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Flo 1d
I fell for love
For every honey-dripping word
Leaving your sweet lips

Lips red like cherries
Sweet and gentle upon touch
Taking me to the gates of paradise

I fell for your intimacy
For your fingers that run down my chest
For the warmth of your body on my own

My heartbeat jumps and raises
Stunned by a beautiful smile
Pounding against the merits of my chest

I took the bate, I called you my own
Mistaking my worth and significance
As I’m just a toy, next to your beloved
One of my older works. I hope you’ll enjoy it!
My Dear Poet Apr 25
Itsy bitsy spider
crawling in deceit
along came the truth
and stomped it with its feet

Down came the shoe
and squashed it’s organs out
splat like a web of lies
it’s bits all about
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Steve Page Mar 22
Fight fire with water
Not with fire

Who would do that?

Apart from those
investing in ashes
Reaping from rapes
Taking from trauma
Gaining from guns
Winning from wars
Paying the ferryman
under the table

Who would do that?
Listening to the radio
Comfort's embrace is
false and choking.
The masses gag in
their sleep, subdued
by its silken constraints.
Timothy Jan 16
Decoupled from my conscience of subjective discernment
The necessity for personal authority over impulse
Vs an instantly gratifying road to distraction
Journey of wilful blindness
Consequential destination deferred
But upon arrival lies the choices
To decouple, To adjourn
Or to confront the demons towards which my back I have turned
Self-romanticised truths to whom before I have spoken
Yet despite a colourful history our personal promises lay broken
Under the rug
Etched into the bottom of a bottle
A chasing of tails
Ignorance long forgotten
A cycle indeed
But of downward trajectory
Gratefully, the bottom of which yet to be met by me
But somehow graced by others
With stronger character than I
A slippery *****
An exponential decent
Over which I now maintain a watchful eye
My Dear Poet Dec 2021
Your crooked smile and sinister lips
make it hard for me to fix this kiss
My Dear Poet Jan 28

there is a
butterfly on
fire flickering
from her

her iris
it spreads like
virus fluttering
as it slowly

of the yoke
tears now soak
her wings and
her cries
My Dear Poet Dec 2021
It takes only one true kiss
to erase the lies tattooed on your lips
My Dear Poet Sep 2021
Can I ask for love
Without the romance
Without the slow dance
Without the holding of hands
Give the kiss, a miss
necklace and jewelries
without the emotional abuse
The manipulation we use
like flowers or presents
The chocolate selections
The dinner pretension
The relational misuse
and the facade we choose
When love in truth
is the exception
Dinamus Aug 2021
Blur the lines
Between the tides
Swim with me
In the sea of lies
And you will see
Who I am inside
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