I want to know every part of you

From your head to your toes
From the mole by your nose
To the smell in your clothes

From your hopes to your dreams
To the way your eye gleams
When you reminisce about past teams

From your heart to your soul
From what makes you whole
To what makes you lose control

I want to know every part of you
Our love is easy...
          Like kisses over scars.
I’m no longer who you want me to be.
I’m cold, heartless and lost at sea.
You took my heart and shattered it,
Piece by piece, I tried to make it fit.

It’s gone, it’s broken and it cannot be fixed.

She wondered what her purpose was,
Questioning and searching.
The years of misery and suffering,  
What is she still doing here?

Maybe someday soon,
She will find what she needs.
What she needs is right beneath her feet.
She needs herself, no one else.

She thought she found her lover,
Her purpose and a reason to live.
That lover took everything left of her.
She’s cold and empty,

Searching for her purpose,
She found nothing but a way out.

At 3am when I’m lonely and my mind neurotic.
I find comfort in messaging you,
Although now purely platonic.

I sink deep into old memories,
Where you would hold and adore me.
Lust and love are what makes life worth living.  
Now I’m just high all time and everything’s boring.

Not until recently had I fathomed my impact as lover.
I played heedlessly with your mind,
Leaving you no chance to recover.

I left you thinking there was no way out,
That this was the final labyrinth.
You never should have had felt like you needed to resort to that shit.  
I never should have smiled that day at the sad boy in the plaid shirt and gold Rolex counterfeit
The melodic drum of his laughter was intoxicating.
Chaotic energy burst from his stomach in the most enticing way possible.

It’s rare for two people to see the same truth.
That’s how genuine connections are made,
They see it and share it.
I found you and fell instantly.
you pulled me under, an undertow in the ocean.
you washed me in your unrelentingly charm.
seductive eyes. luring hands. tempting lips.
head tilted back, mouth ajar with a heavy sigh, eyes still locked and trained on mine.
you reach your own victory,
and it’s even in your name.
Her, a silent twilight, alura of lights, glitter outside
from the in. A sublime way, letting go of her own
queenness, surpassing poetry and any narrative
of symphony. Thought ballet tried to replicate.
Belonging only to herself, for herself and none other,
than the chess game of mind, body and soul.
Musical actions, outgrowing sentimentality. Modern art,
portrait paintings, clanker's orchestra. Mystical
in fluid literature, writing such as these, potent poetic
prose. To where she won’t notice, nor even care.
Mother to art. Sister to romance. Regal without effort.
Harmony in thy soul. Because her breathe is harmony
in this world. Where this earth or matrix, perhaps
isn’t as sinful as I thought. (I repose from spells,
there is a belief in love and romance that sparkles
in this world as poetry.)
Cliche beginnings, eye catching glances, images layed over heart, murder lust. Touching civilization. Constant linage over time. Felt and now posed in forever. Flamed passions, wild hearts, glaring from the eyes.
Heaven smiles. Earth blushes.
No longer to argue with society, protesting against, never. Inclined to give in. Forgetting about the normality of life, where others suffer. Love left to experience as something happens to others is sill and thought dripping poetry, is now one’s own hands. A souls liberty. Dream fulfilling. Intimate moments. Mimicking poems. Glowing engagement between two.
If it’s told in theatre, proposals for immortality.
Shocked and accidental.
No sense of possibly returning.
For they are not who I had expected. Neo. How saving hee, never. Oh how love deems and falls, melting over one, like gold over marble. For I never asked, dreamt of, or even yearned for. Though they are there and I cannot turn away.  
Normal in love.
Different outside the normality of where we both come from.
Whimpering without, like a child
and I roar when she’s around.
Feeling utterly untouchable, brave to be thyself as we experience contentment.
Poetry follows but will never emulate.
(knowledge variable)
T 1d
Born from the cosmos since the beginning of time.
A tale of two souls eternally intertwined.
Destined to come together and then unwind.
The endless tale of all humankind.

It could be seen as some kind of joke.
A type of love completely bespoke.
To settle for less would be inadmissible.
To put into words would be inexplicable.

Passing back and forth, each others magnetic north.
Lost in the aesthetic, everything else feels synthetic.
Locked in orbit, bound by physics.
Trying as we might to finally unite the spirits.

Countless lives have come to pass.
Just how many more, until we might last?
Break out of this cycle for our own survival.
A tale of two souls, in an endless cosmic dance.
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