two lives
two moralities
two vices i can’t give up

two bottles
two pound entry
two am and i’m stumbling home

two bodies
two moans
two people trying to feel alive

too broken
too chaotic
too hard to make this choice
i just feel like im being pulled between two lifestyles and i have to choose which to follow. im called to surrender everything but i just cant give it up. im cloning myself, creating two different personalities which i can switch between, given the situation. and now i dont know which one is the real me.
My fantasy damsel

My caring confidante

What do I do without the glow of your love to lead the way

What would I listen to without the sweet words you say

When I'm with you I don't want to go I just want to stay

I need you to know that your love makes my day

Without you I will be lost in the shadows of despair

I will be facing the deadly gallows breathing without air

The depth of your love leaves me with a flair

On the earth I stand with bare feet and think Love is fair

Through death I can defeat and thank you cause Life is fair

It's only people that are cold hearted, unkind and unfair

This world is cruel I know but true love is our fuel

I am careless and grateful because you make me feel well

Yeah they don't know what love is

Let's show them

Yeah they don't know how to love

Lets teach them

They will never love to see us love

I know them

But you and me have passed the test of time

We love like children and make love like teenagers

We are immovable and superbly adorable
An old poem I wrote for my imaginary girl friend, perfect people only exist in tales...
sar 1d
my hands have never moved
along the
l  e  n  g  t  h  (of his)
spine and i
don't know what it is to be kissed.

i don't dance in his arms
or write him letters with my lips  
we don't sit in heart-pounding silence
our tangled feet, tangled together.

i love him,
but i don't know who he is
(and i)
have never
been in l o v e.
where r u . darling?
SoZaka 1d
you, a western film
with the lights down low
beautiful to look at
while moving slow

come listen in,
and lean back
a pillow for the soul
in a campfire story

it was all I could do but to ride to town with no place to be
hoping this street would lead
through a long winter night

seasons changed,
but love remained long within
to tell a story
time and again
of eternal flame

so hold me close,
and your skin won't feel the snow
no matter how much skin might show that's how the best
campfire stories go
true love passion warmth trials and tribulations and lasting memories
Ramish 1d
Match off
Burn the cigarettes
Read my eyes, tell me my regrets
Shit, I got depression
I got motherfucking passions
My mother was asking,
I'm a burning mess
I'm a disaster
Don't you dare lay a hand on her unless you ask her
I hate all these cowards
These addicts
This magic
I hate all the pillagers
Who destroy my villagers
I hate the rapists, and abusers and catcallers
Cause when I get my hands on you
You're gonna be running and falling
Off of the edge of your world
Don't think you'll get away with it
You fucking idiot.
Sorry, I got carried away there,
Hey Mr. Internet,
Thank you,
You saved my life in February, yea
Thank you,
Because of the internet
I got an audience,
To hear the stupid shit I wrote down
In class on a sticky note with my red pen
Thank you,
Because of the internet
I got a bunch a friends
But because of the internet
I got a bunch of mood swings
And I'm losing grasp of things
Fuck the internet
I love the internet
I love this girl
I'm talking to, through
A screen
But is that real love?
Because we only know each other's words and not our voice
But is that really a choice,
Man, I'm fucked up.
It's fucked up because like
You get so lost in someone
That the only way to get out
Is to just,
Delete them
Because you can't really delete people from real life
But you can
And it's fucking horrible
One day my soul was intrigued
By the events it never encountered
Take the risk it said
Dangerous, like a child with matches

This became my priority
Heart racing palms sweaty
“This is who I was meant to be”
As I struck a match

I set fire to everything I was
Blindly watching it burn
And before I could stop it
It took everything I love

With a void in my heart
Looking at ashes of what use to be
I know to keep my family
My first priority
Keller 1d
Each time you call me dumb
I believe you
a little bit more.
I'm dumb
for loving someone
Who is not capable of
loving me back.
Keller 1d
I say I attract toxic,
Deep down I think
I crave it.
She was a dam,
When he made love to her,
The gates opened,
He drowned in her desires.
A little boy called LOVE, was once upon a time, the purest soul across heaven. He was the chosen one by the God's to spread his wings of love all across the cosmos. He was trained day and nights under the supervision of angels to spread love in different circumstances. No one knew where love came from, who his parents were etc. All these questions neither mattered to him nor anyone else. He was just content on being pampered by others. Poor soul had no other intentions on his mind. All he knew he had to keep the candle of love burning in everyone's heart. But all this pampering came at a cost. The God's had decided that love can never ever fall in love either with himself or with anyone else. As his age progressed, he understood and still kept multiplying his love on others.

One fine day, while strolling in the garden, he noticed a strange looking girl playing with flowers there. She was wrapped in a white gown from top to bottom and on top of her heard was a golden Halo. He instantly figured out her as an new angel in this heaven. Nevertheless, he went ahead and smiled at her and she too smiled back at him and introduced herself as LUST. Love was just awestruck by her beauty, grace, charm, exotic lips and eyes. He had never ever been this close to a person of opposite sex. With stuttering words coming out of his mouth, he finally said, I am LOVE. The two of them were just lost in each other's universe at that time and stood there like statues. But as said, every beautiful breathe comes to an end, and so did they. With the night covering the day with it's blanket, the two of them returned back to their little huts and the whole night did not even blink their eyes once. Love was joyful at what he saw today, but then realized he promised to the God's never to fall in love with himself or anyone else.

The days went by, and everything was silent in the gardens. Lust would stay for hours and hours in the gardens, hoping love would come by to see her. But he proved her wrong for a long time. Love too was getting eaten up by this emotion from inside. This impacted his way of functioning and gradually there were Angels questioning on his way of serving. Love kept quiet and did not answer anything. How could he let everyone know about lust. It was a forbidden sin. Both could be banned from the heavens for eternities and maybe more. Nevertheless, love started deceiving his superiors, by functioning in a different way. After all these years of experience, he did learn a trick or two about himself.

The next day he went to the garden and saw lust, turning lush flowers into black ones. He just went in front of her, grabbed her by her face and kissed and kissed and kissed, till those black flowers, turned red again. But here he displayed something strange. His gravity itself changed from love to lust. How deviating was this to see. Lust on the other hand, was not able to understand what was happening. Why is he kissing her continuously? What's on his mind today?.
Every where a strange phenomenon started taking place, including the heavens. The God's, the angels, the Messengers, everyone started indulging in a sensual session of foreplay, followed by sex. This type of bodily change had never happened to anyone before. It was a new, refreshing emotion to all.

After the coitus between love and lust, while everyone was deeply mediated by sleep. Love explained to lust what he did today. He explained the promise he had given to God's about never falling in love. But this was when he was a child. naïve and innocent, to know what love meant. But too be with her forever, he played a trick of bypassing the God's Golden rule and transformed his energy of love into her. This way love shall never be without lust, and neither lust without love.
"What is poetry without words,
What is love without lust".
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