Mountainous caverns
And cavernous depths
Plague and pillage taverns
Bridle beleaguered breaths

Forward the hour
And hoist the scattered skies
Time not to cower
Behind blatant lies

Prepare for the downfall
As the mountain gives way
Gruesome, thunderous brawl
Is my death in this day

If an avalanche is hell
Then I am surely home
Brokenly beaten and well:
Where chaos freely roams

Forget not our rise
For we are not our sins
But saints in the skies
Banefully, bloody kin

I am a vagabond in hell
And a vagabond: I am free
As heaven rings a final knell
While the mountains collapse for me
Random write, I might come back to this but I enjoyed writing this. Please let me know your thoughts
My love,my heart,
I will love you till the day the Sun and the moon hug,
And the stars frown with jealousy.
We will be married by Eros the God of Love,
In my dream Castle at the edge of a small cliff.
I will be blindfolded like Eros to show my love for you is blind.
The bridesmaids will be Angels on wings carrying bows and arrows and blowing kisses,
The birds will sing"Here  Comes The Bride",
Ares the father of Eros will give you away,
Aphrodite will bless us so we have a sensual love life and many children.
On our wedding day the rivers will climb the mountains,
The fishes will fly in the sky,
The flowers will bloom in the ocean,
The trees will glitter with gold,
The leaves will be studded with emeralds,
The fruits will have diamond seeds.
People will turn into animals and animals will turn to handsome and pretty people.
Love,we will have the wedding of the century.
Hyperbole:Exaggerated  statements not to be taken literally.
duncan Aug 8
i hope to one day
find love so strong
that i see the streets
as pavement. and not
the spaces around
my shoes.

id love to tell you
all about the mountains,
but the truth is
i dont care.
not yet anyway.
a mountain is just
something else
i cant enjoy on my own.

leave a knife
in your thigh and
try to write about
anything else.

until real love
hits me like a hook
to the nose
ill live in hopes quicksand.
sinking with a smile.
V Exeter Aug 6
In the glass
is the ass
as the mountain of ash
the bipedal
nuclear tank
with an empty bank,
eternally here
after strapped for cash
on the white style
colonial dash.

Dreaming of nothing but
complete erasure of stress
and the meaning of happiness,
hopefully long before
my hopefully
permanently preventable death,
meanwhile subconsciously
cemented into my single bed.
Is it subconscious
if I've identified it as a real problem,
Don't ask me.
To the limits!
And the heaves are harmed, in our lungs
and arms. Tendons flexed on their utmost,
and breath at play in the drowned coast.

To the shores!
And the leaves are left as specks of colour,
from the moors.
and vacations left the hinterlands
of the decayed, breathless holler.

For the greater good we stood as imagined heroes,
Yet for happenstance to lend a chance in our woes,
required a great many motifs
to clamour and climb
In glamourous time
to the raised butte
of a finishing sublime.

Modulate the past and harmonize the future.
Together tapestry'd, akin to patchwork suture.

We weren't raised this way.
To remain forever at play, workhorses neigh.
And sawing brilliance and sawdust eyes,
rapier wit with no equal.
But together a two-parter,
to the shores to see the sea quell.

Wildfire lick like lit flame.
Burn it all down and give me the blame.
It's a carried burden worth the worry.

In mountains some exist as prideful barons.
Barring the loss of their barren,
their smiles turn smirks of heathen carrions.
Which is fine, and the motif licks again.
And the motive is sublime; it's only sin.

Cherish the children and their rue of thresher-born,
Thomas Ligotti and his party of philosophy,
but I'm too caught in histrionics to allow the matter
to matter.
Beyond the kicking feet of the mirthful pitter-patter,
pitted against the coming solstice of time saving;
forward and back and ouroboros we may.
Hold on tight to this singular day.
Ignorant of the causes of our own decay.
Lost during summers covered in spittle and seaspray.
Only to mount a return, a loss,
to the area most unaccepting of the cost.

To the mountaintops!
Rape what you see, and reap what you sow.
Push the mountains down into the crow,
and call out for the all the denizens below,
"Here's another landslide." As you call; Heave, and Ho.
Pile them neat and plant a seed,
of a tree that hasn't belonged or had a chirped song
in a placidity.
Awareness for a dying region
Stereo Joy Aug 4
Yeah, we aren't exactly the most athletic of people
But we did make it up that one hill that's claimed to be a mountain
Yeah, we arrived at what we thought was the top until we saw that there was more
But that only drove us further up

Yesterday atop the sunset colored land the valleys made the world feel that much bigger
Returning home made the world feel so much smaller
Even though I myself live on a hill with a view of the smog above the highway

That moment atop the hills didn't make me feel at one with the world
I didn't even feel at one with myself
I only felt amazed


But you know that didn't beat the look in your eyes
J Aug 2
I am a mountain,
reaching upwards.
And you,
you are the stars,
and the sky
that I can only
ever wish
to touch.

I am a mountain,
in league with bards.
And you,
you are the stars,
and the sky.
Crash into me,
oh how
I long
for such.
Wishful Thinking.
That mountain that you climbed
You told me it felt like Everest
You were so blind
In a land so treacherous

But in reality
It was just an anthill
A speck of salt in the dead sea
On a diet of sleeping pills

Far from base camp
Give me your hand
I will be your hurricane lamp
You and I will trek this land

Let me be your guiding Sherpa
And conquer this depressing frozen peak
Baby steps to conquer inertia
Companionship is what we both seek

You don't have to be alone in your depression
At least I don't want to be
I guess this is my confession
I need you and I want you to need me
Madison Jul 27
trying to conquer you is like trying to climb this ridiculously tall mountain. i use all of my energy towards reaching the top, towards winning your heart again,

and every time the peak comes into my view,
every time i start to see you,
you take your hands
(god, i love your hands)
and you push me off the edge,
straight back to the bottom again.
i will never understand why you won't let me reach the top,
i keep on giving you everything i've got,
i wish you were able to see
that i truly believe you are the one for me.

and every morning i will rise again
to try and reach the top of this mountain.
last night I felt like i was so close to winning your heart again, and then the conversation crumbled at the palms of my hands.
shima Jul 27
From the dry Grasslands
And the winding Mountain Roads

You swept into my heart;
With a crown of (wooden) stakes and (metal) wires,

The world crunched golden below your feet.
rural pacific northwest gothic.

catch me on occasionally.
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