"I am freedom itself" hummed aloud,
the wind that passes agitating tree tops,
air am I, the giver of life,pumping energy"
"I am with you" I echoed his song sans words
"Though I won't hazard a guess where do we go"
"Don't you bother, our circumnavigation is yet another
of the stories, in the compendium,universe  does cherish.
We belong to all, as movement that never ceases"

"Get in to my vehicle, the heat'll  look after the rest,
the transporter,that makes everything light,
by burning down, I am the transformer too"
"I am the hunger you possess" I replied
"I eat and digest, create growth, make things move,
in my loins is the hunger to procreate,progress.
Once the hunger is satiated, I get back
slithering in to the burrow, like a serpent
Anger I become when I decide to destruct,
it's from the ashes of the old,the new is constructed!

"From the salt in me,everything living sprout"
earth, the begining and end of everything
in customary silence,implied, I was overwhelmed.
she is the nurturing mother of every seed with the
potential to life, wants to open eyes to the sun
then grow roots deep to entrench, stand erect,
"I am one with you mother earth, from you
sprung my body, that seeks light, rest at night"

Sky was full of birds,regaling in every presence
in it's fold, sky beams"I am a vessel fathomless,
come in to my space open,dance your way to bliss,
and seek wistful dreams written by interstellar light"
"I am filled by you where there is an absence of other
my mind limitless is in you exist, I am you in spirit,
when I withdraw from all,I am all in you, nothing left"

Water did speak both to my silence and eloquence,
water is beyond the markers of darkness and light,
From earth to dust, dissolving to be water and flow
from one kind of existence to other, till the limits of cosmos.

Kaylee H Sep 4

I can feel you
Through the rhythm of your writing

It may be
That you are singing in the rain
Happy and free
Or living in agony of deep pain

The beat,
living through each word
Your diction,
dancing among the syntax
The tone,
amplifying to every phrase

I feel.
Through your writing,
I can feel you.

Your expression,
Deserves more than any appreciation

I love you
Always wishing to be there
For you
Showing you, I care

So please
Keep on writing
Continue moving me with your sound
Allow me to advance along
The flowing of your words
Surfing through your sentences

Keep telling your story
Continue writing with your feelings
Allow your thoughts to develop
Into the beautiful river
Of your writing

I just... want you to keep writing.
Continue allowing your thoughts.. any feelings to inspire you to express it through wording-

(i winged this... woops)
Dave Parker Sep 3

Born in the heart of this land
Raised in the foothills of giants
Ignored at first
I grow
Empowered by a land
Steeped in courage and hope
Workers of steel and rock
I build my strength
I struggle and fight
Push my way through
Slurry and waste drag at my soul
But still I fight
Through lands of history  and myth
I cross borders that I define
Heart of oak
Men of the sea
An island ruling the world
But that is past
I have been there
I exist there
I hold the times the history
But still I grow
I move towards my goal
No anger but remorseless purpose
I move forward
I shape the land
I shape the people
I protect myself
I survive and push on
I widen and slow
I hold fast to my secrets
Youthful arrogance
Now mature solidity
I will have my way
And then
The moon the sun the cosmos
Stand against me
A Thrust of brine
A surge of power
I resist but fail
But I am the Severn
Held in life and faith
I flow
I succeed
But still I fight
The sea may try and claim
That which is mine
But I flow
Powered by workers of rock
Sounds of a nations soul
Belief in a purpose
I flow
So still I fight
Still I am victorious
I will follow my destiny
I will follow my course
I will bring hope
From land to sea
I have been there
I am still here
I carry dreams
I am the Severn.

If you are able. Make the time. See the Severn bore.
Nature can be relentless

my love is like a river where nights are like an owl
that glorify my lore if a riverbed only measure the toll
for our next day never is desire
but is evolving a latter reason
that we fight geese and flew below the weather

where a night ours melted together  
though we'd treasure dawn again
and hither stave hunt here

whether it's a moonlight parade
as darkness edge the water again  
my dire wicked life midst a fog in rain

R M Grahn Sep 3

The river of time
Slowly eases through my mind
Just can’t ease the tide

R M Grahn Sep 1

A river flowing
Through the channels of my mind
Just dreams streaming by

Take me down to the river and wash off my sin.
It's been too long since we've danced skin to skin.
Take me by the hand and lead the way.
Tell me all the things I'm too afraid to say.
The way you smell, the look on your face,
These are the things I could never replace.
Your hand on my chest, laughter in my ear,
My hands around your waist holding you near.
As you put your little hand inside of mine,
And our hearts beat at the exact same time,
The darkness of this world just fades away.
You whisper to me that it's all ok.
Out of all the amazing things that we do,
My favorite, by far, is slow dancing with you.

Sun Aug 28

She turned herself into a wild river
When she couldn't take anymore rain
Any form of pain
A river of wonder
running through her footsteps

She became pale black
Tanned skin
Pristine blue
The wild river flows in her heart

She is wild to erode soft mud
In love with the deluge
Clashing with boulders
Embracing all the seasons
Dares to take away
small stones down by her track
whist craving the tender mountain grass

The earth is patient enough to tolerate her wild flows with endearment. Are you softly wild enough to flow with her to meet in the same ocean?
Crystal Freda Aug 24

Resting on the river
on a blissful, quiet day..
All you can hear is water waves
on the shifting, waking bay.

Paddle, paddle, paddle,
goes your oar on the pond.
Sparkling waters pass along.
You grow quite fond.

jewel Aug 23

Hand in hand
We walked across
A bridge we built
On perfect flaws

Below our feet
Ran a river
Of broken hearts
And dreams that withered

Cringing at
This dreadful sight
I clung to you
And held on tight

I looked into
Once beaming eyes
Then suddenly
I realized

My heart was breaking
I was falling in
You had pushed me
To my end

And as I plunged
Into the blood
Of broken hearts
Tears, and mud

I grabbed your hand
And said not today
I will not be
Swept Away

I searched your eyes
And begged for love
But all I got
Was another shove

Drowning in the pain of others
The blood washed away
The scars I'd covered

Trying to keep
My fears at bay
I refuse to be
Swept Away

Holding onto empty lies
My tears became the rivers pride
It grew in strength and pulled me under
Out of hope, and way out numbered

Opened my eyes
For one last glance
Hoping for
Another chance

Reached one more time
But to my dismay
I'd finally been
Swept Away

I wrote this when I found myself in a toxic relationship that I knew was bad for me, but I loved him and didn't want to let go. But eventually, to my heart's never ceasing pain I found away to let go, and found myself to be swept away in emotions, agony, and a strange sort of relief.
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