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Amer Pelides May 19
The deep-seated feeling that comes from a challenge,
Cannot be underestimated,
A rush of excitement and a climbing thrill.
It is the fire that burns kindled by competition,
Harness that energy to your advantage,
and you shall conquer the field.
As we all know, a furious drive is key to the game.
Monet Echo May 9
Love leads to pain.
There is no way around it.
People change or leave or die...
...and your soul’s throat feels slit.

But even if love were a prison
With this lethal injection as my destiny
Should someone discover how to make it...
...I would still refuse the key.
This is a draft that I’m pretty sure I’m going to add to eventually. However, I kind of like this version of it so I thought I’d just go ahead and throw it out there. I think a lot of people could relate to this one.
Words' Worth May 7
There was a time
When a boy lived
In a home of keys
He had a key for every situation
One day, a man approached
Asking him, how do I live with my wife
The boy searches for a key
He finds a flower crested one
And says, this shall placate your wife
Let me warn you, however
At the full moon
The key disappears
And so does its magic
The man goes back
Tells his wife
Look at this beautiful ornate thing
The wife says this is perfect
For now we can be the best of lovers
The husband delighted with his purchase
Waits for the full moon
Wondering why a key
With such lasting happiness
Should have temporary power
The full moon approaches
The wife is always toying with the key
This worries the husband
But, he allays his concerns
Thinking, his wife will not mind a bit
For now, let him enjoy her company
And he had been getting plump lately
When the full moon arrives
The wife seems pale
The husband now understands
That it was the key to her heart
Now the magic had died
With it came sorrow
As the key vanished
She locked away her joys
Forever, in her heart
The flower never blossomed again
A short story in the form of a fable. I hope you enjoy my creative side.
Dez May 5
Stay with me
Just long enough for me to see
That you truly love me
Sorry I’m needy
But I want more than your pity
I need you to love me
I guess that’s the key
But only you could unlock me
So stay with me
Just long enough for me to see
That you do truly love me
Raz Jorden Jun 2019
You knock at my mind
And I won’t let you enter
You circle my silhouette
Slip in through the shadow
behind the heart chakra
Is that where you hide
Where I find the chains of you
And so I had this key
You remember it
Ah, you still have it
Swept under bridges,
You store it
Kept quiet until later
When it’s all over
And time doesn’t matter
When nothing else matters
That is where we exist
Forever entangled,
In the mess of our intentions
Never re-entering
Only remembering
Secretly within
the echoes of our mind
Lonely and waiting for admittance
Besides you

Never search
A key
A secret
A source
A place
A person
To be happy
That way
Never will, you be

Think like a kid
Stop searching
Only then
You will
Embrace the harmony

Genre: Observational
Theme: Peace Of Mind
Note: Every positive emotions lead towards happiness. Searching happiness elsewhere is a waste of time.
Sydney Apr 12
So I lost again
Again to another friend
I don’t want to get in the way
So I don’t
I stay in my place
[Hell, I even give advice]
I think....
I don’t know what to think
All I know is I’m jealous
But I shouldn’t be
He’s not mine
I don’t own him
I didn’t even know I had feelings for him
But every time he tells me
About his “endeavors”
I break a little more
My walls build a little higher
Because I know one day he’s going to do or say something
And it’ll make me want to break my walls
So I built a door
I shouldn’t have
I know that
But it’s there now
It’s locked
But he has the key
And one day he’ll unlock that door
And I’ll break some more
Honestly don’t know where I was going, just kind of stream of consciousness.
seldom Apr 5
loving someone
is only giving them a door
giving them a door
a lock
a key
and a wrecking ball
they can choose to
destroy you
save you
protect you
they can do whatever they please
and in the end they leave
whether by
or death
they leave
and take a piece with them.
monica Apr 5
i pressed the key
a sad, yet sweet melody
i missed the key,
so does he

you are the piece
that completes the peace
you are the music
that gives me bliss
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