If you want to find me,
You know I am easily found.
Watching sunsets,
Sitting at the hideaway,
With the ocean breeze.
Under turquoise skies,
Exploring Lanikai,
Kaena on North Side.
Out here by the sea,
And in forests,
Running along wild things,
Along mountain edges,
Roaming free.

Gracie Knoll May 12

As blue as a thousand oceans deep
As high as a million mountains Steep
As deep as no eye could ever peep
As wide as the wind does daily sweep

Star BG May 12

I traveled to the mountain to have feet hugged by Mothers sacred soil.
Came back dancing in steps, as heart played gracefully.

I traveled to the forest to be hugged by the tall ancient tree masters.
Came back wrapped in mind with wisdom and peace.

I traveled to the chapel of my dreams to hug my essence in the moment.
Came back feeling empowered, grateful, and free.

StarBG © 2017

Inspired by Sun Smriti's poem Unspoken Thoughts. Check it out. It rocks.

a deep blue mountain.
in swirling dark night dissolves,
a lone silver star!

Austin Bauer May 4

Be the wildflower
springing up from the pebbles
on the mountainside.

Austin B Apr 29

Here I exist, cowering underneath this monstrosity.
Each breath a constant reminder I am still alive.
Wiping the liquid nerves from my quivering hands.
Wanting to slip away between the deafening cracks.
Swallowing my last drop of reality, a harsh cold sting.
There is no turning back now.

Chaetura Apr 23

Mountainside flora—
milky-petaled dogwoods veil
flame azalea blooms

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