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Two days have passed since I last dreamt of you.
Lights appear before me and my eyes glare,
oceans, diamonds, blinding brightness filling me
to the brim. Eyes closed in the darkness,
I feel those heart feelings calling to me
once again, burning and twisting
in that dance we do when we’re together.
That blue, grey, blue mist,
heavy as the silence upon us; we watch
it rolling closer in the intermissions, eyes open
and breath fast, bodies fluttering closer in confusion.
Lonely birds are quiet and unnerving,
and nothing sings as the mountains disappear
into a lilac sky, white limbs devouring the forest,
edges of trees echoing through the blank earth.
I hear you bouncing and gleaming in the blindness,
that deep, white blindness, and you scatter me
all at once, render me wild and impatient.
I see your hands in her hair, shadowing
Josephine, the colour of your skin rippling
through the room. How do I tell you
that I am a dead end and you are a valley?
Petals on the river, in my hands, my feet,
I feel you leaving
all over again.
Ju Temo 2d
Can I find you past Mount Hua,
After crossing Cao’e River,
Through the fields of Longkou,
Will I be walking for long?

Sat, waiting for the train to go
To take me where I am supposed to be
Head pressed against the cold window
I want that seat.

Lost among the frames
And paths between stones
You should be somewhere among
The busy laying down of flowers
I want to know

A fickle not fitting anywhere
A missing piece,
Just wandering.

Who do I owe my existence to.
Who brought me here.
I would kneel down to you
And offer my deepest gratitude

Tired of floating up in the air
Just whisked around by the wind.
The tree with roots is stronger
The clouds so lonely.

Breezing by, the single leaf
Stuck in this one state
I’ll walk alone with my two legs
Don’t worry, I’ll continue to go
But where are you?

The people who came before me
Blocks of my past
You’re going too far
I’m lost.

This voice,
The voice formed
Trying to reach out
It’s calling out
It can’t let go,
Where it came from.

Every sunshine,
Every storm,
It surrounds us
Brings us to life.
I’ll always look up
And see it like you.

Going past Mount Hua
Alone among the clouds
Who put me here
I want to know.

I’ll travel long
And so far,
I’ve been walking for long.

I’ll put my respects
Will you see me
I won’t be disappointed
I’ll lay down everything
Just to have my place.

Left away
Those a part of me
I’m walking through the path
But where are you?
Ju Temo' is a freelance poet that is inspired by songwriting.      
All other poems can be seen at:
You killed my Tupac
You killed my Romeo
You didn't catch the ******
When he finally let me go.

These seeds are what we grow
You watered them,
So what do we know?

Time to go,
Nothing to pack...
Just time to go.
Riverside I.E. West Side Rivas :P (SRY)
Shofi Ahmed Oct 10
The night never runs dry
the full moon is super cool
so are the bubbling stars
on the banks of the sea rivers!
The next stop is starry fair
but there is a catch to hop up there.

You got to do that
meet the condition of the night:
Ambling like it down the full moon
with blindfolded eyes!

You can ask how long
but ask not why.
For the length of time
think of walking it away
until the nightingale chimes out
upon the rose bottoming out of the night.
And for not asking why
because the Moon in the dark
never loses its sway!
B D Caissie Oct 11
Love that floats on the river grand
Ferry me away to a peaceful land

Trickles of hope happiness dares
Freedom currents carry my prayers

Perhaps happiness lies around the bend
Till then I’ll dream of days of when

B D Caissie Oct 8
It was as if only yesterday...

The endless sounds of rippling water passing me by.

Birds whistling a soothing song that all is well.

A gentle breeze rustling the leaves above and the grasses below.

The smell of earth, air and water filling my lungs.

Exhaling my troubles onto the gentle river and watching them float away.

I miss yesterday...

Ken Pepiton Oct 3
oh, now listen, to that blues man, singin' prayer
singin' words in ways we never
hoid woids sung thisaway, since Grandma on th Bayou,
me, to Mr. Jake,
Now mister jake, he was old country, old school

He settle a passle of flybit cows with a croon,
aimed right at the moon,
top o' his lungs, knowin'

I am the only voice I hear, my prayers
never bounce,
they soak down

may you arrive, said Mr. Jake
where you wisht you were, when we

learned of life in Louisiana from an old Siclilian
fisher man cook, who knew of
Tavasco Inlet, to Bayou Bleu,
the real
you can feel black mud from the top of
the river, carried all this way,
to squish between my toes,

so I never fo'got toejam spreader was a
occupying principle behind any
search for pearls
once fed to pigs.
Mr. Jake taught me to think these muddy
with my toes, wigglin',
feel a nibblin'
hook, what do you know?
A thought while wondering if prayer is more the unwritten poetry blowing on breezes that sometimes feel like care-touch, figertip to cheek
There I was, at the edge of the bridge,
Begging for the water to take me away.
To somewhere far from this cruel world,
Where there's only tomorrow, no today.

I fell deeper and deeper into the abyss,
There was nothing I could do or say.
But now I have arrived anywhere else.
I'm not sure if it's better, but I'll stay.
lara Sep 27
I spent two days crying over a boy

who  couldn’t even admit

that I was ever something to him.

Two nights crying my tears into a river

in a city that didn’t give

two ***** about me.

A boy that wouldn’t hold me and

couldn’t let go of me.

I was a flower,

wilting and dying under his touch

because he just couldn’t bear

to ******* cut me off.
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