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pick your battles.
you can scream
into the mountain
are you ready
for an avalanche?

- katrina ******
some things are not worth fighting about.

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can you see it?
the magic of the mountains?
they call for you.
can you feel it?
the magic of your heart?
not even the mountains
can feel the great power
that is your love.

- katrina ******
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abc 5d
There are moments where I am helpless.
Like my mind has separated from my body,
and I watch myself fall,
unable to help.
My body is dangling over a mountain,
and no matter how many times I try to grab my own hand,
my fingers simply slip through my own like a ghost.
I sit, cross-legged and aghast, as I watch
myself plummet from the highest mountain.
And at the bottom, I watch the circle of people
surrounding my dismembered body
slowly walk away without a care.
I stare at my annihilation until my mind
stands over the edge and
gracefully dives down to join my body.

It's as if we're climbing
over mountains,
except by some cruel trick
we trek along the fault line
rather than across
and as we crest each painful saddle
there is no choice
but to slide back down the other side,
blistered, limping, starved,
and carrying too much weight,
hoping the next peak
will be the last.

it's nothing like climbing mountains,
for at least in the mountains
I can breathe.
Bethany Woolsey Dec 2018
A siren she calls me
To her I must flee
The song she sings
Such joy in me it brings
Hearing her lonely call
Standing amongst the trees she is tall
Lonely deep in her heart
I know we must never part
Cold down to the core
Until her, my heart never tore
To her I must flee
A siren she calls me
The Mountain.
Louise Dec 2018
Climbing a mountain on a rainy day
inspires you to embrace
the light showers that comes your way
and humbles you to appreciate
walking in the city streets on a sunny day
carbonrain Dec 2018
hello there,
midnight in a stalemate hug,
you there,
flirting with the mistress of yesterday's wind,
the enraptured soul,
the solemn crowd on a bridge of flowers,
waiting for an enemy that doesn't show up,
fear is near,
dear one,
and you can taste it warm and sweet,
and what if each scar were a reminder of your good intentions,
ones you can roll between your fingers like a mala prayer bead,
and not let all they say be all you hear,
though there are sunrises you may never see in this life,
you are the mountains of clouds billowing the infinite of the all,
and you always remember to have one foot on the bedrock of the earth,
and the other on the tail of a tiger.
Justin Dec 2018
At the Mountains of Madness
fountains of sadness

sorrow tears
eternal fears

to the oceans dark and deep
into my lungs salt water seep

the end is nigh
tonight I die
fear and death it's grip is forevermore intertwining inescapable
1ST STEP is to tell her you "LOVE" her
Take her to the SEA
and understand her depth
don't be afraid of the 1st step
  don't worry for love is cheap
its also a big leap
for love is priceless
and its also timeless
2ND is to take it slow
enjoy every moment
cherish it all the time
climb every MOUNTAIN
that both of you & her
will face and
"TRUST" that you both
will see the summit

3RD is to have
and to remain
with each other
its time to take
and to stay
in the SKIES
you and her
deserves the feeling of
cloud nine.
The recipe of a happy relationship , this might be true for others, or this might not be but I truly believe its for me.
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