if you’ve seen him.
you’d know,
nothing gold can stay
and this is why,
i can’t wait for the day,
where you turn foe
so i can love you,

You blend with shadows
          And the cracks in sidewalks
                Brittle grime trickling down your hand
       You catch each bit between forefinger and thumb
    And turn them all into tiny broken men

           Stench streaming in smoke like ribbons
               Your skin is icicle cold
      But the smell ignites the sensory fears of those you draw close
Shattered skull love songs emit from your bones
    Calling all sinners to you to atone

You are the blackest person I know.
Not black by skin tone,

mythie 11h

Your polaroids came in the mail today.
At first, I didn't know what to say.
Your body makes me hot and bothered.
You act as if you want me tortured.

I set the photos ablaze.
Never again. I'll forget those days.
I'll forget when you touched me, and kissed me all over.
I'll forget the time you picked me a four-leaf clover.

More polaroids you sent to me.
I didn't want to say it, but I'm filled with glee.
But I won't forget what you did in the past.
If I wanted these photos, I would've just asked.

I set the photos ablaze.
Never again. I'll forget those days.
I'll forget when we flirted, and you would get flattered.
I'll forget when you said I was the only thing that mattered.

Why do you post them every single week?
But I couldn't help but give them a peak.
Your body sets my loins on fire.
Your voice sounds like an angel's choir.

I leave the photos on my desk.
A small part of me doesn't want to forget.
What we did, what happened, all you've done to me.
I thought that I was safe, that I had been set free.

Today I touched myself, looking at you.
It's your fault, you know? You cause all the crazy things I do.
Your thighs always call my name.
That's why it's you to blame.

Why did you send the photos?
When I saw them I completely froze.
Did you want to fuck with my mind?
The past is the past, leave it behind.

You're naked in every single one of these.
Although arousing, they fill me with unease.
I don't know what you want from me.
What the fuck do you want us to be?

We ended years ago, the past is the past.
I need to get out, I need to fast.
Your face is everywhere I go.
This is all your fault, you already know.

Why do you wish to torment me?
Why can't you leave me be?
Yet I always come running back.
Maybe it's because you're a snack.

You're unhealthy and bad for me.
But you're tasty and don't cost a fee.
Maybe it isn't so bad.
Maybe I'm a little glad.

I hate the photos that you send.
I hate the fact we were never even friends.
But if you ever stop loving me, I'll break.
Everything you do, causes me to ache.

What the fuck is this?
I constantly melt into your kiss.
What the fuck do you want us to be?
I don't even remember who I am anymore.

Jobira 12h

The invitation from her fervid eyes
Is full of passion,
Warm and seductive,
For it ignites a raging fire inside of me,
A wave of flames that take over my soul,
And making me lose total control.

In her given young, innocent age,
Like the magnetic fields,
Like gravity, she has such power
To pull me down to my knees,
With desires that hold my mind a hostage.

I want to hold her close to my chest
Right here on my hand,
For she has taken control over my soul
Teasing, seducing me
To explore her wonderland;
When I think of her, I yearn gently,
To devour her with caution
And let time slip away slowly,
For I want not end this passion,
The raging fire
burning inside of me.

@jobiranyc (11/19/2017)

Inspired by Phoenixstar  

Jobira 1d

Her body is
delicate and tender
a grown woman,
at twenty-one, forever.
Her velvet-lips taste
like red wine,
long aged,
reach, smooth and fine.
Her breasts are firm and full,
nipples sharp like a piercing dagger,
My fingers and tongue are lost their ways,
tracing down, deep and under,
As I fulfill my hunger.
Her flat butterfly
Alongside her curvy hips,
She’s full of delicious parts
Starting from her soft lips-
Speeding all the way down
Where her treasure gold is hidden,
It’s a peaceful, fire place to stop
Found in the middle of heaven.

@jobiranyc (11/18/2017)

Alike Saturn
Heaven too got rings
Watch the hula hoop
Circle her hip.

lily 1d

do i want a man so soft and sweet
an acoustic melody
do i want a man so beautiful and unavailable
a shinny nickel

where a nickel will corrode but the value stays the same
the melody transcends life

Temperatures rise, clothes fly, bodies sweat.
Telling each other lies to comfort our heads.
Kissing down her body till she’s soaking wet.
Slamming her arms down on my bed.

Sliding my tongue deep inside.
Holding her thighs wide.
Till her body is tremendously satisfied.
And my mouth fills up like the rising tide.

Pulling her on top of me to take the ride of her life.
Feeling every inch extend and retract.
Pleasure so great you feel like it’s the afterlife.
Our bodies start to attract the contact.

We are just objects of lust.
Just because that’s true doesn’t mean we must, distrust.

Giacomo 2d

I sip a wine
and I become him
The man who make you crazy
The Incubus
I have only one wish
Its to stay eternally in your womb
Until the warm dawn

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