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JDL 1d
Sliver in my finger,
Oh why must you linger?
You have become a part of me
Cut you out I must, pardon me
Like slivers, many of us have regrets from mistakes past. Don’t let them define who you are. It may hurt, but sometimes you just need to cut them out and move on.
Asante' 4d
He can’t stand to love,
Yet he can’t stand to hate,
Afraid of exposure,
Its vulnerable weight.
So he builds up his walls,
To protect him from feeling,
Covering old wounds,
Which keeps them from healing.
And she sees he’s guarded,
Yet tries to unveil
The past he is hiding,
His secrets to tell,
Hating his walls,
But she can’t tear them down.
Wherever she is,
He just builds them around.
She bleeds in silence
Her thoughts constantly screeching in her head
She's in pain
Is it just another life's test
Or she refuses to heal her wounds?
Pieces are what makes you whole
Kiara Malig Oct 29
One day, I decide I’m too broken to exist,
I’m more ‘cracks’ than ‘girl’,
I’m too much of nothing and severely lacking in everything.
I forget that my heart holds escape exits,
I forget that feet run for a reason,
I forget that hands burn if you touch fire.
It kills me that I forget things that could’ve saved me from reckless abandon.

One day, I decide I’m too broken and I need help.
I ask an amateur magician to please piece me back into something more than this porcelain doll,
He says, ‘Sweetheart, I’ll try.’
I sit patiently as he cuts me all over, and brings out all his tricks,
But I end up even more broken than I already was.
I say I’m sorry for bothering him at all,
As if it was my fault,
As if it was my fault clay was meant to be played around with in unsteady hands.

One day, I decide I’m too broken and I decide I need to fix myself.
That day, I steal all types of tools from the hospital ambulance,
And from there, I decided to write over my mistakes instead of erasing them.
I decide that my being is no longer up for argument,
I decide that the best way I know to fix myself is to reject hands that tremble,
Is to fight fire with hellfire,
Is to make what was into what should be and burn the rest of it.

One day, I learn to fix myself.
I learn that trees cannot be put down,
If they just stood tall enough.
the broken are the empowered
Eric Babsy Oct 2
Dreams do not sometimes come to help you recover.
So it is your health and wealth that sometimes suffer.
Anything I could do to help.
If I see a girl for who she is my heart will melt.

See what they do is bring the cute.
Turning their backs on you they hide in the same suit.
Then the pretty come when you are gone.
Anything to make an appeal for what I have to succumb.

What is new?
What is unique?
I am under people’s review.
Just as the girating elliptical orbiting oblique.

I am the one who suffers.
As the rain pours down in buckets.
This is just the another of life’s tragedies.
But, I am not vain personally.

This is a day to day grind.
In this, I want my eyes in your soul I find.
Pour more salt in my wounds to help beautiful and unkind.
This is why mankind suffers if you are the one I reach and find.
GhostMOTH Sep 28
Ye does not know what's to come.
Forests come falling down like ash.
And must the colors cease to one?
Let death come with snow in its wrath.
With me, a weakened soul remains.
An evil tried to break it down.
But ye of only little faith...
Can't see that my soul sings aloud.
Oh, October has shed its tear.
With nothing, all left to remain.
But dead leaves always settle here.
Where I may stand up in the rain...
For ye of only little faith
A light with wings protects me
Here Winter comes with frozen fangs
Let it not ever prosper

Let no evil prosper.
she dances in moonlight
as she colors the crevices
of the clouds in the velvet sky
while the warm winds drift
along with the stars
she traces along with the
with the intention
to not be erased
her energy spreads
throughout the hidden oasis
among the secret gardens
as they all become one
she sings the song of eternity
as they recognize her every sound
the sway of the
burgundy tree branches
follow her every tune
drifting along with the
flowers that bloom
her cries shift the powers
of distant waters behind the moon
bringing the light of the sun
soon as the morning arises
she vanishes running
towards the sun
leaving her spirit untouched.
© rainbows and sunshine 2018
If your mind's wounds were illustrated on your body, what would it look like?

Mine would have broken bones, bruises, and deep cuts strewn everywhere.

But also, stitches and casts to heal them.
Semicolon Sep 23
I was healing,
The wounds were healing,
The tears had stopped,
The demons had fallen to sleep,
The blood had dried up,
So had the pillows,
I was healing.
But then,
I picked at the scabs,
And I bled again,
And it left behind
A scar.
I was healing,
But now I can't.
I was healing,
But now I have scars.
I was healing,
But not anymore.
The wound healed and closed up, but the scar remained.

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