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Tori Schall Oct 8
Save your tears for someone
who can comfort you as they fall.
Don't waste them on someone
who can't even cry for themselves.

Save your laughter for someone
who can laugh along with you.
Don't waste it on someone
who's forgotten how.

Save your bright smile for someone
who will appreciate the gesture
Don't waste it on someone
who's smile is never true

I'll give you a single piece of advice, my dear:
It would be a mistake to fall for someone
who cannot fall for you.
Aawatef Sep 13
I can't explain why my heart beats lightfast
Can you hear the thumping sound? Quiet fast
When you are around

I can't explain why my knees feel weak
A giddy feeling, red are my cheeks
When you are around

Everything seems a little brighter
My soul moves to the beat of the choir
When you are around

The world conspires to perceive a feeling
For my feral heart is healing
When you are around
Most luck ones have that special someone who makes them feel weak in the knees. Appreciate them, tell them you love them.
Aman Sep 12
Someone is important to me.....
And most of all she makes me smile.....
She is like an angel who....
Came down....
To help me forget....
All my worries.....
And moreover.......
She is like a fairy.....
Who is close to heart.....
And I will die.....
If for a moment....
She is apart....
Important love
AM Sep 3
If you are willing to go through
all the pain for her
I know you can do it
for yourself too

To me,
you're worth fighting for
and I can't watch you
let yourself fall from another bridge

I've seen the things
you've done for her
and I can't watch you
let yourself fall from another bridge

All of the things you've given up
just to give up fighting in the end
I can't watch you
let yourself fall from another bridge

If she's worth falling from another bridge
then you should be worth it to yourself

you are to me.
Anna Sep 2
I could take my heart out, but it wouldn't change anything.
Anytime that I put it back, I know I'd fall in love again, and like always, feel broken in the end.

You need to have high hopes everytime, but they don't tell you how it is to feel lost in the maze.
Feel like you need to burn something, 'cos in the inside, you are already on fire.

Every history can be different, but they always leave the same void.
There you are again, locked into your house thinking of someone else, do you deserve it or god is playing on you, like a joke to heaven.

Is that what heaven
Looks like for you?
I’ve never actually been with another.

I have a close friend.

But I yearn for intimacy with a female.

Within extended pauses.

This lingering feeling.

Rises from its hole.

And finds me up through the undertow.

Bewildering me with a chasm of alienation.

And shrouding me in its dismal light.

I let myself foolishly steep in it.

Until I am saturated with my own self pity.

As pity rots away it turns to anger.

And I decay into a more disgusting person.

One who self loathes. The root of my problem.

How can one love if they don’t love themself.
Pyrrha Aug 23
No matter how many times you give your heart to someone or tell them that it's theirs, if they say their heart is someone else's you can never get your heart back quite the way it was.
A M Ryder Aug 9
We are all *****
When life
Wants someone to ****
Mary Frances Aug 5
I've been asking every time I fall asleep,
that when I close my eyes, will I still be in one's heart to keep?
When tomorrow comes and I won't be awake,
will there be someone who'll cry for my sake?
If at the middle of the day, I will suddenly fall,
is there anyone who'll answer my last cry and call?
When everything is done and in time, I'll be gone,
will you remember the moment when I was your beloved one?
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