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Savio Fonseca Sep 2023
Happiness brings U Laughter.
Happiness brings U Joy.
It makes U, sound playful.
Like a Child, with a new gifted Toy.
Love pours Out with Romance,
It has the Fragrance of a Flower.
Some are lucky to have it.
As it multiplies Life by the Hour.
Tears that fall on your Pillow,
for all the times U have Cried.
U feel awful, lonely and Hollow.
like almost half of U has Died.
Life is so much Beautiful,
When there's Someone to Care.
Your Wounds all keep healing
Someday their Scars won't be There.
W Winchester Oct 2021
From within my
Glass house
I keep a pillow
Full of stones
To lay my
Weary head
A chest full of
To build my bed
And a cabinet
Full of molotovs
In case I need
A drink
You’re wet and snotty. Yet so comfortable. And you hug me thight though out the night
You’re great friend
Draginja Knezi May 2021
step by
nail by
in the hair
of a willow
may 2021
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, do you know when you can't get him of your mind???---yup I just jut that down---again:]

the heavenly blues they contain

in the hellish echoes that remain

sealed in the air bitters and sweets clicks and blinks

close the drowns let it drink

silent yet so loud for the ears to bleed

keening in question marks

on the hungry pleads they feed

a staring moment to them a second in the blur

saved in the heart buried in the soul until the other occur

is it in a charming color

is it in a warming memory

is it in a meet of fated destiny

make it stop

make it stand

let it slip out stay in the hand

not for tonight for eternity

not for tomorrow for serenity

from a contagious bit of


a whispering musing dance of illusion

put the dare in the hence

it is then to keep to fence  

lies in there decomposed

so smoked so slow

lift the hem of my pillow

Demi Feb 2021
Lust is the pink pillow on my bed.
Plump, filled with unwashed thoughts.
At least they’re encased in dusky pink;
pleasant to the eye especially in the
golden minutes absorbed by sheer glass.

I want your head pressing
into the pillow, hard. Then your sleepy
breath will baptise the cotton after
sinful acts. I’ll preserve the dent you make
with the lovely weight of your skull.

I’ll surround the chasm with carnations.
Eventually, they’ll be a line outside my room.
Jealous tourists wanting to take pictures.
Max Jan 2021
the clock read 4 am
in new york city,

one hell of a city

i was at a little coffee place, still open
it was one i frequented often, when in the sin
a place of pity
when you look closely at the people or inspect the buildings a bit nearer
some street blocks you need just look down
but i'd bought a cup for a nice young fella out on his luck
he'd made the pavement his pillow
and as he talked my ear off
on physics, domestic politics, and stocks
i thought of what little difference
it made to so many
whether it was him or i
calling my stay on the straightaways
and the little that made us separate
Jaxey Dec 2020
warm until I wake
I know I am conscious
with a sudden chill
but my eyes stay closed
and my body is stone
I whisper take me back
and I suppose
I shall pretend
until my pillow
can pillows talk
Adri Nov 2020
They’re hunting me down
He tore my gown
This night was supposed to be magic
But I know now it can only end tragic

A gunshot resounds and I taste sounds

The last thing I see
Is my blood splatter on a tree

The last thing I hear
My own scream, ringing in fear

The last thing I smell
Is the dirt I hit when I fell

Warm brown eyes full of enchanting lies
Wouldn’t let go, and on this forest floor
My blood slowly dries

He wouldn’t take no
And he wouldn’t let go
So here I will fade
In a pillow of snow
TW: Assault
I wrote this when I was eleven and I just felt like it should be my first share, baby.
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