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Ormond 18h
By the sea, I saunter and think of her,
The tides slip into wild coves—
Like my own desires under moon.

I search the skies, emptiest horizons,
As the gawking gulls circle in windy
Tempests of confusions.

Shy stars appear as the sun is destroyed
And the sea sprays like a bursting fire—
Plastering rocky crags.

The long night that always, was coming,
Has theived its way from white hope,
A shroud for a sea journey.

A lone osprey shuttles a fish to its nest,
His heart— soaring on high—
While mine submerges at edge of sea.
rd 3h
Somewhere, far away    
the stars cry    
glistening tear drops, frozen    
forever, in the dark sky    
Will the amber ever melt    
spreading its wings of sunshine?    
or remain forever embedded    
in the eyes of mine...
carole 1d
One syllable.
Three letters.
Such a simple word.

Why then does it have such an immense power?
The power to break people.
The power to eradicate it all.

It rips children from their parents,
Tears lovers from each others’ arms.
It divides people,
Destroys countries.

It kills most,
And those who escape it
Are left with a fate far worse than death:
An eternity of sorrow,
Of agonizing memories
And restless nights
Wondering what could have been.

It is filthy, corrupted and tainted.
Tainted with the blood of the fallen,
The tears of the survivors,
And the money of those in power.

One syllable,
Three letters,
Just a word,
Yet the deadliest weapon of them all
We were just like stars.
Exploding and crashing into one another.
It was beautiful at first glance.
Like glowing specks dotting the night sky.
But it was painful like deafening explosions.
And ashy clouds suffocating the inhabitants below.
As your hands enclose themselves around my throat.
I used to think that passion came from the heavens
It doesn’t.
It comes from a place of evil not unlike this.
One where wars are fought over control.
And can only be thought of as an enveloping abyss.
One that I know, you no longer miss.
Because now I am yours, with or without consent.
We were like stars glittering, so very far from the rest.
I thought it would last forever, that we would dance
Into eternity, with your hands locked in between mine.
The moon dust splattered like droplets of fresh paint.
Across a vast canvas that was never to be finished.
I was unaware and unprepared for the intensity of
An abusive relationship.
That to outsiders looked like desirable goals.
If they only knew what happened behind closed doors.
We were beautiful, just like stars
But we were just as violent.
With a hauntingly quiet release, a single star fell.
You return to the evil that you call home, but that I call ****.
march 27, 2017.
poignant, and full of emotion. enjoy x
I was arrogant and ******,
while he put on the moves,
saying you deserved better,
now I know that was the truth.

I can see it now,
all the faults inside me.
It took me losing you,
for me to finally see.

I keep all your things,
tucked back in my closet,
hoping that you’ll come back,
but you won’t, and I caused it.

I took you for granted,
my hostage to fortune,
thinking you’d never leave,
you wouldn’t do that to our son.

Also, our daughter,
I helped raise since three.
It shames me to admit it,
but I thought you couldn’t do better than me.

Now it’s too late,
and you have moved on,
no matter what I say,
you will always be gone.

I’m sorry sweetheart,
for not being what you deserved.
I will love you forever,
even if you think that’s absurd.

This isn’t how,
I thought my life would be,
I thought we’d have our forever,
but that’s not reality.
Another old poem I found tonight that I wrote to my ex wife
“We are divorced!!!”,
you sent through a text.
I just sat there and stared,
wondering what happens next

Who knew three exclamations,
could make you so sad,
and bring a wave of pain,
and feelings so bad.

To say I wish you the best,
sounds so ******* sappy,
but at least I can say,
I finally made you feel happy.

Divorce finalized
‪I am a Buddhist; who has experienced the good and the bad. ‬

I am buddhist; who has suffered and seen suffering

I am a Buddhist; just trying to live life

I am a Buddhist; seeking enlightenment

I am a Buddhist; who doesn’t want a relationship nor ****** love.
Girl, haven't you seen enough?
But yet, you stay by his side
Look at the way at how you are being treated
And still, you carry on as if you have no pride
You gave a lot of yourself to him
But, he never appreciated you
Many people have told you
About the bitterness that you have gone through
Its another bad day
Everything’s fading grey
Its hard not to notice
I’m slipping away

I don’t know why
I don’t remember many things
I seem to loose my time
Walking through life like a dream

I feel like I’m drowning
Currents taking me away
It don’t really matter
Its just another day

I don’t look both ways
When I cross the street
If I where to get hit
It wouldn’t bother me

Im not a suicidal man
I just don’t have any worth
This life that I have
Just ashes and dirt

I’m falling through
I’m falling through
I find it hard to tell you
I think I’m through
Lyrics to a song I wrote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQyRnaLIbw0
Don't lose yourself to sorrow
Embrace joy and live for a better tomorrow
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