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leeaaun Jan 2
new year
yet i carry all the same
wounds and bruises
She stole my poem,
and so did my heart.
She stole my love
and made days full of open wounds.
She came back,
complaining that she couldn't spell
the words I had written to her in my poem, "how this love is so silent?"
Indonesia, 26th December 2023
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
M Solav Dec 2023
It happens with all the holes and wounds: they grow their own face, mend their gaps, heal their rifts — those new skills of yours are but entities that emerge: to grant shelter, to stand guard, replace the old, thicken the crust, weather this human storm — through and through.

But will the skin ever return to its soil? It linger on forevermore. How tight its grip? How hardened its sappy brooks? When will it nourish those delicate roots anew?

These thoughts arise as doubt breaks free. It pours and flows as I gaze down and lower still. Shadows seep and leak as the wheel spins and drills the soul evermore hollow. Anonymous is our tree of life, but it keeps faces in store.

For it happens with all the holes and wounds: they bleed, they mend, they heal — and what don't they do as I stand here, as I bend, as I kneel — as I carve these seats in shapes of departure. Those skills thicken under my feet like growling tremors.

My past was but a dream — and I'm ready to slide like a crumbling leaf. My weariness is universal. My knowledge heavy. There cannot be a conclusion. I am growing thin.

Let me feed those roots anew.
Through and through.
Written on July 19th, 2023.

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— Copyright © M. Solav —

This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
leeaaun Dec 2023
pain shows no mercy,
it treats you as an enemy
even when you are always holding
a first aid box–
to heals its wounds
it's like a snake biting you back
Blake Nov 2023
I wont care about you today,
As how I cared for you yesterday,
And how I'll care for you tomorrow.

I wont reach for you today,
As how I've held you dear all these years,
And how I will definitely continue to.

I wont seek your attention today,
As how I have longed for your affection,
And how I soon will beg for the absolution of it.

I wont have your promised advancement today,
As how yesterday and the days before,
Was only ever amorous play...

As your ash-heap talking,
I wont have it today,
I cant..

For the world is dark,
But my feelings are never the same shade,
Makes it so much more painful...
Like an angel stuck in hell.

And it saddens me to know,
That our time spent together...
Is longer in my mind,
than in the physical realm.

That our memories,
Last further than our future,
And my love for you..
Outwins and ruins my own temple.
Savio Fonseca Oct 2023
Mesmerize Her Mind
and Her Heart,
will enchant your Soul.
Share Her, all your Sorrows
and Her Kindness,
will Delight your Heart.
Treasure all Her Dreams
and She will Cherish,
all your Values.
Quell, all Her Fears
and She will,
elevate your Spirits.
Memorize Her Wounds
and She will erase,
all your Scars.
A Dedication to Sarah, Pune-India
Savio Fonseca Sep 2023
Happiness brings U Laughter.
Happiness brings U Joy.
It makes U, sound playful.
Like a Child, with a new gifted Toy.
Love pours Out with Romance,
It has the Fragrance of a Flower.
Some are lucky to have it.
As it multiplies Life by the Hour.
Tears that fall on your Pillow,
for all the times U have Cried.
U feel awful, lonely and Hollow.
like almost half of U has Died.
Life is so much Beautiful,
When there's Someone to Care.
Your Wounds all keep healing
Someday their Scars won't be There.
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2023
Your journey has come to an end
Mourning for a soul no longer here
Love slowly will help wounds mend
In heart presence will never disappear
Trying to write a poem for the program for my mom's celebration of life
SomeOneElse Jul 2023
Some mistakes can never be fixed.
Some wounds may never heal
It only takes but one bad day
for our fate to be sealed.
Life is full of ups & downs,
be careful what you say
For you may come to regret it,
every single day.
If I had only had the strength
to hide the pain inside
Instead I dug myself a hole
with pain now amplified.
be mindful in your time of weakness
no matter how you feel
Some things can never be unsaid
cause wounds never heal
one mistake, one bad phone call, one bad day or moment of weakness can end even the best of friendships
Lauren Leal Jul 2023
I pick my scabs and wonder why I keep remembering
Reacting to old feelings and habits when it's not necessary after years of growth
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