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Savio Fonseca Jun 2023
We can pretend, We own the Woods
and stand Regal, like the Pine.
Gathering Fruits, Nuts and Honey.
While sipping on Red Wine.
With a Camping Tent as Shelter.
We can weave the branches for Our Bed.
Lay Our promises, on fallen Leaves
and hold on to them, Once they're Said.
The Stars can give Us Company.
As the Moon stays guard at Night.
Wild Kisses, can be Our Password.
As Passions flows thru each Bite.
At Midnight U may see your Lion,
Roaring himself in Bed.
Woods I find are a Romantic Place,
Where solemn vows can be Said.
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2022
As big as heaven
              size ways.
But to preserve
      it took no space
did it in a few words.
          So tiny that was
didn't notice how or where                      
       I lost my password
now the giant heaven
       I can't see nowhere!
Lawrence Hall Sep 2021
Lawrence Hall

                                           Enter a Password

Your password must consist of at least nine
letters and three numbers three of the letters
must be capitalized and two must be
underlined however while one of the
capital letters may be underlined
the other underlining or underlinings
must be small letters but none of the numbers
is to be underlined you must include
at least one specialty key but no more
than four and the password must not be entered
under a full moon or within three days
of Michaelmas either way we’re sorry
your time has expired please exit this window
and then re-submit but not the same password
you entered before
The secret is to enter a password so long and too complex that you must write it down on a slip of paper which you will then lose.
Jack R Fehlmann Sep 2021
Yes! Given access
Yet again.
I've wanted or more so
This. An outlet.
Somewhere to place the emotions
Kept, felt, endured and enduring.
A place of thought and introspection.
For I live.  
In itself meaning highs and lows
Felt and known.
Poetic postings
Seranaea Jones Jul 2020
my panic sack would have
contained enough breath
to blow out most of this
year’s birthday candles


a mask tumbles out like
some kind of lung-wallet,

hinting whispered

i hyperventilate into it
with resignation upon
each casting of a socially
distant wave

splashing between crests—

a sense of security swells
in my chest as i drown in

absolute safety...

"pest bag"
©2020 by Seranaea Jones
all rights reserved
i wonder if they plan to build
colonies for the infected
this century ?
Lewis Hyden Apr 2019
'Password too weak'.
I smirk and strike my keyboard,
Add a couple of fives, a question mark
At the end. Who's weak now?
My password has been
Hitting the gym. Stronger than yours.
A small victory.
© Lewis Hyden, 2019
Candace D Henry Sep 2018
The future won't find my love letters
Just texts trapped in old phones
Emails stuck on old hard drives
Maybe a password protected server

My grandchildren won't find our video chats
Even if they were recorded
All I have for them is passwords
Saving my love in clouds

The future won't know the details of how much I loved you
Sean Achilleos Jun 2018
Tuning into God is like using the correct password
I once overheard a woman praying
She muttered Lord this and Lord that ... It was Lord all over the place
Suddenly I received a vision of someone writing a letter
Then casting it to the wind in hope that it will reach the correct recipient
Then I began to wonder, Lord who? Lord of what?
A title such as Mr. or Mrs. with no specific name attached
Then it dawned on me that so many words have been spoken to the wind
Blown away ... Lost in translation
The incorrect passwords
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
Bingo!!! Password accepted and your supplication is submitted
Whether it will be granted or not is not for me to say
However, I have heard someone say "I don't believe in God anymore, because He did not heal my loved one"
Once again I received another revelation
Had God healed your loved one, what then?
Would you have expected them to live forever?
And if they didn't ... What then?
Would you have lost faith?
Do we not know instinctively
That the day you were born, you were one day closer to the the day you are destined to die
Therefore death is part of life ... It's not the end
Simply a transformation
A never ending cycle of beginnings and endings
Life to death
Death to life
And the cycle continues
Written by Sean Achilleos 22 June 2018©
Amazon: Sean Achilleos 'An Affair with Life' The Philosophical Poems of Sean Achilleos
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