Sunlight beams brightly
Mountain of flowers and fruits
Robbed in mystery

Poem by Lyn-Purcell

"For Nathan, my recent boyfriend"

your eyes pierce my gaping soul assunder
for every time I look I see your lust
darting through the spheres to ease my hunger
painting currier and ives upon my neck

at last i sense a kind of longing
reaching out to touch my sacred self
within the walls i climb everest expectations
knowing you're not finished with me yet

i love you honey

ily so much nathan.... yeah, its my real, first "love" (not including poems about breaking up) poem
Jane Sep 10

You should've left me where you found me.

"Why do you love mountains?"
"They're steady and predictable."

I'm yours, now.

"Why do you love the ocean?"
"It's unsteady and unpredictable."

You built a mountain in my heart.

I arose oceans in your spirit.

kyle dionysus Sep 10

I told my friends that I feel like I forgot how to kiss. They laughed at me and one of them said: "it's like riding a bicycle, and aren't you suppose to be a professional mountain biker?"

Sun Sep 9

You enfold azure mountain dreams in your eyes

I kiss the sweetest touch of you in wild winds

I hold you close with the warmth of breathing

Through despair and hope we dream

The Earth beholds the sanctuary of our love

We sit and watch
as birds fly by.
Every eagle
and every cloud in the sky.

Breathing in
fresh flows of air.
Feeling breezes
and warmth everywhere.

Delicate flowers grow
in the uncut grass.
Bees and butterflies
slowly sailing past.

Breathless heights
over the magical view.
Having a purpose
below the sky so blue.

I feel so desensitized
unfeeling, unwise
impregnable as a mountain
hollow as a violated mine
empty like a handless glove
now nothing is certain
like I've lost all that I love

shaking and shivering
quaking and quivering
unwilling to continue
yet continue I shall

Eleanor Sep 1

To me, perfect is an opinion.
Nobody's perfect is the same.
But the tell me this,
why is "you're so perfect" a compliment?
Why does another person's perfect matter?

We wake up and strive for perfection.
But what happens when we get there?
Do we lose our motivation?
No, because we never get there...

Even when you think you've scaled your mountain,
all it takes is one insult,
to send you thundering down again.
Or does it?

What about body positivity?
Or not giving a shiz anymore?
well I am not those people,
and my perfect is on the floor.

Crystal Freda Aug 31

Lanterns in the sky
swirling its direction to sunrise.
Golden flowers glisten by
bringing a sweet surprise.

Blue, tottering oceans
turn yellow from the sun.
Making such amazing motions
entering together as one.

Rising, steep mountains
gesture below the sunrise.
Sheer, rich canyons
below the lantern skies.

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