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And she used to stand at my door
To sing, as if she's the daylight;
To heal the flowers from the spikes
Heal the birds from the sorrow
Heal my soul from the night's colour

Sally S. Ali
Styles 12h
Days seem like hours while I am with you;
               without you hours seem like days.
                           I'd travel anywhere in time;
                                 to spend time with you.
Bitter anger and confusion
like vinegar
won't stop love from flowing.
They are both liquid
coursing together
through the great channels
carved by passion.
When dammed,
these too overflow.
I must, somehow, create culverts
and new places to go.
I’ll start acting like a lady,
no more misbehaving,
I promise that I’ll change me.
no more of what we’ve been up to.
I’ll leave it all up to you,
no more of what we used to do.
Styles 1d
We made love
through poetry
our lips touched
and our bodies moved fluently
as your words poured over me;
When I very first fell In love with Helen I went from a jack to a king for
for when I wrapped my arms around her I felt on top of the
She made feel like a king I'm closing my eyes I'm seeing her hear with me feeling her soft and beautiful
body pressed against mine her perfume filling the air all around I'm kissing her she grabs
me so tight I feel her nails scratching my back wild and so passionate she
So beautiful to me Oh God I'm wiping tears that are streaming down my face as I write hard to accept I'll never love that way
She was the only women I ever had the only one I ever wanted can't yet accept but gone she
When first met Helen went from a Jack to a King for that's how she made me feel
Cry me a river
And let our blood rust
Slow staining our ****
Pale and dry up north
Our last tears seeking
If it is worth
Though our oxide died
As our rain dried..
Under the bluish yellow marble sky
I introduce my soul;
to the demon & the angels

By the lemons tree, I've unleashed my hair and unbutton my blouse
Then cried
as if my teacher called me the black girl

I will call to the 1st passing girl:
"Slow down, please wait for me;
Rise me up by my arms
like a little girl.

I wanted her to Plait 2 branches;
of hair for me
To walk over the world's cold grass
And lie down in front of the sea
Forget the stars - she said
Forget the sea - I said

We left the world coughing its smoke;
of poisoned kids' toys,
cast the residuals of cosmetics and tore bras
Into this sacred sea

So come with me my friend
Delete all of my contacts
smash my mobile phone by your shoe's heel
And let's vanish
from this world
Toward shiny white space
Toward inky smell books
Toward white skies and pink kisses
infinite daylight
For you and for me.

-  Sally S. Ali
dressed to mask this scowl
painted it bubblegum pink

poured my three finger shot
of 100 proof rotgut to drink,

no ice for a chaser required
as all my inhibitions shrink

naughtiness envelopes me
willpower slips off the brink

my sights set, the target you,
you shall be mine with a wink

in the armor that you sport
feel me slide passed a *****

craving the heat of ***** flesh
races pulse, stimulation in sync

resistance is futile, ***** the rules
time to feel with no time to think
now to crush a pesky conscience...
but, my love,
rivers still run from
your mouth,
colors still flow through
your veins,
and valleys of beauty
still reside in your soul.

~they didn't take everything
from you.
no matter what people say to you,
you still hold
your beauty
your wit
your talents
and your passions.
some people are unfair and
some people will
say things that really ******* hurt
right down to your core
but whether they judge and/or say
things about your strengths or weaknesses,
you're still the same
beautifully passionate human being
and that's something that will always
be true.
these special pieces of you
will always find a way back to you
no matter how far away
they seemed to fall away
with the ****** of someone's
double-edged sword.

i won't sit here and say
that their words will
brush off as easy as they
hit you
because sometimes they begin to
flow from your head, straight to your
bloodstream and end up
staying with you
for a long time
but even so,
small acts of love towards you
or just a moment of shared
proves that those admirable
parts are still with you
deep down or perhaps those pieces
closer to your heart than you think.
regardless, no matter what anyone says
to you,
you're still worth love and
you're still beautiful.
you still deserve to be heard
you are still human and you still

~2.a.m. me
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