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Red cheeks.
Flaming heart.
Soul stains and rusts
As it's consumed by lust.
But not for you.
Amanda 1d
Ruined what was left
Lies and lust made me lose you
Heart broken again
About the worst mistake I have ever made
Renounce the orders of a novitiate
break free of cloisters and other taboos
discover sensuality on the skin
like a herpetologist might
the claws against your unfondled, convented *******
scaly underbelly slithering across your stomach
new sensations, new desires, a new world opens up.
Jo 2d
wouldn't life be easier if things were just a bit clearer?

he's sweet, this man
he's tender, the way he runs his finger down my face
there's something about the way he speaks, so intelligently

but could it also be that i'm just infatuated with the thought of having somebody to hold
someone to be intimate with
someone to potentially fall in love with

sweet little tender life of mine
can you tell me if this man is meant to be mine?
Fighting back sensory distortion from an infamous contortionist
The ringleader flails from the high rise as the tent collapses in from all sides
Left desolate in the barren land our only salvation is the buggy with books from the promised land but we'll use them to kindle our fire instead and roast the animals to stagger off starvation a day while we can
JasFow 6d
I'm never going to apologize
For making you feel better
When you were with me
Than the person you'd lie to
Daily saying I love you, too
When your lips told me at night
The same, against mine, in dim light
I don't regret giving you euphoria
Though you chose them again
I've become comfortable
Being the other one
The shower of true love and lust
Unafraid to embrace my power
A desire that radiates
To those that cant be obtained
I become a magnet
For those that remain unavailable
A curse I carry with me
Each year as I become more aware
Of the power and pain I hold
d May 2017
even before the 2 minutes that their lips came crashing down on each others they know it's meant to be because even though she tasted like ***** and vanilla and he tasted like cigarettes and cherry cola they feel right at home with each other and that's different for both of them because they're not perfect and that's okay but this feels like blissful oblivion and they're both bad for each other and make the other person vulnerable and they know it but there's nothing they want to change because this is better than any moment of their lives and nothing was more perfect even though it was almost 4 am and they were strangers to each other who only met hours before at the club but they don’t care because their eyes locked and they couldn’t take it off each other and everyone said that they’d never last because they were the same, all leather jackets and rebellious and that alike repelled but they’d disagreed because they were too much in what seemed like love; but he left her and was soon behind someone else and her heart broke and shattered like how an intricate vase which used to be beautiful would and she promised herself she’d never be vulnerable and that’s why she’s got no identity now but she doesn’t mind and she prays, oh she prays every night that when she dies and goes to heaven, she’ll meet him there because she admits that she’ll gladly suffer heartbreak and hell in the afterlife just for those 2 minutes of love like she’d never known back.
I hated you with all of me
Until you filled the core of me
And slowly without me knowing it
I liked the parts that was shown to me
Now whenever I see your face it seems
I end up feeling like I'm in love with it
Pasandula Sep 12
Through the witching hour she cries

Veiled stories flood her mind

swept by mellifluous tones of lust

Still, conscience breaks through her skin

Traces of fingertips and lips

patterned on her supple skin

Yet her mind wanders; mistakes,

longing to touch the bottom

a bottomless abyss of sins
Every time I go under the covers,
My eyes long to find you.
Is it just a euphoric essence, or am I really falling?
Oh! I’m so afraid of telling.
Some days I wake up with your bold eyes staring at me, when I hallucinate.
Some nights you’re just a sweet swimmer swimming in my ocean, when I hallucinate.
When nights are so long,
And I can barely sleep,
I rest upon your figure, when I hallucinate.
You have no name, no face, no game, no race
Only a someone whom I rely on
My chance to escape, a feeling of being loved.
Oh darling, Let’s meet there again,
When I hallucinate.
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