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Erian Sep 9
I can count your name a million times
From fading stars to sunrise
There's nowhere I'd rather be
Under the sun's shining gloom.

If meteorites faded upon the ground
If the moon danced, crumbling down
If the galaxy was safe and sound
Would you stand there with me
Under the sun's shining gloom?

If we sank beneath the sea
If the world's turned upon our reach
If we watched Earth plummet underneath our feet
Would you stand there with me
Under the sun's shining gloom?

Or would we drown below the blue?
Would you pull away, as you do?
Would you pick up the pieces, lathered in glue?
If we stood under the sun, blazing like crystals in the dew
Would we fall apart?
Or is it too soon?
Annie Sep 9
Wild children have been here
to throw glitter in the green,
in the sun it does shimmer
and glimmer and gleam.

While the dew does sparkle,
the birds babble on,
flitting and swooping
on rays of the sun.

Butterflies dance
between evergreen trees,
carried by birdsong
and the early spring breeze.

They flit and they float,
in the colour of honey,
the kind that is golden,
delicious and runny.
Anastasia Aug 27
a taste of honey
dew drops run down my bare flesh
lips touch in night wind
a whispered haiku
Dripping like dew drops from a hanging vine,
I was built to crawl and fall,
and scale the jungle floor.
Crystal Freda Jun 18
cold confetti
fused flakes of  f r o s t
onto her silk splashed skin
and her lucidity  longfully l o s t...

a ****** braided bun
mantled the misty move of  m a g i c
under the navy novels  of the night
flowing on the fiber of her floral  f a b r i c....

a seamless, sastrugi sky
crested colors of celeste and cobalt  b l u e
warming a wild wave of magnetism
melting the magnolia mist of the daisy  d e w...
Chicken May 30
In his crypt
he is the sunset
In ten thousand petaled form
He is the casual scoundrel
Dressed in a shower of jewels
That she adorns

Glistening on his skin
Ten thousand facets
beaming by his flame
The glint of dew
on a blade of grass
Calling each other, name by name

In her cave
She is the evening
In dusky perfumed form
She is the latent morning
On a bed of flora
That he adorns

Growing in every fissure
Ten thousand shoots
climbing up the walls
Sticky buds glisten
opening, cascading
Into waters destined fall.
Dew point: is a process of nature where air cools and everything transpires so that dew may exist, or something like that.

This is a poem about the process of falling in love.
I see you in my wildest dreams
I see you when I sleep
Both night and day I want you
I yearn to take the leap

It's hard to do it now
And I'm not saying we would
Just know I love you dearly
One day maybe we could

Please think of me often
I know I will for you
I see your beauty daily
In the sunbeams and morning dew
You are you
You are  the unusual; like a noontide dew
You're birth of this fertile soil
Who else should you be but you?
Be yourself,
let everyone in trying to be you, toil
Don't try to become anyone but you
Be the main character, let everyone be a foil
You're greater than you think
Why have you chosen to join the queue?
Don't be to yourself a turmoil
Of your kind, if there're any, they're but few

You're you
That is truer than true
You are an exceptional aesthetic
There's no one alive who is youer than you
You are an extraordinary piece of the greatest artist
You're one of a kind
There's no one like you.


“Today you are You,
That is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is Youer
than You.”
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