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Sketcher Jan 30
Home is where the heart is?
No, the home is for the brain.
Cause when I'm out in the streets,
Then I can dance in the rain.
If I'm trapped in my house,
Then I will go insane.
***** waiting for the storm to pass,
Slowly trickling down the drain.
Having a friend is a pain in the ***,
When there's nothing to gain.
Stopped dead in my tracks, out of gas,
And I'm in the wrong lane.
I've been feeling that to the max,
Day after day,
But why wait for the storm to pass,
When you can dance in the rain.
I love that quote.
Azfar Hakimi Jan 14
Pointy brushes for a perfect "well done"
Flashes in my eyes,every night
Stand still and kiss her face
Just for a picture to put in a frame

Put us on the wall
Let everybody walk by
Let everybody see
Paint us pink and blue
Just for everyone to buy

Like Mona Lisa
And Van Gogh,
The same thing,just a painting on a wall
And everybody love it.
But my love ain't a piece of art
My love is just pure for a private heart.
it's about a love that one's doesn't like to share it to the whole world.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Every night before I go to sleep I asked myself what will tomorrow bring will
I wake up to the morning light
to see another day or
will I not know perhaps
it's my last night I'll sleep
tonight this something no
one knows but as one gets older tend to think that way
read of  famous people of my generation passing one by one they disappear not many left now  film stars singer comedians I grew up with as a kid I wonder how much time do I have left would be better to know or not to know that Is the
More thought whilst passing the time of day
Lucius Furius Dec 2018
This desert is our life.
From the dry earth we gather roots and melons.
Over the endless sands we hunt the gemsbok and the springbok.
Sometimes the ga roots are shriveled and bitter.
Sometimes men are sick with thirst and hunger.
When there is water we drink and sing and clap our hands.
When there is food we eat and dance and clap our hands.
The eland does not come to us and ask to be eaten --
one must know how to make the arrow and poison it
and where to look and how to hide and shoot. . . .
What man is so foolish as to expect more? To expect
the rain to be always falling, his eggs full of water and
his stomach full of meat?
You have strong animals to carry you.
You have much food and water.
Your digging sticks are hard and sharp.
Your shooting-sticks are like lightning.
You are a powerful man and a good man.
I can see that in your eyes.

But what you offer is a dream.
You can give us water and meat.
You can fill our hands with tobacco and perfect beads.

But you cannot give us happiness.

A man can only drink so much and then he is full.
If a man is always eating honey, he tires of it and becomes sick.
And even if all life were sweet --
what man is not food for lions and dogs?
A man who has tasted in his life no bitterness will find death very bitter.
My mouth longs for sweetness
but sweetness brings bitterness
and in the end they are one.
So I ask you:
Take your digging sticks and your shooting-sticks.
And do not leave them behind.
Go to the green lands you came from.
We shall walk in this desert as we always have.
(The occasion for this speech is the arrival of an expedition
headed by a European in a Bushman werf around the year 1900.)

Hear Lucius/Jerry read the poem: .
Note: This poem is part of the Scraps of Faith collection of poems ( )
Assley Dec 2018
Sitting in front of TV screens at 5 years old.

Watching them dance. Watching them sing. Watching them act.

I just want to be famous.

Extra days at the bar only 10 years old.

Turn faster.

Jump higher.

Split bigger.

I just want to be famous.

Dances. Birthdays. Family dinners.

I can't I have practice. I can't I have practice. I can't I have practice.

I just want to be famous.

All nighters in the studio 15 years old.

Write faster.

Sing higher.

Perform bigger.

I just want to be famous.

Parties, tests, sports.

I can't I have to rehearse. I can't I have to rehearse. I can't I have to rehearse.

I just want to be famous.

Spending hours staring at myself in the mirror 18 years old.

Lose weight faster.

Cheekbones higher.

**** bigger.

I just want to be famous.

Dates, interviews, entry exams.

I can't I have an audition, I can't I have an audition, I can't I have an audition.

I just want to be famous.

Spend my weekends at competitions


Perform. Smile.

I just want to be famous.

Spend my nights doing shows.


Perform. Smile.

I just want to be famous.

Spend my breaks filming.


Perform. Smile.

I just want to be famous.

Tours at 20

Travelling the world.

