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Luna Maria Sep 25
It’s where we smoked our cigarettes
because we were already living for way too long
but we never jumped of the roof

we only let the smoke
burn our lungs from inside out
and wanted death to come closer slowly.
two fallen angels on a rooftop
My favorite stuffed animal
Is Roof Roof

Don't tell the others
Nick Jr. gets jealous and Elle
The elephant never

Mommy got Roof Roof
For me in a hard time when
A lot of my trauma
Was coming up
Again for the
1st time

Roof Roof is
Always there
For me

Mommy goes to work
And me and Roof Roof
Adventure together

Get into trouble or
Make up new
Worlds or
Or New
Anything but
Always new!

Roof ♡ Roof
Has a heart on his left foot

This is his most important feature!
When I have a panic attack
He's there to

And for me
It's a matter of when
Not if
I have a panic attack
They find me


Roof Roof always there!
I trace the heart on his
Foot with my hand

And I think to myself
Mommy loves me
Mommy will take care of me
I just need to wait a little bit


I bring Roof Roof with me
He came with me to
Denver last month

To Las Vegas
The trip before that

He's starting to fall apart
Just like I am
I love him too
Much too ever toss him out
This poem was written by
BSP with Eevee's help
BSP stands for Big Sweet Pea
He is the alter in our system that carries
The most trauma

Mommy Carrot is my wife
He is also the alter who takes
The best photos
A B Faniki Aug 31
The sound that the rain
makes while beating on my roof
lullaby to me
Haiku about rain. 8/31/2019 © A B Faniki am always fun of  rain
Ashley Kaye Jul 21
This is not the kind of love I’d profess
on a hotel napkin
scream from the rooftops
of your parents’ house
10 dollars to stretch a month
of rendezvous
yes we live in a small town
but our minds fit here comfortably
however slightly,
I love you.
July 21, 2019
Mark Boschi Apr 19
these eyes (curiosity dipped into hazel) are the windows that give me insight
this skin (etched in spots and stretch marks) is the roof that keeps me guarded
these limbs (strapping and heavy) is the concrete that keeps me standing

i have tried renting it out
praying that a stranger could tend to the cracked walls so i no longer had to
or packing up my things and leaving it abandoned
in hopes that it wouldn't be a part of me anymore

this body
is the only home i grew up in;
calling it such leaves a sour taste to my tongue
a tightrope knot in my chest
and yet, this frame will always be the place i have to live in
this i can't deny

and so i will fix the squeaky floors,
dust off the shelves,
and water the soil
until that sour taste
finally leaves my tongue

Mark Boschi
day 18 - home
Arden Mar 28
I know how many stories is tall enough
I know how much Windex I have to drink
I know long I have to be alone in order to hang myself
I know where to cut
I know how many pills I have to swallow

So you ask how come I keep trying and keep failing
Listen you have no idea how ****** windex tastes
Listen I can't get to the roof of the buildings
Listen All the pills are in a safe
I do everything wrong
I can't even die correctly

But I don’t want to **** myself anyway  
My uncle shot himself
And I watched my grandmother lose a son
I watched my dad lose his best friend
I have seen what it does to people and
I have felt that feeling

I don’t want to **** myself
I just want to be in a coma
ollie Mar 12
I write this passing by a house from the town of my childhood
Two floors
On the second floor there’s a door
No balcony
Opening onto the roof
I wish this was my own home
So I could invite you onto the floor of the stars
Watch with me, please
Because in this house of memories I had a lot of time to ****
Let me **** it with you
Because I’m much too hollow
The stars
The sound of your music
They just might fill me up with something warm
Bohemian Feb 27
Just to breathe your exhaled,
Makes me respirate with twice the pace .
Should I torch my lungs ?
In the offence of this illicit way .
To be under your roof ,
Supposed to have suffocated me !
Badshah Khan Feb 9
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 37

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

The limitless sky!

Under the limitless sky, I seen everyone desperately Try,
To satisfactorily conclude each other, on their own way,
But we human, how can we properly interpret the sacred past.

As it happened in eternal heavens in the sacred past,
That one ultimate conclusion, naturally causes us all,
To critically survive under the one stable roof,

The limitless sky!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
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