So sweet,
I continue to eat
I get so sugar high
I want to fly
I rise to my feet
dance to the beat
of roses dying
and children crying
Through the tears of the weak i find my meaning
And i just keep singing and i just keep eating
So hungry...
Like candy floss in my mouth,
Like smoke you disappear
I’m chasing after ghosts it seems
Not sure you’re really there.

Wrapped up in your promises,
Your perfect warm embrace.
You’re the only type of daydream
I would give my life to chase;
Your invisible me misses on my invisible you
I miss my invincible youth, I miss your unbelievable cool. I dance on a sky made of heavy metals and gray, I stare at the stars as I wish on them to take me away. As I lie and I wait in bed, thinking of all the dreams that’ve come and went, I’m weakened by a state of unease, the kind that makes a home in your heart then leaves.

Dozens of times I’ve stared off wondering, what would our lives have become? Soon I am trembling, cold sweat down my face, year after year until the panic has left me undone. Weakened by sorrow as it clung to my hide, just like your small hands huddled against me in the night. Fairly often it’s taken every ounce of my strength, even just to keep myself from running full steam back into bed. It’s as if I’ve covered my life with a dark crooked lie in a story that’s good for everybody except me. I’ve spent the last, as long as I can remember doing anything to stay on the move. Drank heartache, beat down sweat, found myself in a tango with the dust that makes men lose their mind. There isn’t any ole place where I haven’t tried to escape, only to find something too eager to plant her back deep in my thoughts supine.  It’s been ages since I’ve smelled the sweetness and sweat, or tasted on the feeling of regret, every choice I chose was chosen as my first, I never flirted with the hurt until the fury of her awesome pleasure began to shrink out of my life. Nothingness intertwined, it bled into every orifice until I was blinded, my eyes covered and limbs behind me, counting the numbers of floods that swept me out of my room. Into the abyss of my abysmal dismissal, a candy of black cigarette tar, alcohol, and even opiates. Not one regret, just a cornucopia of upset, lost and still losing myself into every last bit of her I can hurl into my memory before it goes.
She girl loss alcohol cigarettes upset invisible myself her candy eyes blind rhyme poetry regret escape sweat down depression angst anxiety difficulty men loss mind dust something move what exce
Pyrrha 5d
You're sweet like candy
I can only handle you in small doses
Too much will make me sick,
I don't like candy

I only have a sweet tooth if it's you
Anne Jan 9
Sickly sweet boys fill honey combs like goblin hands in tiny gloves.
They taste like gummy vows and glass letters.
These boys will rot you from the inside out,
painting organs with grainy sugar,
which dissolves to sour acid.

Sickly sweet boys know the right flavours,
yet their labels are flawed.
Always lick before biting.
Toothaches are common,
but sugar rushes won’t last forever.

Sickly sweet boys don’t stay sweet for long.
Candy loses tang over time,
coating is just coating.
Inside is a viperous liquid that oozes like oil.
Ebony, boiling, sticky.
Your tongue will never be pink again.
Written on December 17, 2018
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
I always
save best for last.

Until I got older
and found out that life
is fast.

Now I eat my dessert first,
my cake, my candy, and my starbursts.
My parents don't really approve...
well, to bad!
Life is way too short to eat your vegetables first. I'll save those for when I have some extra time.
Talis Ren Dec 2018
Pulled apart
Candy floss
Sweet, broken thing

Sugar spun
Left for ants to eat
Alice Dec 2018
So sweet to eat,
So simple to like,
So fluffy to melt,
So cheery to smile,

Vanishing away all of the bitterness,
While replacing it with sweetness.

As bubbly as the shape of konpeito,
As colorful as the jar of jellybeans,
As soft as cotton candy,
As warm as the feeling inside my heart,

As I just described you in all these lines.
Kit Scott Dec 2018
It’s like lilacs dancing on your tongue
Like lush, rose-coloured sugar plums
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