We are all grains of sand
Grains of sand in a vast dry land

Vast dry land scorched by the sun
Until we all come undone

Undone in heat and primal flame
Starting back from whence we came

Came we did from a distant fire
An ember of celestial attire

Attire birthed from a sound
The sound of OM where all is found

Found inside a mystical syllable
Everything and nothing willable tillable

Dreams come true
When you get real
With a heart for any fate
Find the answers
There is strength in knowing
Everything is connected
See the universe
With eyes that see yourself
Changing for good
In every moment
The power of spirit matters

crushed faeries transformed into glitter
giant dragons tears leaving bitter
tastes on her tongue, like a blackberry
every delicate wing of each faery
fluttering across her cheek
like butterfly kisses of a lover
giant scarred eyes closely watching one another
hearts riddled with marks of the past
long, torn scars meant to last
unicorn horn dust erasing the memories
little bonsai tree, only seventeen
her emerald jewel eyes sparkling with a fire
fueled by her lover, a self proclaimed liar
a path forged by the dragons breath
where she decided she had enough
glitter sprinkling her long-coming note
sparkling tears that fell as she wrote
"this is for my unrequited love,
this is me rising above,
goodbye my life, my world, my lover
goodbye to those that hurt me...
like my brother and mother
thank you for the opportunity but I just don't belong here
I belong with the faeries of my dreams and the deers"
P.M. 9/10/17

Inanna Sep 8

Bare feet in the grass, sound of a snake, silver drops of dew speckled along the lake,
Planet earth simmers to a quake, it pairs with the beating of my heart, I begin to shake.

Supernatural energy caresses my skin, a generous gift sure to make me grin,
Alone I stand with my earthly kin, the plants, the animals, the yang and the yin.

Harvest is in bloom, wolves are howling beneath the September full moon,
Dead leaves fallen from the afternoon, delicate wind moving them, spawning a seasonal tune.

Sensual & scorching is the deep intimate sun, healing all of mans pain undone,
But the creeping death of summer, shot with the autumnal gun, will soon put to sleep mans sunny fun.

Inanna Sep 8

Chartreuse and stream-side forest cadets align,
Tentacle tips dip, a sip from spring water wine,
A pleasant breeze tainted with the scent of damp wood and pine,
Cavorts through my nostrils, charleston down my spine.

Betwixt the pines rainfall tumbles touching tender toes,
Nude feet kiss and caress the dank burrows,
An ivory feather falls, it lands directly on my nose,
An authentic gift from above, making merry the morose.

An owl of snow reveals it-self on a protruding extension,
Peeping at me in silence from the elders dimension,
Pine-woods hustle, elm-woods bustle, as if standing to attention,
From the soil to my feet, I wield the suspension.

I blink, a thousand white feathers fall to the ground,
Elder owls of snow are perched all around,
They peer but make not a single sound,
I sit with honor on to the moist, muddy, mound.

Inanna Sep 8

Emerald oceanic waves, a seductive mermaid Goddess of illusion,
Sensual desires and temptation, the dark psyche of delusion,
Envy of others, lack of control,
Reveal the curse, replenish the soul.

Chariot of the sun, reign, the Norse Goddess of creativity and beauty,
With forge and fire, realism and growth is her duty,
Tools and weapons of magical array,
A successful creator whom is here to stay.

Riches of the earth, a generous earth Goddess with feminine force,
Fortune and prosperity is her sacred source,
Stability and wealth, this is her gift,
For posterior the grand harvest we drift.

Magical water of life, The Roman Goddess of beauty and love; Venus,
To Gods, humans and plants, the bringer of joy and freeness,
Drink deeply from her inspiration and pleasure,
Relish in the world, indulge in her treasure.

Inanna Sep 8

Gracefully casting a rod out in to a shimmering navy terrain,
Fishing for stars this night,
Sat upright upon an auric crevice moon.

Bow-tied dashing stars are sparkling throughout the cosmic plane,
Tickling at tiny ear hairs beneath a mesmeric zone of twilight,
Are the delicate space frequencies of June.

She reels a rod of spider silk after striking a star in vain,
A silk captured star jolts space wind, poised like a kite,
The light floating toward her carrying its own tune.

Captured is the light, she pops in to her heart pocket domain,
Elegance hoists her ether nether as she embraces otherworldly flight,
Departing this heavenly lagoon.

Inanna Sep 8

We danced under the sun,
Until moon beams caressed a light-less lake,
Round and around we spun,
I breathe your breath and I awake.

A downpour of rain soaks our bewildered heads,
Hair glistening with each drop of drizzle,
Etheric layers interweave delicate threads,
And my solar plexus begins to sizzle.

Something from above captures our hearts,
We glaze over like the moon,
Frozen, we master the immortal arts,
For us the creatures croon.

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