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Truth is, I let things hurt till they hurt no more.
But now fawn has turned into
Violet, indigo, black,
Birthing a whole new universe.

Black | shevaun stonem
Paul Idiaghe Nov 15
when you trickled, the past pulled from my eyes,
hung like (f)lashes from my eyelids—still
growing with my face, still
oscillating old images

of mama’s smile, sunken
in dimples, deep as her love for me
as a promising oasis—how
she’d ooze her only moisture
to quench my thirst,

of my little legs leaping
up the stairs, after weeks separated from home,
hoping to find mother, healed,
grabbing me into a hearty hug,

but rather finding
dad, direly drained by grief,
a grand gathering of greasy eyes,
silence, sobbing, and the sweaty sequel of
i’m sorry, we—

it was the day of her funeral,

& i was a five-year-old, already wondering
what it means to be a child without
a mother, what it means
to live to die

i let you drip into her grave, wishing
i could go along with you,
with her

but look, i’m rather
going along her prudent path,
stretching it to all the painful, all the pleasant
striving to complete it

& though it’s tough
to walk this wicked world,
i’ll pass the peak,
wearing mother’s wounds
as wings.
Amanda Nov 9
We have been apart a week
My memory has been all but erased
Six years we lasted together
Am I so easily replaced?

It's like a punch to the stomach
Thought of your hands intertwined
Tried my best to be there for you
In return leave me behind

Part of me in denial
Can't believe this is real
A state of frozen shock
Attempting to grasp how you feel

I wish the choice was mutual
Willing emotions to change
If only I could place your heart in my chest
Give you mine in exchange

You make it look simple
For you moving on isn't hard
I am the only half affected
You clearly are not broken or scarred

How could I mean that little to you?
All that we've been through together
Promised we would start a family
You would stay forever

Now vows belong to a different girl
Robbed from my unsuspecting hands
As your misery decreases
My sorrow simultaneously expands

It hurts to breathe in
Hurts to think
And hurts to open my eyes
Not a second passes without the ache
Cannot tell sunset from sunrise

The days blur into one
Earth keeps spinning around
Whole world is shattering
No one hears the sound

I bear suffering alone
Barely speak your name
Because if I say the words out loud
Can't escape what we became

I try to distract from the emptiness
Hide in my room and get high
Remembering all the warm moments
Over and over asking why

Why was I not enough for you?
Why wouldn't you let me in?
Why does she get to have you for her own?
Questions make head spin

When I finally fall asleep
At peace for a little while
In dreams I'm in your arms again
Morning interrupts my smile

Waking is the very worst part
Faced with overwhelming void
Absence of your touch is crushing
Obstacle I cannot avoid

I hope eventually I will get stronger
Start mending wounds in soul
Until that day arrives I'll shuffle feet forward
In vain ignore the gaping hole
I wish this was a nightmare I could wake up from
At astronomical distances
Stars and planets
Appear cool and shining
Closer, barren mass or dreadful ***** of fire
Similarly, from far
Comparing yours
Theirs lives appear cool and shining
Your problems appear astronomical
Theirs minor
Nearer you go, you see
Wounds greater than yours
At astronomical distances
stars and planets
Appear cool and shining
Closer, barren mass or  dreadful ***** of fire
Janna Orpa Nov 2
She always kept it in.
No matter how much was thrown in her way she took it in.
She carried a heavy burden on her tiny shoulders.
A burden that always anchored her down.
She cried in silence hoping no one would see her tears.
She didn’t want to trouble them with her wounds.  
She masked her wounds, waiting for them to heal.
The scars never fade.
She kept it in, she hid it well.
They failed to understand her pure heart.
Peeling off a scab
Is satisfying.
The ugly ruin above
Gives way to smooth renewal beneath.
I want to peel off the scab that I've become
To see that beneath the dried up husk
There is new life, new growth, new hope.
Elin Sep 25
I’ve been numb for days now

I started picking at old memories just to feel something

Kicking mental rocks over

To see if remnants of you would crawl out

I’ve been dropping poison in my tea

Just to help me stay asleep at night

But no elixir is a fixer

And each morning I roll over into your absence

Time heals all wounds they tell me

But really time wounds all lovers
Osii Sep 23
With time our wounds heal
But our scars remain the same
They're reminders of how we feel
When we take on all the blame
be kind to yourself.
dailythoughts Sep 17
Tired with unresolved overwhelming feelings
Attacking at the most random times
Opening up old wounds to only stitch them back again
It never gets old, does it?
there is endless magic
within the havoc
of the wounds
that dress
your knees

i hope you
kiss the scars
that they all leave

and that you believe
they pave the way
for you to reach
your wildest
dreams ♥
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