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Words are not written
to pierce hearts,
To mend the broken ones
To heal the bruised ones
To stitch the torn ones
To love the lost ones
To kiss the hated ones
To miss the gone ones
To lose the loved ones
To stab the honest ones
To hurt the feeble ones
To tear the soft ones
To break the hard ones
To melt the cold ones
To feel the fallen ones
To crush the smashed ones
To throw the plastic ones
To pick the everlasting ones
To cry for someone
To lie to the only one
To steal someone's only one
To **** the brave ones
To crown the coward ones
To laugh on meek ones
To smile for no one
To see the invisible ones
To hear the mute ones
To scream to the deaf ones
To defeat the invincible ones
And to win the heart of someone.
Words are just written,
And for every reader,
every word
Every punctuation mark,
And every space
Tells a different story.
That's the beauty of words.
glumplum Nov 8
Nobody wants to admit it but we all miss our ex.
Because its one person that used to fit so well with you,
Somebody held parts if you that you can never get back.

So yes, sometimes I miss you,
Sometimes I miss how we could make each other laugh so easily,
I miss discovering new shows with you,
I miss how you talk about movies,
I miss how we compared our notes after watching something,
i miss how we threw around jokes so comfortably,
and sometimes we laughed because it was funny,
but usually we smiled because we were happy,
I think I'll always miss the way we knew each other so well,
Until we didn't.

People change, feelings change,
but sometimes I wish we didn't.

I'll always have a piece of me missing,
Where you fit in just right,
And sometimes I don't think about you at all,
Sometimes you invade my mind.

Sometimes I miss you,
I hope you're doing okay,
I hope you're laughing at something right now,
I really hope you're happy,
But mostly,
I hope you miss me sometimes too.
Jenny Van Oct 28
You are made to make
Someones life better
And maybe it's mine
And maybe it's forever
Dharla Oct 28
My love for you is deeper than an ocean
It's as real as the burning flames that cannot be extinguish
No matter what you do, I will never leave you
Reject me as much as you want, but I will never give up

I love you for who you are
All your flaws, imperfections, mood swings
I will withstand them all for you

I love the way your mouth curls into a smile, especially when your teeth comes to view
I love the way you laugh, for it comes out so natural
I love the way you talk, and all those accents that comes out
I love the way you smell, because it's my favorite one
I love the way you crinkle your nose, to let me know I can touch it
I love the way you move, for it puts me in a trance
I love the way your eyes connects with mine, for it makes me feel hundreds and thousands of emotions

Above all else,
I love you with all my heart and soul
I will never get tired of you
I will never leave you, no matter what happens
I will cherish you, forever and always
I will give you everything that I can give to you
I will make you feel so love, that you'll forget all the bad things

But first
Be mine.
Lynnia Oct 27
Bantered like a pro,
Happy memory held dear
Keep this moment close.
It wasn’t for long, but I’m still quite proud of myself.
maybe these day you feel alone or even lonely,
you know that actually you are surrounded by bunch of people,
you have lots of friend,
but you feel nothing from them,
you still feel you are on your own,
you don't have someone to share your story with,
but it's not that you don't want to share your story,
you just haven't found the right person to share with,
because you can't trust everyone, and that's totally okay.

maybe these day you've been asking,
"until when i being like this?"
maybe these day you praying to ***,
"i don't need bunch of friend, i just need a person who will understand me and never leave me."
maybe you are so close to giving up,
but you choose to not giving up, you stay patient and stray strong.

you are doing the right thing.
on the right time,
*** will send you someone you asked for,
or even someone more than you asked for.
someone will really do care for you,
someone will always stay right by your side,
someone that you can trust and rely on.

you just need to wait a little more.
and believe that on the right moment,
that will happen to you.
I don't wish to have you back
Only to feel that same lightheartedness, without the weight of the world on my shoulders
because someone special
When you just miss having a someone
"I just want everyone to leave me alone!"


".....I'm so lonely....."
Written: October 21, 2018

All rights reserved
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