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Deep 1h
Fragile night
prisoned sorrow
Bleak future
loveless life,

Dream distant
Passion severe
Path thorny
Destination unclear,

You leaving
no one around
me need you most
You not on that ground,

I adrift, I ashore
I alive, I in control,

I'm not mad
who gad called as bad,

Not missing someone...I
Your absence
not desirable

I'm not breakin...
I mean
thyreez-thy Jun 21
I know that you are suffering, I know you as unwell
but when you feel the need to talk, come to me, do not dispel
Sit next to me, and hold my hand, I promise this wont hurt
I know its hard to understand, but let your emotions spurt

I see the demon at the seams, as its horrors can connect
worry not for i am here, it is my light you can expect
at least I used to think so, till you ran back to the dark
chasing a pointless emotion, curiosity made you embark
I chased after you, unaware it was you running from my grasp
was I too clingy? too naïve? too nice for you to bear?
You fell and scraped your heart on tarmac, I tended to the wound
we laughed as I gazed at those moons you seem to call your eyes
Perhaps I did get so attached, that my obsession was disguised
and then you get up, once more, running away without a care

I try to understand you, I try to compromise
the tears flow as I cry, and your words glittered in lies
your never all that busy, to not even donate an hour?
or perhaps you cut off the rotten part, like a fruit our love turned sour

I hate you, with a burning passion, yet love you all the same
I never want to see your face, yet its ignition is to blame
the sound of your voice, almost taunt- like in nature
if your vast heart was the ocean, did that make me the sailor?

I had plans of promise rings and our children's names
You had plans for a quick high leading to permanent shame
I envy that I love you, and let you use me so
for when you strike you seem to know, to always hit bellow

I'm sorry if I smothered you, I'm sorry that I cared
I'm sorry for trying to be there, when you were never aware
And yet i wish for one day, we can finally meet face to face
to see if it is anger, or love that will take place
Your expiations are fleeting, your intentions unsure
Your feelings are feigning, were they ever really pure?

Who's to know who meant what? I the bear and you the trapped cub
I left with the gapping wound
A piece from a while back on some events from an even longer time ago.
kayzamo Jun 20
So the play is over
After running for a year.
We had our ups and downs,
Our ins and outs,
Our highs and lows...
But that wasn't enough to keep on
Any longer.
You put on a smile and
Played your part convincingly.
I guess you really are a theater kid,
Because you made it feel so real.

I can't trace back the jagged timeline,
No matter how hard I try.
The acts all blur together -
There is no true beginning or end.
The only thing tangible and real
Is the pain,
And the scar you left behind.
To me, it's a severed ventricle
That will never heal.
To you, it's a stained napkin
To toss in the trash as you walk by.

Maybe method acting my role
Was the wrong approach.
My script told me to be your *****,
Be your angel,
Be your therapist,
But I just wanted to be your love.
I was never able to be
The perfect ***** that you wanted.
I tricked myself into thinking
That I was finally good enough for someone.
I stared into the mirror
Until I convinced myself that
I was a beautiful monster.

"And I will always love you."
You listen to Dolly's when your heart is breaking,
And to Whitney's when you're ready to move on.
Some of us, however,
Stay stuck in limbo.
I can't push against the dusk
And get to the morning
If I can never trust again.
You built a city of lies
At my feet,
And the walls have yet to crumble.

And so, we take a bow
To our friends and family.
We exit, gripping a bouquet
Of dry and tattered roses.
You've taken the liberty
To give up and leave.
You're shedding the burden,
Peeling off the old, crusty skin.
I wasn't worth the trouble and effort
I suppose.

