Merida 1d

Most have already experienced it
Like the sun's burning heat
The spark when you saw someone
That makes you think He's the one.

The goosebumps
The heart's humps
That makes your heart win the race.
But of course...
There will always be a source
A source that will destroy the force
A force that may lead to scorch.

You saw me
You smiled at me
You texted me
Like a bite of bee
It hurts...
It burns...
Thoughts that still echoing on my mind
That you aren't kind
That you are evil
Like a devil
That always wants trouble
To make problems double.

You gave me a love potion
That made my heart poisoned
You left me hanging
Like an open door banging
And I held the door
That keeps screeching on the floor
I knew it
In just a little bit

I saw you
I looked at you
And for the second time
It happened
Not love
But hate
At second sight.

Many occurring instances
Many distances
Many witnesses

I know Positivism is true
'Cause I'm trying to Stay Positive
Even though the System is collapsing.....
People around me are collapsing.
No one gives a fuck about anything any more.
Wait a sec!
That's not "positive"!
What we conventionally label as
Is just a synonym
For self-deceit?

Shruti Atri Jul 9

I feel a presence inside of me
The presence is not a part of me

I carry an ache in my chest
The ache demands that I surrender and rest

There is a darkness in my eyes
It was fed by your deceit and your lies

I found my memories that I'd lost
That night, you paid your cost

Don't look for my heart, its eaten by the beast
It lives in me, where I can hurt it least

Marsha A Jul 9

His mouth was poison,
His eyes spelled deceit and lies;
He is destruction.

Who draws the blade and
who makes the cut?
One in the same or
anything but?
Who pulls the shade
over my eyes and
who gets my body
when my body dies?

DEW Jul 1

The nuclear fallout of a lie
So powerful the dye
Snakes its way-into every life-it
Breaks the mold, impending strife-it
Takes the souls-of every washed-up child
The tsunami of the call of nature will divide
Human nature is but a pawn, do or die
I hate to see the hunger it provides make you cry
Toss out the rhyme
I want to see you sweat when you hear
Most people will once upon a time fear it
It’s the attention of a demon in your house
Preying on your unit, infecting you when you spoon it
Is where it finds you, invading your dreams
I’ve tried to find meaning in the ugliest things
But something stares back and it has no face
You don’t know its watching because you believe in race
You believe in consumerism, except what’s consuming you
More than sticks and stones
More than ticks and thrones
I realize, you’re out of the box, so pack it up
You don’t realize, you rely on the fox, so back it up
The wolf can come in many forms and many norms
It’s inside the books you sell, the lies you tell
The things you yell, the ring of the bell, at close of life
So understand the meaning of youth is edge of knife.
Farewell to the beautiful things when we create
For the vanity of our souls consumes what’s on the plate.

Another rap-poem for you to see,
another story woven by the whispers of infamy.
Trembling with scorn and fear,
these are the words I hold dear.



I wasn't What you were looking for
I wasn't Who you wanted
After awhile,
I get sick of being evaluated
As a commodity.
I didn't want to be sought.
I didn't want to be desired.
I just wanted Someone out there
To Tell Me the Truth.

Maria Monte Jun 25

You hide in a thin sheet of warmth,
Coloured with yellows and orange,
Of kindness, care and love.

Painting me with what I thought was festive.
Showering me with "I love you"s and concern.
(Have you eaten? How was your day?)
Did you ever truly care?

My heart constricts at the thought
Of your sweet honey coated tongue
Whispering lies into my ears for "a fun time".

Compliments, flattery and beautiful poetry,
They spilt from your mouth so easily.
Said to many people as a way to grasp
Their heart and their soul.

I'd soon have to repay tenfold
With outrageous dares.

Faking my own happiness,
To repay all your kind words such as
"You are my world."

I loved it when you said those words to me.
Every bit of flattery you've written in me,
Every bit of concern you've shown me,
Be they fake or real,
I loved it all.

But, honey, all your "I love you"s mean nothing
When you only say it after you've used me
For fun, for entertainment, for pleasure,
For yourself..

I had to say goodbye,
I was unhappy,
You loved the idea of me
That showers you with attention.

Of course, I'll miss you.
I'll miss that sweet mouth of yours,
I'll miss the romance that you showed me,
I'll miss the warmth of your (fake) concern,
I'll miss your beautiful ways to say "I love you."

But I what I won't miss is,
The way you were my puppeteer
And I was a mere doll looking for love.
The way you stroked my hair,
Only to strike with bitter requests.
The way you left me when you were done
And came back the next day for more.

I hated the warmth of your breath,
Contrast to the bleakness of your treatment.
I hated the warmth of your love,
Contrasted to the coldness of how fake it was.

I hated that.
I hated you.

But even so, oh honey..
The melancholy I feel when I cast you away,
Is beyond comprehension.

For you've played me like a game and won,
You've captured my heart and painted it black.
But you've yet to capture my wits.

I was being used.
I'm not a blind fool to what you are,
But, oh, I fell for you so hard
And now it's a farewell.

Goodbye, my love.
Goodbye, my parasite.

An older piece I thought I'd post.
Needs massive improvement.
I still have a lot of ways to go.

The Art of Subconscious Illusion is an elusive tendency towards the averse,
             or rather,
the act of lying to oneself

        Oft times you’ll find yourself wondering how...
             …how you lost her…how you lost love…

                            how you lost yourself

         Your mind a jumble of
               spiral static,
         coils of confusion, twisting malevolently,

                             failing and falling,
                   flawed and faulty,
          feeble and fading,

you slowly begin to yearn for a second chance,
        wish that you had performed more charmingly in the blistering tragedy of feelings lost...

but there are few second chances in the misfortunes of life.
      the damage is done, and now you must live with the consequences
       of a dying will to persist in this journey,
                              the ups
                                                the downs
                                the laughter
                                                        ­ the pain
after endless days of convincing yourself you’re not to blame you finally see it for what it is...
                    You made the choice
     you made your bed, and now you must lie in it…

and as you slowly make your way towards the reclining slope of the soft satin covers you’ll begin to see….

it was not a bed your actions relayed....
                                                     ­               but a coffin

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