As the cigarette burns my lips
It reminds me of your kiss
So passionate
So strong
Yet so loving
All in one
I'll miss your arms
I'll miss your heart
But I guess this is our fresh start
I'll show you I can change
I'll show you my new ways
You're my one and only
You're my all and all
And one day
I hope we can fall
Back into eachothers arms
The sound of your voice
So soothing
And warm
Something I need to hear
Something I sit here and mourn
I hope you enjoy
All life has to offer
Just know the doors always open
And it's always an offer.

Another one about my love. Another one to show you can be what you need.

My definitions
Of right and wrong
Is made by your idea
of where we belong
I'm hurt
I'm sad
I'm somewhere inbetween
But from all of this
I understand what you mean
I'll remember the good times
I'll miss the simple ones
Moving on
Won't be a good time
I miss your smile
And your voice at night
And after this
My heart is shadowed in fright
I don't want to feel
This drop in my gut
But one day I'll heal
And I thank you for that
Your amazing
And caring
One day you'll find the girl
Who shows you this feeling
This feeling of happiness
This feeling of daring
I'll check everyday
For the blue buttons to say
That I can tell you
All the rest of my days
I would be your friend
In a distant of meanings
To know how your doing
And know how your feeling
I'll give you your distance
I'll give you your time
I wish you the best
In all of life's battles
Show me your happiness
Show me your glow
Even if that's
With someone I don't know.

This poem is about the man who showed me I deserve love. I hope someone shows him the same thing even if that's not me.

As I sit here we see what's lost
I also think of the cost
Though not lost but merely stored away
Knowing I'll stop being sad someday
We tore each other apart like hyena to prey
I wish that was all I had to say
I wish you loved what your worth was
Because I've seen your glow and what a buzz
One you don't take as a drug, one you soak in
But I don't think that's what you were sellin'
I swore someday's were my hell
But to you I couldn't tell
Captivated by your victims widow
To help you get strong, but not to kill me though
You need to have more self conviction
For something good not to sate addiction
For you sit upon a golden throne
But here now being a sense of all alone
You need to find that little you is hurt
And learn to find self comfort
Take care of you before you find a host
Your face is that of a ghost
Lost in expression of attachment and shame
Being pressured by self blame
The only advice I have for you
Is to only change the choices you do
Because the real you is always there
Waiting for you to take her hand and adventure
I wish my words to be of encouragement
But to bring light to your inner happy sentiment
I know you have the power of choice
But one more time, believe in me and rejoice
For you know the power of my words
Flowing like Sheppards to herds
Truth in my every breath
But I'm blind to your meth
Flawless in deliverance and passion
That make me start lashin
A regret I carry like a scar on my lung
My neck sore from always being hung
But I can't let this overcome my compassion
That I have to give, here, I cash in
I can't be a comparison anymore
I'm sadly, strongly, powerfully closing this door
I repeat once more because I know
That this will help you go
That I wish you the absolute best
And you are capable of facing your test
But remember that you can't give slack
Because you might tumble back
You need faith in your solitude
You'll find life in mind and passion in mood
I do not mean to appear rude
I say this calmly with no attitude
I say this lovingly not prude
You truly can be loved my past love
Know your grandmother sees you from above
Making another sick joke to you
As words of encouragement of what to do
Find love, get lost, go run around the world
Don't wait up please move on from me
Take what you've learned and go see
That there is so much better out there
But what I do know and dare
Is that I know this door will be unlock
If you find yourself going amok
Just don't abuse this right
Just go, don't knock, please find new light. -Lo

Breaking through emotional walls. One word at a time, carefully, precisely, and so truthfully. Hopefully in years time we cross paths.
Lari 1d

I found myself missing
the taste of cigarettes
because it tastes
like your kiss

It is in my lungs
and I am dying

Addicted to you

If you were the sky,
Then I'd be the sea.
And when you shined bright,
It would reflect in me.

If you'd be at rest,
I'd be steady.
When you'd get rough,
I'd always be ready.

And if on the darkest nights,
You won't shine a light,
Then I'd be alongside you,
Until you feel right.

We'd meet at the horizon,
Where everyone would stare,
and wonder with passion,
Why can't they reach there.

Maybe today I
will trend , but that's okay
I just love writing :)

I'm really not bothered bout trending if I trended or not I'll still post and write cause I love to write x

I don't know
how to say
how it makes me feel
except that it seems wrong
and right
sitting deep within my stomach
the realisation that
love ends
whether by choice
or force
love has an expiry
and the heart clenching
and lost passion
I translate to anger
in a futile effort
to protect myself
from the mortality
of love.

Why can't I sing like they do,
the way I'm supposed to?
There are a million melodies
trapped within me,
like golden dust of darkness
blazing with gilded sparks
in the depths of my bones.
I've had enough
of this wretched game,
where I follow the line
leading to the bullseye,
trailing steps bigger than mine
and falling into dusk
with nothing left in me.
It's time for me to open the doors,
for me to shine with a light
as bright as yours.
I can feel it in my chest
as it tries to force its way out,
craving the best
sounds I could make before,
when I was alone.
I need to sing like they do,
to sing like I'm supposed to.
I know within
that it's what I'm fated to do,
to consecrate this ground
with music only I can make.

~~ Nothing is coming out of me, no matter how hard I try. ~~

Yes, I stabbed you from the back
Yes, I've known you wouldn't bite
I believed you were the perfect one
Yet, I failed to convince my love

Should've worn you as my dress
Should've called you as my best
Missed my chances, my love must know
If you could only believe, what burns so slow

I smelt the flesh burning inside me
When you walked away with your tears
If this world could rotate back just once
There'd be a diamond ring in your hand

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