I had this tremendous fear.
The mist soon all around;
The water around capsizes.
Substance attends, a funeral of sorts.
I've never ventured this far.
Soon they return, looking back.
Fleeing wildish scream.
My former thought bold.
Such my hope.
Resurfacing the ill fated.
The thought of sinking.
Forced to roam in darkness.
Where would I place my feet.
Perplexed, nothing was the same.
Cold, unable to find comfort.
I drifted, longing to chance the size of waves.
Distant waters courteous in expectation.
I too braced for it.
Becoming motionless.
Awaiting descent.

Not all ships sink.
The voyage extended from strangers eyes.
When the wind stops and the sail settles.
Some peculiar gaze, heavily weighed in length.
The ship sinks.
But this I feel far too late.
I am at the bottom.
The bottom of her heart
The wind did come.
The clouds like sails, soft on a mild day.
There was no rain.
Onward the clouds sailed.
Thick, to and fro.
The sun upright peeked through.
Slant beams.
The clouds like sails drooped.
Sagging in the distance.
Parting ways they swam.
Creating shapes, more soft ridges.
The clouds men.
Ever more to rejoice.
The birds like currents.
The bluest of oceans.
Below I gaze, light in heart
Watching them sail on
Sam Hacker Jun 18
       the drifting ceiling of blue and grey light
illuminating the ride.

       grasping for something, anything,

A light in the dark,
       the eternal fading,
the last residuals of the cold falling away,

And then the transitory returns.
       The golden sun, wind kissed waves,
and a weather beaten hand catching yours,
       a call, joyful, echoed the gull high above,
as safety brings the glow of liberty.
Piece of advice:
wear a life jacket whenver you even see a body of water...
Lyn-Purcell Jun 12
I sail

my mind's

tide of

many questions

And only

under the

Eye will

I find

the answers
Ever have that moment when you stop and just question everything?
To the point that you get a headache because your questions breeds MORE questions?
Yeah, I'm having more and more of those days, it seems.

Be back soon!
Lyn x
We left the safety of port.
Rising and falling
wave after wave.
The wind stung our face.
Abroad tensions rose.
Never seeing water the way we've seen.
Tossing and turning.
The ship slicing the strong current.
Together we hauled toward the anchor.
Spotting the largest wave we'd ever seen.
Hurling towards us with everything she had.
We set sail without guide.
This perhaps the worse storm yet.
We braced for impact.
Not prepared for what accompanied.
The boom crashed against the deck.
Our linen tossed everywhere.
We panicked,
steering best we could to no avail.
We succumbed to her fury.
Ready to face what may.
Our true destination found.
Seeking the sun after devastation
Mary-Eliz May 27
set down on satin lining
velvet box laid cautiously
placed on top of other cargo
for the voyage on the sea

strands of precious shining stones
stowed in Captain's quarters
second mate stood by to guard
it was the Captain's orders

secured and safely in the hold
I had no need to fret
the lateen sails were readied
drawn up the mast and set

sun shone brilliant, sky so clear
along Africa's gold coast shore
the journey would be smooth
captain couldn't have asked for more

with Portugal as destination
and royalty waiting there
crew's footsteps scurried on the deck
there was excitement in the air

the caravel set out to sail
'twas in the sixth month of the year
that traditional wedding time
and the date was coming near

the date I had to be delivered
for the princess bride to be
to be worn above her bosom fair
sparkling gems from 'cross the sea

I'll match her love-filled eyes
and complete the four required
not sure of old or new or borrowed
but for blue she'll have sapphire.
Oh my! What an "assignment"...prompt word: caravel.; write from the perspective of something blue.
Benedict May 26
Call it a yard, call it a shed,
That vessel grew up in bed,
With a covered head,
So that its frame did not get wet,
But better yet,
Many times,
Resins used were left to dry,
Into the cracks their poxys pry,
To amalgamate the creaking ply.

And only when the final screw,
Twists its way to something new,
To tie the lace of this floating shoe,
Still sitting under rusted roof;
When the metal files are swept away,
And the hazel mast accepts its stain,
By a whitened brush proclaimed,
Only then does she take her name.

For a day or two she’s left to linger,
Poised at the top of her sheltered slip,
A proud and shining ship,
Held in place by the gasping grip,
Of the steadfast holding line.

Her ivory sails lie week and flat,
And there is irony in that,
For a girl already waxed and named,
With canvas cut and metals tamed,
Perched there upon that ledge,
Has yet to take her newborn breath.

Through forward rings two ropes are thread,
To heave her from her resting bed,
Call it a yard, call it a shed,
Into the water below,
A world she does not yet know,
But there she is bound to go.

Soon her airtight helm will taste that salted swill,
Her rudders will shoulder the force of a thousand men,
And by her maker’s will,
She will not meet her end.

