Craving for a lost soul,
Darkness all over my head
Happy when you're miserable,
Your jealousy I know where it'll lead.

Ecstatic feeling for your ****,
Your wrath that fed my heart.
Wrap my body with your pride that last,
For my demons on your head that chant.
Izabella 13h
How long
After you told me
You loved me
Did you realize
It was just ****
On your mind
Jaxey 1d
Here I am
Ready to spread my heart
Out on a platter for you
When the only spreading
You care about
Is my legs
Why don't you care about me?
Chris 4d
I don't trust you anymore
I'd have to lock you up In a f cage.. Weld the door shut..

Give you water to drink & give you food to eat...
Blanket box Covered sheet

So I could know that you'd be your only temptation..
******* And **** disease...

**** must start somewhere...
But you will stay locked up
For my mind to be free...

Tried deceit
Tried trust
Both failed
Trailed off n left us...

Tried death
Tried ****
One came back with vengeance
The other came back laughing...
It's not over yet...

I'll come home everyday
To lift your shielding cover
I'll reach my loving ,trusting hand In To show you I still love her...
This piece came from that moment of the tip top " peak " of one trusting another...
Laura Nov 25
I want to believe you were scared
because I was nothing you ever knew
when you laughed and asked
"who even are you?"

the newness of it all and you couldn't help but fall
for the girl who has spirit
but answered days apart when i called
you couldn't stand to be near it
magnetism above all

but I've been in your shoes enough times to know
that's not the case and you were ready to go
so i'll sit here and wonder where i went wrong
but not for much longer
i hear my favorite song

your silence spoke to me in screaming whispers
but now i hear it as a roar
it's not your voice, it's actually mine
"let go of the people who make your heart sore
and give you no time"
Laura 5d
I read you
you studied me
I played it cool
You invented it
Always one step ahead
Beating me in my own game
The lack of control
Drove me insane
I wanted to be yours
You wanted the attention
I gave it
You got it
Now I’m someone
You never mention
Seema 2d
Pooled in disgust
In the arms of a fool
My skin seems to burst
By his lustrous drool

The evil desires that spill
Gives shivers to my soul
It is of not my will
To be in such a role

Touched to places
Flames rise, high in pole
Strapping the laces
Seeking his ultimate goal

The pain aches pleasure
In his deaf ears
Nibbling bits to bites
My cries he hears

Now, on the natures bed
He pushes me back
Gasping over my head
Clenching his teeth on my neck

As I cried and he hissed
Like that of a snake
Crawling and being kissed
For a 'NO', he could not take

The nightmares spread
With a foul smell
Sheets covering red
From an unknown spell

His breath fading
Laying heavy on my chest
I pulled myself together
To be with the rest

Red zone or prostitution
Is not a self led to many
Neither it's an institution
To earn a penny...

Spilling thoughts. Not my story.
The rain came down in sheets that night
Thunder, as lightning split the sky
In that flash of light I saw you at my door
Your tear filled eyes glistened in a dark.
You want it darker?

Whistles of the wind through wires as
Rain knocked agains the windows of my room
Glass of wine in candle’s dancing light
Drama of the one you left behind.
You want it darker?

Your story was so incredibly complexed
In the way of pain inflicted perfect storm
How the one you love - left you broken
Hurting, at my door, looking for revenge.
You want it darker?

With every kiss our friendship’s dying
With every teardrop revenge was growing hotter
No love can heal the pain we’re causing
As we fell lower our fury burnt brighter.
You want it darker?

Like stars on a cloudy night
My true feelings were hiding in a dark
I couldn’t even look you directly in your eyes
Cause through you I was making love to her.
You want it darker?

Agonizing pain of self Inflicted cuts
Hearts drained of passion, dying fast
We both knew that you’re in love with him
I’m still in love with fading light of her.
You want it darker?

Like waves crashing agains a shore
I felt your pain collide with mine
Eyes wide shut as we reached out to touch
In our minds we wanted the ones that we were not.
You want it darker?

Dying candles flicker in a rays of raising sun
Lifeless hearts, falling out of lovers grasp
I used the blood for ink to pen this poem as
Angels wept in sheets the night before.

You want it darker.....
elaine 1d
now here i am, sitting in the same bed you used to sleep with me in, wishing i could scrub your kisses engraved into my skin. but how can i? you kissed me everywhere, inside and out.
can i bleach the inside of my thighs? my mouth or even my eyes?
it takes 27 days for your skin to regenerate. replace every place you have ever touched. isn't that crazy though? right now, no matter how much we used to touch, you are not on my skin anymore. i'm not on yours either.
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