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Walk along the tight rope
That stretches over the abyss
Paralyzed by possibility
And impossibly conscious

Surrounded by darkness
A complete lapse of senses
Consumed by the infinite night
Never to return to the light

Secrets told
Secrets showed
At your highest high you’ll find
Your lowest low
The only times I see you now are in my wildest dreams
Yet the sound of your voice still echoes in my mind, or so it seems
I forget the touch of your smooth hands
And our love slowly disappears in the quick sand
Aisha 2d
we could be queens.
we could have had it all.
we could ride high above the clouds,
watching storms forming
listening for thunders as they growl
and reminding ourselves
to always keep on hoping.

we were soulmates, we were one.
but you went away and left me to fall,
in the worst dark there is.

here i am
trying to comprehend
this new world, my new world
without you.
I fall again.
Ormond 2d
Because she could not see—
Song in flower, light in lovers abed,
Dream unfolding as we touched,
Because her great beauty was gifted
It was unfelt, undeserved, shunned,
Making her even more irresistible.

Because I could not hold on to self,
Beside such dream, lost to my hands
As prints clutched into the ruin dark
Of her indifference, I made peace
With subjugation and humilities riven
Out of soul and flesh and hollow being.

Because we were unknowing, each
A foil unto ourselves as we cried—
This then was daymare riding in sun,
Twin delusions in oft reign of blood,
O what stories we both shall die to tell,
How the itch of desire scratches bare
Whole psyche as it writhes in a shell.
CC 3d
I have been lost in a million stars
Stars that have been lost in your eyes
They told me when I was almost out of ideas
That I ought to make you my idea
They told me then, that when I have lost my voice
That I ought to speak your words
To steal your thoughts
To make them mine
To steal your heart
And steal your time
For when it's all over
You'd steal back mine
You'd make sure that every moment I called your name
I was calling Gods
To repeat myself
Over and over
Even though I'm almost over you
It seems I haven't gotten lost
But I find myself lost inside your memory
Always clinging unto you
May I rest eternally
May I hope for that dream, paradise
For when you are there
Then I will be happy
A mirror is placed in front of a mirror
And I stand in between.

I'm trapped in the devils portal
Cursed to see nothing but my sorrow.

I weep in fear but am too afraid to move
And before I know it, I become a part of the spirit world.
February 14, 2019
Kivanc 3d
I'm waiting for you still,
You can't understand me
Maybe for now, but you will.

I depicted you and bee.
I've found sounds of sorrow,
On that admiring scenery!

I saw the pictures you throw,
Didn't say anything but your eyes...
I know what they said me now.

Here reluctantly my body dies
For it can't resist to be alone
Please everyone give me advise.

I've been broken as my bone,
I try to figure out what is stress.
Anymore, I cannot be in that zone,
I'm going to make a progress.
I hate the sun today because I feel like she betrays me,
Clearing the snow, making the birds sing, shining brightly into my bedroom
While my body is raining tears like a waterfall and my chest feels heavy and grey
How can such a bad day be so beautiful?
I am angry at the weather because it’s been raining for weeks
And now that you’re gone the air is dry and humid again
I cannot grasp the irony of this.
All I wanted for you was just another beautiful day to live
No more dark clouds and ***** snow
Just one more ray of sunshine touching your face through the window
Just one more morning coffee on the balcony, mild spring temperatures and crocuses.
One more of our Sunday strolls without an umbrella
One more night with our summer bed sheets.
I want to close the windows and bury myself under pillows
I want the birds to shut up
I want the weather to act appropriately
I want you to be here again, because it’s such a beautiful day and I can’t take it alone.
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