The flowers
in the garden
Start to bloom
in the silence

On a desolate garden
Waiting for someone
To irigate the flower
Dear 2d
I need you,
I need a friend,
Someone to talk
We were so close but now I can't even hear a "hi",
You were by my side everyday, every moment but now I can only see your pictures with other people, with that smile that you used to have with me
I miss you but in a couple of days you will be a stranger for me.
All the things that we said that night, where are these words now?
In your heart?
In the trash?
Or only in my mind?
It break my heart but I don't see you in my future.
You ask for help
When you are blue
And have no clue
But you also left
When you already received
The help you want
I know its selfish of me
to ask you
To ask me
For my help, cause I dont mind
I just dont want you to leave me behind.
Pls, you have trap me and im craving for you but its sad cause I know you dont need me anymore.
She was the sun.
And he was made of wax.
Each day she shined brightly
But he eroded away slowly.
Until the day he went to the sun.
A near puddle.
He whispered.
Sad days huzzah!
april w 7d
Yes, you

I see you've stumbled upon my poem

This is just a reminder
That you're beautiful
And amazing
And if you ever need someone to talk to
I'm here for you

Your friend
Feel free to message me if you ever need someone to talk to! I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

natalia Apr 15
you weren't the beat of my heart
nor were you the heart
you were the momentary pause
that my heart makes for the next beat
you weren't the calm stroke of the river
nor were you the river
you were the ripples it made
when the wind breezes momentarily
that's how caught up you were with the moment
how different you were
because you always forgot
how easy an event has happened
is the same ease that it is forgotten.
4/14/18 11:12 PM
Drew Vincent Apr 13
Some days,
I think of the ways I used to cut myself open.
Just to peak at the
pounding red rivers
hiding below my skin.

I miss the ways,
cutting myself made me feel.
I felt pain,
but the pain wasn't as bad as
the pain in my heart.
My heart grieving at the smallest inconvenience.

Some days,
I miss the ways,
no one knew
this dirty secret of mine.
How I was the sole keeper
of the map of my scars.

I miss the ways,
that sometimes,
someone would find my map.
Someone would find it disturbing
and I desperately miss the ways,
sometimes, someone, would care.
You see when you love someone.
You put 98% into them.
But you can never really put that extra 2% there.


Your afraid.
Afraid that they will leave you or that you’ll do something wrong.
So you try to force that 2% into that person. And thats when they will fall back.

If you really love someone you wouldn’t have to push that 2%.
It will happen naturally without you knowing.

                        With love,
natalia Apr 9
and then, all at once,
all the sappy love songs
finally made sense
because, then
i wanted to see you
come back
to come running home
to come back
running to me.
2:42 PM 4/9/18
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