Like the water
in a river
are meant to
touch our lives
and flow their way.

But some people
cut through
the rocky obstacles
in your life
and teach you
to flow

That day, I met two kinds of people in the same river.
bret 2d
i helped a lady
take her groceries to her house today.
it was the same lady
i watched cross the street
it was the same lady
i didnt hear walk into the corner store behind me.
it was the same lady
i let the door fall onto.
i couldnt hear her.

she ended up ahead of me on the sidewalk.
grocery bags on the pavement.
phone on her ear.
i walked by her.
she apologized
said she was trying to get help.
we walked together.
she told me 'help' was on the patio
drinking a beer.
she asked where i lived
and i said a street over.
she said she hoped she'd see me around.
and i said maybe not, im going home for the summer.

she asked if i was getting out of the rat race
im too young for the rat race.

she thanked me a lot
and said
'some good karma will come your way
im a firm believer in that'

me too
i said.

i walked home and thought
i should write a poem about
that conversation.
about giving a second chance
about being a kind person.
about karma.

usually when something like this happens
i write the minute i get home

but i didnt.

i realized, i dont think i can write
about happy things
because when they happen
they always ferment until
they're not what they were.

it was a quick high
a genuine moment.
if karma is real
and that woman is right
either im the devil himself
or theres a big check
with my name on it.

before i started writing
i googled seasonal depression symptoms

apparently not talking to anyone between the months of february and may every year is still a horse with no name.

how do you kill a love
you made yourself.

i leave this town in a week
and i feel as broken
and confused
as the shit i tried to leave

all i want to do is jump in the river
to see if i can really swim
and figure it out from there.
this is a little long
and more of a ramble than anything ive written before
its also my 100th poem on this site
so i just want to say thanks
to all that have listened
and to all those that have said kind things
they dont go unnoticed
and i am very appreciative.
this community has done a lot for me
and i have a big project coming soon
that im excited to share
if youre willing to listen.
thank you
i love you
god bless.
flames and ice
the river flows
still picture
highlighted features
all the arrangement
all on its places
but in the end
rich stains
is all that remains
ruining the perfection
The river continues to flow,
it's banks crying even though,
the water isn't in control
and no one can console
tears that fall on deaf ears.

I wish that you could know,
that once I was able to glow,
but you left and now my soul,
feels like a lump of coal.
Oh!, how I wish that you were near.
This was for a class I had and wanted to share it with you.
Aa Harvey Apr 11
The River.

In waves it flows and rages full;
In moonlight it slows and trickles still.
In sunshine it roars a tumultuous call.
The river flows throughout the seasons and throughout the hills.

Down in the valley, the water still runs;
At first just a drip, then a tidal wave.  Its source is unknown.
It echoes throughout the mountains as if fired from a gun;
Its voice tells the same story as it did long ago.

Its people swim freely, never knowing they are entrapped;
Beneath its surface, a civilization is formed.
It gives birth to life and also takes it back;
The river is still flowing…the sunshine is still warm.

The river was eternal, long before the age of man;
Who are we to change nature and build a dam?
Let the beaver’s beaver away and do as they must to be nourished.
Allow nature to do what is necessary and this world will flourish.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Amy Apr 7
i feel the light shining through
me as though water one day decided
to go through a stone
in one magnificent line
as if the stone had become air
and forgotten it was a stone
That girl who was once
Your lover is now flowing
Like distant river
Umi Apr 2
All present in the stream of time,
Connected they build a line, a river which flows uninterruptedly,
The here and now, is the future of a pasts dream, a wonderous reality,
It is the futures past, the memories recorded within the depths of it
Gravity distorts time, causing it to slow down till it's stopping point lensed from a black hole, lurking within shadows of remorse in space,
Fished out from the sea of passing events, it keeps flowing, but now it does so while not including the fallen one who embraced a blackhole,
Time only knows one path, straight ahead with no slips and turns,
The present is the pasts future and what was thought to be possible,
It is the little wealth every living being possesses yet it is overseen and forgotten, until the moment of ones death drives gladly near,
From the womb to the tomb, drowning within the waves of a temporal lengh, the event of an entity's existence and its period.
A pace for an allotment, given from the complaints of an worldly life,
Spend it well, unlike the spring we cannot turn the tide, recycle again!
But for that matter the world of dreams holds a sweet embrace to all,
After all, you don't need to die in a dream.

~ Umi
Zha Zhap Apr 2
Give me just two of your fingers, it is more frisky;
When excited why acting out platonic.
Skin me;
No need to falsify.
Your small hands hold an ocean, then tide me;
Send more white horses to step on my rocky heart;
Of course, sunk already.
Not a submerged foreign object;
Down there I am a reef;
Living for eons, heartily.

You are dear as nature.
I am thirsty, near which slippery cliff is your river.

In the ocean of your hands;
I am fished.

As time passes by, I am more aware of you;
I feel the ocean is not a piece of you;
It is you.
It is like you are offering yourself.

Why is it pellucid?
I can see miles away;
Miles away a dissolving wine.

Your mother calls you;
A crystal big cat emerges from your ocean.
A friend calls you;
You shut your eyes.
Noone comes around.

I notice that I am going to hear a sound;
I hear it, coming from far-flung;
Makes you more chaotic.
Vortical eyes.

Your face is too hot;
It starts to boil;
Rivers come out of your eyes and mouth;
Pouring into your ocean.
No overflow.

What do you represent?
What if you are an atypical?
What do you remind me of?
A bare white-bluish waterfall who offers everything has got?

You have mentioned me in your genome, with a deep shade.
Unclad is an old-hat, we should reveal what we have inside;
By playing with locks.
Suggest me, l will romance you.
Your touch reminds me of the untold.

You freeze, no flow, like it was in the cards.
Your scent, strange.
I should leave to buy.
I hover around you.
My vulnerable bare;
It is up to me to protect you.
I should leave to buy a huge opaque.
I couldn't find my clothing and shoes;
Can I wear yours? Is it weird?

I hear from neighbouring flat, someone crying in bath.

You start to tilt and smudge like you were a design on a rug;
I fold it;
Put it in a suitcase;
And leave to exit.
Umi Apr 1
Out of what our hearts are made,
The sea of stars above our little heads is widely spread, expanded,
The river of the milkyway, seperating two lovers, with more stars,
All come within a clear, manifest orbit, bound to gravity and bounty,
A vally of natural nuclear fusion reactors, spreading light through the dark of the night, a play of beauty and might, on the ceiling of Earth,
All shining uninterruptedly, without the intruding light of the moon,
In the world of empty dreams, waiting to be filled with memories,
Clusters, binary, trinary stars with their satelites, dance as celestial beings through the infinity of space, all with grace, individuality, bliss
Heartfelt, past the luxury of luminosity and spinning alike wage wool
Because stars are, a magic mirror to the things we are, or want to be,
Weave the fate that you want to feel free, broken loose from the lies,
It is best to dance with me on these fantastic grounds here with me,
If we gather in a dark night, my dear knight, we can grasp fantasy,
Dear trasure mine, you're, a distant eniment galactic heavenly beauty
So shine on until you someday let go of this worldly life, my dearest,
As then I would like to meet you in the realm of the dead again,
In the loitering darkness one day.

~ Umi
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