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there's 3 varieties of rock
scouted from the hillside
at the foot of the launchpad.


to simmer and smoulder
before impact
like a whispered promise.

(i reach for silence)
(the underhandedness catching my fingers)
(drawing blood over the drawstring)
(sending another part of me in its flightpath)

it never reaches the sky
you can't fire a non-feeling
as much as we wish we could.

The castle walls remain up, the remains of a young man were recently disposed of by the guards, cause of death?  
Trying too hard.
Jade 6d
Amidst the glory of the music
And the triumph of letting go,
The sun seemed to brighten every corner of the room.
It framed it into a picture
Painting out the beauty
Of the simple love
Friendship brings.
When the sun finally set and it was quiet,
I knew that I'd keep that moment with me forever,
And though the sun will be shining again,
I hope I never forget the way it shined
When we lived in that time-stilled moment
And all the world was, was
The sun and the music.
A poem about the beautiful moments friendship brings.
rgz Mar 16
1,000 words written
not one of them true

1,000 words brought me
no closer to you

1,000 words uttered
all into the blue

1,000 words
not one does justice to you
Your average peep knows around 30.000 words
I guess I'm about 3% of the way there
nightdew Mar 14
you were my picture perfect fairytale,
and i'd die a million times just to see you,
in my dreams by my side.
xoxo dearest lover
Nylee Mar 11
When you keep on compromising
      forgo something for someone
          you are building someone's expectation
        and a slightly false picture of you
  because they will make you let go of everything
thinking it is natural for you.
If tomorrow
You wonder
What happened to us
Just remember that
We were
A perfect profile
Amanda Mar 4
How many of our smiles are fake?
How many of us wish our own lives to take?
How many people out there feel alone?
Or even worse feel like they are just another clone?
How many souls are crying out for another?
And how many of them will meet each other?
How many loved ones have passed away?
How many deal with depression each day?
Or another mental illness they carefully hide?
How many of you out there are broken inside?
How many humans are truly at peace?
And just when will that contentment cease?
How many of us have cut out our hearts?
And destroyed it so no one else could hurt that part?
How many of us have watched those we love the most,
Change over time into an unrecognizable ghost?
How many people have each one of us used?
How many words have we said that left others ego bruised?
How many friends have we drifted apart from?
How many of us are horrified by what we have become?
How many goodbyes cut good people open wide?
Leaving them gutted by the empty space by their side?
How many hours have been wasted by sorrow?
How many todays ruined by yesterday or tomorrow?
How many questions has mankind really asked?
How many people walking by are wearing an ornate mask?
How many of us are able to say the smile we don is real?
And mean it when we tell another how it is we feel?
The answers are only numbers with an unimportant sum,
They don't matter because the tragic fact of every last one
Is that they all show us our harsh reality;
The truth most people cannot accept or see

We'd rather make-believe our lives are as happy
As we know they will not ever be
Actually thinking about other people's problems for once..
The pictures in your mind begin to erase
All the memories of us
Erode away.
Eryca Feb 28
I drew a picture of you
I painted blue.

It had two faces
The first was filled with grace
The second with disgrace
A mouth filled with lies
Fear in your eyes
A brain thinking it was wise but really full of why's
Anything that goes through your ears disappears
A heart with the wrong kind cheers when it should be filled with tears.

I drew a picture a of you
I thought I drew it well too.
Written Feb 27, 2019
Mazen Edlibi Feb 22
I found those papers in my drawers!
Knowing my own words, would make it easy to feel their belonging to me!
Tried to paint the landscape I dreamt of…
Tried to place my hope of joy and peace in its corner…
I can’t find my true color…
I can’t find the details that speaks me…
I realized I have  a picture of my world painted by others colors…
I realized I don’t own that painting

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