One man 4h

I think it's time for a conversation
about human beings an our imagination
Great inventors like in past days are rare
and it seems that society just doesn't care

So just what happened to free innovation
it's now controlled like a railway station
Some great ideas aren't being inspected
well inventors of hoovers are getting respected

If they can't control it they make it stall
as mankind's inventions could free us all
Letting them do it will be all our regret
Man made are we and we shouldn't forget!

© One man

Chloe 9h

I've been reflecting a lot on life recently;
And I never got to thank you.
I also never got to tell you that you were right.
I did find a life partner and he loves me a lot, and I love him.
I got a pet with them and we shared a home.
I don't hurt myself anymore,
And most days I feel alive,
And I feel happy.
I've been thinking about how I got here,
And how hard it's been for me to recover.
But even through the darkest of times, you were there;
And you're still here.
Thank you for believing in me.
Thank you for believing for me when I couldn't.
Thank you for letting me share my deepest, darkest secrets and for sharing yours with me.
I'm so glad you talked to me on that day in April many years ago.
I miss our 9 hour Skype calls,
And when you would play jokes on me.
I miss your cute nicknames for me,
And when you would show me the beautiful art you created.
I'm sorry I got distant.
I wish I could go back in time.
Change some of the things I did.
You are so beautiful.
Every time I see you post something I can't help but smile.
You've overcome and accomplished so much.
I'm so proud of you.
And every time I look back on that part of my life, it's always you that I think about.
You were the one who helped me fight.
You were the one who made me feel like I could achieve anything.
And we made it.
We fucking made it.
I could never love anyone the way I loved you.
You saved me.

For Max.
The person who was there for me when I needed someone the most.

I color words with my anxious, greedy thumbs,
And paint mental pictures with my diction until its numb,
Hoping one day to be known as the Profound Prophet,
But I can't seem to untie the belt tied inside the closet.
Maybe I should be known as the Absent Minded,
Unconsciously assisting my fellow man that's been blinded,
Making sure that their happy endings get finded-
Found*. Whatever, words are just symbols,
Give them meaning and they protect like a thimble,
Or cause damage like knives sharpened by the a syllable,
Words can kill but at the same time are themselves, killable.
My words don't harm, they heal the injured heart,
Seek the perpetrator, and tear them apart.
Call me the defender of love, or a purveyor of wisdom,
Or a street rat cuz if they want it they can get some,
But I assist the community one by one, on a mass scale,
And I pursue my passions in life studiously; without fail.
In short I guess you could say that this was a confession,
But nah, I'll jot this down as another rhyme session.

Just another freestyle.

Too many underestimate the power of the pen.
They are mesmerized by the argent arc of a sword.

As writers, our greatest weapon lies in our pens and our fingers.
Kayla 21h

It was the last straw
She could hear it snapping like a twig being stepped on
He’s done this before
Looking into his eyes she barely hears his words anymore
All she hears is the flow of the syllables he uses
It ends all the same
But before It can ends she stands up and walks away
To a new life not ruled by him

labios carnosos–
la fruta prohibida
que no probaré

Fleshy lips:
forbidden fruit
I won't taste.

flickering stars fall
—you name
every single one.
for this
i kiss your rings
and hang my head

tell me
about sensations
worse than death
and through your eyes
i’ll see
every single one tonight

should i make it
until the morning
to watch the sunlight
dance across your cheek
again... will be so much more
than i can live through.

natalie 1d

"will your tongue still remember the taste of my lips?
will your shadow remember the swing of my hips?
will your lover caress you the way that i did?"

im obsessed with joji atm :)

Let me squeeze your throat.
Feel the life within you
Squirm as my eyes pierce
Your thinly worn veil.
Your malleable body gaoled
To my hands, your mind rehearsed.
Even in the loudest room,
I'll make you sing.

katalyn 1d

Find a passion
Exhausts your pain

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