''Twas her love and strength,
That forced my fragile, weak heart
To beat fearlessly.

The rhythm
of your flesh
tangles my veins
into a beautiful mess
of emotion;

like water
blooming on my
in the summer,
when it's too
hot for our skin
to kiss.

we dance;

you pull
my body close
like the moon
on a string

and my heart
thumps wildly
within my bones

as it flutters
right next to yours
to the pulse of
            and halos

The thought of love at first sight
Most believe to be false
The longing one feels
The passion in their hearts

Unbearable pain
From loss of their presence
Churning and tugging
Their heartstrings entwine

Undeniable to the heart
Naked to the eye
We pull ourselves along
Hoping for the thought

Of gazing in ones eyes
As they casually walk by
The heart flutters and aches
For their tender embrace

Slayla 17h

I've tried to stay through
Tried and true
But I'm tired and blue
I'm hopeless and moody and my vision of the world is slightly askew
Echoes in a hollow room perspire down the walls of what I thought was the ghost of a man that I knew
I want so badly to feel the skin that the humidity clings to
Nothing satisfies like the sweet breath exhaled from you
Turn off my phone and leave a note on the door wet with lipgloss from the evening before having a conversation across the dinner table while no one was informed
It's you that I'd come thru for
Come to my senses for
Cum thru my mensies for
Breakfast in bed next to your head while clean socks peaking out your nightstand drawer
Not just hello but a kiss at the door
Because goodbyes are for closers, and I'm not about to exit without saving
The console's still hot from these games you've been playing, tiptoeing down the hallway while I'm half asleep contorted around your body
So detached, that's a wrap, I'll be your midnight snack
All I've ever wanted was to love and be loved back
Is this how you treated her? Ones before? Is that why you're here already undressed by the door?
Have you any means of sensibility? Sensitivity? What's the rush if it's just a fuck? Don't keep hitting me up, don't paint me a picture then rip the canvas up, don't turn on the nightlight if the wire's unplugged, don't tell me to come over then leave the door shut, don't ignore me sober and fuck with me drunk

nim 20h

The only thing known to me is,
I need her.

I've been lost
I had wandered some places
No man wanted to hear about
Oh, and I've sinned
Gave my soul to the devil...

But, my devil was
In a black cocktail dress
Untamed hair falling across her back
Diabolic sparks in her eyes
I knew one thing.
She had to be mine.

Listen to my tale, and
Don't do the things I've done
Committed crimes
Against myself,
Against love.

There was this thing
About her, that drove me crazy
She was stubborn, yet gorgeous
Beautifully catastrophical
She really was a daughter
Of a man with an ancient lamp
From the myths and legends,
The fallen angel who brings the light.

She once told me:
"Count your sins, and add up
Your own very flaws
And look at the skies.
One star for a sin of yours,
One for a bad act
One for your flaws
But the stars still shine bright
Because they don't care
What've you done.
Immerse out of your nightmare
Because everything you held true
Is a pure lie.
You don't have to be perfect
Because, look up and tell me
Does one star make
Such a big difference?"

She embraced me
And I embraced her
Pressed my lips against hers
As she pulled out the worst in me.
She was a rebel,
She was out of line,
She was stubborn and direct
Purely fierce.
Oh, but I wished she was.

No man should survive
The living collapse of Heaven and Hell
Should I quit from her, my soul
Will be soon dead

If I tear her apart from me,
I won't last long.
Oh, what a sin of yours
That you've given your soul to the devil

I can't help but remember her eyes
Following me silently
My heart hurts when she's not around
I'm addicted to that
One thing she has

In this poem, a man tells a story about how he fell in love with the devil's daughter and gave his soul away.

I hate you so much because I want you so bad
It's always a loosing battle trying to erase you from my head
You cause havoc that wrecks me, your finger tips shake my core
A passion so deep you have me begging for more
All I want is to get rid of you,
But you seep through every pore
Slowly drip drop to my brain
It's only when I imagine you with me that I feel somewhat sane
You're just a demon that I live with now
I hear your voice and feel your lips
Asleep or awake, I can't see past you
You cloud my eyes like an eclipse
I don't know what you did to me all those years ago
I'm struggling to move past you because you block my every road
Without you I'm unfinished and deprived
I'm in a manic-like condition
Having had a taste of you, I can say with confidence
You are the worst addiction.

I'm just a love addict - attracted to love that just lust's me
Eleni 1d

Friday- the most promising day of all.
The beginning of the weekend, but the one day that will spark appall.

Down on Mainstreet all the girls
In their fringed dresses, pouting their foxy lips and their hair waving in short messes.

The hags frown as the winged ladies pass by- displaying their carriages a little sly.

Oh, but Jane's favourite speakeasy was 'The Back Room' down on Norfolk Street: the place where the lost creatures meet.

