizable,
among my oldest cohorts,
their singular coordinated characteristic,
they are mine alone,
not meant to be shared.

But they will someday
make an excellent poem.

Mon jan 2 2023


the askew

are  my oldest companion,
dating back to my naissance,
faithful, eternal, but single-minded,
with a rueful sense of humor,
of course,
refer to my relatively plentiful hairs
inherited from my mother’ genetics.

a morning chore,
to return their antics
to an adult,
dignified pose,
plenty sufficient to be be brushed,
straight back,
the preferred orderly compose,
of older men
who cannot waste time
with foolishness,
the excessive vanities of
curls, parts and pompadours,

and yet,
every day they wake me with
ridicule, mockery,  by presenting me,
as if electrocuted,
hair raising itself
pointing to the heaven,
their true Creator resides.

no amount of product
they do what they must do,
akimbo, askew,
with inordinate amount of
malice aforethought and
a venomous sense of
hairy (and now hoary)
absurdity .

a splash of water,
a handful of rigorous brush strokes,
returns order
and the pretense of a serious mien,
an adult demeanor.

But their purpose accomplished,
they have reminded me of the
absurdity of human vanity,
to humble myself
before forces
more powerful
than human self-aggrandizement
by accentuating
our human foibles.

same time & place

morning prayers are
a trilogy

the rounded evenness of three,
provides the necessary gravitas
of sufficiency,
three being
not too short,
not too long,
not too quick,
just three right,
to impart
the seriousness
of gratitude
for having gained
another day upon earth,
with it,
many multitudes of
chances to share
& love too,
and to write,
one more poem
all of the above.

same day
same place,
same cup of coffee
I S A A C Feb 2022
I reignited the spark, reconnected to the hearth
reconnected to the heart in me
it was dark, cold, and scary
I was mocked, bold, and contrary
to my own beliefs, seeds I could never reap
due to the fact I was running miles
in an attempt to protect my inner child
from the incoming tsunami, the bottled up tears
the resurfacing adolescent fears brought me to prayers
but I reignited my spark, I embarked on a new start
where my path is filled with purple roses
a new beginning as the circle closes
its the circle of life, its the purpose of life
I reignited my spark, extinguished my strife
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