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Life is noise
And the static
Breaks the silence
When thoughts emerge
With violence turning their heads
Are we made to just burn on our knees for the king?
It’s time to stand on our own cliff
Away from their wealth
Embrace the static
Invite silence
Noise is life
Until We
All Fall
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My Dear Poet Apr 29
They stole a word
from a poem I wrote
the meaning
leaving just a note
“We’re sorry for the damage,
we hope you don’t mind
we’ve just taken a lend
of a word from a line”
They left no name
no number to call
Just a few words
and that was all
Then just the other day
I read on the news
a poem became famous
for a word that was used
that made the world weep
over their lies and their theft
critics hailed it
‘the true and only’
‘honest poem’
in the world left
kayzamo Apr 28
Brilliant cherry reds
Scattered like stars across the tile floor.
Their sheen is alluring -
A bright dollar store sparkle;
A candied shimmer to disguise triviality.

All it takes is a jagged nail
To scratch away the lie,
Thinly veiled by a coat of paint and acrylic.
"A person's true colors will always show in time,"
Or so the saying goes.

The deceit is lovely.
It carries an aromatic falsehood
With promises of



                                                    and beauty,

All pretending to glimmer in your plastic ruby eyes.
I gladly welcome critiques. Thanks!
My Dear Poet Mar 26
I glued the tears
back to your eyes
that dropped off your face
but got stuck in the lies
Now all I see
when you cry
that dangling tear
filled with a lie

I stitched your smile
back in it’s place
but a ***** of blood
streamed off your face
Now all I see
beneath the guile
the drip of red
when you smile
Can never erase that lie
The loops.
They permeate.

All the lies, they arise.
I'm advised to realize
the illusion.

I see them for exactly what they
Disbarred from my mental radar.  

you thought you had me?
ha! for a while, sure.

Now I'm reassured.

Yes it's true, you romanced me.
Entranced me - for a time.
But He has washed away your grime
from my mind.

you should walk along, forget me.
I march with a different heartbeat.
you don't fascinate me
at all.
I absolve
of everything you stand for
you know what's in store.

This is war.

Truth is acrimonious while deceit is honey
as getting p*y. But a sage cherished reality.
And fool falls by his folly. Foolery kills the scuffer
but prudence makes a wise discovery.
Jessica Oge Feb 9
This smoke screen
A ruse to throw me off
This staunch scent
I can barely breathe
Words fail me
Paranoid and wary
Oh, how easily i'm deceived

Like a sucker to the yellow kid,
I'm enthralled in this illusion
You conceal your intentions artfully,
A gracious gift
You beguile me
I'm helpless to your control
Oh, how easily i'm deceived

Your front is peace-loving
Yet, i know no peace
and love has eluded me
Neither impatient nor angry
But this rod on my neck tells a different story
Still, your smile charms me
Oh, how easily i'm deceived

The role naive suits you
A befitting cloak for your bland tales
An unrepentant rogue
Harmless and banal
You lure me
Oh, how easily i'm deceived.
certain humans are graced in the art of deceit

Everyone can stay not in your life, most especially fake people would find every reason to let go. While the real will seek all chances to stay go.
No friends, cherish the family.
Lorraine Colon Feb 2017
"Forever"  is such a foolish word,
To its promise we're held like a slave,
Too often love is vowed forever
And then hurtled toward an early grave

Without shame, "forever" deceives us,
For what it vows, it can't deliver,
Like a stream that can't float a dried leaf,
Yet, it boasts like a mighty river

Yes, "forever" is a finite word
Eternity must find amusing,
Just a carelessly shared expression
We mortals delight in abusing

"Forever"  derides reality
Even when spoken with good intent;
But only fools believe "forever,"
And soon discover its value spent

Yet, we need "forever" in our lives,
This word, uttered with bold endeavor,
This beacon that lights our darkest hours,
Can we just cast it aside?  Never!
Sarah Flynn Feb 2
she didn't
stab me in the back
the way that people
have in the past.

she looked me
right in my eyes
and stabbed me
in my chest.

she didn't
backstab me.

she stabbed me
mid-sentence, when
I was still talking and
still trusting her

and then she
watched me die.
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