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I once met love.
He made me laugh every day.
He couldn't bare  away from me.
He wanted to offer me the stars.
And he did...
holding me tight
every night,
on the warm sand of summer
under the night sky
with a million stars above
and the moon up there, like a guardian
and sometimes a bottle of wine.
Sweet words. Gentle touch. Passionate love.
Just a summer ago.
And after that
there's been only silence.
Silence still. Frozen feelings. Frozen soul.
I'm just frozen in silence.
Because my heart is mourning...
for I once met love.
Zywa 3d
Something isn't right, if

you live more than usual --

during holidays.
Collection "Blown sand"
Tasting the cold rain
of her lullaby dreamscape
I floated through
her open streets
like open veins
where we carried out
our transfusion of love
such was
the umbilical cord of trust between us
such was
a long night's passions
not a drop wasted
she swallowed
the waters that were spilt in open corridors
rivers wide and winter white
ever fluid as they wound their way
into her dreamscape
spinning webs of reality from potential
and on nights
like this
I dream of who would have become if she loved me
but she dared not
and the cobwebs never spooled again
never cast their wide net
out into the hungry world
where babes go to die and ne'er do wells
eat breakfasts with smiles
I waited for her
and she never came
it was then I knew the brutal cruelty of the world
promises age
like foul eggs
wherein one thinks oneself soon to be fed
cracks open the vault of life
and goes mad
from the sight of the bitter truth
that all men die of heartache
long before their bodies give out
long before they never heard "I love you"
from tongues not forked
and lips not peppered
with the winter wonders
of myriad men
to whom love was also promised
and never made manifest
A sad poem to end a good day that somehow ended sadly :)

Life is funny sometimes, LOL.


Zywa Sep 16
A poet fiercely

yearns for a louder silence --

than the other speaks.
"Poëzie is: over goeie regels ontevredener zijn" ("Poetry is: being more discontented with good lines", 1984, Herman de Coninck)

Collection "Shortages"
snipes Sep 12
you promised me the universe
but you forgot to tell me you
were playing with dispassion
you promised me the universe
but you forgot to tell me you
were giving me a world of hurt

left me
outta this world breathless
left me
outta this world loveless

dying passionately
as lust’s eyes are born
Evie G Sep 9
I cannot wait any longer, a prisoner of dreams.
In a state of nothing, hidden from view
With only a glimpse of sun beams

Held back by the thing that pushes me forward,
Stuck in a stasis,
The hurt inflicted, only a dream could.

Stuck between a want and a need.
Hating whomever planted the seed
The need to be something more.

I can’t sit and wait like a stupid star struck school girl,  
Simmering in a boiling *** of childhood ideologies.

This time, the lobster escapes the *** before it burns its shell.
This time,
A taste of heaven will not drag me to hell.
Sweet, toothache smile, wonky,
Chipped tooth greedy grin, melts my insides.
My name written in your quicksand brain -
Funny how you don't even know me,
But you know the details of my body.

Fill me up with freedom,
Take me away for a night,
Your voice soothes me, breaks me in one.

Fake face to everyone,
A people whisperer, professional charmer.
But I want to see the specks of dust
In your unkept room; the glitter of your life.

I know you would shatter my heart
If I let you, but sometimes my
Mind is weak and still, I think of you,
Of us.

Our explosive, violent storm of passion,
Never a muted moment, just a
Flickering rush of fiery compassion.

But why do I still lie here,
Eyes closed feeling your phantom skin,
Imagining us staring into the night
Holding each other, talking for hours about life,
About your poor mum, and your dad and his new wife.

I trace my fingers on your back,
Hungry for you, all of you,
Not just that infamous fake face,
Hiding a reality too hard to retrace.
A reason to love, a reason to touch,
to add a little spice.
Freedom isn't a crime, but just a dream
inside of my eye. As the temperature rise,
heating our passions that come with no surprise.

The taste of your lips, the glare of your dirt
eyes. The warmth of your breath, in the cusp
of the bodies; two curves meeting inside.
Pillow soaked emotions, crisp sheets of a former
time. Kissing and cuddling, to reimagine anew
reason why I call you mine.

The tickles down spine, river flow in streams
in it's continuous body. A candle at night,
by the side to light this activity of a nightlife.
Brushing affection under covers beneath the feet,
and such a treat. Blood rushing to the face, of
red cheeks. As like two of the sweetest overripe apples.

Toes so shaky as business hands at the longest meet
and greet, Overjoyed as if it were a last dance,
Would you at least dance one last dance with me?
A tango in the sheets—rhythms and postures, and
abrupt pauses.

Oh your sweet perfume, blows loveliness in the wind,
in a kiss of a breeze—as our tongues caught in a knot.
Twisting in the unturned direction of an advance,
a paid forward gesture of asking you out on a dinner date.
Hoping in simple conversation, we could relate. And by fate
I hoped from that day, you'd be my forever mate.

A tiny spark can start a fire, so I hoped to kindle
a little joy to burn eternally throughout the years.
For the echo flame to continue on after the children's birth.

Mother earth, of your womb and breast as a giver and
sustainer of life. Tis a pen *******; of words cutting deep
of my favourable piece. I'm seamlessly inspired as I write.  
You're a sight for words, breathless at the first take, and I
could bet my words to describe, such a passion of love has even
more words to express.

But for this time, three hundred and fifty two words
is all I could get. I hope that's okay?
Nikki Sep 3
At night I feel your lips
       Searching my body
Your hands exploring
       With fiery precision
Your eyes piercing through me
       With unchained desire

And my body trembles with anticipation
While my heartbeat accelerates
As we become one
Cayley Raven Aug 30
I don´t remember
the last time
looked at me
like they wanted
to ******* eat me alive
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