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Don't just settle
For being someone's
Flavor of the month

Learn what it takes
To make love stick
Nicole May 3
You're the ** in my favorite song
You're the rhythm
That drives me along
Gotta turn you up to turn me on
It's magnetic I get it
I don't want it to ever stop.

Addicted to you to you
There's nothing that I won't do,
Won't do to see you
I'm so addicted to you, to you
I only really want to,
Want to be near you.

I'm the light on at your place
I'm a bird on the wire
As hard as I try
As I try to forget you
I can't get you out of my mind.

I need you like a candy
I need you like...
Addicted to you,
There's nothing that I can do,
About it.
nif Apr 29
my sweet
caramel candy
treat me
taste me
pair me with sierra mist
bite me on each end
i am licorice
**** energy through my body
my sweet

swim to me
chew me
swallow me whole
pair me with crush
for a fruity mix
i am
swedish fish
pucker my lips
kiss me
my sweet
caramel candy
bonds over candy
by Michael R. Burch

When I was closest to love, it did not seem
real at all, but a thing of such tenuous sweetness
it might dissolve in my mouth
like a lozenge of sugar.

When I held you in my arms, I did not feel
our lack of completeness,
knowing how easy it was
for us to cling to each other.

And there were nights when the clouds
sped across the moon’s face,
exposing such rarified brightness
we did not witness

so much as embrace
love’s human appearance.

Keywords/Tags: Love, sweet, sweetness, sugar, melt, melting, dissolve, dissolving, candy, lozenge, confection, tablet, pill, cough drop, capsule, confit, bonbon, honey, sweetie, chocolate
vonny Apr 7

a steady mix

the color of a gentle brown

not nearly as harsh as chocolate

sticky and childish, easy to make fun

the sugary smell is almost intoxicating

look at it for too long and it will no longer be soft
i think i originally wrote this about a boy i thought i liked, but then i looked back on it, and now i think its more about childhood and the past.
Brendann Mar 4
Eyes like the sea
Her smile makes me smile
Sweet just like candy
Carlo C Gomez Feb 25
from Jules Verne's
mental dispenser
got blown out
of proportion
and popped
his internal clock
now there's never
enough hours in the day
so before global unrest
bursts his bubble
he'd better stop
chewing on ideas
and actually
come up with
a solution
that will stick
I'm just being silly here and not attacking poor Mr. Jules Verne.
Savannah Feb 15
Crushed candy hearts in hand,
I love your smile.
Roses ripped apart petal by petal,
Won't you stay awhile?
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