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Masha Yurkevich Sep 2022
I saw it, I saw it all.

I should have just ran, ran right after I saw it. Then I wouldn’t be in this mess now, wouldn’t have to run forever.
I saw him raise his hand, I saw him creep up to his prey.

I saw him study the situation, saw him remove his weapon.

I saw how concentrated he was, how his eyes narrowed like a cats’, how his muscles tensed as he slowly crept forward.
I saw it all, saw how he couldn’t stop after the first one; how ready he was to finish the job.
How ready he was to complete what he had come here for, once and for all.
He didn’t leave until he wrapped each and every one of them tightly, his breath quickening as he realizes what he has done.
His fingers work slowly, as if frozen and stiff, not in sync with what his brain wants them to do.
He looks around his surroundings, searching to see if anyone has seen what he has done.

And then he spots me.

His eyes burn into my flesh and I know that my end has come.
He picks up his weapon and makes his way towards me, me who is as firmly planted as a tree, me who cannot move despite all my hardest efforts.
And just as I shut my eyes and prepare myself for the blow, my knees give way and my legs start moving. But I know that I have no where to go, no where to run.
He will find me, he will search me out among all the living and dead. He will make sure that not one living being has seen what he has done.
His weapon makes contact with my flesh; I hold back a scream.
The pool noodle hit me straight in the face, slapping my cheek like an infant, and I know the fight is on.

The candy jar stands empty on the counter.

My brother just ate all the candy from the candy jar.
Enjoy :)
Laokos Jan 2021
i wrote that drunk
i was trying to bypass
an impasse
lucked out and
circumnavigated the
ran into the fox
he stole my color
only to find it again
at first light
and now i nod
to the speed of life
the unceasing turning
of greater and greater
the lightness of death
as it passes

there's no
Kimmy Dec 2019
You were my dad that I once knew,
But little do you know
the pain you put me through.
I've grown up and realized
That your life is nothing but a thousand lies.
You say that you love me more than I know
But if that were true then why doesn't it show?
You had me as a daughter to
Did you forget I'm in your blood too?,
But obviously that doesn't mean
anything to you,!!!!
I remember when I was the twinkle in ur eyes
Then you left one day without saying goodbye.!!!!
What was standing in the way
Of u being able to stay?
I'm your daughter,
And you're supposed to be my father.
Does that mean anything to you?
But that you'll never see,
And a father you will never be.
If you could see the tears running down my face.
the years have passed you can't replace.
So, Duane I've given up on you, and this time I'll leave.. hope you drown in pain
From this day forward I'll just call you duane
Luna Wrenn May 2019
you’ve stolen so much of my soul,
i’m still trying to remember who i was
Nicholas Booth Feb 2019
Remember when you held me in your arms
and told me you'd always love me
a perfect thing, without harm
but all of  sudden there was he

he who stole
my vital role
in the love we shared
but you did not care

for anything else
like the books on your shelf
because it was his picture
that remained
I must have seen his picture on that ******* bookshelf a thousand times before I questioned it.
•Don't you think you're standing too close
#But you did not oppose
•Cause your touch is so overwhelming
It numbs my brain
#So does your breath
Falling on my chest
•Maybe it's the lack of air inbetween
That's building this tension
#But this tension of our bond
Won't even let distance do us apart
•Who talks like that these days
#I'm witnessing one,
Between a boy and a girl of Laws
Stuck in the wonderland of Words
•That sounds more like the Never Never Land
#Don't let your sceptic shield come inbetween
Not tonight
•So that you can make me fall hard and deep
#So that I can kiss your wounds to heal
•But the soar soul will bring it back
How will you touch that
#Through that Venus trap you have for lips
•Your beard is no less of spikes
Growing goosebumps all over my skin
Running that chill across my spine
#It's good our interactive field **** our brains
At least for once our hearts can overtake
•I'm such a submissive to your strong gentle hold
#I'm so weakened at the sight of your rising-falling stole
Desire Dec 2018
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