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Michael Ryan Oct 22
You can't know me.
It's simply not possible.

You can know my name.
My desire.
Even how I take coffee in the morning.
(I don't drink coffee.)

You could call me
your friend,
maybe best friend,
or even lover.
(I am, what you ask.)

I could become a beacon
of undeniable hope,
an admirable force
defying odds never even imagined.
(I have a flashlight somewhere.)

Will keep it all away.

Do you drink coffee in the morning?
There might be things you've never told people, and maybe those things linger with you.  Please, let's know each other.
Lunar Oct 19
I could never count
the three words
for you.

It was always
just one, two, or four.
"Us," "What if,"
And "What could have been."
I don't know how to spell it, but I know how to spell your name.

dailythoughts Oct 15
the moon burns brighter glaring at me
shamelessly shying away on your name
my only wish
Femi Sep 15
her name was season
she could change four times.
her name was silver,
they called her dime.
her name was motion
she came, and went.
they called her good-time,
money well spent.
her name was legend
villain, hero, lover, and friend.
she left with everything,
that's how the story begins...
chang cosido Sep 12
My mother's been asking me
about where I've been.
But I'm a younger version of her
with my father's eyes
and a tongue of my own.

The sun painted my skin
the same color as the history
of skins before me.
The same stretch insecurities carved
too lightly; for now.

My name is from the people before me;
Am I supposed to carry their ghosts when they leave?
How heavy does a name weigh?
Especially when it sounds like expectations?
He has tread his path alone
He will tread his path alone
You know he hates name and fame
He wishes to remain unknown
For You too are Unknown
He wishes to go towards You
Please don't stop his heartbeats at this juncture
He wishes to fulfill his some important responsibilities
Later if You willed he wishes to be a wanderer
Moving across lands and oceans
You know he doesn't  even wish to put the burden of his death on anyone
He just wishes to get lost and vanished in unknown trails to be one with You
Alice Sep 10
before you break me
say my name
catch the torment in your throat,
just for a moment.
look into my eyes
commit the feeling to memory.
say my name
place humanity into the punching bag
before you take the final swing.
say my name
before you break me
you've already taken everything else.
luciana May 27
moon river in our heads
august came instead
running our course
knowing there was much unsaid
God gifted us with life
We don't live
For name and fame
We strive
All sorts of games we play
Almost whole life is spent
In this pursuit
Then we ask God
To grant time to live
It's time to LEAVE
He says!
White Shadow Sep 6
White shadow isn't just a name,
It's the place from where I came.
And it's a display to the world what I've became!!

People think that anything as such doesn't exist,
But people don't know that it is the shadow of a person glowing from within.

So, it's not just a name,
It shows the inner flame
That's burning inside me and
I adopted it as a name.
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