JL Smith 7h

The happiest ever after
I've found
Is falling in love with yourself

© JL Smith

avalon May 2015

no. 1
my passions are burning hotter than the sun
and i have dwelt in them so long
i have become numb to my fiercest desires.

no. 2
choking on ash and swallowing smoke
passion ignites in dusty souls
candlelight tames what fire stokes
while we lick sparks to stay whole

a rewrite of sorts. perhaps unfinished.

I stand at the forefront
of human existence
and all that stands
is an empty vessel
of idealism
and missed opportunity.

A shallow mass
of pathetic selfishness
instead of selflessness;
a common mistake
of mixing words
that sound eerily too similar.

All the people
that stood here,
may become hardened
or maybe they never stood here at all.

Maybe they sat
at the center of the world
where they never crawled out of,
so they never saw all the beauty
or opportunity
that rested
right above their heads.

These are the burial grounds
for a peaceful existence:
one where equality lies,
still alive,
but buried so deep,
that it hides right outside of thought--
and each person mistakes
helping themselves
for helping the world.

Reading yet another article where prejudice minds keep our doors shut.  We should be building each other up not tearing the world down.
JL Smith 1d

Oh, how I fear death
But welcome your touch
That stops my heart

© JL Smith

Joyce 1d

We said goodbye.
I'm not gonna cry.
You make me feel happy.
My fire was burning.
I could smile all day.
This feeling of yearning.
I feel the passion
and it made me feel free.
Like honey so sweet.
With such high intensity.
I know it was wrong.
But this feeling felt so strong.
I needed you more.
More than you needed me.
Deep in my heart I knew
this could never be.
I don't blame it on you.
Just don't understand
my feelings for you.
I have to let you go.
Time to end this show.
Before it gets out of hand.
This feeling will fade away.
And disappear like footprints
in the sand...

Benjamin 1d

I met a man today;
A strange man by most standards.
You see, he loves to build miniature worlds
Where trains rush past the intricately painted men and women.
He explained how he would continue long into the early hours
Creating whatever his mind would dare to imagine.
And I felt the purest forms of envy I have known.
All I wish is to find that sort of passion
Something to bring me that joy
That I willingly give the hours of my life.
How wonderful it would be
To find what I am searching for.

Open Eyes
But I reside in my mind
Your beauty, truly divine
My dreams are of a different kind
This vulnerable heart of mine
Treasured memories of mine

JL Smith 2d

You speak your mind assuredly
But Darling, how you've forgotten
Your eyes translate your heart

© JL Smith

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