Though you sail out of my harbour in the dead of night
if you want to come home just follow my light.

Now I'm High Strung
Hands Tied on the line
Down the creek
You're so Wonderful
As you seem awed & smooth sailing
I get high on that
Honesty the Third Degree
I plan on whispering back
You may change the Mold, my Facade
My Trail of Crumbled Hearts
Erotic, Such & Such
Unrecognized, Unfamiliar Pathway
How I wish it was an expressway
Dragging me down
Before you take me home
As we seat on your Bed

Visual Feeling of Inspiration:
Daisy Marrow Nov 12

I'm sailing away
on my own ship.

I don't need no crew
I know exactly what I'm doing

I'll be gone by morning light
to sail across the ocean.

If you want to say goodbye,
don't bother.

Instead just come sail away with me,
and we'll have the stars all to ourselves

I'll take you to all the places you've forever wanted to see.
Far and wide, there is no limit for you and I.


In the swift wind.
My hands set sail in a vast
Weary feet pointed left.
My heart steadfast to the right.
Her heart wild as the wind.
I sailed beside her.

Capsizing in her silk wave.
She was far from quiet, an abundance of thoughts. Opinionated from one wave to the next.
Without a single struggle.
I sank.

I left my supplies by the mast.
Becoming easier to swallow.
Everything scattered.
Topsy turvy in fascination.
She kissed me and I never looked back.

Ira Desmond Nov 3

As the day
slumps on

and the afternoon

is at last

and reeled

the horizon,

sitting in my cubicle,

my neck begin

list windward,

a sinking

its sheets

naked mast

its heedless final heading

that white fog

that rolls over

coastal range

my west out

third floor

The fog

its neck

so slightly

to meet my

like a timid

just pulled

after a short, fitful

Betsy Garris Oct 11

Little white sails
Skimming the horizon
Little white clouds
Whisped throughout the sky
Little sandy pebbles
Tumbling through my toes
Little loudening thoughts
Of life just passing by.

Just a MoCo girl living in  SMCo world.
Idiosyncrasy Sep 5

She looked at the fading view
          of the shore
               its golden sand
               its line of trees
               and the little movements      
               of the ocean trying to    
               reach it
She smiled and told herself
It is not what she wants anymore
This time it is no longer a lie.

It still is but let us hope for the time when it really is no longer a lie :).
AtlasArtist Sep 5

Two strong men picked up a log and tossed it in the sea,
Looked out upon what they had done and realized gleefully,
That float away the log did!
That run away the log slid!
Reached out and slammed upon, they floated right along,
Sang out in glee and merriment a lovely little song,
Two strong men picked up a log and tossed it in the sea,
Now look out and gaze upon two sailors grown to be.

Adam Nunn Jul 20

The morning light creeps across the deck
Picking out the colours - Black becomes grey
Becomes a brighter hue, sparkling crystals
Reflections of salt flung spray

Witnessing the start of a new day
The beginning of a cycle of life -
Of death, success and failure.
Light pierces the eyes like a knife

The horizon line shifts,
Slitting sea from sky.
The detail defining as the light strengthens
Soon the trip below to be warm and dry.

Morning energy fills the upcoming crew, Those who have served the night
Slowly climb down the below
Anxious not to leave the day's new light.

The watch between 3-7am when sailing is the hardest but the most beautiful too - you see the stars and the sun rise, colours materialize and the world come to life - the breaking of a new, unexplored and unknown day
Shane Leigh Jul 10

The ships that pass on the open waters of the Channel
Pass silently.
Under falling stars
There is no better peace
Than waves along the bow;
Wind in the steadfast sails;
And a crisp sea breeze.
As I look up to the vastness of the stars
I come to find
It is not much different than our beautiful sea:  
What stars fall to oblivion,
Never to been seen again.

© Shane Leigh
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