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Nylee Sep 27
Art speaks words unheard,
   The feelings paints pictures unseen.
       It is beauty
and drastic ideas combined
      A mix of pleasure and pain
      All experiences add a different taste
        Rough edges and smoothness entwined.
Touch it and fall into a dream
The artist lived and lives within
B D Caissie Sep 26
Nature in a picture frame
I yearn to climb within.
Staring lost in thought with
hands upon my chin.

Peering at the Heron who
holds his pose with ease.
I hear the birds a chirping
high amongst the trees.

Should you try and find me
look beyond the cove.
You’ll find me full of laughter
dancing in the grove.

Jumping with the rabbit
prancing with the deer.
The only thing that brings me
back are those I hold so dear...

Claire Sep 22
I have photos on my wall
everywhere i see
the friends i used to have
the old young me
in each picture, there was a memory
and just so much more
but each picture keeps reminding me
the moments, i cant go back to anymore
I put you in a frame today
Pretending to feel all that I spew.
Gave you a little respect,
Because you're somebody I once knew.

They tell me it wasn't your fault
The dreadful things he did.
How your body was not your own,
And the aches you cannot rid.

Words are hard to speak
With his body forced against yours.
Next day feel like his stench
Is dripping out your pores.

So I put you in a frame today
To remind myself of what it takes.
The strength to keep going,
He'll never be the one who makes us break.
(c) Allison Wonder
The Vault Sep 17
We are broken up
And it is all my fault
But somehow
I can't seem to change my phone
To a picture
Other then us.
I love me
Because I'm weird
And I'm not worried
If they care
If I tease my hair
I'm not alone anymore
I've got my goths
I'm got my needs
And my occasional jocks
I have my emo girlfriend
I have my support
I have music
And I don't have God
And I'll live how I want
So **** them all
Classically edgy.
aih Sep 9
Paint me a picture
Of long ago
When the moon stood still
And dreams came true.
pictures of you that i

stapled to my

pillow, so that

you're there when

i'm lonely or


so that you

sop up my sobs and

soak in my screams, you

are beneath my deepest dreams and my

nightmares, too
Steve Page Sep 7
Before you take up your blade, Sharon
who do you see?
Will you be cutting to heal
or incising to free
some carefully hidden,
some up-til-now unbidden me?

When you take up your blade
and test the fresh edge
do you have an image of a me
fixed in your head?
Can you see in your mind
a kinda-me roughly out sketched?

When you make your first cut
do you have a clear vision
of what I'll reveal
have you made your decision
as you press down and carefully cleave
with loving conceiving precision?

When you lay your blade down
do you see I've appeared?
Do you know I'm complete
when the excess is cleared?
Or when you sleep do you wonder
whether there's a less of a me
maybe a more of a me
silently waiting here?
You need to see Sharon Walter's art to fully understand this.  She cuts away at images to reveal something new.  Quite remarkable.
A picture captures a moment,
Entrapping it for view.
If I reach into the frame
Clutch and claim,
Can I have that moment anew?
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