Goes the steadfast holding line,
As the forward rope force applies,
Without a wince or a whine,
Does our vessel bid goodbye,
To her sheltered bed,
Call it a yard, call it a shed,

And with one final gracious bow,
Into the wet of the sea she ploughs.
Aa Harvey May 12

Your smile is a sonic boom, it blows me away.
I didn’t have a wow moment,
There is no word that can say,
How amazed I was,
I was lost,
I was gone.
I ceased to exist and I was reborn eternally,
In a picture book image of our first encounter;
The second I realised your beautiful smile.
You stopped me being a doubter.
I hope I have found my divinity.
You are an angel for sure,
Because no other could shine so bright;
Try as they might.

If you blew a kiss a thousand ships would be launched
And I would be found on each of them,
Pining beneath every sail
And waiting to return to your beauty,
As soon as possible,
Without fail.
For I would break as you faded away,
But my heart you would keep with you.
It would remain beating,
For hope,
For the truth,
For love,
For you,
For one more chance to see your beautiful smile.
Mona has got nothing on you.

And if I never return to the land on which you walk,
Then I will only ever pass through endless doors,
So empty of desire, so full of second choices,
Extravagance useless,
Gone will be the memories.
For if I cannot love one hundred percent,
Then I am surely dead.
Such love is never truly worthy,
Of roses that float like ghosts in the centre of a cemetery,
Never falling or fading, just staying afloat like a life jacket,
Washed away on the waves of goodbye.
You are the air I need to breathe, I am a discarded crisp packet
And I will float wherever your words send me.
Whether that be stuck in thorny branches or flying high.
Up or down,
You set me free.

Within your centre, am I welcome to venture?
May I be so bold before I am in need of dentures?
You must invite me in if I am ever to enter.
Inside your heart I would be sure to find only diamonds,
Built to protect and last, in your voice I hear violins
And so you must keep yourself safe until you can truly be seen,
As I see you now in my dreams.
Holding me,
Kissing me,
Loving me,
Missing me.

And if it never becomes,
Then tear away the sun!
Pull the mountains asunder like thunder and bury me six feet under!
For life without beauty is not worth living.
A life without love is no life at all.
Life without you would only be worth keeping,
If there was a speck, of a morsel, of a chance at revival.
All things fall…

But then they rise once more…

And if sight-seers and seers became transfixed in your eyes,
They would surely elide all the lies, for they are the never-truths,
That could never be spoken to you.
Only love is welcome inside my heart.
I am surreal; you are a work of art.

All onlookers would not want to miss,
Something they could never have seen before!
Such a smile!
So beautiful!
So enamored am I with the lines that you draw;
I am all yours…
I am…
So yours…

All dreamers,
Would use all their effort,
To try and become kings;
Just to be rich enough to see your smile.  
I hope you leave them dreaming.
For if they saw you, as I see now my Yen,
Then you would make all the broken hearts believe again.
You make life seem worthwhile.
The biggest secret you hide is your smile.

When the gone are once more at one with this place we call Earth,
They will find you, hopefully with me
And they will thank you,
For helping them to once more believe
And allowing them to find their own Her.

A pretender to the throne upon which you sit,
So they are welcome to take away all the fugazi,
For I would only sell my soul for an original print.
I’d rather be with you,
Than be lost to the empty vessels of those who just want me…

I think you need me, I know I need you.
I think we could be; I hope you do too.
I know if you could just speak, we could make it through.
I know, if you and I became happy,
We could be whatever you want us to be.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
It sits there on the sideboard
Or on the mantle shelf,
And after such a long time
You don’t notice it yourself.
But should you have a visitor
Or younger child come by
It will spark interest anew
And gasps of “Me oh my!”

It’s then the curious wonder
How the ship was put inside,
And where the opening’s concealed
And was it hard to hide?
And if you put it in there
How many times you tried?
And if it went in through the neck
How could it be so wide?

It’s then you tell the story
Of going to the store
To find a bottle of good clear glass
With a shape worth planning for.
Dimple Haig is famous,
Carduh’s pretty fair,
The first one is triangular,
The other one is square.

The bottle must be decanted,
When empty cleaned and dried,
And a careful measure taken
Of the dimensions inside.
It’s then you render drawings
Of the ship you want to make,
And plan out going backwards
Every step you’ll have to take.

First you carve the hull
Of wood with grain that’s fine,
Then step the masts with hinges
So they fold down in a line.
You add the sails and rigging,
Check how they’ll erect
When’s time to pull the halyards
Through the bottle’s neck.

It takes months to finish
Doing a little every night,
I had my children watching
And remarking at the sight.
They saw me put in plasticine
To mold and shape the ocean
And carve wave crests with a spoon
To give the water motion.

When at last the time is right
And everything is ready
You carefully set the ship upon
The sea and hold it steady.
Then pulling on each halyard
The sails are slowly raised
And those who watch the process
Stand enchanted and amazed.
My great grandfather sailed to New Zealand on a ship called the Wild Deer in 1872. I have always loved ships in bottles, and one day decided I would drain a pretty bottle of its contents and put the inspiration back inside. It took three months to complete the project.
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