Stains trail her fingers
like ghosts from fifteen Christmases ago  
Mom's brand new china plates at her feet
taunting her from beneath

She rubs mirrors clean
of herself, hoping to wipe her
gently disdained breath fogging up the
cracked windshield of a toppled car

There's seven shades of shame
Ten tints of timid inferiority
Fourteen flashes of frantic
Hundred hues of hurt

Diya 7h

I forgot
The day when I smiled last
I forgot
The fun I had in the past
I forgot
What happiness was? So fast
I forgot
Them, cause my heart broke just!

I forgot
Kevin 3d

Life flashes by as one memory fades into the next
It's a choice to live, human or ghost,
If you decide to keep true, it's lonely
Who's there?

The words or actions,
You wish you could change,
But the thorns are already grown
Dark Magenta pedals fallen on the ground
Will this vine sprout?

In the mirror, pitch black tears down my face,
She told me how, she once loved "milk glass"
Dirty Blonde Hair, Green Eyes, Yellow Cross
Shoulder to shoulder with the next stranger
Can you believe they buried her?

Unexpected, you get a feeling of it
You tell yourself its "nothing really"
Looking back , its almost overwhelming,
Head tilted up, the pictures come showering down
Why can't you leave me alone?

Tell me everything is going to be for the better
Tell me that time will pass by,
I want to see her again, you.
Love, Greed, Fear, Satisfaction, and Ignorance.
Who are you?

That I have.
You said you need love that's all I have.
All I have, All I have.
Is this true?
How can I prove that I love you.
Yes i do, yes I do.
That I am.
You want someone you can trust, I am.
That I am, that i am.
You want me.
And yes its true that I'd only want you.
Yes its true, yes its true.

Madam X 1d

I know you won't understand how I came forth with this conclusion
Thinking I was happy was no more than an illusion
Just once I thought you would go and ask
But you never did, so my pain wouldn't pass.
even if someone showed they cared
My mind wouldn't change.
Just uselessly shared.
Not once have I been understood.
Not my family or even my doctors are good.
One day sadness rose to an ineffable height.
I saw no escape, nor did I see light.
Oh how nefarious people seemed to be.
Just endlessly firing words as if on a killing spree.
My life is a book, though I tend not to read.
It's filled with sweet sorrows, not flowers but weeds.
For My decrepit heart could beat no more
And my tears shall finally rest, instead of pour.

This was to be my suicide note, before I changed my mind.
Sunny 2d

Some day, my heart wonders.

That, had life passed in the soft shade of your hair, how perfect it would've been.

This sorrow and the grief in my heart,
could have been lost in the light of your eyes.

But it wasn't to be.
Now, your memories slowly fade; the sorrow of losing you subsides.

Life passes, the heart hardens.
As if it doesn't need anyone.
As if it'll never warm again.
As if It'll never want again.

There is no path, no destination, no clue and no light. No plans and no love.

I wander in darkness.
In this darkness, I'll remain lost.

Some days, my heart wonders.

Nature leaves you in a better place
Where the sun borns bleak
Disseminated through the day
But dusk lays into the dying gray

I seek ritual to unlearn my demons
Rely on my own strength
Finding no meaning within my reach
Nothing exists forever

Desperate to not last
Every anniversary feels a burden
I will not come through no old age
My youth won't never become an old men

My cracks are under no soul's range
But I see every new crime as a sin fresh
Stare my old-fashioned way of giving way
With ready excuses and proud protected

No child will be left behind
Even when my face is covered with clay
I will be indifferent towards their cry
Still untouched, my apathy remains

I see the windows, and the shadows
But you can bet your life
Behind your laughters, behind your screams
I'm not one of you, I will never go outside

© Lips of Dust

You've been through so much.
Them boys lost all your trust.
Let me be your 'pick me up'.
I'll try my hardest not to rush.

Your eyes show me all your shame, your pain.
Your words show me all your pain, your shame.
Your heart wasn't there cuz its broke, so broke.
I can fix that, I will fix that, let me fix the broken pieces babe.

If I have ever gave you a reason to doubt.
Let me show you How loud my heart can honestly shout.
Cuz when im around you that's all it'll ever do.
I knew from the very first day I'd only want you.

You are so strong.
But around me you get so weak.
All I see is gold.
Took a peek inside your soul.

But your eyes are filled with shame, your pain.
And your words are filled with pain, your shame.
I have found your heart, its fixed so fixed.
Told you I'd do it, yes I did it, yes I did it, did it all for you.

If I have ever gave you a reason to doubt.
Let me show you How loud my heart can honestly shout.
Cuz when im around you that's all it'll ever do.
I knew from the very first day I'd only want you.

Reaching deeper into my heart I managed to find this gem and put it to paper. Now I am sharing it with you all, another chapter in my life.
Sam 4d

You and I were a photo finish
Crossing the line together
Neck and neck like always
And in the end
Neither of us could claim victory
But both of us managed to hoist the trophy of misery

There is a power of tears
in an angry world

Love and devotion
distilled in sorrow in pain compassion and joy

For the quenching
moisture unto the thirst
of Our Good Earth.

"Mine eyes do fail for tears..."

Let not they be in vain.



The Quote from
The Holy Bible (KJV)

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