I am a leaf and you are a voracious caterpillar. I'm gone, when you turn into a butterfly, develop the color of your wings.

I'm late night and you're polite dew. I was not there when on the leaf, morning and the sun brilliant you.

CGY 4d

There is no dew
Framed skylines and paved heat
Asleep at dawn

MORNING is the way the earth teaches me how to love you, what I seem to routinely do, but in fact never repeats the same.

Morning is the way the sun teaches me to be faithful to you. He was never silent but did not move from him. Thus, true love is a love that does not ask.

Morning is the way the dew tells me about sincerity, and it wants me to imitate. It will only be there for a moment. But on the leaves, the traces of the story remain legible.

Morning, earth, sun, and dew, are my way of doing things for you, that is finding myself in who is not me, as I got from my love for you.

Jobira Jun 30

Sitting on a rocking boat
Right in the middle of a deep blue sea,
All I am thinking is about you.

You're the causes for my journey,
The one standing by the bank
That I am trying to reach onto,
Sailing on the ice cold bleak
And floating in the misty dew of hopes.

For you don't say anything,
I am not sure what to think;
My hands are getting tired
And my eyes are turning red
And that, I am afraid,
Will soon too,
my only heart might sink.

Dr zik Jun 26

I can not stop falling pearls from my eyes at night
You are not about to stop falling dew drops in the morning
O' my Lord!
Both are the signs unshaken-able
Of our everlasting Love
And the morning star is witness

Dr ZIK's Poetry
Paul Marfil Jun 16

This morning, my hand
Caught the first drop of dew.
I think I just held your hand.

Donna Jones Jun 8

Glittery grass I
see , sparkling glistening
with warm sunshine glee

Zenith May 15

If the bleak songbirds tweet sweetly,
          and the morning dew engulfs your senses,
                    the world may be a delightful place.
If the short sighs of time
          be replaced with the cheers of redeeming grace,
                    may the world rotate ‘round your glee.
But should the songbirds retire,
should the dew evaporate,
          should time move ever so slowly,
          and should grace seem forever lost,
                    the world may still be delightful
                    and may still move to your pace.
You must seek the good
          even in a seemingly hellish place.

written 5/12/17
Dr zik Apr 22

Some body find You in a dew
Some body wander about into the woods
Men are wandering
Here and there in search of You
I am too in search of You
But the track and style is varied.
They go far, beyond themselves.
I feel and dive inward myself.
So I found You in my heart
They remain wandered about.
And I feel pleasure in my solitude

The dew 
of this
not yet
in full

© Michael Lechner

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