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my wriggling
dory in
nautical wine
that attested
my craw
with my
line high
now artistry
win a
bite-sized cling
that naturally
could sing
and dance
with the
air and
rhythm of
its strand
Kee Nov 4
somehow i had started to bleed
my wrists and their scars were open
pouring into the river
eyes cry red drops of blood
falling down my cheek, lips, and chin
yet i can't feel a thing
if anything the regret lifts from my shoulders and sets me free
but i still feel the little bit of blood stuck in my one side of my heart
that i can never seem to get rid of
and the other half never seems to fill back up
so i wait
and wait
until it's a full river of blood
Look on these trees, full of white caps
River flowing down the hill, so clean
There is not only dust as on other planets

We have variety of colors in flowers
Amounts of shapes, symmetries and heights
There is not only dust as on other planets

So many types of animals, their diversity
And mankind. Human, You man and woman,
There is not only dust as on other planets
And no loneliness. Nope. We are each
other neighbor. How lovely is it!

Can you see this miracle? Can you fell it?
We have billions of chances to get feel
magnificent, to get feel surrounded.
There is not only dust as on other planets
Never alone. Praise that miracle!
Earth is our home, giving us place to live. We need give place to live for plants and animals also. Don´t forget.
Anthony Oct 30
All I see
All I see
Everything in front of me
Is a river


All I see
All I see
Everything in front me
Is a flower


All I see
All I see
Everything in front of me
Is a spiral

ayumi ebony Oct 25
your music -both of your music is resounding,
as i try to make my words beautiful
when all the while they’ve just been readable.
you pile small words into loving strings and blocks,
you put music in my ears and show me
that which brings you joy.
do i bring you joy?
i want to bring you basket-fulls of it.

you are not what i should allow -i cannot allow you to reside in these corners of my mind,
which are supposed to hold the tall tanned forms of men and the awkward and gangly boys
who play in the schoolyard.
they’ve run off to shoot their basketballs, tap their thumbs against their screens,
really i don’t need them to feel soft butterflies in my stomach,
they’ll never have the incandescent butterflies in me for their own,
they can’t deserve it.

these uneven strands, like paper beads in front of the pale moon,
glowing above the waters of a small village,
are heartfelt and wonderful,
like the declarations i imagine are given there,
where the rest of the world meets the scintillating fireflies and slow dreams on slow river canoes.
can you imagine us, if our brains were not so worried about soaring ahead -if we had time to experience those in-between moments that allowed us to fall in love?

but we have no in-between moments,
even though i delude myself every night, dreaming of a day when i put my pencil down,
and allow myself see you -sitting next to me while eating, your warm voice on the phone laughing softly in my ear,
you laying next to me while watching the stars -ever distant as always,
just as much of a mystery to me as the map of the night sky and it’s burning stars, spinning clouds,
and utter cold.

each delusion has become a beautiful memory, a twisting mystery.
a soft touch to the face, brushes of hands. could you be in love,
or was it just that i was your favorite girl -today? or were you brave?
do you miss me? my large eyes want to drink you up, and allow myself to imagine us,
doing more than brushing hands and painting each other’s faces over and over and over again,
until we’ve made masterpieces out of words and feather-light wanting.
been working on this for a while. inspired by the feelings i have about two girls that i'm trying to sort out.
D Letwixt Oct 24
Like stones at the bottom of a river
Black and molded by the running water

The stones cannot understand the great undulating liquid above them
Crashing and pounding against the bank

Soon that powerful unrestrained energy settles to a languid flow
Tapering off slowly
Until the river dries
And the stones ***** in the hot sun.
I could tell you that I tip toe across the cold wet stones,
Careful with every movement,
But I’m not.
I’m unsteady,
Unsteady as the current rushing beneath me against the slippery rocks.
I could tell you that I’m dainty,
Soft spoken and polite,
But I’m not.
I’m brazen,
I’m honest,
I’m emotional.
I’m clumsy and I don’t have good balance on the moss beneath me in the water.
I ***** under pressure,
I’m an anxiety filled vessel.
I hate to be the rain on your sunny day,
But baby I’m sorry,
I’m nothing but the girl who fell into the rushing waters below.
c Oct 23
I’ve cried a river
I’m building a bridge
But I can’t get over
How you said “just friends”
We both know that friends
Don’t feel like we do
But I’m used to nothing
Because nothing is new.
unrequited love is the worst hurt of all
As he
is a
sign that
all things
save this
mud as
spines wither
eventfully that
he vowed
the riverbed
was her
current that
declined their
notion of
incidence here
with this
eternal surmise
A law of incidence
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