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for the wounds we keep poking
hearts that do not stop breaking
for the fools who refuse to learn
the loved ones living in an urn

for all the love and unsaid sacrifices
a mother’s love and her compromises
for bedtime stories and goodnight kisses
a father’s story from rags to riches

for a glimpse that made you fall
the same that made you love alcohol
for all the dreams that are unfulfilled
the innocent victims of war who get killed

for all the seasons that we live through
the sun, the moon and the dove’s coo
for the sands, stones and the oceans
every unsaid word and unfelt emotions

for white, pink and all the colours
music, books, poems and flowers
for everything great and trivial
a poem for everyone sad and jovial

for things living and non-living
for loving, giving and forgiving.
It’s really been so quiet.
Can I hear your voice?
I’m tired of being strong,
wish I had another choice.

It’s really been so dark.
Can I feel your light?
I’m tired of being fine,
wish you were still mine.

It’s really been so awful.
Can you heal my wounds?
I’m tired of being alone.
Wish I could move on.

—-Poetry by Paras
Sara Kellie Jan 15
I'm on the edge.
I'm on the edge.
So many edges. . . .
with no chasms . . .
. . . . . . no freefall
. . . . I have crossed.

Where is my chasm?
"pain, just pain"

I have overcome.

Where is my chasm?

No chasm, No edge.


So many bruises. So many wounds.
Bruises with bruises.
Wounds with wounds.
I was there when he broke your heart,
Like a savage,tore it into tiny parts,
A bit here, a bit there,
Scattered into shards everywhere.
I saw you  bleeding with sorrow,
As if there was no tomorrow.
I am sorry I could not help you heal your wounds,
For I  had not come around,
I  too, was bleeding,
In pain writhing,
He had left me too,
In pieces I am still unable to sew.
gabrielle Jan 15
See the sky changes it's colors ?
from pitch black in night,
and blue on a day so bright ?
All is Beautiful.

See the flowers bloom ?
And hear the birds sing ?
I know, All is Beautiful.

See the wounds from a battle ?
See it now all scarred ?
Painful but all is beautiful.

See our heart breaks ?
See our hardships through it ?
Unbelievable but all is beautiful.

feel my love ?
feel it even though i'm far ?
It is Beautiful.

feel your love ?
i can't
because to me, you're not in love

But All is Beautiful.
every single thing is beautiful
whether it looks messy
it looks unappealing

even it hurts
remember, all is beautiful
Carlyyyy Jan 13
I hear the cry in your eyes
I feel your longing for peace

Am I as helpless as I fear you think I am?
If three syllables could move this mountain,

I’d scream it out loud,
mending our wounds,

Yours a worried soul,
Mine a unsettled heart.

With a heavy heart, I sit here next to my grandmother, as she doesn’t want to be where she is now.
LeoH Jan 11
It’s still there
The void inside
Dark and cavernous
Ready to draw me down

I thought I had dealt with this
But I just papered it over
Trying to be normal
Trying to survive

It doesn’t take much
To bust it open
To send me running
Looking to hide

There seems no end
To the grief I hold
It carries me with it
Lost and out of control

It’s not your fault
It was there before
Wounds from my past
Which have emptied me out

It’s time to face it
Go deep and howl
Let the sorrows out
Let the torrents flow

Surrendering thus
The endless waters calm
And in this moment
The light of love shines through

Cold and wintery the light
Penetrates my heart
I smile as I realize
I will always love you
I find endings hard...
gabrielle Jan 9
if he needed me in that instance
and i am nowhere to be found.
could i be back at that exact time
to be with him ?

if he had left me and i am hurt,
i am wounded.
would it heal ?

if he died at that sudden time and
i can't breathe anymore too.
can i live again ?

you answered,
" Time heals all wounds,
no matter how deep it is. "

i do not believe you,
the emptiness in mine wouldn't
be filled again.

not without him.
not these wounds.
not these bruises and slashes.
i'll just accept that from now on,
i am scarred.
Katy Jan 5
My feelings etch the page
With each tear that falls from my face

The pictures form
From the blood pooling out of the cuts on my hands

How was I supposed to know you would break me?
Or that my own pieces would cut me?

I just wanted to put them back together
So I didn't feel so empty
So I could be whole again
Aurora Dec 2018
Some woundes can’t be healed with love.
Especially those which were made by the hands of anger.
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