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Savio Fonseca Aug 25
Last Night a Cat climbed My Roof.
I have no reason Why.
Though I'm a Lover of Cats,
I was scared to ask Her Why.
I'm figuring out How She got There.
As My House is Down by the Sea.
I tried calling Her Kitty,
But She wouldn't answer Me.
Maybe She was in search of Fish,
So My Heart uttered a Hi to Her.
With that She purred a Meow
and began to lick Her Fur.
I finally brought Her Down
and asked Her what She Wanted.
I have failed to Understand Cats
and the last One, had Me Haunted.
She kept purring all Night
and the Lion in Me lost Control.
But I buried all My Sins,
When She held My Heart and Soul.
Ankita Gupta Jan 2021
By design, you put roof over me
By nature, I need the sun
Laura Sep 2020
laughing til we cried
four hour high
climbing through windows
for a skyline view
from your roof
summer was dying
but magic was lingering
in a captivating stare
engulfed in warm air

today is your birthday
and I thought of you all day
my skin burns from frost
and the skies are gray
wanted to reach out but have nothing to say

every word that danced out of you
remains in these four walls
wrapped in a bow
embraced in my palm
I kept them somewhere safe
somewhere they belonged
Veritia Venandi Aug 2020
The smells of frankincense and myrrh made holy the air...
As white flames with smoke veiled the deity...
The one priest with folded hands and bowed head...
Offered his obeisance to the one he had always thought of as his own... his one Lord God!

Far away in an unknown land...
Another man was counting the beads of his rosary...
Singing hymns in praise of the One...
His protector and nourisher... His one Almighty God!

Yet when night took over the day...And the two men prepared for slumber...
The universal One sang the same cosmic lullaby:
"My children under one roof...!"
We may belong to diverse nationalities and cultures... worship the One in various forms... And yet we stand United under one roof, under the equal eyes of that One universal intelligence! Thank you so much for reading this and for all your love and support! ❤❤
Paige White May 2020
My roof is so empty now, so forlorn
Though the game, you inspired, still goes on
Raindrops are tears of my window’s pain, they mourn
Through the night, again, I am alone.

I took a crooked branch sawn by my own hand
Of all hereabouts it’s the strangest wood
Made a cross and stabbed that sad hour glass sand
So the outlines of your face mark your grace, as it should.

I’m still working through this quiet grief
Quite thinking on your grave to daily add a feather
My missing you certainly can’t be brief
Not at all dependent upon the weather

Like you, though feline through and through
You’d leap up every night, after roaming on and on
To give your plaintive “Meeeeow!” (Oh I So miss you)
My “Who IS it?!?” is forever gone.
Acceptance poem written for my beloved Kittikins, my Who IS it?!? 5/20/20
Ashlyn Yoshida Feb 2020
A girl cries out in the night
A mother rushes to hold her in her arms.
The older sister in the same room stays silent.
She watches her mother coo the little baby to sleep
She waits for her to leave before getting up once more.
She looks out the window, the sky covered in smog.
"I want to see the stars."
She opened the window and climbed to the ledge.
She was six years old.
Sitting there and breathing, the little girl watched the smog
for signs of the little white sparkles
stuck in the sky.
The baby started crying again.
Her mother came to comfort her.
She didn't notice the girl's empty bed
Only the window. She shut it, locked it tight.
The little girl wasn't scared.
She brought herself standing and looked down below.
"Bye Mom!"
The window flew open too late.
Lacey Clark Feb 2020
love is
the friendly Atlantic ocean
a lotion that never fully rubs in
humid air

love permeates
like a leaky roof
honey on toast
love is slow
Dream Fisher Jan 2020
This is for the hill
I tried to learned to ride a bike on
But instead learned to skate
Where it evened out at the bottom
But I always hit the brake too late.
For the neighbor that let his dogs loose
To come at me and give chase,
You made me fear dogs as a kid,
Learning to fear people in present day.
For the tree I was too afraid climb
After we moved from that place,
They took it away
Then changed the street name
If nothing ever changed,
nothing would change.

This is for the basement apartment
Where I learned nothing gold could stay
While I slept, the mold would grow
Eating through the things I did know.
Looking up from where I lay
Knowing I'd be somewhere better someday.
For my mother who gave solid ground,
My sister who bought me surround sound
So I turned that **** so loud
That it shook the walls of the house
Making my thoughts just drown
Shouting the words while no one was around.

This is for the days where I felt real low,
This is for the side I only show
In the words of my thoughts
Hoping someone saw, not feeling alone.
For the days I work towards my dreams,
Where inspiration screams from my pores
And I'm sure of my future,
Pouring from a pen.
Listen I know my destiny, I give what's left of me
To a passion so pure, this can't be imagination.
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