Tin ceilings, velvet wallpaper, plush thrones and back in that dark corner, there is the sound of low moans.

'A whiskey, neat, please' as a shadow in a tuxedo walked towards her and he whispered 'Hi,' in a sensual purr.

'Who are you?' he stirred,
'Oh, I'm Miss Doe' and he lept into the stool with a swift flow.

And the jazz trumpets married the spontaneous harmonies and the saxophone created sublime melodies.

So they sat as idle as ghouls in the dim spotlights, until Jane asked Mr Buck:

'D'you fight in the war?' And he whined 'Cambrai, Amiens and Lys' - his lips seemed a little sore.

'I'm sorry - do I know you?' His face looked as familiar as Jay to Nick. A brief pause in time at that smile.

That was the final chord to the "lick".
He drove her down to Roslyn- to his replica of Versailles and Jane looked intensely shy.

'Oh, do come in,' the desperado soughed. And she walked into the gilded palace which Cupid's presence bowed.

'I have a favour to ask of you, Miss Doe. Would you be as kind to wash away my woe?'

And as they congressed under diamond chandeliers, his comrades gathered around the bed in amorphous silhouettes; watching disgustedly.

As for Mr Buck he was an alien, skin-to-skin with a haunted beauty and Miss Doe- a labourer on duty.

A story based on the aftermath of the First World War, the birth of a "lost generation" and the excess of the 1920s.

1 'Miss Doe...Mr Buck' referring to a mature female of mammals of which the male is called 'buck'. This further adds to the animalistic imagery of their encounter.

2 'Cambrai, Amiens and Lys' battles of the First World War which the United States was comprised of the allied effort.

3 'Jay to Nick... that smile' an allusion of 'The Great Gatsby' when Gatsby and Nick meet for the first time at one of his lavish parties. Nick romanticises Gatsby's understanding smile.

4 'Lick' a jazz term for a repeating pattern or phrase in music.

5 'Replica of Versailles' a regal palace in France in this poem representing the wealthy individuals of 1920s America in New York.
huda 1d

beauty is in the eye of the beholder
but beauty couldn’t fit in his eyes

it was filled with lust

Riot 1d

I want you.

I want to know your favorite color and your middle name.
I want to know about the people you hate and how you found out you loved women.

How do you make your sandwiches?
What foods do you like and can’t pronounce?
What places do you want to see and what words do you know but can’t explain the definition?

Can we cuddle?  
And by cuddle I don’t just mean lay on you, because trust me, I can do that without cuddling. By cuddling I mean let me hold you till you forget your problems and I finally stop talking.

I want to call you baby. I want to sit in a room, with you, listening to jazz music.

I want to feel your pulse and you feel mine,
I want to hear your heartbeat dance to the rhythm of the same songs on the corny playlist on Spotify I made that remind me of you.

The Special Playlist,
(I call it)
The Makeout Playlist,
(you do).

I want to only be about to hear our synced hearts
and the slow songs
and the weight of the world leaving our shoulders
plopping onto the floor with your worries
and the jacket I took off of you when you first came in.

I want you to tease me
because I significantly failed as a former lesbian
because I’ve never watched Orange is the New Black
or The L Word
“You’re not Lesbian certified”
You’ll tell me.

I want to speak to you
In my limited German vocabulary
and watch gay movies
and let you tease me even more
when you find out I can’t sit through sex scenes
even the really gay ones,
and nudity isn’t my thing.
It’s okay though,
Your laugh is cute.

And I want to kiss you.
I want to kiss you like
we’re those horny ass teenagers
from Romeo and Juliet,
(but with a better ending).
I want to kiss you like
there’s nobody else in the world
And there aren’t people who hate me for liking you
And your family won’t care if you love me because
I want to kiss you.

Let me buy you flowers,
and want to take you on dates.

Let me take you to McDonald’s
and order off the dollar menu because
I believe in treating my girl right
(And I get an employee discount)

let me tell you why I churches make me nervous
and how I don’t believe in God and
why I don’t like birthday parties
And how I want to have my cake and eat it too
Even though I hate cake
And prefer cupcakes,
But nothing is better than cake if that’s you.

I want you to know why I played trumpet for three years then switched to baritone,
I want to know if you’ve ever done drugs and how it felt.
What are your morals and values?
What’s your utopia?

I want to send you goodnight texts and spend hours talking about nothing
And dance offbeat with you because
neither of us could have rhythm to save our lives.
I’ll let you scream fight me when I let you win in games I would destroy you at because you get that goofy smile when you think you’ve won.

Introduce me to your family and I’ll show you mine.
Let me see your baby photos and we can see foreign movies on Netflix.
Let’s go out for coffee and ask deep questions.

I don’t care, okay?
I just want you.

I need less free time
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