Fans at 20

Inspiring people who are just like I was

Money at 20

Being paid to do what I loved

Alone at 20

No dances, no parties, no dates

Bored at 20

No birthdays, no tests, no interviews.

Finished at 20

No family dinners, no sports, no entrance exams.

Famous at 20

I just want to be happy.
this was a creative writing project but i'm still proud of it
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2018
Famous last words,
there are plenty of them.
But the last words of a person we love
can mean more than any gem.
                    Words that we remember,
words that we live by.
                     Words that we treasure,
words that don't lie.

Nothing lives forever,
everything must die.
But the last few words of a person's life
can make us feel more alive.

Whether it's your mother,
a piano teacher,
a friend,
a father,

last words can make a difference
and touch our hearts.

                               "Make me proud."

Those last words were said strong and loud
from the lips of a person I loved to pieces.

They may not be famous,
they may not be long.
But no last words
can ever be wrong.
Everyday, the words "Make me proud" are what get me out of bed. I will never forget the person who said them and I know that that person looks out for me everyday from the moment I get out of bed, to the moment I get back in. She is with me everywhere and helps me get through everyday.
being famous isn’t celebrities,
red carpets, flashing cameras
or Hollywood gossip.

it’s a 3am phone from a friend
needing bail money

it’s an old girlfriend writing
“****” on the side of your car

it’s your wife doing a well being
check on you when you’re sick

it’s the toughest guy in town
choosing to fight you over
any one else in the bar

it’s your mothers smile when
you make her laugh

it’s your daughters scream when
you take her down the water slide

it’s an act of thoughtfulness
that you exist
that you are known
that someone out there
possibly many others
care for you
and love you.
Sabika H Oct 2018
What fun this is!
To have people cheering
in your vision!
Fueling your ambition!

It's like all the voices that doubted you
are done!
And you and your supporters
are just having fun
as you dance while you fail
and dance while you succeed,
and you just become filled
with a pleasant greed
and motivation
as you feel like you an your dreams
are set in full motion!

But how devastating it all becomes
when this all goes in an instant
and everyone gets distant
and bored
because they never really cared
if you scored.

In a time like this you remember
that you are always on your own,
and the only people that might have cared
were just you and your folks
back at home.
I killed the famous
Gypsy woman
on the boogie street.
My darling
Everybody saw me,
dressed as a religious man.
Everybody knows
I work till nine.
But it was two in the morning
and I killed
the famous gypsy woman.
My darling
Look at me,
Look at me and tell me
Have I loved you enough? &
Have I made it real?
My darling
Everybody knows
you want it darker
Everybody saw,
I killed the famous
Gypsy woman
on the boogie street...

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
Aa Harvey Oct 2018
Girls Names

Hope stands eternal.
Faith is still lost.
Charity helps the needy.
El Liberte counts the cost.

Sophia my darling, you are simply charming;
Whilst Vivienne Westwood, is rather alarming.
Ruby Tuesday; Have you met Wednesday?
*****-Anne’s Mary Jane is of the highest quality.

Victoria Skinny; isn’t she a funny yummy mummy.
Posh?  Oh gosh!  No she’s not.  She’s just interested in money.
Rosie! Oh **** you!  This was brand new!
Now I’ll have to go and get changed thanks to Little Blue.

Pixie, Poppy, Penny and Missy,
Every single one of them a Jane Doe – Missing.
Serial Killer Cathy waits…
For Rachel and her friends, to bring Uma to their graves.

Charlotte is a harlot;
Emmanuelle has blown a pilot.
Suki *****, while Pamela just likes to ****.
Demi is more than beautiful.
Holly is the curse of Christmas.
Go be jolly good Sally-Anne; get drunk and do a striptease.

Betty drives a Ford; insured of course.
While Jade is being a pain in the ******* ****!
Veronica of ****** and Marilyn are snorting coke.
Senorita Angelina knows how to satisfy a bloke.

Dannii, Kylie; Kylie, Dannii.
Whichever way you say it; it still equals ****.
Britney hit me, Christina slapped me
And I’m not telling you what Jennifer Low did.

Amy’s a drunk, she loves to whine.
Courtney’s a punk, like Skin Anansie.
To all the Girls who like to get high…
This is your final line…  It’s simply Divine.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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