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Hmmmm... something's in bloom
aromatic minty scents
whiff towards me
from the open, uninhabited woodland lot
on the corner of Perry Street

An intricate twisted, matted, tanglewood
of native weeds, flowers, tall grass, pine,
cram this patch of wild terrain

No houses block the balmy view
all sorts of odors, sights and sounds
mingle naturally with shafts
of sunshine and dense shadow

These jungle havens offer shade
and refuge sorely needed in the
sizzling Florida temps and
harsh global warning

Sadly, I watch as beautiful, stately
trees and shrubbery that have thrived
for decades are hacked down,
lots cleared for
building and selling more
and more houses

Now, as I pass an unscathed
forest dwelling
my heart bolts like a giddy gazelle
romping, cavorting blissfully
through the last...lost... sacred wilderness
She plucked a white rose
from the front gardens

my gorgeous niece
sunrise of youth
glowing on her cheeks

with a bewildered look
she revealed how
pointless she felt
much of her studies
and school subjects were

I started to lecture
on the importance of school

Barely listening she let go
of her exasperation
and wandered
by the canal with
the white rose
and a soft breeze
blowing through her
freshly dyed hair

I watched her dance away
barefoot back to her room
of pointless studies
and school subjects
Bluejay gliding across my path
carries the celestial sky
in its wings

Crow raising a racket
squatting on the
telephone pole
has night shimmering
in its wings

Cat bird bursting with
nectarine melodies
carries Pakriti, Mother earth
aloft in its wings

We "Humans"
unaware of our
subtle essence
pulsing eternally
carry Divinity
and the vast cosmos
in our wings
Holy men say
we are all sparks
of the Divine
I feel that now
when I pass you
on the street
there is an
inexplicable radiance
in your eyes
and a bit of the sun
shines through
when you flash
a smile
Even before my
dark raven mind
tries to form a
story about you
I let that heavenly
light gush in
open the skylight
of my heart
where we meet
sparkling explosions
where kinship, peace
and true love
only exist
With my silky body I found You!
Starry footsteps led the way!
a thousand eons
cannot contain
this yearning
wafting towards You!
together we dance
through the halls and corridors of

O my Lucky stars!
There is a bridge to heaven
in our garden
Quan Yin and Ganesh
guard the entrance
in my dreams I wander
across the bridge
aerial sliver of silver
floating in the moonlight
I waved at you
we both had our
umbrellas wide-open
under a fine autumn drizzle
cooling the overheated earth
I felt so blessed
when the divine bells
of our hearts
rang sweetly
You caught my hand in yours
a few stars in the sky
smiled down on us
and the misty gauzy moon
cast a veil over our heads
with a silent kiss
A flower fell from my lips
full petals like a
flying red lantern
all lit up with
golden kisses
from the sun
In quiet spaces when talk has ceased,
lips are still
and eyes are turned inward
waves crashing against the
shores of the mind
In quiet spaces the world disappears
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