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The Heart is greater than the eyes,

for the heart, amidst all the pain,

sees through the delicate lenses of beauty.

The Heart is superior over the ears,

for the heart, amid all the loud noise,

listens to the softest whispers of humanity.

The Heart is bigger than the nose,

for the heart, among all of the scents,

smells the fragrance of new life.

The Heart is larger than the hands,

for the heart, amongst all that it can do,

touches in a way that is softer than the dawn’s dew.

The Heart is superior to the tongue,

for the heart, with all of its might,

speaks only the sweet letters of kindness.

The Heart is more immense than all of the human senses,

for the heart carries so much love,

it can lighten up the face of the whole universe.

Hussein Dekmak

Grace Jan 3
One Winter's day the pain will fade
and letting go of you won't be so hard  
so I spend most of my time paining over scars
and bleeding hearts
and trying to live for the art.  
I drown in the sight of you
there's no way to look at you
different shades of blue covers the inside of me
with cold smoke particles glued – (to me)
producing what seems to be an endless sea of clear dew.    
As the snow falls to the ground
white nothingness fill my eyes
and all the window have been opened, and everything falls upside down.
The dying little flowers sprouting out of the snow has been placed in a place I use to call the sky
It's not too warm or too cold I need close my mind even if it’s for a little while.  
You You You You running through my empty head
No words or songs or judgements or thoughts just -You
I need to tip a whole tin of paint over me

Because me and you are through.
Pallavi Dec 2018
It is a fresh sunny day,
I am enjoying the warmth of it.
Soaking each dew drop,
Feeling the peace in me.
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Dew drenched rose petels,
Winter’s perfect deception,
Season’s seduction!
Don’t be deceived by the lissom rose’s seductiveness; with her sharp claws and long fangs winter lurks in the background to take you in to her freezing  embrace!
Nool Nov 2018
I lay in a field of dew fresh flowers
And dream of sweet spring showers
Time and Time take autumn to spring
And a tree begins to grow from me
Now mist and dew are due to me
Johnny walker Nov 2018
One little luxury I will
afford myself this year
my wife Helen's once
favorite perfume
Estee Lauder Youth Dew
so at Christmas which  I
can no longer do
But can
shut myself In dreams
with my head on my pillow
sleep Christmas away with
the smell of Helen's beautiful
perfume sprayed all over
my pillow
Since Helen's passed last Christmas
can't do Christmas any more
Nikos Kyriazis Nov 2018
weave your spell
Harken groans that
dwell beneath

Smell the fragrance
of her tomb
I left there a
bloom of dew

Light me please a
path to dead
Hollow are the
years herein

Since she left a
wail for tune
Seals do chant the
lament's rhymes

Foggy days are
now live in
Gulfs and shores the
phantom's lair

Groves are emptied
fays have gone
Nature strolls in
grief alone

weave your spell
Let me go to
her again
Shariq Jawed Nov 2018
Waking up to sunrise so beautiful,
Sad to see that it is only witnessed by a few...

Looked at her with sleepy eyes,
Witnessed the beauty that no one knew...

Wishing to always see her smile,
Wishing that together older we Grew...

Her presence makes it all colorful,
Without her, nothing but blue...

Takes a long whiff letting the air fill my lungs,
Relaxes my head back, enjoying the view...

The smell of freshly brewed coffee,
The smell of the morning dew...
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