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Emily Miranda Sep 24
like the sun into the night you where gone
like a bird taking flight you where gone
like the moon in the light you where gone
only because I didn't open the doors for you
because I refused to give you the key
because I was scared
scared you'd do this to me.
Ken Pepiton Sep 20
Attendees at the game of the gods,
come in three
Pythogorean sorts:
First kinds are the lovers of wisdom,
the second are the lovers of honor and
the third are the lovers of gains. 
Ah, now, now

There is a demon
of the old kind attempting me
to lashout
my flagella and wipe my competitors from the stream
in this
only race that counts,

first and only, no second place in this race
to pass
into the egg, where life, as we know it begins.

All I brought, my entire being
as a cellulate entity with a will to win, is absorbed into

Here, she perfects that which concerns me,
my will is done. I won.

Or did the others fail? Should I have slowed and let
another pierce this egg

and marvel at its works, while I am left useless forever?

Nay, or why would I retain this will to win?
Or this will to
calmly carry on, knowing now, this final phase in the course
of compleat being becoming,

slow and steady sets the pace,


up to now, k-pow, push meets shove and I win again,
recalling the joy when
I, the wiggly carrier of all that made me possible,

pass through your attentive staring, sorting egg-eye

osmotical magical silliness wells up in me.

I was chosen. Or formed to fit, this
complex knot
lock meet for me, the key

in ever stories provoking old men to grow on.
Strange though it be, true,
Isaac Bashevis Singer inspires me, with words he left behind
for just this reason.

From <>
Shorter breaths, longer steps
Thomas C Sep 14
Wandering through the days, searching for our fulfillment.
Upon the day we find the object that has no limits.
To describe the object would require the observer to see it’s entire life. Yet the object does not discriminate and absorbs time.
Slowly it fades from reality.
Until the memory confuses fantasy for reality.
Close your soul from curesiry eyes. Close your heart on 100 locks.
And never open till met the special one.
Who find all keys.
3 Aug 26
you relinquished your chains.
i didn't realize the alloy
turned your wrists green
and soured the feeling.

    i didn't realize you viewed them
    as shackles, and not the comfort
    endowed to you when i vowed
    to protect you just two months ago.

    i don't blame you.
        no, i can't. delicate birds
    don't like the clanking of cages,
        no matter how intricate
    the bars are constructed, and
how beautiful
the permanence
of a lock is
yes, these words can stop here

(you take the life out of me every time you speak)
Silver Aug 12
day is coming and i am night, apocalypse, contained collapsing chaos candlelight. i am the shadows in the corners of your sleep paralysis plights and i am your hallucinations. i can't seem to find the root of it all. take me to the stars and leave me there so i can find some truth in the nothing. i am night, i am no one. i don't want to be afraid anymore and can you do that for me? i'll close my doors and crack open the windows and find the dust of my bones on the shards. take my hands and melt them into copper, bronze flower stems. cut my throat and pour the red clay into your palms and shape me a ***. place the flowers within and throw the whole mess out the window for me. maybe they'll be discovered by the darkness and the stars will come out in despair, delusion, delight. maybe one day we'll all disappear and no longer Be. maybe one day we'll figure out what it all means.
a ramble
Madeleine Aug 5
To finally shut a door
Lock it
And giving You the key
To never return
Has been such a peaceful feeling
Pluto Aug 4
I hesitated
But offered you
The key to my soul as you wanted
And watched you scrunch through
My love
My hate
My beautiful
My ugliest
As I see me

is all i hear from you

Did my pain infest you ?
Do you now detest me ?

Tell me that I'm fine
Or at least worth it

To be loved and to love
Whatever that is these days...
Time may heal all wounds but all wounds still leave scars
The key was found and door was open.
Next level of the labyrinth.
Huh, *** it wasn't easy.
Huh, huh who said it will?
For everything need a time...
Don't give up...
Lovelyn Eyo Jul 30
Depression sneaks into my sight
You can Unsneak it with a fight
Let out this negative entity
With your will-might
Don't permit its suppression
Tis an oppression
you must kick out
Let it flow only out
And never to flow in
To give it a rout
I stand with you
For the collection
of its recollection
Put your mind under
Lock and key
Only positivity can open

Specially for Eva and all dear ones out there, staying positive is a choice you can pick, **
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