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I cannot believe you're really gone
Disappeared in blink of an eye
Many things I would change
If I had another try
You meant the world and more to me
NoI'm stuck asking the universe why
You would take someone I love so much
Before even saying goodbye
My mom passed away and now i feel hopeless. I can barely muster the strength to go on.
Van Xuan Jun 3
niingon ka ganahan ka sa adlaw
pero nagpalandong ka sa ilawm na punoan

niingon ka ganahan ka sa hangin
pero imong gi sirad an ang bintana pag agi sa hangin

niingon ka ganahan ka sa ulan
pero nag payong ka pag bunok sa uwan

nakulbaan ko pag ingon nimo
ganahan ka nako

mubiya naba ka nako?
An English piece that I heard from one of my friends and I just translate it to cebuano literature
Deep Sep 2021
that death,

I sit there
and watch like
the sorrow and joy.
Zack Ripley Aug 2021
I'm someone.
You're someone too.
Even if you're broken.
Because if a broken crayon can still color,
and a broken clock can still be right,
a broken person is still a person.
You just have to find your way
out of the darkness and into the light
delilah Aug 2021
Am I ready to love again?
Or do I miss the feeling
The feeling of being in love
Zack Ripley Aug 2021
Before you even try to trust someone else, make sure you can trust yourself first.
Aidan Jul 2021
Always on my mind
Always lingering in the shadows
Always appearing in the quietest of moments
Always on my mind
You're always on my mind

I don't know when this has started
I don't know when this will end
I met you once after 5 years of separation
Full acknowledgement of it being one time thing
And yet
You're always on my mind

No contact in months
Yet always on my mind
Always to where I need to look at previous words or profile
Just to get you back into a dark confined corner

What had changed that one time we met?
What switch was flipped?
Afraid I cannot say
For I do not even know myself

I saw some lyrics in a video
"Always on my mind 24/7  365"
The relation to you seems uncanny at this point

Always on my mind
Always haunting me
Always planting seeds
The end?
Who knows...
Simply getting words off of my chest that have been weighing on me
Kailin Biver Jul 2021
I need a friend
Who will help me mend
A friend that will remember me
But I’m not looking for a nominee.

A nominee isn’t some I can trust.

I need a friend to cry with
Over all the stupid things
A friend who doesn’t mind
Staying with me all these years.

I need a friend
Who can see past my vacant eyes
As well as these lies…

But it hurts.

Because anytime I get that friend,
I’m left here alone trying to apprehend
What I did wrong.

Did I show them too much?

I try getting these answers.
I try putting the pieces together.
I try to figure out what I did wrong.
I try my best to reach out.

And as this happens,
Piece by piece
I become an empty void.

Is having that someone really worth it
When this type of thing happens every **** time?
Isn’t it better to just leave it
Rather than trying to prepare myself for what’s bound to happen next time?
kinhanyon May 2021
would you give towards
someone who would never be somebody

mine was much
pardon my feelings
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