my fingers can trace you with my eyes closed and you not there

Lust wears a black veil, a strapless top, a mini skirt, and fishnet stockings.

written by Keith Edward Baucum

They gather together in darkness to join in unholy matrimony Greed and Lust a union of sin with evil grins the groom and bride exchanged vows.

Greed: "I promise to lay riches at your feet and put power in your hands."

Lust: "I promise to fulfill all your sexual desires."

By the powers invested in evil the groom and bride kissed.

written by Keith Edward Baucum

I'm broken
Worthless to my owner
No care for me at all
They think I was born to fail
Send me away I'm a sinful
Lock me in hay with no bail
Inject me with lead you'd all love if I were dead.
Cut out my eyes listen to me wail.
Tear me to pieces cause I'm frail.
Fuck with my feelings it's okay it's a game
Soon I'll be hangin like other coons.
Slave to no man but a noose.
Before death I'll be screaming you'll love that tune.
I'm lit like a flame but burning in pain.
Put knives in my brain.
I'll be sharp in my head.
Deathwish is what I want.
While I'm bleeding to death.
My death will be praised.
They all I've never been sane.
I cry myself to sleep.
At my funeral don't weep.
You cut me wide open
So 'll get a late abortion.
You played with my emotions
More than with female sheath
You took away my oxygen
When you lied to me
I know you never liked me though
I always knew you were a fraud
You said you're queer when my heart speaks
So now all girls just disgust me.
I was never good at lust
I get confused with loving

This is about real experience I'm a hopeless romantic

I want every piece of you
What you love and what you hate
What helps you sleep, what keeps you awake
I want to feel your skin and kiss your lips
I want to feel your hands grabbing my hips
I want to lick you and you lick me
I want it hard and I want it easy
Feel your breath upon my neck
I swear to you I'll be a wreck
Connecting with you outside and in
Euphoric pleasure, I want your sin
I want your lust, to be your muse
This connection we have, we did not choose
It came out of nowhere and melted my soul
Feeling you inside me will make me whole
You intoxicate me more than anything ever will
Whenever I breathe it's you that I feel
I want to dance with you, laugh with you, and scream
I want to create sparks and feel the steam
Whatever this is, it feels so divine
Feeling you in person will be sublime

I saw the statue of David
and I loved him (from afar).
His towering beauty, refined

features -- firm hands, strong
nose, wide eyes that I wondered
would be as pale and bright

as the afternoon sky -- inspired
primal want that twisted instinct
(am I predator or prey?).

My eyes traced his marble thigh
as I remembered: his is but a statue;
we were not meant to touch.

A Yorks 2d

Flavour that I desire,
Taste that drives me wild;
She's got the things I need,
All that gets me riled;
Milk chocolate rose of mine,
Coffee stirred with cream;
Brown sugar, oh so sweet,
Taste you in my dreams;
What makes you so delectable?
What makes you so sweet?
Mixed flavours come together,
Tastes collide and meet;
Nectar of asters black,
And of roses white;
Her petals display all shades,
Hues of day and night;
Sweeter than caramel,
And confiture de lait;
Brown sugar, oh so sweet,
Crave you all my days;
What makes you so desirable?
What compels my urge?
Mixed flavours stirred together,
Tastes, they do converge.

i told you i love you
just to see how you'd react
when you told me you love me too,
i didn't know how to counteract that.
you see,
all my life everyone has done nothing but hurt me,
and then you came along,
ready to lure me into something they cleverly call l o v e .
as if it's something impossible to run from.
i tried, believe me, i tried,
no matter what,
you stayed glued to my side.
i promised you forever
just to hide what's underneath that
when you found out i meant never,
your heart fell flat.
i broke you with smiles and giggles,
with cries and mixed signals,
and don't dare doubt that i won't do it again.
i hate you too much to love you,
you tell me farewell but i've already forgotten what we weren't, my friend.


How I'd like to 
catch your nightmares 
with my bare hands 
and put them away 
out of your reach. 

How I'd love to 
take away your insecurities 
and replace them 
with the wonderful thoughts 
I have about you. 

How I desire to 
rip out your frustrations 
and make you smile endlessly 
maybe then you will see 
how beautiful you are.

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