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You looked like a bag of sweet
Gifted to me, an innocent treat
The sky was pink, purple and blue
A cotton candy backdrop behind you
It was as exciting as a summer fair
Us, standing in the middle of nowhere
We felt like kids loose in a candy store
We had something sweet, we wanted more
With you there in that moment, I felt free
The kind of free we all someday hope to be
My cotton candy lover, my summer dream
I promise you’ll always find me on your team
I woke up on your sixtieth birthday
And realized I’ve been with you
For half your life!
Yet to me it seems sometimes
No more than the blink of an eye,
No more surprising than a sigh.
Yet then, I think of the joy
The kindness and love
You have given me as naturally
As you might breathe.
Then the aching passion that began
Long ago, now burnished with time
Still burns like the fire inside a jewel!
And each day seems like a hundred years
In which I hold you even when you aren’t near.
I would wish for another half of all you are,
But then I realize, that would never
Be enough.
To my husband.
Holding your soft hands and dancing through sunrays around in circles as we smile and cherish each other's comfort through the loneliness in our hearts.
Golden hour peaks and you sing through my treasure chest filled with open treasures of golden honey, and that honey drips down the surface of my fingertips as we kiss each other in a warm gleam of freedom and surpass realms of stars and dreams.
The honey trickles our kisses and makes a sticky hot mess under the steaming sun as it begins to set through white fluffy clouds.
Feeling high like cloud 9
I want to feel your chest pressed against mine, forever and key it into a lock that cannot ever be undone.
I love you.

The memories we make feel like a never ending escape through Alcatraz.
A portal so clean and pure.
Being in love, feels like you're high.
p.s: I never been high, only high on love.
Eslam Dabank Sep 3
Through the evergreen spikes and idle sun rays,
     We slipped into the shelter of a glade’s keeper.
Our chests, that morn, merged with soil in haze,
     letting lungs inhale the dust, earthly mud deeper.

We coquetted the sunbeams until they faded away,
     Greeted the old night with cuddles fake and stark,
Stole the water from the vines, and turned ash-gray,
     And towards us, lured prisms, from a lost lark.

We heard the rivers, the winds, and rains above,
     We carried rotten grass, pale tree stories and awe;
We re-lived days of damnation, miracles and love.
      Being rigid, eye-closed, and silent was the law.

Dim violet shattered light warms our skin below;
     Where I and she, between the lilies grew our days,
Between the Larkspur submitted to our eternal foe:
     Time: the long-lasting eons of gloom and craze.

In the forest’s lap, my lips are in a meek embrace,
    With her; the unrivaled goddess of fostered innocence,
Demeter, the fertile goddess of our home space,
    And O, here comes the angel of late repentance.

A divine party of lust it was, underground, unseen,
     Where the beauty of immortal euphoria lodged in,
And godly licks and temptations filled the in between.
     We tricked the forest and land, and portrayed our sin.

Under the evergreen spikes and idly languorous sun rays,
     Two humming mouths presented one last song for life,
A song of farewell, sung on a white bed of sorrowful essays,
     Chanted above rendered up necks and played by a knife.
And O, godly licks revive the remnant of us that decays.
Tara Marie Sep 2
The light of the Maui moon
The venom of your bite
Lit me inside like fire
Infecting my every inch

Caressing my sunburnt shoulders
Your hands seeking warmth and softness
My hands in your hair and around you
Connected and captivated

Your tongue painted vivid pictures
My back lifted off of our blanket
Sand all around under starlight
The nature of you and me

Emotional ecstasy beaming
Sweat and delirious want
The ocean crashing closer and closer
Moisture thick in the air

I’ll never forget the energy
That flowed so electric between us
I wanted you minute by hour
To be yours naked under the moon
TheKindling Aug 29
I think it’s important for you to know,

The line between love
passion, fire, light, heat

And hate
passion, embers, dim, heat

Is the treatment you give me.
You, you are barely worth my hate.
Eslam Dabank Aug 28
In the heart of the city of peace, a sinful act occurs:  
         Blue bruises of love beautify my neck, just as hers;
Colouring this grey canvas of gloom with divine thuds,
         It is then, when they rush into us: the filthy bloods.

Stain me with sins, and paint in white over me vigorously,
          Let the gods who created us, design our hell rigorously,
Let knees rumble, red eyes tumble, and virtues stumble,
          Stumble into a chaotic loss of heads: a loss humble.
Terra Levez Aug 26
The music ends
And yet the symphony has just begun
Everyone leaves us
Some run, some fall
But we stayed
And slowed danced in this burning room
Some called this misery
We called it home
inspired from an Instagram challenge... yes i copied from another person's verse a bit.
Jocey Aug 25
Fingers heartbound
Knotted up in air
Gaze darting lost
Watching dancing
Frozen in movement
Desire for desire
Masked by panic
Lost in descent
Bodies complement
Space absent touch
Concern ego lust
Parting hesitate
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