pain is temporary... just like life.

— n.y | t r u t h
i see you
in colours
that don’t
exist at all.

— n.y | p o s s e s s e d
Another time
(The death of love, not me.)

I hope you find your peace within;
I hope you find yourself a perfect being.
Because you gave me such a blissful life
And now I just want to sing to you down the mike.

I love your eyes and the fire inside,
I love your mouth and your words of desire.
I love you; yeah I love you.

I love your hands upon my skin,
I love your ears as you’re listening in.
I love you; yeah I love you.

I want you to be happy with someone;
I wasn’t meant to be your shining sun.
You lit up my smile and offered a lifelong love of fun,
But I wasn’t enough for you to be happy with someone.

I love your eyes and the fire inside,
I love your mouth and your words of desire.
I love you; yeah I love you.

I love your hands upon my skin,
I love your ears as you’re listening in.
I love you; yeah I love you.

So kiss me goodbye with no tears in your eyes.
I’ll see you again in the next life; go find your own paradise.
Because I love you,
Yeah I love you…I’ll be with you another time.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 11h
Exit light

This river runs deep;
I write in my sleep.
If you could see the things I see,
You too would have to speak.

I have been frozen,
Never truly chosen,
Many times broken,
But now I feel the heat, burning inside of me.

Pressure builds so I pick up the quill
And I will never be still, until…
But now I am here,
So I hope you can hear,
The words I cannot help but write,
In the middle of this pitch black night;
The phone my only light.

Predictive text, has only left, me to forget, a train of thought.
A lack of wed, no peace in bed, I write my best whilst wearing nought.
Insomnia it comes and goes, so even when my eyes are closed,
I may be watching all of those that creep along my wall.
The insect beings and spider queens have all joined teams,
To watch over me…and I can hear them talk.
Inside my dreams I am minute when I am mute.
If only you could hear my voice, maybe I could reach out for you.

As I fall down into oblivion’s din,
No saving grace is listening.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 11h
A tear for your love

Love will end, as it begins.
If the passion of arguing is what originally drew you in,
Then so it will be, as love explodes…in the end.
You will lose your will, to keep on trying…to pretend.

If the lure of adultery,
Was your first thought, so wrong for me,
Then an affair is how your love will end;
All that which could have been, never to be again.

If you were friends at first and eventually love bloomed,
Then you will part with such sweet sorrow;
You will not be consumed,
With jealousy, or hateful words.
You will each realise you have reached the stop sign
And you will each go your own way with true feelings heard.

What will be, will be and what feels wrong will go wrong.
Have you never listened to the billions of love songs?
We are all beginners, until we become winners
And when you see the checkered shirt flag waving,
You will either have found your way,
Or you will be left lost for words,
As you each sit in silence, eating your dinner.

We all ask for direction in our search for love,
But nobody can tell you, which love will guarantee you feel good.
Only you can decide which love feels right…
I will still believe in true love,
No matter how many times,
Love leaves me to cry.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
The words meant nothing to me.
Said plainly over a dinner plate.
The following morning was a Sunday.
I awoke next to a stranger.
I’m in my bed, although I can’t be sure.
I remember that our hands were clasped.  
The crepuscular rays of the sun.
Washed over the mottled linen bed sheets.
I did not move.
As the slow decay of skin cells.
Floated about the gloom.
Fearful to make even the slightest sound.
It was peaceful to watch her sleep.
I could trace her features unnoticed.
Those uncompromising lines.
That stretch out for miles and miles.
Beneath the impenetrable heap.
Her body still bore the perplexing mystery.  
Her shallow breathing rose and fell in curious cadence.
A bird called from outside the window.
Beyond the window laid another dimension.
Of that I was certain.
I now know I don’t know.
An avalanche of brown hair spilled across the pillow.
A lock gently touched my shoulder.
I know I don’t know.
It’s too beautiful.
I find her beautiful.
Softly, womanly, but I know.
Hidden in the between places.
Of her creamy folds.
I can smell the vile.
The living molds.
That wrenching scent.
The dead scent.
I think I can’t possibly love her, can I?
Not like this.
Not now.
Bitter was the taste.
The nectar that flows.
Savage from her face.
And across her toes.
Meeting jaggedly always in the folds.
Hidden in the lines of her smile.
And in the lines of her crows’ feet.
Between the white and yellowed sweat-stained sheets.
Lies the sweat-stained mare.
Her bulbous dark breasts.
That capture the dull, blank wanton glances of lesser men.
Twice her age.
All men are lesser men.
Their smiles trickle down the inside of her leg.
Trickling out.
I can’t love her, I think.
She is unclean.
Very unclean.
Yet I want her.
To take her within me.
The carnal want.
To hold her body, close to mine.
In my trembling.
Hands ravenous.
Against her soul.
In this gentle light.
Of this gentle dawn.
How I wish I were.
Not a man but something other.
Something more.
Like a god of man.
But, she is not worthy of a god.
As I am no god.
We are no good.
We are of one flesh.
Made from the other’s bone.
Our bones.
Are all we leave behind.
So, when she wakes.
I’ll already be gone.
can i write when i'm not urged
by sentiment or pain
immersed in joy or drunk with grief
there's no relief to gain

can i sing when i'm not passioned
when words seem all the same
no crying fans to motivate me
no burning love, no flame

can i hope if there's no dream
no field of gold with neon rain
where children smile
where lassies cry
from sentiment or pain
The butterflies
In the
Of my heart.
Come see
How they
Dance for you.
How they
Flap a whisper
Of nimble limbs
And draw thoughts
Of you
For my soul to sing.
How I
Want to touch you
With my
Grazing fingers
And wings.
IA Mosura Jan 2015
Give me a chance to die
Catch the debris of the crumbling earth
To contain the wind
To meet my faraway man

Free me of this untrue love affair
Of struggle and pretense
Of ugly order and structures
These walls of endless gray

Let me kiss the lips I long for
The lips to take me on the other side
Give me my life
I never lived
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