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The walks of life I see;
such             little               hope
I have             for hum-                 anity
stum         ble blind           alone
never able to see reality.
Wake Up!
Nora Sayed May 27
So much memories we have that it's nearly impossible to forget
You left but didn't tell my heart to move on yet
A picture of a life where you and I were present I shot
Now a big hole in it I spot
Time passed by and I couldn't wait any longer
I knew if I saw you one more time I'd get stronger
I went searching for you relying on the wind and its directions
but I ended up in the ocean without your protection
I looked at the sky and remembered you look at the same one too
I looked at my hand and remembered the space between my fingers were meant for you
As I was drowning, running out of breath and falling apart
I realized that I don't have to search for you as you are present in my heart.

I really don't
know how,
why I find
myself so
into you. Or
maybe I'm
thought and
lost into you.
You bide in me.
Picture you on
every thought
Can't wait,
longing and
craving your
face to see.
Our love is
like the flowers and
the honey
bee. being
your's knows
no pain. You're
all I earn.
My sweetest
vibes is you
in all the
women I ever
met. ON fire.
thispanman Apr 15
I drew this for you
My dear
To express how I feel
What you mean to me

Are you lost?
I thought a picture was worth
1,000 words
Oh I forget

There are no words
For how I feel
The complete opposite of love
Bitter hatred

You shouldn't said those
Few but strong words
That hurt to this day
If only you had noticed

It was painful
How much you hurt me
But I forgive you
For now

I had my payback
You can see it in the picture
The dead flowers
Sitting beside a nameless gravestone

You know who's here?
I know I do
And I know you'll never read this poem
Because this grave...

It's for my sanity
It's for my pain
It's for a life ended
It's for...


Then next is me
See you in hell *****
I have no idea... hope you like it.
Omar Apr 14
i miss my sanity
i thought to myself
as i walked   past
  your picture still on my wall
I miss reality
each of my taste buds,       missing
the sweet taste        of your voice,
the faint light of our room
and it shining     on your lips.
I want to paint you there,
so I never lose you again
even the sun wil set my pain everywhere.
I want to paint you,
but I am not a good painter
who will make you a good picture
in a frame or in the wall
I always hang it out.
I will make you come to see
in the colour
I love it should be.
Indonesia, 2nd April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
rig Mar 28
these are my first words in over a week.
i took a picture of the moon with my phone.
Lunar Mar 24
And just like a picture frame
that holds a precious memory,
I looked at you through my car window,
Hoping you'll remember me.

That's what happens in photographs—
You're frozen in time.
And the next thing I knew,
I was saying goodbye.
goodbye, to the view. and goodbye, to you.

pnam Feb 21
I am sending you a picture of mine
Wish I could color it in your new glow?
Keep me in beautiful divine eyes of thine
How else will I bear few days apart so slow?

Hindi -Translation

Aapko aaj ki ek tasveer bhej raha hoon
Kash mein usse aapke naye rangon mein rangoon?
Aapki haseen nigahon mein sada deedar rahoon
Kuch aur dinon ka yeh intezhar kaise sahoon?
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