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uv 6d
The places we cherish
The moments in those
The people we share it
Who's doors are never close.

The horizon is what we choose
It could be a mile it could be a pool
Bringing light into darkness
Can be one's greatest tool

Sailing has never been easy
The wind takes its share
Being steady in all weathers
Is a drift so fair and rare.
Sharon Talbot May 19
I heard about the sloop John B.
When I was fourteen.
I had learned to sail in a storm
And the story gave me daring,
Although I had lost control,
Tightening the sail
Instead of letting it out
In a sudden gale.
And just in time, a boat passed
With a man who shouted,
“Loosen the main sheet!”
As the boat heeled to starboard,
And I nearly capsized.
But discovered a fair wind
And the ease of a beam reach.
So my first time was the worst,
And best…
But adrenaline fueled desire,
To do this again and again!
This is a fond memory, which really happened, but I like to apply it to life, except when I'm feeling adventurous!
karizma Apr 1
People change
feelings change
we can make this work
                                                       No we can't, I liked you a lot at one
                                                       point but those feelings have long left
                                                       my heart and sailed away
                                                       now all that awaits is you to drift off in
                                                       those waves as well.

                                                      If you still continue to watch this
                                                      ship drift into the horizon, you're only
                                                      going to be alone on that journey. That
                                                      is not a place where you want to be, so
                                                      stop chasing someone who does't want
                                                      you back.

                                                     I hope you move on, and I hope the
                                                     new place you find treats you well but
                                                     my waters are not yours anymore and
                                                     all this ocean only belongs to me now

                                                    Only me, and I'm happy with that
conversation that never happened
Andrew Rueter Mar 30
Submarine sailing
subaqueous submersion
floating through darkness
resisting radar
circumnavigating sonar
avoiding armada armageddon
torpedoes armed already
silent running stealth mode
eliminating unnecessary sound
surveilling would-be attackers.

Submarine suffering
sapphire scenery brings beauty
obscuring obsidian vanishes viewing
blinding black proximity paranoia
observing the unknown
behind titanium walls
contending colossal tentacles
extending from my kraken mind.

Caterpillar crawl
underwater undulation
supplies sparse
a city is needed
shore seems nice
party port
reconnaissance recognized
rejection redeployed
pebbles tossed in the ocean
sink to the bottom
but never die
and start submarine sailing.
Yaser Mar 13
Seven seas
seven seas
seven seas
of eyes

they stare into my heavy soul
and judge me for my lies

I sail them calm
and skate above
their surface born of tears
they stare they stare they stare they stare
I sense they see my fears

seven seas
seven seas
seven seas
of eyes

The winds that send me over them?
only God knows how those rise.

Have you seen the seven seas?
The seven seas of eyes?
Look not into their awful gaze
or be lost in their strange tides...
Greg Muller Mar 10
Set out from the sandy shore.
The lake an everlasting Paramore.

The boat breaths like my hearty chest
Up and down upon the waves white-tipped crest

Overhead the birds squawk in a one-note tune.
Like a harpsichord playing an unknown song.

Turning away from the sun
The blue ocean becomes glum Black sunglasses fall further on my face.

Water droplets still find my smiling face.
Sailing wind drives us away from my starting place

A Call
A Shout.
Turning on my breath

A shoreman’s happiest wish
A fresh face for whom to softly kiss.

The boat turns toward our shore.

Leading us to both softly tip
Without a word on our fearless lips

Docking us once more
Upon the sandy shore.
Adrian Feb 10
Like fluttering steel,
I moved toward
The windward,
Hoping to find
The stem of life,
The roots of death.

The stars guide
My fluttering steel,
Showing me the wonder
Of each precious sunrise,
And each fleeting sunset.
I’m deathly afraid
of these ocean nights
But the little starlights
Infuse my scampering soul
with unyielding courage,
Making my lonesome night
A sail with company,
And a hope-filled light.

Each fleeting day,
And each dragging night,
The water sweeps,
As if moved
By the deft stroke of a sword,
Or the silent lance’s jab.
I really enjoyed writing this one.
Greg Muller Feb 3
One two three hundred of Iceland's sailors.
Leaning on the finance from our big servant

Departure had little fan-fare
But what did they care

A summer’s Blinding heat
A ship loaded packed with wheat

As Night’s grasp grew.
Our maps battery did too.

Leaving tonight.
I kissed my wife.  

Across the sky ten times.
The sun blazed our horizon’s on the same side.

Food getting lighter, our bellies yearning for dinner
Mutiny, mutiny, mutiny.
I wasn’t going to differ.

Two days later. Our top man, who saved the evenings with good chatter.
Gave our crew the word.
Land **, you ***** rappers.

Looking across the sea, putting our withering hands above our knees.
My eyes glistened, had we come to Griffen.

Our final steps, until our land, was pushing forward and backward.
Onboard the land, our sea legs, outstretched our hands.

Aliens, and sailors, leaving together.
What are they saying
New food to chew.

Gave the crew a push to rearrange our mast
Setting sail back to our past.

The cheers were loud, and we are all proud.
As each one of us was the sailor that lead a mutiny crowd.
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