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I plucked Bilva leaves
amidst silver showers
rippling gems fell
from the firmament
a curtain of crystal

Like a rain angel with
translucent wings
the color of dew
and rainbows
I chanted
Om Namah Shivaya
Om Namah Shivaya
Om Namah Shivaya
I was born in the eye of a blizzard
snow storms from Kailasa
covered me in an arctic blanket

As my eyes opened like a wee bird
to the blinding light
with each breath
Om echoed through
my tiny, trembling body

With each heartbeat
I still wondered...

"Who am I?"
How can I ever forget Your
starry embrace
wherever I turn
You are present
You eclipse my darkness
like a golden shadow and
Illumine me with unimaginable love
We are luminous beings
splendor to the brim
spills over from your eyes
my sister
my brother
there is brightness in your footsteps
This light that we all share is eternal
We sat on hilly banks of the river
The sun nestled behind
a flowery spray of clouds
like baby's breath

Your enchanting smile
is contagious
all my worries vanish into
the splendor of that smile

Catching hold of my heart
we sway in utter adoration
far into the sky
stars and milky ways
swirl past us
there is never a time
you or I ever ceased to exist
I don't know the
shape of things to come
the day opens like a
wild exotic flower
exuding the fragrance
of Your presence
my heart has found You
after long, long searches
here and there
To feel You near
is my life's whole purpose
Lifting the full moon sails
blowing across the
skeins of eternity
our hair tossed
with the fragrance of love
our eyes lit by a strange light
You hold me in Your
surreal embrace......

never let me go
I gathered bilva leaves
in the moonlight
Your crescent moon
illumines the dark mist
and fog
crowning my head with
an otherworldly glow

With every breath I chant
Your eternal name
Holy leaves cascade
over the Shiva lingam
Like incandescent prayers
kneeling at Your feet

O Bholenath!
Golden wedding bells
are ringing in the far heavens
O Divine Lord when will
Kailasa embrace the
pining Earth?
or was it today? i can't really tell
i saw God
more clearly than i've ever seen anything

she was
struggling to breath
unable to understand
why everything was pain
why she'd been so alone
away from all those she loved so much

her eyes bleary and fading
joy erased
but we were there with her
she could feel us again
her children and sisters huddled against her
equally at a loss
for one last image

but the last image she gave me
was when the sedative finally kicked in
and i sat face to face with her
gently stroking her beautiful head
she finally made sounds of joy again
or they could have been pain
but i think they were joy
i think i saw joy again in her eyes
i think the medicine had relieved the fear and pain
just enough for her to feel the joy of me loving her

but that moment was cut short
as they took her away
i cried “goodbye sweet baby”
sweet Angel, sweet Love
then i fell apart

the next time I saw God
all the life had departed from her
all that remained for me
was her still, beautiful form
eyes open, but lifeless
and my eyes are open, but lifeless
until I see God again
In loving memory of Boo, an angel who left us too soon on 7/10/2021
Jammit Janet Jul 9
Feeling the intensity rise 🔥✨
As the feeling of success sinks in 🎉✨
Fueling my drive 🚗✨
To go above and beyond 🪐✨
Understand the Divine 🍃✨
Fill my days with purpose 💖✨
Until I cross the finish line 🏅✨
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