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juliet 5h
There’s no way they could’ve known,
About the time you died with greed in vain.
But we are only animals inside,
And ***, it’s worth the pain.
I really never knew how i felt
Sexuality free and fluid
Feelings fleeting and shallow
Yet those times i was close it was confusing

The boys always toned
Breath like cinnamon
Voice of pure velvet
And covered in the aura of *** and passion

The girls always soft
Sweet and flexible bending to my will
Voice like the feeling of a rose
Soft smooth but sharp

With guys its about ***
With girls its love
but all the same passion flows
Dominance and submission in perfect harmony as lips clash

Does it really exist?
Take my passion and fashion it
to a heart like yours
I wear you around my neck,
your one arm dangling,
an emollient softener
over my one shoulder, like a sweater
all the way to the shore
where water meets earth,
we dive
you smile
I vanish
then reappear,
a lissome figure skater,
hands cutting through
an ocean made of wine
an ocean I sometimes feel as really as the real ripples that carry us
to and away from each other
If I was this ocean made of wine
I would throw myself over and onto the velvety texture of your sun kissed summery skin until you tire
hallow for hunger
but happy
I will not make you happy
I will share in it with you,

your one arm dangling,
an emollient softener
over my one shoulder, like a sweater
all the way home.
Brynn S 18h
I cannot count the nights devoted to you
Wishing at candle flame for your eyes
Adornment and absolute
You were the one to fan the spark
Raging fires under fingertips
Strong hands down onto heartbeat
Controlling breath with trace
Movements like a conductor
I was your muse
The piece that would give you forever
Obtain the stars and guide reunion
Together we shall not fall again
Melting like butter beneath the sun
I found my elixir in a mixture
of sweat and lips like two tied knots
You are my source
“Let it rain!” - They said!!
The pouring of every tear that should never have been shed
”Let that thunder roar!!”
Of all the cries that are stifled, never to be heard anymore

The lands will flood
The lungs will cough up blood
Children will be left to waddle in mud
Men will fall from pedestals with a thud

Strings of water, escaping from the heavens
Seeking refuge closer to the pits of ****
Confused winds rushing to whoever beckons
In the middle - Man dazed under his earthly spell

The eyes tell all
As the curtains will fall
Every destination leads to a wall
Staring at a phone with no one to call

“Let it rain!” - They said!!
Th pouring of every tear that should never have been shed
”Let that thunder roar!!”
Of all the cries that are stifled, never to be heard anymore
We were a whirlwind of things
We were passion and fire
but we didn't mind getting burnt
Knowing that kind of love
Knowing what it's worth

We were the nightlife and the fast car that would ride forever
We were the crash and the crushed bones that never seemed to heal right but
We wouldn't mind all of the wounds
They would heal
Knowing that kind of love was worth it
You’d assume
love is always worth it.
You were my wildest fight
Feedback please
The weather chills and my blood is the only thing keeping me warm,
I have left the comforting cave of your embrace—looking for something different
Something exciting and thrilling enough to make me realize why I was alive.
I didn’t recognize that comfort was enough and the safety it implied.
When I left, I risked heartache
I risked the health of my most vital *****,
All because I craved danger.
What a fool I was.
I watched as you let another wolf into your den, one snowy night
And I—I was left out in the cold.
But who can blame you?
I said I was a fool.
I was walking down a broken sidewalk
Heading no where in particular
Always alone, never lonely
When suddenly I stumbled upon a rose
A singular rose
Grown between the cracks
In my broken sidewalk
I stopped to gaze
Afraid of her beauty
She smelled of poison
I plucked her stem
Together we walked
For about a block
Before suddenly,
She wilted.

I see her on the other side of the street.
Growing strong, bold, beautiful.
She's in a meadow, with her kind.
This side walk has never been so lonely.
I was okay being alone until she showed me how lonely it was
Like a fire needs 3 things to survive,
A source that is responsible for igniting a spark,
It is that feeling of anxiousness you experience when you meet up with a lover,
Or the feeling you get after the first time you make love to someone you ache for,
That feeling that compels you to leave presents on their doorstep,
A combustible material,
A feeling that is so strong at first,
Slowly the logs burn,
Until all you see is the embers,
When the fire is the most vulnerable,
Wood is need to keep the fire going,
Work is needed to keep the passion alive,
The breath of life that you get when you fall in love,
When you can't survive without it,
The thought of them leaving turns your world upside down,
You cry,
When the oxygen is gone,
You can't breathe,
If you love someone,
Make them build a fire.
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