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the air has called winter's name
hot cocoa nights in our future
bundle up and light a fire
Christmas carols play as we fill the house with festive spirit

maybe next year i guess
Ben 6d
**** you Halloween
It's Gobstoppers and Sweet Tarts
For breakfast, I guess
I like me,
Yes,I like me,
I really like me
I really, really like me.
I am no pretense,
I am what I can be.
I am a candy that children love,
I am a nutty chocolate that some die for,
While others are allergic to it.
I am a savoury snack you find in youngsters backpack,
Or you take for picnics.
I am a roast turkey or Biryani  for family feasts,
I am a mild soup for the aged.
I laugh and make others laugh,
I cry, but wipe others tears,
I am gentle but can be tough when need arises.
I try to be soft but rough to those who dare cross my path,
I am a friend indeed.
Yes, I like me,
As I am, as I can be.
Khushi Batra Oct 30
A sinister night,
Where cheeks are flushed
And face is light,
I ran towards my sister,
With a bucket of candy and eyes of a devil,
“Booooooo” I frighten her.
“Aaaaaaaa” she screams.
Oh my, it’s me, your sister.
How’s the ghost’s costume?
Happy Halloween!
life *****
but so do those with a
sweet tooth
met with candy
on a stink
so do dates
so do vacuums
i guess what i’m saying is
everyone *****
what *****?
Just Maria Oct 20
Halloween is once again here
The spookiest night of the year
Where witches and ghosts are all around
And monsters and goblins can be found

You see them walking on every street
Knocking on doors for their trick or treat
Don't look in their eyes, not even a glance
They'll steal all your candy if they get a chance

I lock my door and turn off the light
Waiting for the ****** of midnight
When all the trick or treaters have all gone home
And they are no longer free to roam
Happy Halloween
Candy is dandy;
   but dandier
is Halloween candy,
   and candier.  

Candy is dandy;
   but dandiest
is Christmas candy,
   and candiest.

Em Oct 7
Small and so sweet
So nice to greet
Exactly like you, my dear.

You're a part of my pair
And I never want to share
My candy, I see so clear.
i wanted to use "yeet" in this but that wouldn't be professional
my rhyming succs i know
lev me aloon
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