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Amanda 1d
We fell in love, life was perfect for awhile,
Each touch was concentrated sunlight,
We'd kiss, I'd taste whichever flavor
***** we drank earlier that night.

Turned to you, I needed a friend,
Called to vent every day,
Time passed by us swiftly,
Had my heart, things finally felt okay.

Was the perfect romance for awhile
But as the summers and winters went by
Began to notice the thick haze we lived in,
Something different in your eyes.

Didn't know what was amiss,
Keep me waiting up all night,
Though I wasn't sure exactly what it was
Knew you were hiding something out of sight.

Uncovered more and more incessant lies,
Started small then grew, neverending,
We sadly floated further apart
With each secret text you were sending.

Was obvious there was someone else,
She took all of your time,
I figured you were buying her lots of gifts
Because you never seemed to have a dime.

Truth is, it was painfully clear,
Should have seen it at the start,
I was not the only one
Owning a piece of your heart.

The day I finally discovered who she was,
Identity of your seductive sin,
Is the day our world changed forever,
Your mistresses name was ******.
What do you think? I thought it was a pretty good idea. Does anyone else have any metaphors or similes they'd like to contribute for cheating compared to drug addiction? If that makes sense..
Crystal 4d
Without you gone
I can barely think
My brains go to mush
As I drain another drink

The days go by as a blur
As I stumble home every night
My family says I need to take it in
But I take on the words with a fight

I've been sober
For a day
I've taken your death in
Not knowing what to say

You left the world
Without a sound
Why didn't you ask for help
All the happiness you could've found

But without you here
I'm just lost
I would bring you back
No matter the cost

I am going to bring
Memory in your name
Make it a brave, strong one
Make sure that no-one puts your name in shame
so far this year I have lost 5 people in my family. They weren't all old too....
And you will be called in.
If you are prepared to listen.

Action you take creates friction.
Name reveal, if you can catch it.
First to answer
Hidden traces

Too much land
So many faces

Can I just be me
Quick as I do three times three

Ask why
Bypass by and by

To the victor goes the wings
Just spreading love and things

Is there rough betrayal
From the sky it is a new system I hail

Spread away and fly to another
Just because I was your lover

Going to get things right this time
To break force in time

Laser of love
Holler if you hear me

Just like a car I know their steering
It is something else I am feeling

Coming to grips with this
More than just a game

Now I know
Justice was the name
I smash my skull against the wall
when I hear you call
that name as if it is mine
because every day it hurts a little bit worse
and the realization sinks in that I will never be who I feel I am.
1058 october 9 2018

i actually want to ******* cry and flinch when people call me that... but i have no ******* choice so **** me i guess
I have been watching the heavens
For a sign that your soul
Graces the earth
For a clue that your smile
Ignites the sky

For a while now
I have been listening to the echoes
That carry the wind
For a sound that booms
From the depths of your chest
A message that voices the
Whispers of your heart

For a while now
I have been looking through
Forest growth for a path
That leads to the tip of your finger
A road that leads to the shield
of your arms
A place to call home.

For a while now
I have wondered about your existences
The sheer sight of your face
the true essences of your love
And most frequently whether
I will ever know your name
I will not warrant kingdoms
My name wants no crown
My garbs need no insignia
My shield is strong -
without a crest and banner
I stand on my own two feet
but I will allow my self to
Rest upon a shoulder
and let my heart beat
entwine it with another's
I wish not for kings -
I wish not to be a king
just be a pauper with me.
a name

made out of tears.

it slowly disentangles,
from the tiger
and his immense pacing.

a name drowned
in your paused and humid breathing.

a name
that is mine

for it sprouts
from a weeping face.
c Oct 3
Every night
An hour before the sun is set
I run.

Always the same path,
Gravel beneath my feet
And dust flying in my wake.
Until I’m breathless.
Because I know
When I’m gasping for air
That I can’t scream your name.

I want to yell it to the world
And over
Until even the wind
Can shout it back.

You see, I think
Maybe if I yell
Enough times,
I’ll stop.

But instead of wasting
My lungs
On your name
I catch my breath
And run back home.
Anya Oct 3
the meaning of my name

Without realizing
I had spun a cocoon
of desires
around that one fact

The name,
my parents gave me,
either on a whim
or because of its beauty
or meaning
or some other
casual reason
I seem to have taken to heart
Because I truly,
while knowing
I'm not the only one
I truly
want to be
In my heart
Screaming out
in some of my poetry
My inner thoughts

I want to be different
I want to be special
I want to stand out
A little girl's dream
of being
a princess...
power ranger-
as I'm growing older

I continue to harbor
the hope
in my heart

But rather,
than be
that young girl
to go to Narnia
or Hogwarts
Wherever else
I want to carve out
my little niche
in the world
Where I can be me
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