I attended an award ceremony for my
eldest grandson, Alexander Sathya
he had been struggling with math
so it was quite thrilling to know he
was going to receive an award
for "most improved" in his class.

His younger brother, Sean Sai,
has been a straight A student
and we regularly attended
award functions for him.
To our great surprise and happiness,
Alex also achieved the Honor Roll!

After the tribute, Alex introduced
his mother and I to some
of his 6th grade classmates.
As I smiled and chatted with
these innocent souls embarking
on their journey through life,
I couldn't help noticing, that imprinted
on their darling faces and inscribed
in their hearts, was the same basic
question, every human being consciously or
unconsciously is continuously asking:

"Who am I?"
"What is my purpose?"
"Where am I going?"

I pray we all realize who we are
make the noble grade and fulfill
the highest:

God's Divine Honor Roll

The Buddha taught
That there is no such thing as a
"Separate Self",
Whatever we define as "The Self"
Is made up of non-self elements.
Then, I ask myself,
"Why do I feel so alienated and disconnected from Society?"
Rumi would say,
"Your feelings of alienation and disconnection"
"Are embraced by God."

On the day
you were born
the Angels prostrated
themselves before 
your radiant face;
while the rest of creation
held its breath
in raptured awe
at the splendor of your

© Michael Lechner

Vexren4000 Feb 5

The music flows through us,
And transfers my feelings to you.
It shows you my mood,
Whilst you wander and brood.
It takes the past,
And brings it back.
As if to say,
The past exists here today.

Beyond redemption
Beyond salvation
Beyond emancipation
Beyond recognition
Beyond hope
Beyond imagination
Beyond contemplation
Beyond designation
Beyond conception
Beyond understanding
Beyond comprehension
Beyond transmission
Beyond all illusions
Beyond confusion
Beyond categorization
Beyond separation
Beyond integration
Beyond recognition
Beyond transmission
Beyond intellectualization
Beyond any manifestation
Beyond any origination
Beyond sanctification
Beyond condemnation
It's All
Beyond Me!

I don't think I'll ever get sick of Tumblr
'Cause Tumblr is the Underground.
The Erotic, the Mystical, the Psychedelic.....It's all there on Tumblr.
I'll get bored to death
If I don't Embrace the Extremes.

Luna pours over the lovers shielding them in her silvery light

Its gentle rays ripple over smooth soft skin

The beauty of the glowing body hypnotizes one to touch and admire its majesty

How love becomes hunger to lovers as they thirst for each other deeply

To explore and discover all sensitive places that are erogenous and special which will bring euphorious bliss

As it synchronizes in link both hearts and mind, senses awakened and heightened growing sharper every time

Relaxing bodies join as one as temptation infects the rational senses with coming together

Enjoy the pleasures only a warm, wet, heat can give and live for a moment in sweet ectasy in a deep and tight body

It'll leave one breathless and completely sated - unless you'll be wanting more

Once loving sex, it's an unquenchable fire in the soul - along like refreshing water that'll quench the burning thirst

After the indescribable moment, it consumes much more than passion with lovers sated and aglow

Sex under the moonlight

"You are Beer-sheva, the garden of the seven lights, and I desire to dwell in you forever." Your lips recite sparks of light clothed in mystical words, your body is an esoteric tent, and the wise meet to observe you. Your golden skin, a scroll where the angels write the desires and the care of the heavens.Your beautiful breasts are divine sphinxes that hide the honey of Wisdom.Who will be worthy of you to feed? On what lips will you distil the sweet and sublime honey that flow That I may be worthy to drink of your honey, and that my mouth have merit to prove the waters of your fountain, for you are the Shrine of the Divine, the dwelling place of the Holy Presence in this world.You are Beer-sheva, The garden of seven lights and I eternally desire to dwell in you. " Sipra Shefatai Tevuna (Lips of Sublime Understanding)

Deepak Sankara Veda

Tara'a is a term of the Zoharic Aramaic and means Sentinel - angelic creature that has six wings and that guards the Gates to the Upper Palaces (Heichal'Ot) of the Tree of the Lives.
Vexren4000 Dec 2016

The aged sage.
Holds the key to unlocking one thousand silver clouds.
To thrust the universe into some cosmological balance.
To take te gate of time and stop its flow,
To stop time itself,
and watch the stagnant world.
Slowly crumble,
Without the flow of father time.

Kimberly Lewis Oct 2016

I'm trying not to chase my destiny.
     (Let it come to me.)
I'm trying not to force my destiny.
     (What will be, will be.)
I'm trying not to hold my destiny.
     (It soars when it is free.)

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