I want to leave too,
But all the world will be the same stage.
I can't give up and leave
Unless I give up on the world itself.
Andreas Simic Jun 17
no one knows when it’s our time to go
none has a magnifying glass into tomorrow
do we live in joy or sorrow
or thrive on time that we borrow

yesterday we could have been at play
is our life fully on display
the present is a gift a not to delay
or are we clinging on to stay

what do you do with all your time
do we corporate ladder climb
search out every penny and dime
or write poetry that we make rhyme

have we found that tender squeeze
that turns out to be a tease
and makes our life a breeze
or try to everyone else please

is taking that child out of a cradle
the same as holding a ladle
will there be time to paddle
or do we sit on our hands idle

how else do we joy bring
striding out in nature is that our thing
watching the early morning sun rising
or are we part of a crime ring

where do we get our culture
draw a picture
think about the future
or are we hovering about like a vulture

are we divers
sitting at the side of rivers
roasting on skewers
or have too many shivers

on a long summer’s day will having a beer
bring on friendship and cheer
especially enjoyed with someone dear
or is it all about fear

Andreas Simic©
Cassius Moon Jun 4
When your voice is drowning in an endless sea of chatter, and your life has been reduced to ash and sorrow -
in your darkest hour, in your blackened thoughts, at the end of the spectrum, there lies the tipping point;
the plunge into darkness or the ascent into light.
the smell that entrances and calms the mind at heart
the beauty that draws the eye but with the fragility of withering apart
the scenery before me on the lonesome field brings me back when i was at peace
away from my broken mind where i'm brought back to the torment of seeing my reflection covered in a dark red grease
as i lay down in the field and lose focus in the vast sky i let open the gates of emotion to flood within
for being haunted by my past yet trying to move on with regret feels only like a sin
as the days grow darker my heart grows colder from suppression i've been cursed from this path i chose for myself
being trapped in this cage of isolated beauty hurts more than the cards i've been dealt
as i roam through the hills being careful to not ruin what little heaven i have granted for days on end
i think and ponder on what i have done to gain such relief from the anger but left alone to the hands of sorrow to be condemned
life seems funny as the flowers of never ending bloom show me nothing of the illusion of peace of mind
as the days go closer to a shade of black i stumble upon a unmarked stony grave which deep inside i know its mine
the flowers i've stained along the way have long forgave me but i lied feeling their false fury
for now do be it late i can smile knowing i've been freed as i'm tranquilly buried
Alex Braun May 18
Jewel of the Hellenistic
for True Beauty
and Passion
for my name, for me.

"A Spirit, yet a Woman too!"
She Was a Phantom of Delight
for the life of me, I can't believe
that when you think, you think of me.

La Belle Dame Sans Merci
the painting
the poem
the story, a familiar story.

Oh, a long one
years worth,
hours worth,
all worth it.

How do I survive?
being loved like this?
when I don't deserve it?
when I don't return it?
CIN May 10
Gods arise and i hide behind the sun
What could a soul like me do in the presence of divinity?
Eyes of gold cut toward me
And i know the message they hold
But i, the coward, simply look away into the flames

Its fitting here, lying on the sun
I pretend my agony is from the flames
Even though a soul has no physical body
Yearning has scarred me like glimpses of the moon
And i remember life in solitude

****** hits like sinking deeper into the sun
I look past the sky into the heavens above
Clouded by a lazy orange haze
I watch the gods weep to make rain

Sorrowful existence with no real meaning
A star burns in the distance
I pull fire over me as if i could feel the heat
Like comfort could ever come to me

And when a god sends way for me
They lift me from the flames like a leaf on water
Like a shell from the sea
They mold me a body and toss me away to the earth
Says ‘come back to me, my child, when you can feel bliss’

And i grow up desperate for love
Desperate to feel pleasure in the midst of pain
Learn a thing or two about happiness
And false hope of a single god
Wander the earth and revel in its beauty
Scar the skin they so gracefully gave me

And when i have lived as much as i can
I become cowardly again
I see their face in my dreams
I get old yet stay the same
Die in my sleep one day

My soul rests on the sun again
And they come to greet me
Says ‘did you learn what you could be’
Hugs my scarred body
As i nod timidly

I learned of pleasure
I learned of love
I learned to feel
At home in the heavens above
sometimes i'd rather believe that this is my purpose rather than anything else. It feels like i was born in pain, even though i know i wasn't. Sometimes its nice to just pretend im a child of the sun. .
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