CC 36m

Accept that only the good die young
And the rest of us are here to stay
I think I can cry in public
Make you see me cry
Whole and free you can tuck me in
Your shirt pocket is my home
You can place down the picture of my brother
While we don't know how to love
I take it off too quickly
For you I would refrain from mistakes
I would become what you make of me
Style and sauce from my lips
Hell and fury is our friend and fortune-maker
Sorry for being your good girl
They say that mistakes are meant to be lessons
I'm learning how fun they are to repeat
I'm still learning how to kick it
Swinging like a child
I don't know how to be right
Just a single shot thrown back at my life

I didn’t believe in fate
Until the universe
Threw me into
Your arms
I didn’t believe in souls
Until our souls
Became one
and the same
No, I didn’t believe in angels
not until I saw you smile;
a heavenly aura
Of beauty
And light

Alice 16h

sometimes, more than sometimes, but not as often as everyday,
i think about how those eyes you have consumed me,
the way their darkness was in complete contrast to the light you expelled,
and i think about how they would linger into my deep green eyes,
often that look was a wash of colour, but yet it was a pool of feeling,
i felt your love in that look, in those eyes, no matter how many times
they broke the colour so quickly that everything was bland, i felt it in the way
you would smile like your eyes were the ones that were hungry
and i wasn’t your prey, but i grew the light you would shine from, and
you grew the happiness i would have to bury, the tombstone that you carved broke into shards of colour all of which turned black when you cried yourself to sleep in the unholy grave that you made me dig.

Anon 17h

In the Cimmerian shade
between your thighs
I'd live,
my perennial darkness
into the afterlife.


Dark thoughts. Dark desires. Dark needs. So on and so forth
frankie 1d

kiss my lips
tell me i'm pretty

grab my thighs
tell me you miss me

clutch my hips
tell me I'm your only one

look me straight in the eyes
tell me you need me

break my heart
and tell me you love me.

Let's just fuck it out in the end
But let's be real you're just a friend
Over the end of a pickup truck
So I sit here and write to pickup luck
With hair like that it was a match I struck
Get down to luck and a quick fuck
We'll find that reason soon
That stole my moon
So I'll sit here and attempt move along
Or ponder the next color of your thong
But we'll skip the details like we did before
Hence why the fuck I wanted to close the door

Jay 2d

I press your spine against the desk and
I hear you crack.
Words spill
into empty air.
They pool at my feet.
I rifle through your pages.

They quiver like autumn leaves.

I practically
for them to crumble into dust
between my
as I leave you.
Between the covers.

I take a long hit off my cigarette and casually toss it behind me as I entered the bar.
I see heads turn, but I only lock eyes with you.
Dressed in all black this dress clings to my body and curves like a second skin.
I smile wickedly as I see your eyes take me in...

I make my way across the room.
Black heels clicking loudly against the floor. I look away from you briefly.
This new confidence I'm wearing looks like a shiny new coat.
I smile even more, because I know what you're thinking..
And its so fucking satisfying...

You thought right... The old me is dead.

I hear the band start up as I make my way to the stage. My stride is in perfect unison with the drums that sound loudly throughout the room.

I climb on stage and grab the mic.
I inhale deeply and exhale into the mic... I begin to sing the perfect song for this perfect moment.

((("Take me I'm alive.")))
"Never was a girl with a wicked mind."
"But everything looks better when the sun goes down..."
"I had everything..."
"Opportunities for eternity..."
((("And I could belong to the night.")))


I lean forward as I see you enter the room.
I see the look of pure shock on your face and I smile behind the mic.
I hold your gaze and think about how much I'd like to ravage you..  right here on stage.

I sway my body to the beat and drag my fingernails across my fishnets.
I cant help but notice the thirst that occupys your eyes.

I sway my body seductively to the beat, to these words I sing that have so much meaning behind you and me.


((("Then your eyes...")))
"Your eyes..."
"I can see in your eyes.."
"Your eyes..."
"You make me wanna die..."
"I'll never be good enough..."
"You make me wanna die..."
"And everything you love will burn up in the light..."
"And every time I look inside your eyes,
(((You make me wanna die.")))


