My two best friends,
They've changed so much
Since we first met.
We once were close,  
Though really,
Who isn't?
These are my
Two best friends.

I still see them often,
Each morning
Or evening.
When I drive home.
They always stand
On the same corner.
Not quite dead,
But not alive.
These are my
Two best friends.
Too sad to even describe,  really.
I am part of this barren landscape.

Plain and transparent.
Endlessly incoherent.

To the shadows and coolness, I wish I could flee.
Sadly, I’m trapped in the centre, with neither a soul or anyone of my breed.

Lost and isolated from the world, or at least a few.
I long for the moment when I can start living anew.

Shrouded in heat; thoughts I cannot rid myself of.
Not even a single heartbeat could I ever hear of.

Alone, desolated.
Alone, devastated.
Alone, frustrated.
Alone, my hunger never sated.


Together, elevated.
Together, saturated.
Together, integrated.
Together, my hunger always sated.

I adore you.
I adore us.
I adore we.
I adore men.
I adore women.
I adore…
There's no point in hating people (or yourself), when you can simply love them instead...
Seema 1d
As darkness clouds my pure soul...
My mind starts to play many roles...
I start to hallucinate what my mind creates...
Feeling haunted while my feeling betrays...
Possessing my body, torturing my soul...
Trying every motion to reach its goal...
A terrifying experience accounts to my being...
Taking control of all and every of my sin...
Shall I not wake up to see tomorrow...
As tonight my soul is captured with sorrow...
Holding onto my prayer book, I pray to thee...
To pull me out of this darkness and make me free...
Please take my hand and show me light...
I don't want to drown in this darkness of night...

Scribbling thoughts.
I feel heavy. Dark. The shadows of my past won't let me go. My demons are forever my companions. There is a constant war within me. I am a very very angry person. Mostly angry at myself. But I harm others in my rage. It's latent. Hidden. You don't see it. Or understand it. But you suffer from it. When I hurt you without thinking, that's the anger inside me. I don't know how to love you. I only know how to bleed. How to break. How to hurt. I am simultaneous a clumsy child and a raging monster. A ravenous wolf and a fear-inspired rabbit. I don't know how to live happy. I don't know how to handle peace. I'm like a lifetime drunk trying to function sober... I don't know how to live without the drug. My drug is pain, and I am lost without it. I feel dark tonight. And I don't know how to move towards the light.
A text I typed out, but didn't have the guts to send to my girlfriend.
God, my baby came to live with you
And she left some things behind.
This pink brush it was her favorite,
I would brush her hair before bed nightly.

She is going to be scared God,
Could you have an angel
Help her brush her teeth before
Bed, and maybe tell her a story?

I've brought some things for her God,
To help her  through the days to come.
I have her fluffy kitten and a night light
To help her sleep.  Just for a while please.

She will hide under the covers,
So hard to wake in the morning.
Why am I telling you this?  She is Your
Angel and You already know her.

Have patient with her Lord,
She is just a little girl.
If she draws on the clouds or
Laughs too loud, just love her.

I don't know why you took her,
Or why she had such pain.
I would rather it had been me
And not Your newest angel.
Your face tells all the secrets;
Your eyes state it all
from your lips I can see the hidden happiness,
from the arch of you brow the hidden rage.
Your eyes state your sorrow,
Your face tells all your secrets,
your face states it all.
The cause for all these emotions
Is me I'm the cause for it all.
To the happiness to the rage,
The sorrow and the pain.
The shape of your face holds your determination.
The determination not to let these emotions show,
But my love your face betrays you.
I can see these emotions as they cross your face.
you have a face of emotion.
No matter how hard you try to hide them
I can see them all.
And my love I'm sorry to see them show.
And I'm sorry that I'm the cause for them.
So My love as your face of emotion shows to the world
theres one emotion I've never seen cross your face.
I've seen no love cross your face nor shine in your eyes.
So goodbye My love, my sweet face of emotions.
Goodbye to a face of emotions.
A poem I saved long ago from an anonymous writer so I wanted to share it.
I no longer long for home
For I have come
To the bitter realisation
that you make our house-

a home.

Home is feeling.

I can only feel homesick,
Run my fingers through -
The walls you painted,
Walk through -
The garden you planted,
And find the last pieces of you-
From the scent of your unwashed shirts.

I feel homesick-
                         For you.

For you are where my heart is.
For my father, who passed 50 days ago. I love you.
I knew, i should have known from the start.
Made a fool out of me, but I gave you my heart.
Im glad you just tore our love apart.
Im glad I'm free from being trapped in the dark.

Oh so you played me?
How ignorant, baby.
You said you loved me.
You said I would be the only one you needed.
But you fucked with my head it was you that i needed.

You led me on so cold.

I know that you played me.
How ignorant, baby.
You said you loved me.
Now im begging you please.
Broke our love and wasted it.
How did it feel when you sat there and tasted it?

I knew, i should have known from the start.
Made a fool out of me, but I gave you my heart.
Im glad you just tore our love apart.
Im glad I'm free from being trapped so long in the dark.
He will take from you, girl
He will take and take and take
And give nothing in return
But you’ll be too blinded to see it

But when there’s nothing more for him to take
And he leaves you empty,
You will blame yourself.
Because in reality,
He didn’t take.
You gave
Sam 3d
Wayward with my sorrows
I no longer search
Burdened by this fate
I no longer fight
Succumbing to this grief
I no longer dream

Caught by her kiss
I grow comatose
Blessed by her embrace
I finally feel at home
Embedded in her heart
I am whole again
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