Lily 6d
Hello, my name is Invisible,
So well that nobody can see me,
And so completely that
Nobody cares to look.
Luca C Jul 8
Go ahead and leave me if you want to.
Take me words, twist them, or take my silence and misread it.
Hear my voice and tell me you hate it, just like you hate the way I use it.
Hang up on me and make my chest ache and breath come hurried and uneven which is not even breaths at this point but gasps.
Ask me if I want a break so my mind cracks open things you've said and calculates them too quick, and too out of context.
Tell me my name and make my ears bleed and my fingertips scratch for something that's not there.
Give me reasons and silence and you will get panic and mayhem from the one who should be your safe haven.
Hand me all the right things, and you will get the wrong from my twisted and dark heart.
i dont know what you expect anymore
trf Jul 4
Does your darkness forecast shadows,
Lies arise like heat lighting statues,
Are the sharks circling our shallows,
Cause I'm bleeding, must be the answer.

Peripheral landscapes drape your gilded chatter,
Purple & pink horizons, summon laughter,
Your eyes are lightning speed patterns,
My clouds that follow, five miles per hour.

What in the world changes,
Can we live high on mountainsides,
Shut our door to the strangers,
Exist surrendering to the ocean tides.

My palette craves color,
Your canvas seeks attention,
My callused fingers are covered,
When your callous words are mentioned.
i've always hated my middle name
lacking in individuality
a commonplace name
given to half the girls in my graduating class
it never sounded right
it never seemed like it fit
it didn't feel like it belonged to me
that is until you started to use it
my first name foreign to your lips
and somehow it made flowers grow around my rib-cage
restricting my lungs, causing me to catch my breath
in a good way
it made my cheeks rosy
for when you uttered those 5 letters
it sounded like wind chimes
a hummingbird's wings
my heart matching the rhythm
53 beats per second
for it was something no one else called me
a name far from unique
but you made it sound beautiful
you made it charming
a gesture so endearing
Gray Jul 1
We Just Need One More
To Be Inches From Immortality
BetTer PeoPle
Amanda Jun 30
Not everyone can recover
In ways which are deemed
I should know.
I have tried.
But the alcohol will always
Defeat me.

It’s gentle embrace will always
Wash away the bruises
Permanently etched into my

It’s caressing touch will always
Help me to forget
How he said my name,
How he touched me,
How he turned my life upside down.

I know the bottle is not the answer,
I have tried to leave it behind. But
No matter how hard I try,
The bottom of the bottle will always be my solace,
My safe place,
The only constant I have left.
It is the only way I know how to go on.
mk Jun 26
so much has changed
but your name still rings purple.


the breakups, the makeups
the pregnancy scares
the movies, the makeouts
the tears and the fear
we both moved to a new country
further away than before
started new careers, new lives
more alone than before
the nights we'd stay up talking
and the days we'd spend hand in hand
then the distance
then the silence
and whispers in the air
so much has changed
and yet, nothing at all
my phone waits for your text
to ring purple and inform
me that you still have something to say
and I have a lot left to hear
your name still rings purple
reminding me that you're not here
and the phone cries for attention
my favorite color, full of memories
as the goodnight texts turned to formal
gooddays and then nothing at all
but my phone still rings purple
whenever you call.
special notifications whats uppppppppp
Gray Jun 19
Today i got made fun of because my mom decided to name me after a certain dairy product of soy.
People sure do love to make fun of me just as if i was some cheap stupid toy.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with my name because it’s certainly not hurting anyone.
If you disagree with me i think you need to get all your priorities redone.

I should be used to everyone saying that i am weird,
But on days like today i wonder if it would be better if i suddenly disappeared.

I’m just going to pack up my things now and quietly go.
What’s the point in being alive if you cannot take it in all nice and slow?
Pinal Jun 19
I love the way you say my name,
With so much serenity and exuberance in your voice
That I can hear your smile grow with every syllable.
From your lips, my name feels like a title,
Belonging to a glorious queen of a grand empire.
You whisper my name into my ears,
So soft it's barely audible, like a forbidden secret
Whispered in a song only for me to hear
And suddenly, the susurration of my name from your lips,
Is my favorite sound in the world.
Maria Etre Jun 18
I think
I fall for
find more
to write
your name
in my
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