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annh May 22
Ducks wrestle doubly
Wet from rain and river flow;
As above…qua-a-ack…so below.
‘Some people talk nonstop, but say nothing. Ducks speak only one word, quack, and communicate everything.’
- Jarod Kintz, Ducks are the Stars of the Karaoke Bird World
Mark Wanless May 14
shallow river
on the sandy bed
bones beneath
Andy Chunn May 12
massive and herbivorous
ride the river horse
My Dear Poet May 4
Three poets
rot down a river bed
their body decomposing
except their head
still composing poetry
and recite being dead
where poems still flow
I’ve heard them read

one was caught
by the sun beam
flickering ripples of light

another fought
by a splashing bream
kicking up a fight

the third flowed down
the rapid stream
where water foams white

I, one day went fishing
and caught myself a fish
down the river swimming
quoting Tennyson
Dickinson and Finch
I set it free
because poetry is freeing
Not every line in the end
is a hook
three dead poets can testify
down by the brook
Three poets wrote about a river
LC Apr 7
seconds are drops of water in a river.
everyone starts at the top,
and according to many,
we can only coast with the waves,
following their path until the end,
and the river cannot be moved -
no matter what happens.
but how can the river stay on course
when torrential, destructive hurricanes
dislodge debris and soil from the ground?
when the path is blocked,
the river has to pave its own way.
Escapril Day 6! Prompt: time (nonlinear).
I hope you enjoy this poem! What does it mean to you?
Sophie Mar 24
Something in the atmosphere

I can smell it

I lie to everyone

“I’m doing well”

We talk about the weather.

Desperate efforts are made

To keep strong the dam.

To stay calm, to

Keep the river from overflowing.

It is, anyway, overflowing.

I will flood the space around me

You will all drown as I drown.
Savio Fonseca Jan 20
Let's take a Walk in the Clouds,
Sharing each other as We Go.
Let's take a trip, around the World
and let's Walk it, really Slow.
U decorated My World,
where Dreams played their Part.
I shall decorate your Universe,
painting My Love over your Heart.
The Colours of the Rainbow,
are a Beautiful sight to See.
But even Rainbows lose their Colours,
Darling........When U smile at Me.
My mind was a Clutter,
Living my Life Day to Day.
Your Love flowed like a River.
Floating Me, gently Away.
Isabella Jan 20
a river

i watch you turn

you look like you'd hurt me
but how can i be sure
you could be what saves me

voices warn me to step away
so i don't get swept in your tide
they try to push me
but you pull me closer

i chase after you
to understand you
but you're a maze

i watch you turn and turn again

but you'd drown me if i let you

heavens, do i want to drown?
David J Jan 19
I am a river
My family built and maintains me
My parents the water fall
Pouring their love,
giving it to me in abundance
My brother the gravity
Pulling me forward,
Keeping the water moving
My older sister the path
Watching over me, giving guidance
My younger sister the fish
Keeping me company
Perhaps I can lead her to clearer waters
Mark Wanless Dec 2021
a piece of shore can
enter the river slowly
to become much more
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