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'Twas all so beautiful a sight,
A long summers night; The sacred stars were burning bright about our mother moon.

The wind filled the sails above the waves that sped us through the sailors tales and brought us to a deep lagoon.

We cast our nets out far and wide, then watched them sink below the tide, which rattled out a tune for me and you.

We hauled aboard the silver fish, to fill our bellies and our fists, then set off home with seagulls chirping tunes.

The wooden boat now tied about the key,
its tattered sail and rusty cleat,
tugs and tugs the rope upon the swell and gently whispers come to sea!
come to sea!
come to sea!
A little well used boat ried about a key
sherlock177A Sep 11
battered and battered with no kind
to grind the wooden maiden,
set in the waves of Poseidon;
shattered and shattered for no rind
left behind by rai-den who caves in
to get in and raid-in’.

clattered and clattered each weatherin’
unkind thunderous raven,
with avarice preyed to dine in
and have a rice  or some mice,
for no Bast left to my aghast.

tattered and tattered my witherin'
mind, so in the captain’s haven
I shivered and laid in,
prayed and gave in at last.
Sara Mares Sep 1
Touch me
The way the light touches the treetops in the morning
Gently, slowly as a lazy flame in the fireplace
Oh, how I long to lounge in your illumination
Sweet as the spring daffodils are to the eyes
Your sight is a welcome gift to a weary soul
Let not time steal your splendor
Nor your grandeur
Nor any memory of your face
A beacon of hope in the violent seas of life
Guide my vessel through unforgiving waves
Back to the safety of your port
So long as there is wind in my sail
I will scour the earth for your luminescence
Andrew Jul 5
My boat
Your moat
Crossing the line
Into your mind
Only to find
Something unkind

It's a squid
Versus a kid
Crashing waves
Lasting days
In a glassy haze

I'm free flailing
Sea snailing
My wailing
Off the railing
Of the ship I'm sailing

I see an oasis of land
I yearn for the sand
To clutch in my hand
To finally feel grand
Instead of sea sick
And flea bit
In deep ****
Drowning me
Crowning me
The king of nowhere
While I scream no fair
To ears with no care
That we are no pair
By the sea bef're dawn
At which hour nay ships yet saileth
Misty grizzled mask on the wat'r
Veils anoth'r grizzled drawn

I might not but wend to the sea
As the tide pulleth me back each day
The winds pusheth me 'long
The gull cries leading the way

I might not but wend to the sh're
To smelleth the salty air
And dreameth of a sail'rs life
Adrift on the wat'r somewh're

From the sh're i can see
Freah smoke and sails billow
Leaving the harb'r f'r ope sea
But alas, nev'r sailing f'r me
Maya Aug 16
i see the ships pass by
but only when the waves
don't cover my eyes.
i remember nothing
and my only friends
are clouds and stars.

the name of the boat i was on
is always on the tip
of my tongue
but it slips away
with the tides
as do i.

fish have started to nibble on me.
it's a strange sensation,
not unpleasant.
i know what that means, though.
i know i am dead.

i'm not scared
just relaxed
floating on the water
smelling the salt
feeling the breeze

i am lonely though
and a little cold
i must have had a family.
what happened
to all the other lifeboats?

aha! i remember the name of my boat.
i think it was called the Titan...
no, i'm pretty sure it was
the Titanic.
I’m like a sailing ship, sinking deep, in the depths of your melancholic seas.

The sirens sing to your heart bleeding; couldn’t tear my eyes away when you are hurting.

Waiting for you to smile again,
like the rising of the sun;
it was then that I knew I have left my heart to sail, one more time.
Gemini Aug 6
I met a boy –
in the middle of the ocean, with no prenotions.

Eyes soft as the waves –
rocking us down our way, smooth sailing my way.

I knew it wouldn’t turn into something bigger –
than a summer crush, a summer fling.

We were just living in the moment –
living young, wild, and free.

Out on the Caribbean –
where the sun shines brighter than I’ve ever seen –

I shared a kiss under the stars,
with a stranger, only at 17.

Didn't matter how many stories we told
bout the lives we lived back on the shore,

We were just basking in our short-lived loving –
lost on the ocean, my storybook romance –

I’ll forget your name, I'm sure you’ll forget mine,
but I won’t forget your face or our time.

No strings attached is a little too extreme…

It was just innocent lovin’ on the seven seas.
He had the most beautiful eyes, I swear...
Rohan Press Aug 1
in the

middle (our


of the night.
messing around with structure :)
Churning with the shells of critters
Foam infused with flour hues
Reaching and receding
Timeless yet awash in currents
It learns in waves
The perfect pupil
Relying on all it can see
Awash and adrift
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