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Preet 1d
One day when I forget all,
I will remember you,
I will remember us.
I will remember how it felt to love you,
Your tenderness,
the warmth of your embrace,
the fire of your eyes,
and the kindness of your heart.
I will remember the way you held my hand for the very first time,
firm but gentle.
The way my heartbeat accelerated,
the way my skin flushed with your single touch,
the way our heartbeats synchronized.
The fiery passion that took my breath away
but made feel alive.
I will remember that I felt safe with you,
That I found a home in you.
When one day I will forget everything
I will still remember you,
I will remember us.
Lucas 4d
A rose and a cactus fell in love.
They understood each other's thorns.
Mia 4d
In his arms I am fire.
Pure fire burning away the loneliness.
A flame that ignites and soars.
Higher and higher and with each touch.
A warmth that quivers against him.
For he is my match.
The strike that lights my heart.
The voice that wakes my every nerve ending.
The soul that so delights mine.
Together, a connection so deep carried over the channel.
Never to be severed for to have one is the other.
A team meant to keep the darkness at a bay.
A love that cant be denied.
For Matt who ignites me
cj 5d
you are like wild fire;
ignited by passion.
i am captivated
by your soul that burns so bright,
but i fear if i come closer
my heart will be in dire.
Warren C Feb 26
I long for a woman I can't have,
She is a woman who dances in my dreams,
She is a woman I always think of,
She is a woman I want to
She is a woman I dream of making love to,
She is a woman I'd long to grow old with,
She is a woman I want to share my life,
She is a woman I'm forbidden to have,
She is the woman;I wish the State would free
She is the woman I cannot hide away with,
She is a woman that I must meet Between wire and steel
She is the woman I cannot sneak a kiss,
She is the woman listed by a coded number,
She is a woman;I pray the State will forgive,
She is a queen in the tower of our despair,
that knows how to love me,
Please oh please, Governor do let her go!
This poem is dedicated to the Texas Preacher who fell in love with a woman on death row. This poem was written in late 1997.
Mia Feb 26
His arms around me when i am weary.
His kiss upon my lips to ignite.
His desire fueling mine.
To an inferno of need.

I long to be by his side.
Day and night and in between.
Our passion smolders between the sheets.
The tenderness of each touch
Coupled with the insatiable wildness.

His gaze on my body.
Like a starved man seeing an oasis.
His hunger to taste and partake
Of the wet goodness moist for him.
Every moment together we are lost.
And yet apart we long for a moment more.
For Matt whose passion burns bright
Darsshan Nair Feb 26
Let us fall,
Fall into a satin-sheeted bed,
As our passions push us into an intertwine,

As each touch waivers away our ornaments,
That are nothing but a bother,
So that our skins may kiss,

Let my lips caress upon you,
And caress I shall,
Till the roses of desire that blossom on your cheeks,
Grows and spread to all points intimate,
As the garnered juices of intimacy between your thighs,
Waterfalls down your legs,

Shall our hearts pound as hard as the bed rattles,
As we feast upon our lusts, as if there were no more morrows.
I wanna feel your eyes
all over me
Studying my curves
feeling my skin
with your mind
That's ****
I wanna tease you
with my body
moving with mystery
Daring you to find
my rhythm
So your eyes can
dance all over me
So baby
keep staring

© Jennifer L DeLong 2/25/2021
Payton Feb 24
My dear, you sway with the nervous passion of a thousand

Tell my why you are so anxious, when you carry their wishes on
your eyelashes?
This is a pretty thought or a piece of pretty prose rather than poetry. It was written in 2016.
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