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Summer Oct 4
shapeless longing, lingering perfume,
remnants of your wet sleeve,
where are you?
distant match-figures hiking
along the ***** of the mountain;
a row of diligent ants, circling
the crimson rose bud —
sweet sorrow is the dew nestled
within the blooming petals —
grow, wither, and fall —
The morning dew shines a crystal blue
A mirrored sky welcomes a fresh dawn
Worries from yesterday lie behind us
Bask in the weightlessness of a new day.
An old poem, one I wrote ages ago that I suddenly remembered.
& I found you
lying on the ground.
You welcomed me to your lips,
Finding early morning twinkle
in your eyes - Just before
the security lights on the house
are cut off.
Shortly before we are interrupted
by the footprints of muddy boots
& soft sole shoes finding their way
into the light.
I found you on the ground &
laid beside you,
My lips melting into yours
Just beneath the sun.
I closed my eyes and fell into you
Hiding myself deep within your reach.
No longer naive to the definition of
Promise me that you won't leave
at least until tomorrow morning.
My loving arms wrapped around you
until the sun tells me that it's time
to go
Shofi Ahmed Aug 6
The secret sauce of life of the earth
just a glance turns the sun to brew.
The whole stars mirroring sea
in the night slides into a dew!
Kaumal Borah Jul 29
The pearls in the leaves of that  tree
splashed on my hand
And primped it like an accessory
so delicate ,so beautiful,so refreshing
The tiny little pearls of nature "the dew drops"
Seemed to just exist to make  me glee...
Just random feelings...
The life of the dew

In the morning

On the flowers, beautiful it looks

To the human eye

To condense and collect

To drop as a dewdrop

To holdback, it knows not

On this earth, it lets go

In the morning hours upon the grass

As there is sunlight up the sky

Beautiful, the life of a dewdrop
isabella Jul 21
Love is reckless, not brave,
Love is selfish and selfless all in one,
Love is faithful, stupid, kind,
Love is all the simple things, but rewind

And love is pain, confusion,
Love is a battle won but a soul lost,
Love is a storm, the pelting rain like stones
Love is the plunging distance between the sky and the ocean.

Love is the touch of skin on skin,
Smiles and laughter at the end of the day,
Crackling bonfires and whispers of secrets,
The smell and texture of her hair.

Love is the sound of bullets firing,
Love is the feeling of dirt between toes,
Love is the groggy bewilderment of morning,
Love is the walk down a hill washed with dew.

Love is being late to all meals, except for dessert,
Love is passing plates around, clinking silverware,
Love is the scrape of chairs and static of noises,
Love is the shape of his eyes when he glances around.

Love is the smell of the air after the rain,
Love is the droplets running down his face,
Love is the pen brushing across the paper,
Love is the bunk beds and sleeping bags and chatter.

Love is the sky, the river, the mountain, and the meadow,
Love is the flashlights’ light and the stars brighter,
Love is the loneliness in the field of the empty night,
Love is the loose circle of young and old.

Love is lullabies at night, crevices of her face,
Love is the sound of soft rain against the roof,
Love is the breeze blowing through the open window,
Love is teasing and joking and breathless joy.

Love is a warm feeling in the chest,
An intertwining of fingers, a touch to the hair,
Love is a braid coming undone gradually,
Love is a heart that is beating endlessly.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 21

Bolt-haired and moon-skinned
Kiss of dew nourish the Earth
Flora sweetened now

This haiku is dedicated to Ersa aka Herse, the Goddess of Dew.
There isnt much about her myth wise but still, I want to give every woman of myth love they much deserve! She's the daughter of Zeus of Selene but still she fascinates me, haha!
Thank you so so much for 367 followers, I'm honestly speechless and grateful! 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Alex Scaife Jul 2
Under the cherry blossom tree
He sits, looking to the sunset.
A life of moon, snow, and dewdrops
Content, his life does melt. So it is...
Death poem
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