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light heals the places
beneath my skin
where shadows have cut me
so deep that I bleed
ghosts from my ancient past
the face of a girl
looks out from within the mirror
of my soul, lost and found
caught between selflessness and sin
wishing she could fall in love
with some fallen angel,
nurse his broken wings
back to life with kisses
and melodies that haunt them both
desire sits on her shoulder
like a whisper or a dream
waiting for a chance
to quietly enter her heart
and build its home in her hands
Estelle Jan 11
There is this boy who sits near me

And everyday he calls my body hot

But every.  Day.  Right after that he tells me my teeth are not.

He compliments my **** and all the unwanted attention comes my way

I know I have my flaw I tried just to pull it out

And now I'm crying drowning in tears because I know its my smile that isn't beautiful
True story... Every.  Day.  And they aren't even that bad... I thought
muna Jun 2018
I can never cut.
But sometimes I swear,
It feels like wounds are being carved into my heart,
And I wonder if carving these wounds unto my skin
Can relieve it.
This kind of pain you can’t reach;
No matter how far into yourself you stretch,
If I could grab my heart and squeeze it till it is numb;
Like I would if the knife slips;
Till all the red in my finger fades away;
Till all the pain in my heart fades away.

I can never cut.
Except with the words I stick myself with everyday.
You taught me how to self-harm, I took the blade from you,
And convinced myself that it hurts less if I’m the first one to say it;
That if I kept cutting at my heart,
If I kept giving myself scars,
Then the ones you gave me didn’t matter.
And I never let them heal;
The wounds,
They never heal.

I can never cut.
Because for the life of me I cannot get accustomed to pain.
I cannot get accustomed to you hurting me over and over again.
I cannot get accustomed to bleeding inside.
My wounds are too afraid to be seen.
My wounds refuse to etch themselves unto my skin;
To be so bold.
I cannot wear myself inside out;
My pain inside out.
But I swear,
When these wounds are being carved into my heart,
I consider if carving them unto my skin,
Will ever relieve the pain.
please don't cut.
muna Jan 10
i'll cut my hair
and mark my lips with blood
am I beautiful yet?

i'll grow my hair
i'll bleed I swear
am I beautiful yet?

my nails are long
enough to cut
scars deep enough
for these diamonds

and I don't get diamonds
i'm not beautiful
and god I hate my hair..

can't i just have nice hair....

to hide behind
And that's the time
I've realized
that you are not
as good as poetry
that you are not
the one for me.
You're not
the one I need.
Because every time
I write
about you,
I bleed.
Left alone
Catherine McCabe Dec 2018
The simple truth in a slit
is if you cut up,
not across,
you want to die,
not bleed.
Calliope Dec 2018
Do the lillies bleed down there?
Do the butterflies drink their nectar?
Or do they save their sweetness for themselves,
The glucose glowing in their veins.
I’m becoming obsessed with lilies
Mister J Dec 2018
We're stuck in a fragile state
Hanging by a thinning thread
Standing on a melting winter lake
Struggling on a sinking ship

I'm pulling and you're pushing
In a discreetly vicious tug-of-war
We bare our emotions for each other
Yet we both end up getting hurt being together

Every night you're in my thoughts
Every day I'm on your mind
Insomniacs in an endless cycle
Worrying and doubting over their budding love

Is this the end?
Dancing slowly and cautiously as the music fades away
Do we let it end?
Even if the feelings pull us closer by the minute?

Why are we still at it?
Even if we're both bleeding
Injuries caused by each other
Yet I still choose to love you?

We're drifting in an uncertain stage
Taking a shot at love against odds
Even if the odds are us ourselves
I choose to be with you still

How about you?
Will you stay here?
And bleed together with me?
Or leave me bleed by myself?
Rushed.. Emotions overflowing.. Needed an outlet.

Hey guys! Happy reading!

Mackenzie Dec 2018
Today my heart shattered again
A million pieces and one...two..
I am losing count
I'm losing you
Please crave me the way
I crave you
Your heart beat was mine and
You took that too
See my heart only beats for you but
You have a different view
Look on my arm
I bleed for you
Please love me
As much as you want her to love you

Sins of the flesh


Are the ones I like best
Written: November 16, 2018

All rights reserved.
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