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Tame thy wicked heart or be tamed by it!
The very reason for man's greatest fall.
The sweetest nectar that one would submit,
Savoring the sour sense of a sad squall.

Thy heart is within the depths of one's chest,
Set in a cage of bones where it resides.
T'is purposely confined without a jest,
In order for man to solely decide.

But it's whistling whisper is whimsical,
Using sweet temptation as its lure.
T'is both enticing but satirical,
Deceiving man's mind, so bold and so pure.

Oh heart, the one man should greatly subdue,
But the fruit is what one wants to pursue.
"Follow your heart" is what I've been told before.
However, does the heart really know what is good for man?
I swallowed your deceit
I spat it straight out
Some things are too ugly to be digested

I looked at the regurgitation
Stunned at the magnificence
Of what lay before me

A scarlet rose flourished in the sun
Nothing like how it had begun

What had been deceit
Was now beautiful truth
My vessel of integrity
Turned your lies into purity

I left it there, on display
Solid proof that things can change
the garden of truth grows the most beautiful flowers
JcF Sep 22
She asked
Tell me where your love lies.
Hearts reply
My love does not doesn't tell a single lie, confused in chasing distant time flies underneath bitter sky
Love mimics truth acceptance
No descreptance
Falling dear nothing swears to shed your tear, look
deep into our past year consider fear
Faith comes by seeing not pleading
change bitter sweet my dear
My heart does not lie it only lay calm in the palm of your hands
Hands torn between truth and reality
What is our fatality
Beguiling faces
Smothering soothing smiles
Dealing deadly dreaded dives
All Liars!
All sides fair
Life's a big square

To gnawing twilight snare
Memories recall
To a bayonet dance

Colour highlight
Natures creatures chuckles
Blushing between blissful blisters

Still, regardless of a rose's thorn
From within a beauty is born
Jack Torrance Aug 12
I stood in the rubble,
and felt the heat from the flames.
Searching for taillights,
but the glow never came.

Our life slowly burned,
that we built as a team,
and a nightmare slowly grew,
where there’d once been a dream.

I didn’t know what to do,
once I knew you were through.
So I just watched the carnage,
and lost my mind too.

I didn’t understand,
but I think now I do.
You was the broken vase,
and I was only the glue.

I thought without me,
you would just fall apart.
I never considered,
you lied from the start.

I never fixed you,
like I thought all along.
Your sheer will held the pieces,
and that illusion was strong.

You went through the motions,
but not out of hate.
I know that came later,
but maybe it was fate.

Now that my heads clear,
I can finally see.
I can see the spiral,
that was once you and me.

I believed we were fine,
because I simply had to.
I think deep down inside,
I always knew.

Now that I’m clean,
I can’t lie to myself.
I can put aside pride,
and look up at that shelf.

The shelf built of lies,
that kept me alive,
as I slowly killed myself,
and drowned on the inside.

I can see now,
that it’s flimsy and frail.
The joints are all rotten,
and the paint has grown pale.

All that’s left to do,
is to tear it all down.
I think one hit will do it,
and crash it to the ground.

I’ll do it tomorrow,
if tomorrow should come.
At least I know the truth,
and you know what you’ve done.
Jule Jul 11
She didn’t care
About the style of his hair
She didn’t care
About the pile of clothes
He let her wear
She didn’t care if the days were a fright
As long as they had each other to hold come night
She didn’t care if his wounds
Bled her blood
He knew she’d be there to heal them soon
She didn’t care about the talks of affair
For her eyes became blinded by despair
And the absence of the love
That was once there
I will always be there for you
I will always care about you
I will always fight for you
I will always love you

you were never there for me
you never cared, your silence was the key
you never fought for me, instead, you broke me free
you didn't love me, you  never accepted you and me
because you  judged a person I was never meant to be

Someday you'll realize I was there when no one else was.
That I loved you like no other, and I didn't judge you like the others
Makes me wonder, why do I still bother?
Kelly Marie Jun 7
Isn’t it exhausting
Pulling all your tricks
Picking out your mask for the day
Seeing which one fits?
Under the yellow moon,
We  spent together
Half baked lies,
In tasty deceit.
Moans of
Beautiful hurts,
Neatly stabbed,
In words of naivety
Painted ironically.
Illusions fade!
Mind sobs.
We spent together
Under the yellow moon.
Once again to all those who had thier trust broken
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