I watch as the words hit you like a thousand knives, stabbing you all over body.
I wanna jump off this stage, crawl into your lap.
Grab your face and bite your lips. Taste you, and show you....
just how much you've missed.

All these eyes on me.
All these people touched by the music that beats so loudly.
The bass, the guitar, my band mates. Such amazing artists that play behind me.
They've made my lyrics come alive. They blaze with me as I pour my heart into this song.


((("Taste me, drink my soul.")))
"Show me all the things that I shouldn't know."
"And there's a blue moon on the rise."

"I had everything..."
"Opportunities for eternity..."
"And I could belong to the night..."
"Your eyes, your eyes..."
"I can see in your eyes..."
"Your eyes everything in your eyes, your eyes."


I flip my long blonde hair aside and roll my hips.
I tilt my head back to the sky.
I slowly bring my hand up to reach above me.
Then back down slowly, softly, over and across my body.
I imagine your hands on me devouring my body.
  I bite down hard on my bottom lip.
Fighting back this sexual frustration...

I open my eyes, and they naturally search and find you.
And when they fall upon you...
Your looking right back at me...
I hold your gaze, and press my red painted lips to the microphone.

I begin to sing... My eyes never leaving yours....

((("I would die for you my love...))) love."
"I would lie for you my love, my love." (make me wanna die)
"I would steal for you, my love, my love."
(make me wanna die)
"I would die for you my love, my love."
"We'll burn up in the light."


As the song ends...
I blush in surprise as I hear the loud over powering cheer from the crowd.
I smile, and thank everyone...
And even after the roar of applause continues.
I cant help but glance over at you and see the hunger and crave that radiates from your eyes.

I smiled to myself....
turned swiftly to my band mates gave them a quick wink and hopped off stage. It warmed my heart seeing the smiles plastered across their faces.

But even behind the roar of all the whistling, the cheering, the clapping.
I could only see you.
It was like my heart drowned out everything around me and all I could hear was it screaming for you.

And it was at that very moment that I had to give you a taste of that... Of what I felt....
even if it was the last time.

I made my way through the crowd and straight to you.

I could see everyone still watching me and applauding as I walked to you.
I didn't care...
I was in a hypnotic trance and gravity was pulling me straight to you.
I  could see the lust, and the animalistic hunger for me in your eyes....
   It felt like, my skin was the only thing keeping me from bursting open and going everywhere all at once.

As soon as I reached you It looked as if you were going to say something to me.. But I ignored it....

Time could not measure the seconds it took me to press myself against you. Slid my hands up your beautiful broad chest to the back of your neck and bring your mouth to mine.
I pressed my full lips into yours.
Your mouth so eagerly welcomed mine..
I kissed you with all the pent up aggression, passion, and lust I had surging through me.
My kiss was legend.
My tongue danced and burned for you.
All that pent up pain and love and passion I've ever had was nothing but a seductive story and my lips were telling the you the story.
I bit down on your bottom lip and I hear you let out a passion filled gasp as you catch your breath.
I let go of your lip moments later
...remembering how addictive it was to bite you..
I press my lips into yours again.
You kissed me back and I let our tongues dance together one last time...
But as our memories begin to flood my.. I decide its time to end this moment... This moment of pure ecstasy.

I slid my hands on both sides of your face...
Pull your mouth away from mine.. And the look you give me..
Makes my heart drop....

I stare up into your bright blue eyes one last time....
I watch as your eyes search mine...
Looking for signs of me staying..
But I know, they only show signs of me leaving....

I smirk up at you.... drop my hands from your face and walk past you.

Everyones cheering me on as I make my way out of the bar. Guess no one was really expecting that...
I smirk to myself as I exit the bar and make my way home.

I pull out a cigarette and bring it to my lips...
I feel so high, like I'm in a state of euphoria...
I didn't want the night to end.
But I feel satisfied in a way I couldn't explain.

I can only hope the long, cold, walk home will bring me, and these raging feelings I've suppressed for so long to a screeching hault....

Because that was my closure and it was perfect in how it ended....

(Sorry this was so long lol) this post was inspired by my favorite band called "The Pretty Reckless and the song that inspired me to write this by them is called "Make me wanna die." give them a listen theyre amazing.
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