The silence of her
words play a heavenly song
like stars in the sky

Today I saw the sun glisten upon a river it was truly amazily beautiful even my son was hugely impressed :)

“Oh, cry me a river.”
Were the last words
You spoke to me

So I did.

I cried a river of tears for you
Tears you used to kiss from my cheeks
And wipe with your thumbs
With a smile
Holding my glass eyes
In the palm of your hands

I did.

I cried a river of blood for you
Blood that spilled from my cracked heart
That you stepped on
When you walked out the door
Leaving a trail of crimson footsteps
Where you walked

I did.

I cried a river of acid for you
Acid that left burn marks over our love
And tore it's way through my brain
Disintegrating every ounce of affection
To leave behind
A blazing inferno

I did.

I cried a river of poison for you
Poison that shredded though my heartache
And left me cold and motionless
Dead inside and out
A shred of hope
That I'd cry enough poison for you too

So I cried you a river

Maybe before
I'd try and use my river to swim back to you
But now
I'd rather jump in and drown
That you'll fall in and drown with me.

Oh, sailor
    Your ship is gonna sink now
      Don't you know that
        No one would be your savior
          Better embrace it
            It could be for the last time
              With all the warms you had left
               Pour your untold stories
                into the Ocean's hearts
                Oh, my sailor...
               How was the journey
             No one ever asked you
           When you will be a wreckage
         They would write it wrong
       But you know that
     Down by the river
   You were more than
  The unrequited sands
Oh, my Sailor

The birds twitter to me
Lullabies abounding with history’s words
Of what had been passed on
From the ancestors to modern birds,

Their miniature minds
Carry great knowledge full of wisdom,
These flapping creatures
Import instructions, morals, and lessons,

Their amiable advice
Hangs on angelic feathers
Waiting to be touched by compassionate hearts
And intermingle their blessed spirits with ours,

They were created given the powers
To see through the soul’s leaks
Allowing their whispers full of emotions
To tumble off their bitsy beaks,

Their tiny eyes
Delivered a welcoming reaction
Yet they teared of dew drops
Weeping over its habitat’s destruction,

They wistfully watched from above
Looking at the restricting skyscrapers,
Oh! What have become
Of its ethereal home’s flavors?!

It’s evergreen forests and long rivers
Stolen by slabs of concrete and machines,
Human’s army of axes hunt nature
And even though nature is worthy of living
Humans choose to slaughter its features,

Nature sheltered humans
And was there for them in their time of need
Yet as a thank you
They abandoned its pleads,

It is tortured for the mistakes it never committed,
And humans, should learn to accept nature
As it had accepted them and adapted,
And even though nature is perpetually dying
It smiles to them whenever they’re near or baited.

Hold onto the little one.
Don’t spill the raindrop
Let it run, let it run!

The sun in a dew
dancing on the rose
let it roll out
a drop of the deep
on the ground.

Let it roll, let it dance.
Take your plunge
swim down the sea
only to sing high
fly out with the cloud!

Like in the sea
the spin is in a
drop of water.
Makes the heart sway.
Follow the river
to the west, the east
the north and the south.
It goes every way.

Yes, it's true
ever her river runs

She pierces with her eyes
and flashes, with her tongue

Passions and lusts, I envy
she never cums up dry

A mind and body full of needs
God knows, I'm going to try

Yes, it's truer than the oceans
ever her river runs

As every move, and motion
leaves her sated, but never yet, undone

I feel like I've been blessed
each and every time

Her touches and caress
not just body, but of mind

Yes, it's so damn true
ever her river runs

The wantings of the few
feeling like, we've only just begun

Passions that just lead into more, that can never go wrong :)
Rohan Nath May 18

There were ripples of the sparkling stream.
The crystalline water was mirroring the blue sky.
That befriended with the sun’s wonderful beam.
Beams of the dazzling looking golden eye.

The background was overflowing with mountains.
Mountains with snowcapped peaks,
Their attainment of such exquisiteness is a real arcane.
What is it above the sky that they seek?

The eagles were gloating about their wings.
O! How marvelous they were to glance upon!
Thrushes flew above the river as they sing.
Grazing on the grassland was a cluster of fawn.

There I saw the elderly yet strong fisherman.
Flinging his lure in an elegant technique.
Attracting catfish and trout as much as he can,
While sitting on the boulder beside the flowing creek.

The loveliness of the lotus was luring me,
Positioned silently on the cerulean water.
The white arrowhead was charming as she could be,
Her petals were diminutive as they always were.

Far away, I saw a grandiose tall tower.
Its peak was reaching for the high heavens.
He stood there taking delight over his power,
Amazed all travelers every now and then.

The heavens above exposed a band of colors.
Little time, after the floating dark skies cried.
I then assumed that our life is filled with squalors.
But don’t worry because later they are all bright.

After the drizzle, dews sat calmly on the grasses.
Scarcely and leisurely moving towards the ground,
The sunlight coalesces with the dew with tender caress.
How luxurious they looked wearing the golden crown!

The children played alongside the river in pleasure.
Girls were collecting flowers to make tiaras and garlands,
While boys were skipping stones on the tranquil water
Their little footprints placed themselves on the loose sands.

And I was assembled comfortably on the greens.
Beside flowed the river without paying any notice.
It cleansed all of my hopelessness and spleen.
Therefore I slept on the nature’s lap with internal peace…

Rivers of birdsong
Are enchanting the forest
Flowing through the leaves

Sun Smriti May 11

She wished to be called a "Home"

She turned out as an enigmatic river
Only the wild dandelions were curious to know
where from she started and where she flows.....

Was she always less than a Home?

~||8 September 2014||

Under the Mirabeau bridge flows the Seine
And our love
Must I remember them
How joy always came after the pain

The night comes, the hours chime
The days pass but I remain through time

Hand in hand, face to face, let us not change
While underneath
The bridge of our arms gives way
The waters’ endless look is grey

The night comes, the hours chime
The days pass but I remain through time

Love slips away like this running water
Love slips away
Just as life is so slow
And as hope is so violent

The night comes, the hours chime
The days pass but I remain through time

The days and the weeks pass by
Neither past time
Nor past loves will return
Under the Mirabeau bridge flows the Seine

The night comes, the hours chime
The days pass but I remain through time

Le Pont Mirabeau was written by Guillaume Apollinaire. It was first published in Paris on Feb. 1912. The original text is in the public domain.
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