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Wind blows on this side
Close my eyes and turn to hide
Now it's you I find
It's a Haiku isn't it?
Purcy Flaherty Jan 2020
I like sweets; they're loved by all,
Sold in shiny wrappers; around the world,
Hard, soft, brittle bendy,
they satisfy the mouth comprendy?
But they rot the teeth, and stick to your jumper,
Oh to be an umpa lumpa!
KyleB Apr 11
I hear it
Again and again
I do not “function“
Like the rest

Every day
Is a battle
Will I hurt?
Will I move?
Nonetheless, I have to function

Even when I can‘t

I eat pills
For breakfast
Like greed personified
I swallow them - I do not chew.

I eat pills like candy but how can I help it?

My body is aching
My muscles are trembling
Is this addiction
Or is this dependence

How am I different
From someone who cant
Live without drugs
Because it causes them pain
When I eat my candies
To dull my agony

I eat pills like candy
I must be a sweet tooth
Yet I don‘t enjoy it
But others believe that I have to
Candy floss sweet pink
The vendor skilled at the job
Years of happiness
Leeeena Oct 2020
Tastes like childhood laughter
and sunlight smiles
Reminds me of times
better, now bitter.

Tastes like words of wisdom
dropped lightly, taken lightly
now I try my best
to savor them.

Tastes like happiness
and something melancholy now.
Reminds me of all I took for granted,
tastes like sugar.
49 words
Carlo C Gomez Oct 2020
Here come the confectionary clouds
Packed like powdered sugar


Little quicksilver has
A bit of a sweet tooth
And grubby hands well into
A box of Quality Street
so many things Oct 2020
i have discovered
after 16 years of life
i have been missing out
on the flavor orange.
i dont really like the color
but like, orange tic tacs?
they vibe.
????theyre so good what the ****????
Cross Boundry Oct 2020
candy is sweet, most of it anyway.
some salted like cara
some spicy like
my favorite is bit
what does that say about me?
a bit mascohistic when to comes to bitter chocolate.
so many things Sep 2020
she's really nice
and very pretty
she does my eyeliner for me
she has pockets full of strawberry sugar
and candy colored hair
she likes music and art
and maybe even me
she's like bubble gum
and a ****** nose
(if that makes any sense at all)
she doesn't care
that i'm
too tall
too skinny
too much
she's just...
to me
for no reason
maybe we can be friends
This quiet office determines my future.
The four walls are dull and dim.
The plastic chairs are rough.
The temperature is chilling.

The air is thick and suffocating with tension.
Nerves and emotions race around the room.
They shove me with every pass they make.
They mock me with their crude words.

I can feel your tight grip on my arm.
My knuckles are turning white.
My muscles are tight.
My back is stiff and straight.

You tell me to relax.
You tell me to let you do the talking, because you know best.
You are the mother after all.

A faint muffled knock cuts through the room.
It interrupts our war zone.
A cheerful man comes bounding into the office.
I can see the joy dancing in his eyes.

He greets you warmly.
He reminisces over fond memories of you, before there was me.
He trusts your judgment, and believes your lies.

You have him wrapped around your finger.
You are now the puppetir and he is your puppet.
I can feel the happiness radiating off you.
You have gotten your way.

Fear builds inside me.
It pounds on the walls to be let out.
I plead him with my eyes.
I beg him to see the truth that is hidden within.

I know I cannot speak out.
This would just cause more trouble in the end.
You have convinced him that I am just shy.
He has been lead to believe that I agree with you.

He does not hesitate to give you the posion that will **** me.
He gave you the dose that you requested.
He believed you when you said that it need to be higher.

You fail to inform him that this medication causes me to be ill.
He does not know of the coma state that this medication puts me in.
There is no talk of how this drug causes me to lose my vision.

Why would you inform him.
You have your legal way to end me.
The end of me will not be blamed on you.
It will not tarnish your good name.
After all, you were just following doctor's orders.
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