KA 8h
If your heart sings a song,
Make sure it’s real,
Make sure your heart is true,
Not just liking what it sees.

Often feelings are hurt,
Because someone isn’t true,
And people turn out broken,
Because they can’t find someone new.

This may not always happen,
But it sure occurs often,
My black heart reaches out,
To the hurt and the broken.

Of course I can not feel,
You left me with nothing to feel,
But I can be a listener,
And maybe help someone heal.

Maybe if things had been different,
If our hearts hadn’t sang,
We wouldn’t be in this mess,
You wouldn’t have shot me with your words.

If your heart sings,
Be careful with what you do,
If the melody is rare and sweet,
Maybe it could be true.
This is okay
eli 12h
when you love me there is to things that can happen
1. you can end up in my poetry about

2. you can be there with me holding my hand loving me
please be the one to stay
Was it all Meaningless?
Did this act make me Worthless?
I Fear I will never Understand
What happened to my Hand
What I do Know is this
I will Never find Bliss
No one will show me Affection
I Deserve no Protection
I will be Forever Alone
Until I Atone
But the World becomes Tougher
So I shall continue to Suffer
I can't do anything
So the World will look at me and Sing
They were Stronger
So I cannot Deny this no Longer
I Deserve to Die
And this is no Lie
For this Problem called Life
Has no Solution except for the Knife
Rumor has it one takes pictures of stuff
that one is afraid of losing.

The girl who captures moments with her camera
seeking the company of entangled dwellings
beneath the womb of nightfall
for the city is silent
in this witching hour of her heart;
her misbegotten heart which,
with - step by step - every beating
also grabs, in her own way, fragments of reality.

So, she wanders through the whisper-lighted streets
by taking pictures and immortalizing shapes,
searching for a dead-end for finding a living door,
a door, which she may be able to preserve,
to his sorrow-sealed soul.
Angel M 1d
I drive along a beautiful country road
I can’t through the tears streaking down my face.

My lashes are damp
My eyes red and swollen
The world seems to stand still for an endless moment

No clouds moving
No wind blowing through the trees
No birds have songs of joy to sing
The only sound is that of my heart beating I my ears.

A bittersweet rain
Fills my broken heart
It takes all that I possess
Not to let it rip me apart

How do I move on
How do I face another day
When The fire of my hopes and dreams
has been washed away

Its finally finished
At long last
Nothing remains but soot and ash
This poem is about the disillusion of a relationship that wasn’t meant to be.
Wejdan 1d
I tried to run from your lips
Which are so sweet to me.
Even with your words in my DNA
You became a sin I could never stop asking god to forgive.
Its your body that brought me inside this hole
And because of the law I tried to control myself.
I turned into a knife to kill you away but I ended up killing myself instead
Bleeding from my lips,
It is the same spot from where you kissed me.
To wipe my tears away
Only one shot is needed
But I love you and making our own family was the only wish id ever want
But you happen to be a heart-breaker seeds of sins were growing in your mind.
Behind your blue eyes
I saw the sea of unspoken words and untold stories.
Bardo 1d
The tune you played it ran so sweetly
I was sure Time himself had stopped
    dead in his tracks to greet me
And let believe all the while my soul
    had been enslaved
Such was the relief to my heart that it
Holier than the sight of monasteries
    crouched in secluded valleys
Sweeter than the song of the bird in
    the green Summer's tree
So sweet was it that it opened a
    thousand as yet unsavoured dreams
And had my mind rest easy on the
    cool wind
Which swept over their prosperous


The tune you played brought calm
    upon a boisterous evening
Though Sorrow came to me
When I saw you finish and leave the
    centre stage
For I had thought I might live forever
    under your enchanting spell
Far from the world in peace and
With Love kept, not left weeping
Far from the wakening hour
From that chore of modern empty
It was by far the sweetest tune
It released this fellow songbird from
    his cage
And it all seemed like glorious Heaven
    these brief moments spent
For he who had longed always to be

                                Translated from the
                                original Latin of
                                Emperor Nero circa
                                40 AD (his later
Used to read old Irish poetry Thomas Moore, James Clarence Mangan. This was a kind of homage. The Nero bit was a joke.
Lily 2d
I have experienced a lot of things in this world,
Maybe even more than I want to.
I’ve felt the sorrow of losing a friend,
The inevitable grief when you realize
You’ll never hear them talk again.
I’ve felt the sun on my back,
The wind in my face,
And the soft, tender pressure of your hand in mine.
I’ve felt the clock tick slowly,
Night after night,
The pressure of sleep that hasn’t come
Attacking my head like a battering ram.
I’ve felt a lover’s kiss,
The warm hug of a friend,
And a mother’s comfort through tears.
But why?
Why have I experienced all this,
Why was this made known to me?
For what purpose am I here,
Experiencing these things?
I guess I’ll know when the experience is over.
rd 2d
Why do people gossip and judge others?

The truth is bitter and sad
but it's something people won't dare fathom
for they have their own cup of sufferings
and a deep abyss created by  a sense of lack
secretly they derive joy and satisfaction
that in misery they are not all alone
they aren't the only ones carrying this sack
of emptiness and sorrow..
So in an attempt to judge others
they try to fill up their hearts that are hollow..
Dust blew,
It flew,
Into my eyes,
Out burst my cries.
In my heart first,
I put his trust,
He broke it,
Bit by bit.
Both brought tears,
Caught me unawares.
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