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Marla Dec 2018
Cast about on a stormy sea,
The deck was barren,
Our mood deceased.
Many a day, high tides wisped by-
Arresting my feeble mind from time.
Until one day, an epiphany.
"Blue dream," I called out,
"Take me away to that special place
Where up is down
And I float into space;
Drown my sorrows in a haste."

She manifested in my quarters
Later that night,
And with a soft whimper
Summoned my delight.
"Here you are, forsaken one,"
She hauntedly sung to me,
"My love will give you power,
The smoke will set you free."

Many a moment has passed
Since my encounter with blue dream,
But still my dreams call out
Hoping it's her I shall see
When I cross the threshold
Of those pearly gates.
Marla Apr 5
My mind is a sinking ship
The world's set ablaze.
Holes punched throughout the hull;
Passengers drowned in a daze.

And her contents-
Well, they got claimed as
"Lost at Sea",
I guess no salvage crew
Ever saw what I could be.

Now I'm sitting far below
This thick sheet of blue.
The sun's light only shines once
Everyday, quarter to noon.

The quiet helps me think
As darkness swells within.
The ghosts roaming
These flushed halls
Are learning how to swim.

Now they've started a mutiny
To the captain's delight.
These spirits will all be free
Long before midnight.

The sun break's through the day after,
No wreckage to be found.
Everyone has floated up
To give life another round.
Secret-Author Apr 21
Like every day,
Oh, so lonely.
Or who can say
Towards who knows?
On this sea.
Sailing alone.
I cannot be.
I cannot move.
Tony Tweedy Apr 1
Offshore breeze of more bluster than steady.
Drawing white tips to waves of an emerald tinge.
White crested green seas surrounding.
Hands clenched to rail covered by misty spray.
Rolling and pitching immunized by the visions before young eyes.
Sky of pristine blue with radiant white wisps of cloud.
Horizons unending even where blue and green meet.
Two seals at play in the tossing waves.
Glistening grey bodies ducking and diving beneath breaker.
The prow through frothing ocean, pushing aside waves with ease.
Carving on steadily through liquid green and white anger of sea.
To the starboard horizon a darkening shape.
Bands of cotton stitched atop.
Drawing now noticeably ever nearer.
Almost by magic the horizons shape appears,
wind gives way to breeze.
Waters now at ease taking on more familiar and everyday hues.
White shapes astride the shore with tones that hint and suggest.
Now ever nearer becoming buildings and the buildings a city.
All the while the stitched cotton band reshaped to form clouds.
Blanketing perfectly the mountain called Table-Top.
Young eyes still locked in wonder, hands still holding rail.
Now docked along quayside, vast cityscape beyond.
Table-Top with cloth as backdrop.
About 3 hours of time compressed. Remembered vividly... retold unjustly.
We were sailing to eternity
When you turn to tell me
There’s a hole in the hull...
(“I didn’t mean to, honestly,”
You plead).
our ship is flooding quickly
And the reel is struggling
To maintain stability.

Save me
From this feeling,
I’m drowning.
Dell 3d
A lone boat sets sail
Unknowing of what lies ahead
Or if it's journey will fail
But the sailors are not filled with dread
Because they are still innocent
And the sea is simply magnificent.
Michael Feb 23
It's the wooden cutter, MolyTrim.  Her tiller's 'gainst my thigh.
There's a beam reach on the starboard tack,
And cirrus in the the sky.
And we've six knots made with just the Main
And white caps beckon us to sea.
Oh, how I'm pleased to sail again
My little boat,  
                just she and me.
Sailing, my second love.
All my poems became about you,
even the ones that weren’t supposed to.
It felt strange as you hijacked my every
waking thought, although soon,
strange turned into wonderful.
We held each other, our glances
highlighted our love and affection.
We kept moving, together, as always.
Our years have been filled with
love, laughter and desire.
So now I’ll ask you,
to take me to a land,
so far away from this one.
To sail away with me,
and to take to me that land,
to look after me.
To explore with me and sail
through stormy seas,
to take refuge in the rainbows
and to carve a life with me.
Arianna Jan 11
"... sails swollen with the South Wind,
the prow dips beneath the sea of clouds,
borne aloft, carried northwards
into the cerulean haze
of Emptiness..."
I once dreamt that I was aboard a ship sailing through the sky. I can still feel the motion of the vessel rising into the air and sailing/floating forwards, high above the houses and streets below. :-D
I am done
With captivity.
I am here to set you free.
No ammunition,
No inhibition
Just two hands,
A heart,
And steady legs
Weathered by the sea
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