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Consider for a moment that everything was true
That every bashful joke and coquettish compliments were a declaration
A means to accentuate how far my thoughts had fallen from grace
Into the expanse where the goddess Venus, Aphrodite, and Lilith reign
Nurturing this lustful appetite and fueling these flames of passion

Give me the choice that Pleasure and Virtue gave the mighty Hercules,
And I will always choose glory for hard work and dedication will always yield the best reward
Provide me with my twelve labors to prove my worth and virtue to you, my Goddess
Allow me to satiate this primal urges once my task is completed
Let me provide for you

For this appetite craves to explore the dominion of your body
Hands ravishing your flesh, entrancing through kneading and massaging
From your shoulders to your feet, spreading the warmth  equally throughout
Weary muscles and taut limbs, allowing you to relax and succumb to the feeling
Let me worship you

Awaiting patiently for your voice to slips between your succulent lips
The cries and moans of pleasure as I stimulate  all your of erogenous zones,
Strumming each of those strings to play of song of never before heard
Each note played with the passion and intensity of a man in heat
Let me please you

As for this ritual, allow my tongue to make my obeisance
Let it roam freely over the contours of your crown
Showing you that my devotion to you is absolute
And may you accept my act of reverence humbly
And lets those cries and screams of adoration echo in our sanctuary

Grant me permission to sacrifice my body at the altar in your name
As my final act of reverence,  let me give all of me to you
Allow me to sweat and cry out as I please you with my body
Each impassioned ****** as a testament to my unyielding devotion and uncompromising love
May I finished knowing that I have given my everything to you,

And I would do it all again in the next life
In the name of love… for you
I will give everything for your love...
Bhill 3d
Pieces that are broke
Pieces I can't renovate
Pieces are missing

Passion for spirit
Passion for being myself
Passion for sharing

Bring back what's now broke
Bring back the passion for life
Bring back simple love

Brian Hill - 2019 # 246
Do you have e broken pieces?
there was no escape
your soul bewitched mine
the instant our eyes met
on velvet nights
our bodies bled into one,
moonlight kissing flesh
a love so full of fire
the stars themselves
faced inwards to watch
our nightly worship.
- my heart still remembers your touch, does that make me wicked?
I 've seen all her ways
and tasted her red lips
got burned by her gaze
got lost in her lovely mist

Cold like the winter rain
Hot as a summer breeze
Sweet like a heart blood-stained
and bitter as a lemon squeezed

She never said she loved me
but I always knew inside
Deep in her soul she wants me
even though she likes to hide

And as the night slowly falls
my love for her awakes
under the sheets my guilt still crawls
making me think of my mistakes.
Do you look both ways?
When you cross my mind?
Could you stop taking my breathe away?
If you'd be so kind.
Give me a map,
To stop me getting lost in your eyes,
The more I see them,
The more I fantasize.
About the way you smile,
And the way you speak,
The way you laugh,
You make me weak.
You make me crave you,
To taste you, is my desire,
We could be the sparks,
That starts a passionate fire.
So Señorita,
Tell me you feel the same,
The way you make me feel,
Is driving me insane.
I just want to hold you,
Caress your body, your hips,
I wanna kiss you,
Your body, and your lips.
Kayla 4d
Have you ever felt a flame?
Have you ever seen something hot enough to melt the bitter ice block you call your heart. It’s scalding.
Sensual ****** flames that kiss your lonely corners and make you wonder how the fire department isn’t on stand by. Have you ever felt desire burn so deep in your bones you taste magma and blood?

What does that yearning bring you?

Why havnt the got **** fire alarms gone off yet? Do you wish for release? Or do you beg the embers to dance a little longer on your skin.
Is hot a temperature? Or does heat echo in your sweat and pores everytime you hear me? **** the ******* extinguisher. Set me ablaze! Light me up everytime you combust.  I just want to feel fire.
Love, basic as it is, let's start my free writing  journey with that. I find love as passionate and intimate. We think of it as this moral and necessity that we MUST have in life. But is it really needed to feel something? Is it like e-cigarettes where I need it in my life every day?
I find that love and being love is sometimes overrated but worth it when you find the right person and cant stop smiling when you see them, but I guess that  makes me bipolar then. I find love as a word containing the same power as someone using the N-word, you tell someone you love them and it's as if it brings back bad memories that can never leave your mind. I'm remembering her, I smiled every time I looked at her face, I'd literally do anything for her, wrote her a heartfelt message for her special day, but somehow I get cut off  like if I'm hanging from a cliff and you pushed my hand off the ledge. We look at this as ****** up and not worth your time, but there's always a reason for everything no matter how stupid or understandable it may be, love hurts This wretched word, feeling, emotion makes you want to spin through the whole world getting a rose from each country for this person, or it makes you want to dive sixteen feet underground into a casket to never see the light of day ever again since this person can't accept what you are offering. The other thing about love I hate is when people don't put away their ego's for you. Do you really have to be that stuck up and audacious when you know there's some type of spark? I move on trying to reconsider love and what it has to offer, but now what else in this perilous   affair will come my way? Love makes me feel sick to the brain, at times I can't get this person out my head. but other times I'm just silent and dying on the inside with no one to talk to because everyone has their own problems and lives to care about. So everyone facing issues in love, just know that being bipolar and keeping your ego is no the way to go. They say you must change to get someone but what's the point of individuality then? Love is not for everyone, but there is somehow someone for everyone in this small, audacious, egotistical world. Just know I luv you ~Aero
I know its not exactly a poem, but this is a piece that my audience found insightful. What do you think?
Styles 5d
Ever since I felt you;
I rather not live
if l have to live without you
me forgetting you
is doubtful
my feelings for you
are more than just a mouthful
you are the reason
love, at first sight, was so insightful
Mid day liaison
His fire rings around her
Eclipse by her soul
Haiku #114
Ayeshah 5d
I smell him in my hair ;  
his scent
lingers on my skin ;  
on my sheets too.

The thought of us ;
our bodies

merged into one.

leaves a
within me;
causing my body to crave
him all over again.

His scent

is everywhere in this room.

images of our
love play.

My soul
needs him

Even if it's

I want to
need to
have more than just


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