have i traveled too far this time,
traveled like your feet through the north american desert,
one step heavier than the last
guadalupe is a river in spain
that i didn’t care to visit
I decided Madrid and Barcelona were good enough for me
The only Guadalupe I cared to see was the one at El Tepeyac
my Tonantzin dressed in garbs

Salgado- a man on the subway told my mother it meant salt. It means incredibly salty in Portuguese. I guess that's the one good thing about living in the U.S. few people speak more than one language. Kids can only tease to you within their realm and scope of knowledge and my last name wasn’t in theirs.
Partida verb. to leave or depart
               adj. divided or ripped.
Madolyn 1d
I wish that
somebody finds a reason
to say my name
with so much glee
that it makes my heart sing
and maybe then
feel a little
more whole
This is an old one I finally feel confident enough to post
LizO 3d
What is this name I’ve been given?
It doesn’t feel like mine,
Though I answer when it’s spoken
And I use it all the time.
It seems alien when I say it,
Uncomfortable on the tongue
I know I didn’t choose it,
But it’s still not a thing I shun.
Does it say something about me,
That I wasn’t even aware?
No one showed me the mold to fit into
So I guess I don’t really care.
when just a whippersnapper
   of a little boy
me late mum and octogenarian pop agreed
for doctor removal of my adenoid
less to prevent their only son
   from being coy

than fear of said male heir
   to the harris throne becoming an android
a less than agreeable likelihood,
   especially in tandem
   with predilection of goy

this fateful outcome unfazed,
   this now green giant, not the least bit annoyed
as captain crunch (before childhood didst end
   i.e. distend into middle age)
   beckoned yours truly with “A HOY”

horrified that my parents would be so blithe
   to steer their son clear to avoid
psychotic outcome to deliver obliviousness,
   and thus bring inner joy

so, they sent their peculiar male progeny
   believing himself to be Pink Floyd
who found himself evicted desperately,
   and in sore need of gainful m ploy

so he began his therapy in orifice
   er office of Sigmund Freud
who bore a striking resemblance
   to a wooden pecked prickly shaped toy

   (a pickle iz just a pickle)
this mental analysis delved into past –
   outcome I felt less than overjoyed
despite boss be addressed as Oedipus,

   and pay verbal homage that did cloy
dredging layered past devoid
of love, yet flush with fallacious
   prevaricated abuse from mister Lloyd
Lavinsky, a demon of a grade school bully
   forsooth sanity he destroyed!
Peter Balkus Mar 12
I've chosen to have no name,
for if I had one,
everyone else,
either nameless, or with a different name,
would be my enemy.

I've chosen to have no home,
for if I had one,
those who live in the street would hate me.

I've chosen not to belong to any country,
for if I did,
then those who don't belong to it,
wouldn't let me sleep.

I've chosen to have nothing to say,
for if I did,
people who think something different,
would trouble me.

And even now, living my life,
I can feel an envious howl of those,
who passed away or yet weren't born.

And when my time comes, I'll rest in peace,
but it won't be peace, I'm afraid,
for those who breath will bother my bones,
jealously hating me
for being - dead.
Dess Ander Mar 11
If I could buy loyalty, I would.
Name your price.
peyton Mar 9
i thought you were as gentle as the flower on my windowsill
instead, you were a double sided blade piercing my skin
and you didn't even know
my name
"What is your name?"

"What do you mean?

Once, I was given a name,
By someone very dear to me,
But is that the name
That belongs to me?

I have names that I've chosen
Many names, made for strangers to see
But are any of those the name
That belongs to me?

I have shorthand names too,
Gifted affectionately,
But are those the names
That belong to me?

I have names that I share
'Poet,' 'Daughter,' 'Artist,' 'She.'
Could these be the names
That belong to me?"

I just asked for your name."

"You tell me."
mt Mar 4
your name on my lips tastes like the stars must taste
and the sound of your voice must be even sweeter
i wish you knew how much i think about you, how your face is fastened in my mind at night
and i wish i could find a way to measure how deeply i feel for u, it's too limiting to describe it in meters
Alec Astaire Feb 27
Is this normal-
How I feel
When I’m thinking of you and your pictures with him on Facebook?
Is it nomal-
How it fills me with rage when he gives you that little look
I don’t think his heart drops the same way when
He looks in your eyes-
Butterflies can’t compare the way I feel

I promise my darling
That it hurts
When he’s holding your hand and his smile carves your dimples
Yeah, it hurts
That you can’t love me the same
Why can’t it be that simple?
You own a piece of my soul so I
Could never be whole
We all have a pain,
Mine has a name because it’s you

And I can’t stand to be that man
You only call when you’re lonely that
He don’t have the time to spend on you-
Or almost anyone..
And I don’t think my heart could be more numb than when I’m with you babe
We all have a pain-
Mine’s got a name.

Ain’t it crazy
How I’m still
Hung over in love that we coul’ve had but missed it?
Yes, it’s true
I’m fighting a battle you’ve never known existed
You’ve got your problems you deal with
And I do too
We all have a pain-
Mine has a name because it’s you

I wonder if there’s still a chance
For future mutual romance
Maybe time could be the key-
Or pull the rug so then you’d fall for me
And I wish that my three words
Could charm your lips to return the phrase
“I love you the same”..
But that’s just not our fate

I know it’s true
It’s only you-
The one who’d tear my heart in two
Once peice that longs to be happy
And one that morns eternally
Altogether I know I’m better off forgetting my worst mistake
My number one pain
Has got a name

My pain has a name
And it’s insane
That it’s you
If only I had the strength left in me to finish making this into a song
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