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cait-cait 23h
i don’t trust you with myself ..
anymore ,

unfurled -
the ocean laps at my feet
as you wish to
gaze upon girls ...

perfect flowers .

you say that you understand , and
that you hate it when i do that.
but i think you’re drowning ,
and i guess ,
this means you don’t want saving ...

do you think —
you’ll still love me ,
even if i make
your face bleed all blue?

you tell me that i’m wrong,
in a way that should make me feel

i feel angry instead.
don’t try that bullshit with me / truck hitter
Mya 2d
I need someone to catch me
Because I have a problem
That you might understand
I need a friend
I hope
It doesn't take to long
because I am falling
at a fast rate
and soon I might hit
solid ground
and bleed out
to never wake up
until the right person
comes to wake me up from this
Deep sleep
understand me.

coz u don't know
what it feels like,

to breath, just only

to survive.

where is hapiness?
where is hope?
what is the meaning of life?
Jade Bartlett Sep 13
IV. Crimson

It's not about the way it hurts--
it's about the way I bleed,
the way my skin
splits and geysers.

A deluge of red
leaches from pale, marred arms,
adheres to cotton sleeves
like a seething tentacle
affixed to the stern of a ship
(when I get home from school and undress,
my skin will peel away
with the rest of my clothes.)

But at the first sign of healing,
I will take my razor blade from
wherever I've hidden it
(Under my bra strap,
pressed between the
mattress and the box spring,
tucked inside the alcove
of a hollowed-out book)
and tear myself anew,
watch with morbid tranquillity
as tidal waves of crimson
surge from my veins
as they threaten to destroy
the very body from
which they were birthed.

(And this is how the drowning begins.)
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There is a thing that makes someone that we love and rose become our favorite things.
They both,
Beautiful yet lovely
Fragrant yet addicting

They are also painful

Like Rose which has torn and bleed our arm when we touch it


Like someone that we love who promise us something, but only words which gone hopeless until we upset with tears.

It always ended up to loving and wanting them back, over and over. Even though we knew how it felt being hurt.
Never felt warm
Never felt anything
So I self harm
Just to feel something

You made me numb
Fooled me incredibly
How could I be so dumb
Now I'm bleeding badly
Gale L Mccoy Sep 4
the shattering of a lamp
spun in words not mine
mosaic of shards
embedded in a hand
that is, unfortunately, mine
didn't start bleeding till
the 3rd one in
each sliver counts up to 10
I tried to pull out the pieces
and walk away but
I have to rebuild the lamp

I'll rebuild it into a lantern
keep it on my hip
so soft light shows
me down any path
next time it falls
there will be less
shards to clean
My anguish, my agony I writhe in pain
oh the agony of my heart!
You left me in a bitter place
For a better place
this sore truth I shall carry to my grave

Oh My heart sinks
You taught me how to love
Your presence an experience I totally miss
Your voice and laughter my ears long to hear
Left Surrounded by melancholic vibes I shed a tear

Please tell me there is no truth to their utter
There is no comfort, they all look at me in tears
Everything is a lie
there is no truth to it all
Your yesterday smile I still see clear
Not this heap of sand in which I stand

This promise I make
and this very one I shall keep
I will search for you through a thousand worlds
Ten thousand life times until I find you
My dear
My beloved
My heart
Nomkhumbulwa Aug 30
How could you be so evil?
For there is no other way to describe
Your whole sense of being,
You are rotten inside.

Disgusting and disgraceful,
How can you be so cruel?
I hate you, everything about you,
Just like when you were at school.

There are no words to express
The evil you have inside,
The pain you are inflicting,
You’ve even caused suicide.

How can you do this?
To a society stretched at the seams?
You are a waste of time and money
And your dreams – are they really dreams?

How can you be trusted?
For you are diagnosed a liar;
You are not welcome in society
Nobody welcomes a liar.

What if none of it happened?
What if it wasn't true?
What if you made up the rape?
The only criminal here is you.

You have hurt so many people,
Your family and so many more,
You deserve all the punishment given
For your actions they simply deplore

What if the nightmares aren't real?
The fear and panic all fake?
What if none of it happened?
How much of a mess could you make?

You are a disgusting creature,
I hate, I despise, I deplore;
It is categorically impossible
To forget or try to ignore.

You are a black mark on society,
You do not belong in this world,
You don't deserve any friends,
You deserve no place in this world.

Where do your memories come from?
Why do you invent ones not real?
Do you not have any empathy
For how people really feel?

You are hated by all and everyone,
Yourself included if not more;
Nobody wants to know you,
You stay right behind that door.

Don't you dare show your face,
For you are not welcome;
Stay away from everyone,
You will only do them more harm.

You have a sick mind, how could you?
How could you cause so much distress?
Your spitefulness has shown no limits,
And you couldn't care any less.

You are a diagnosed a liar,
A deceitful, sadistic disgrace,
Nobody is ever going to believe you,
Such liars should not show their face.

There is no help for evil like you,
Services are there to help others;
Not to be wasted and drained and abused,
And how can you keep blaming your mother?

They do not have time for your fake memories,
Your fake life events and horrors;
There are people dying every single day
Nobody cares of your night terrors.

You need to sit in a hole and stay there,
For the safety of everyone else,
Just stay there, do not come out,
For we must protect everyone else.

Nobody is here to beat you,
So you must do it yourself,
Keep cutting and bleeding and bleeding,
Cut deeper to forget yourself.

Watch the blood as it runs
Keep cutting, don't let it stop,
This blade will pierce your evil soul,
Its painful, don't let it stop.

I am going to keep punishing you,
More and more and more...
This blade will pierce your body,
As you lie in a heap on the floor.

For there is no other way out,
You MUST feel this pain,
For this is for what you have done to others,
Over and over again.  

This is all you deserve,
Feel the blade pierce your skin and then bleed;
For your blood is the source of your evil,
The evil on which you make others feed.

This pain will last forever,
I will never be done with you,
I just want to keep making you hurt –
Until you know what is true.

Now cut.....
All I can say is I am so sorry for the graphic nature...
Bleed out the pale blue you left in me -
Just a quick haunt back to your place
And we were at the beginning
To those secrets I laid into you where
The heart sang (withdrew).
Your words like dirty clothes
Scattered across the floor of my mind (rewind) –
White noise fingertips traced a frame
Where something used to be
Carrying swollen memories
Like bullets in my body.
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