love's sating river
streams through adoration's heart
beautiful of theme

Leaves in the river, led astray
Away from the comfort of the trees twigs
The bond, long ago, began to fray
Neither knew it would end up like this

But soon the tree had realized
It was feeling a lot more energized
And then the leaf began to see
It ended up where it needed to be

The tree needed badly to learn how to let go
To save up its strength to face the snow
And now the leaf finally knows
It was always meant to decompose

To break down and feed another life-cycle of love
While the tree soared freely, watching high above

Title was inspired by a song by Seawolf

7 o clock
passing through river indus
look out there
from the windows of bus
golden sun moving on the water
against the cool breeze run
every thing is going out my way
beautiful morning
silent and bare
the breeze is so busy it don't miss a tree
the indus highway is in its own sweet will

every eye was happy
the bell rang
first once , then twice then thrice
what happened
there is bomb in the university
what type of joke it is ?
its true !
what ?
first my heart freezes
i was trying to hold my soul
there was  a explosion in my heart
i asked myself
who you are?
really muslim ?
with strong faith ?
i was convincing myself yes you are a muslim
i have a deed of creed
my heart was tossed up
in the middle it burned me

are you alright ?
yes i am
that sun and wind become the point of fear
my voice was turning back to me in echos
in the huge traffic
blue buses
were grave for us

tell me who the hell is doing this
who is he to die me today
i curse to him in the worst places of hell

hey friend why are you going inside
stop please
for the sake of GOD lets go back home
because i came to read !
yes but
but many will cry ?
but then they will be silent !
come on
reject the call of terror
he is heart less man ?
what can he do with our lives !!
come on
tell him
we don't fear from him
he is the soul less hell

and we go
where the death stands

but thing i had seen today
everyone also passed through terror

see me i am alive
GOD saved me

lets go on the top of highway today
i had also captured the picture of death  today
it was a irritating ring
which was
repeatedly asking me "who are you "
                                        " what do you do "

today the winds are blowing better then ever
come to read

9 NOVEMBER 2017 on indus river  
fear between   mehran and indus highway

I took a walk outside
by the river
And looked up at the sky to find
Little flakes of snow falling
as I shivered
The air was cold
and bitter
But the lack of wind made it
simpler --
I no longer fear the winter.

Eliah SolRae Nov 9

You are
         like a river
                             Around me
Swallowing, immersing me.

Eliah SolRae Nov 7

A rainbow is like:
A stream arking through the sky,
Full of soft colors.

harlon rivers Nov 10

Blackwater rise up from artesian fountains

Upsurge from the provenance of earthen soul

Mingle unto a river of willow’s bend and sway

Rooted in boulders
scattered  within      



                                           riverbed Cornerstones

As though empowering sown seeds mightily strewn

With intent a higher law's freshet flows

For to stream from silence in a satiating tongue

Rolling currents thickly bestow

A  river  of  simple  truth lay  bare

A stream of random kindness betides,

Rivulets of unconditional love abounding
Rootstock birthplace coursing passage from whence

Unbounded rivers' silent reverie manifests

Rippling cadence immersing pulsing whispers

Unbounded rivers rushing deep and wide

Blossoming undercurrents gushing,


rhythmic  ebb  and  flow

Verve undulating wholly alive

Genesis of soul marrow's enlightened shine ―

Wellsprings arise from bedrock of mother earth

A surmounting light leavens abidingly

From imploring water's flowing river song

To illuminate the beckoning pathway's bearings

divergent from thither and yon
Through  which  to  portage

A way to carry back home in psalm

h.a. rivers ... November 4th, 2017

Notes:   The Blackwater River I once flew into
is farther north in the British Columbia wilderness
spacewalker Nov 1

Red river run, down my hips
erode away my pain in a false sense of bliss
roaring river groans, silent to all but me
Red river runs, red drops let free
Blue bird sings as my only messenger
But small blue bird can't change the flow, no
Red river flows, I watch the river's reach
twist and turn, grow and grow

let's die together,
down the stream we must let go -
a bash on the head

We want to tear in -
To taste all the juices
Knowing that now,
All too soon, we could lose this.
We want to drink
All the things in this world
And never
Stop to breathe.
For the wheel
Takes and it gives
Some things will die
While others still live
When the day
Gives way to new day
We're afraid what we love
Might all fall away.
Still, the world demands
That we must let go
And let the deep rivers
In motion all flow
Dropping our leaves
Going back to our roots
What we know to be true.
Stop to breathe.
Before the next bite,
Stop to breathe.

10/23 Inktober prompt: Juicy
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