Seema 32m

His hand was cold
Rough and worn
Skin wrinkled, too old
His heart too, was torn

An old man, sitting
Wiping tears off his face
The hot sun hitting
I bought him a drink, incase

He gave me blessings
With a forced smile
Ragged, dirty dressing
He walked from a mile

With no one to look after
All his children left him alone
No happiness no laughter
All he did, was silently mourn

A sad story of a father
Who struggled all his life
His wife, children's mother
Died after a nonsensical strife

Shattered, filled with sorrow
Yet he spoke very gently
He wasn't worried about tomorrow
But I was scattered, mentally...


Met in the city.

I'm trapped.
I can't breathe.
Losing hope,
I'm falling deep,
"I hope you stay,"
silently I pray.
My love for you,
won't lead me astray.
I need you now,
more than I can explain.
Just hold me close.
Promise me,
please promise me,
you won't disappear.
I'm fighting to stay,
fighting to love,
just hoping someone,
will help me up.
Losing my faith,
day by day.
Sometimes I don't,
believe that you'll stay.
My heart is broken,
pieces are gone.
My darkest days have,
taken my crown.
I no longer smile,
no longer laugh.
I'm trying to hold on,
with all my heart.
I hope you understand,
that I mean no harm.
It's just my darkest days,
have taken arm.
Trying to hurt us,
that's what they do.
My darkest days are
coming through.

It’s too quiet here despite
the mutterings of the furnace, angry
at me?  At nothing.
There’s the jackhammer on the stale
gray concrete just outside;
I feel it more.
There’s the pounding rushing
feet stampeding all around my knotted immobility racing my
heart my hurt-- still    

it’s silent,

as I stare into the empty


of you.

Faith made perfect
Those golden threads of Love
through our days
of joys
and sorrows.

Cynthia Jean


Our life is a tapestry, and nothing is ever wasted.

Umbral passing reaching its prime
A quarter gone groping to shine
Moonlit alley I gaze upon
Crescendo fortissimo, again it ran
Lunarian face against a long one

Sympathizing in lieu of closing
Celestial suffocating in darkness
Sorrow devours the singularity
Both carving its way across the stars
Agonizing every dust found in galaxy

Blood Moon and Me
lily 23h

I swallowed my pride
like a miracle pill
hoping it would heal us.

Every morning I put my heart back together
and every night it factures, again.

I scream FUCK
into the nothing
and nothing hears.

avalon Apr 22

i am the aftermath of war,
the tidings that you dread.
the heart when very sore
in a lonely unmade bed.

i find you in the darkness,
alone at 4am,
when guilt is but a wilderness
and night is at an end.

you see me in the shadows
of a long-forgotten grave;
in alleys that are narrow
and seldom ever paved.

you hear me in the sobbing
of a child lost from home;
in the cries of a wolf howling
at the pale and distant moon.

you call me something different
in each corner of your earth,
but recognize me even in
foreign looks and words.

sorrow is a pretty way
to give despair a name,
but sometimes you cannot say
so much in words so tame.

my condolences. my love.
Sam 2d

The gloom pours out of the withered remnants of my soul.
Aching bones tell me that I'm alone.
Cast aside by the shadows of you and I.
I fall once more to where even the stars can't fight the dark.
Turning pages to reveal more blank.
I throw the pictures to the flame.
And slowly, I walk away.

Mack 3d

Standing on the edge of what is known,
Of what is pain,
Of what is home.
Wading through the mess of what’s been done,
Of what we’ve lost, of what’s become.
Such a shame- you’re much too young.
Hopeless screams pierce your silence,
Aid in the indecipherable violence.
We’re sailing through this river of red,
All we’ve had- expectantly dead.
They tell you, child, not to cry,
For they wish you’d rather die.
So follow your heart towards all that’s known,
For all that’s dead,
Return to home.

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