I thought of it, I thought of us
And dreamt of you

Never will I ever
Though wished I may
Admit that you've won my heart

Smile for me
Even in the arms of another

Let me hear you
Allow me to drink in your happiness

For am
Dangerously addicted
Too intense

the passion,
the intimacy in these tiny palms
Afraid I may suffocate you

I crave you all too much
it's not good
This heart beats for one
You own it

I love you
But tell not
Or you'll give up your dreams

For a maiden such as I
But with such an indiscreet mind
Not as pure as you'd expected

Such a sweet sweet catch
Always seeing me in nothing but white

Dare I say I love you
Have you give up on your dreams
For a lady that lacks above all
Because that is the kind of man you are

I can not
Go and Dance with another
Live on with enough love to keep you soaring
Because my heart bursts with much fire
And you own it

Jonathan 9h

Desire of the Night
Late chilly night on the street
you’re holding me
cloudy night rain drops pretty lips
you’re kissing me

Misty lights scarlet night
you’re my jezebel
for the night

Through the crowds
we fight our way
through the city gates
we make our way

with your hand in mine
our energies combine
desire of the night
with your touch
i feel alive

candlelight deep stare in your eyes
you’re undressing me
rose petal trails on your floor
you’re hinting me

Lingerie peeling down off your bod
you’re seducing me

Towards your wicked sin
I find my way
To your web
we make our way

with your hand in mine
our energies combine
desire of the night
with your touch
i feel alive

yearning for the touch of your lust
you're the nights gift to me

Enjoy the night

And some sisters too...
It’s time!
It’s time to step forward
And proclaim to the people
We love ass
We adore ass
Don’t be offended
It’s just a compliment...

I’m an ass man
That’s who I am
Booty shorts are like Spidey Senses
Yoga Pants are letting people know what you haved
Sundress Season makes me incoherent
I don’t give a damn
So many, so little time
If you got a big one, you're considered a dime
I’m not a rapper
But I can rhyme
Some call me perverted
I call me observant
Is that a big crime?
When I stand behind her
And she grinds on me at the time
Don’t trip
Y’all do it too
Some chicks act like it’s a big taboo
It’s really not
It's because you’re hot
I forgot, they get told that nonstop
But that ass though
Make it bounce
I want to tap it
So juicy
So bubbly
So yummy
On top of that, literally she’s a beauty.
Put your hands up like Billy Gunn
If you’re like me
It’s time
To step forward and say
I am an ass man

An appreciation poem about the female hindquarters...
blue 18h

i want to undress your words with my lips
with your hands placed above my hips.
our mouths in this messy bedroom dance,
and all of this love in my hands, your heart in my hands-

i can barely stay calm when you look at me like that, darling.

i want to kiss him so bad.

She wore a red dress
It was Saturday night
To the football game
To the school donning
Red and white

Red was the color of her lipstick
Red was the color of jealousy as she rocked her hips
But Red was also the color of blood
The color of lust
At a football game
That was a hell of a combination

She was a sorority chick
Reputation of a confused slut
At the game, she said
“Why the fuck are we losing?!"
Exasperatedly... And slightly tipsy
Not knowing that she would be watched
By boys who wanted to win
Who just wanted to fuck

Red was also the color of passion
Touchdown after touchdown
She celebrates with her friends as it happened
The home team prevailed and won
The boys were staring at her
Waiting to pounce
As her breasts bounced

They were bros
Waiting on her
They were easily drunk
Looking at her plump rump
They had a plan
They struggled to keep it in the pants

She lived on campus
Her friends didn’t
Their beloved team was still undefeated
Before long, they had to go their separate ways
She lived in the Village dorms
It wasn’t far
She was a big girl
She was brave

They rolled up on her
In a slightly used Hyundai
Told her
“Baby girl, do you need a ride?"
She respectfully declined
They asked again
She decided against it
All of a sudden she felt something was wrong
She felt someone come from behind
Next thing she knew, she felt confined

“Hey, baby girl, what’s good?"
The driver said
“Why don’t you go chill with us in our hood?"
Two of them had their hands on her thighs
She wondered was this her demise?
With tears in her eyes
They still had that look
They stopped the car
Evil was afoot

“Damn, baby girl, why you crying like that?”
One said.
“Yeah, we just wanted to chat.”
Another one continued.
“We just wanted to know if the rumors are true."
And finally the driver said...
“And we want to see it too.”

The bros pounced
They saw red
The color of her bra and panties
Were red
They groped like animals
At her breasts
Their scratches were red
Their repeated thrusts
After angry thrust
After angry thrust
Made her bleed red
After angry insult
Was venomously red
Their marks of territory
All over her body
Were red

And when they were done...
“Baby girl, mmm.”
They were satisfied.

First attempt at a rape poem.

Lean your head
On my
And taste

Let these
Cover this
Of mine
With relief.

Let my ankle
The pain
Of your
As we both know
It is our last.

Close your eyes,
As you did mine
So you won't see
My shadowed
Walking away.

Take your farewell
And cover it
With clothing,
But it will still be
Too much
For our
One hour
Love story.

shåi 1d

my body
covered like ivory
richest of all man's desires
a disarray of
such wet dreams

my skin
delicately with
each fold and crease
a mark of unfathomable

my lips
love back
harder than any love
you give
like a silent

my voice
speaks in the tongue of love
its native language
and only one its
ever known

my face
a ornate mask
i can be any
just for you, baby

my eyes
embezzled jewels
construed upon
a woeful heart

hard as nails
cared for like
a trough of crystals

forever yours
so effortlessly,
i have lost my true humanity.

i wrote this poem after a movie entitled the skin i live in

Look at all of you.
Drunk, out of your senses.
Running along with impulse,
Drowning in tears of sorrow.

But from all of them, you repell me.
You tease for a kiss, in such state.
You triggered something in me.
Not love; thats fake; this isnt!

The rage, the anger, the thirst.
Thirst for your suffering.
You pushed my boundaries.
Boundaries I mever knew I could break.

But I am guilty?
Ypu condratict yourself!
You want a future, yet want to die.
Saying that others must deal with their shit.
Why dont you?
Youre as sad and foolish as them.

You wanted to be someones muse.
There you go.
My writing is for you.
My rage is for you.

Things have changed,
Perspectives altered.
The tide has turned;
But not in your favour.

shåi 3d

her mind
wove assorted ornaments
          of vivid hues

each stitch
      an alternate reality
a story she wished she knew

her view,
a distant spectacle--
a casual onlooker
upon the lovely scene

emotions spin
      making its own ball of yarn
a tight knot forms

she is
her own
great nightmare

distorted reflections
grimace in horror
                her own doing

a black sea
bubbles and gurgles
liquifying sensual sins

beauty hides
the facade
         of her own madness


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