the 5d

cloudy, deadly seashore
ruminating upon unknown
breezy wrath, cold bath
whereas grueling it became

fowl without any motion
driven with no emotion
rueful walk of solitary
stopped like a statuary

stream of tattered plates
awoken the mighty states
potent but yet languorous
fragile but yet amorous

oh, comfit, where'd you get lost?
your inside has frozen in the frost
yet optimistic, awaiting to get out
from the one irresistible rout

katalyn 6d

I hope you find someone, someday
Rare, beautiful, and brave enough,
To rob you of your emptiness

Maybe just maybe the person might even be me. Might of been me.

True love isn't real. But I'd like to find someone that would be capable of making me question that ordeal.

(Thoughts keeping me from sleep)
Larry Dixon Nov 9

I could meet someone and go on dates.
We could exchange ideas and thoughts and our number.
But you’d fall in love and call us soulmates.
And that would really be a bummer.

I’m sure you’d be an amazing person.
My hearts already taken, I’m in love.
Then our situation would only worsen.
Because then there would be a feeling you cant get rid of.

The person I love doesn’t love me back.
You tried to change my affection, my direction.
But you couldn’t get me off track.
Because she is my selection of perfection and I’m sure you’d have an objection to my rejection.

Because the emotion of devotion that I feel for her makes time move in slow motion.
And you would only end up broken.

jack Nov 5

Learn something today
Be someone new tomorrow
Imagine all the things you could be
If each day you were a new you

Hold on to yourself
Nothing is as it seems
You simply can´t tell
What goes on behind the scenes

Hold on to someone
Who doesn't bring you down
and alone in front of everyone
Looking like a clown

I can't say I understand
No one really does
Let´s live in a dreamland
And break all the laws

Hold on to yourself
Don´t feel pressured to transform
You can't always tell
When your whole soul is gone

2. November 2017

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Delanie Oct 29

I Am a scar of myself
a damaged piece of my former being.
and I ache for redemption.
I want to erase what I have become,
to smear this human I am now,
with the pink bud of a fresh eraser.
lets create something new,
lets wind down and settle in who we are.
it feels nice.
at this point.
Being someone.
being something/

Myself Oct 28

What do you expect?
For me to sit here and say, “I love you”
When you don’t even do the same.
You don’t treat me like you used to.
So please, I beg of you,
Do Not Hate Me.
Do not hate me when I love someone else.
Do not hate me when I tell them I adore them with all my heart.
Do not hate me when they’re the one I think about constantly.
Do not hate me for falling out of love with you.
I stay because I fear breaking your heart, breaking the promise that I’d love you forever.
You don’t even bat an eye at me,
So forgive me when I love someone who loves me too.

Jules Oct 23

there aren't enough words in the universe to explain
All the anger frustration and pain
I feel towards you
I want to scream cry and punch a wall
If it means I won't fall
Ever again for someone like you
Don't try to come back
And build up a fallen stack
Of trust that will never be regained
Under my breath I curse your name
For involving myself in your game
But I can't be called a fool for something I never saw coming

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