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There’s something about the look in your eyes
that sinks me deeply.
Your gaze an anchor in my chest
that’s managed to snag onto the edges
of my fluttering heart.
And with every breath, I feel you pull me down into the depths of the blood that rushes to meet the surface of my cheeks.
I can’t breathe when you look at me.
I don’t want to be your friend.
I want to kiss your neck.
I want to sink deep into your arms
and never return to the shore.
I want to travel to the parts of you
which no one has dared yet to explore.
I want to be yours—
I want my body to be yours.
and i want yours to be mine.
but for our hearts to do the same?
that’s much easier said than done.
I imagine you
ever blooming
ever radiant
ne'er had you budded
nor will you wilt
poise pristine
artful to the letter
my memories of you
shall ne'er
idle in memoriam
they are
crisp and clear as daybreak
the sight of you breaks me open
not the raging flow of magma
nor the rushing of a river
neither the shooting of a star
ne'er the passing of time itself
what flows from me is pure
as it must be to be worthy
of your charm and wit and passion
my veins pulse with imbibed inspiration
I drink you in like forests drink the universe
slow and gentle
patient and careful
deep thirsts masked by soft touch
lust of your form masked by song
for your beauty is lyric personified
your are an orchestra of desire
a tempest of pleasure
a monolith of midnight
towering with grace
casting shadows that embrace
long, oh, long I wait
in the dark
of the folds of your flower
caressed by your mercy
your silken petals soothe me
as I dream
as I pine
for a taste sure to be sweeter
than the bitter chaste of loneliness...
Written as an ode to an holistically beautiful woman.
This was a joy to write.


Such vulnerable desire.
Eclipse pupils, wide like the moon.
Corrupted mind, wet with *******.
In this darkness will you know me?
Reach out and feel me, I am here for you.
I cant bother my time with a creature that left me striken.
I want you still even after the vicious pain you put me through.
There’s something in your eyes that I need for myself.
The night is my relief, take me as I am.
Trust for me…feel for me…down on your knees for me.
Claim my name again.
I want to hear it dripping from that perfect mouth of yours.
The wonders ill perform on you.
I want to hear you whining.
I want to taste your disease poisoning my lips.
I want to see deliberate submission.
Having you under me, having you for myself.
To have my way with you, to want you this bad.
Staring into these hollow eyes, you’ll be crawling towards me again.
Begging on the cold floor.
Begging for me.
The view below me so pretty, your body so writhing.  
My mouth on your neck, come weak for me.
Hands on your throat, I feel you.
You are my obsession, release yourself.
You belong to me.
Zywa Oct 15
I pulsate shock waves

of pleasure that start pushing --

tides into the sea.
"The dream of the fisherman's wife" (2017, Manon Uphoff)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s"
Nisha Oct 10
Forbidden fruit left untouched
Longing to be tasted
Casted aside, undevoured

Wishing it will soon be desired
Ripe and prepped
Waiting to be feasted upon

It's efforts are forsaken
Neglected and yearning
Unsatisfied with insatiable thirst...

CIN Oct 5
Something breaks just around the bend
Longing is overturned
Replaced with a dull sort of fear
An impending sadness
Beauty, though gleaming with violence
Surrounds a thoughtful desire
Lust grows and swells
Bitter metallic love tastes sweet on starved tongues
Blood is no longer just red
But stunningly gone
October comes and I miss the way you hurt me. The anniversary of our departure weighs heavy on my mind. How I long to be your beautiful boy. How I miss your sudden changes of mind or the way you never kept your word.
Megan Oct 4
does it feel like a remedy, living without me?
or a constant reminder that you’re just like me
snipes Sep 12
you promised me the universe
but you forgot to tell me you
were playing with dispassion
you promised me the universe
but you forgot to tell me you
were giving me a world of hurt

left me
outta this world breathless
left me
outta this world loveless

dying passionately
as lust’s eyes are born
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