KatThebliss Dec 2017

Our eyes make acquaintance in the dim light of the car.
I search them for a person I once knew, someone different, someone not you.
I see a familiar glare.
I want to test your patience.
I want to taste your soul.
Two different bodies with the same paces.
They make your intellect into copies.
Not the same, no.
The differences are obvious, but the intrigue stays.
It always comes back.

No two people are exactly alike... But love starts out the same.
Nylee Dec 2017

I am not who I say I am
I am someone who
I have forgotten myself
names not me
my face is not me
my eyes not mine
my soul calls me down within
it rejects my reflection
I and the soul in division
who am I?

mint Dec 2017

what to do when you committed yourself to someone who won’t commit themselves to you?
they never loved you the way you loved them
maybe they don’t even deserve the way you loved them
saying that makes your heart hurt though,

how to look right at the face of the one who crushed your heart
and not want the entire world for them
how to stop wishing they’d be okay
that they would be happy again

how to stop wishing for the past
when they giggled and smiled and said “it’s because of you”

how to forget the tone in their voice when they said “i love you too”


if you figure it out write it down on a paper and send it to me too

words i need to know more than i need her to be true

Robert Dec 2017

You are still so young
But you have lived through so much
To cope with it all
And still be alive
You must be strong
I wish you didn't have to be this strong
I wish you had someone
Who could just be
Be there with you
Whenever you feel weak
Be your strength when life is too hard
Hug you when you cry
Give you ice cream when you are sad
And love you for who you are
Not loathe you for what you cannot be
I wish you had someone
Because it cannot be me

Illona Dec 2017

there's something missing
i still confuse
what is missing from me
Someone else?
i miss someone
that make me miss my ownself
i miss the apple
i miss the hairtie
i miss the glasses
i miss all of that
because that's the things
can make me be myself
i can smile because i want to
i can laugh because i want to
not because i need to
I'm not the same anymore
it feels like i have
many faces
many mask


I love you since the game we played last year but now i lost you or maybe i lost in you M
Lure Pot Dec 2017

I feel like I need to tell
you, my life is very easy
and maybe so crazy
sometimes I am happy
sometimes I feel unwell.
What can I do with my life?

I just got started loving someone
but nobody knows about it
because my Love is still shy
that's probably why.
What can I do with my Love?

but Idk
luci Dec 2017

the most
of all labours
is the distasteful art
of pretending to be

don't waste your energy on hiding who you are
kas Dec 2017

and suddenly time stops
after weeks and weeks of moving too fast
the stillness makes my head spin
or maybe you make my head spin
because there you are
a friend of a friend
standing in the living room
had it been my living room
i'd have asked you to leave
our history was crashing around
inside of my skull
a ricocheting bullet i didn't know how to stop
as it were
all i could do was stand there
statue still in the doorway
frozen in time
your silhouette blurred against
the afternoon sunlight streaming in
through the window
and i stared for moment after long moment
needing you to be someone else
and just like in all my bad dreams
when i scrounged up the courage to greet you
your face fell into an expressionless mask
our eyes barely met
your irises the same shade
as the coffee that holds my eyes open every morning
and nothing fell from your mouth
i tried hard not to feel anything
i know you were as terrified as me

Andrew Durst Dec 2017

I think I'll fall asleep in an hour
I think I'll be dead in a week
I'm sick of bitter arrogance-
it isn't something unique.
In fact it's kind of grotesque
the way I choose to progress
it's like i'm slowly
cutting from my
and stopping
at my chest.
Do you get it yet?
Do you find it hard to understand?
Am I not what you were looking for
or do I need to be better than I am?
I'm only asking.
I think that's fair.
But then again I'm getting acquainted with
I tell myself it isn't real.
I try to believe that you care.
But all that goes out the window when
I see you are not there.
It's unusual;
the way I trip
over myself.
Therapists and teachers
always said I needed help.
But I didn't believe them.
Ignorant was how I felt.
Trapped, corner,
I was pissed with what was dealt.
Just know that I didn't keep it.
I just walked right on out.
And for every moment
I've been defeated-
at least I wasn't

someone else.

Full of stupid errors but it felt good to let this all go.
So enjoy for what it is. Thank you.
Lure Pot Dec 2017

What do you think
will I give my life
for your fake love?
No, I don't think
about it, I love myself
so much. It's my love.

Now you can go away
and find someone else,
Listen, I'm not fool.
I'm worried today
You're feeding false
love to me. It isn't cool.

I don't want to lose
my family and me,
You're a cheater
Oh, who wants to lose
time for a sea
which has no water?
That's why
I wouldn't be your lover
and I won't be with you anymore.

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