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Eva 7d
Abondened on the busy streets of New York.
So many people, yet feeling so alone.
Everyone in such a hurry,
each to someplace different.
They promised me a world where dreams become reality.
With my luggage in one hand and dollar bills in the other,
I gather all the courage and take a step into this new world.
Lorena Mar 29
i’ve used three poems worth of words trying to describe you
to capture you
cos that’s what i do
try to capture things...
feelings, emotions, memories
chasing little things on the wind

and actually i think it is a good thing that i can’t write you down
because the things that i capture -
they’re pretty. but they’re pinned down
and there’s something ironic about a butterfly in a glass case

you’ve used up three poems worth of words in me
and i’ve tried writing about literally everything else but
all trains of thought go back to back and wind their way to you
like roads to Rome

i like the ache of knowing for sure that i’ll lose you
and that we will only cross paths for a short while
whether they’re pavements or cobbled streets or the side of the motorway
they only touch. and then move away

you’ve drawn three poems worth of words from me
and i have ten more waiting in the wings like 13 year old ballet dancers
stepping on each other’s toes
whispering in each other’s ears
all contrived and all unique
like you and i

So I’ve wrote another poem to describe you
But it’s impossible to describe the way you feel
Is this what love is like? Trying endlessly to write on sand before the waves arrive
Before the sea comes, you leave and the beach is smooth again.
Daniel Feb 12
Through gaps in the trees I can see Dublin's pier
The Poolbeg stacks are surprisingly clear
Striped and remote, their billowing clouds
are a silvery choke

Here where the roads aren't routes that I know
They are comforting so and offer some bearing
I am followed on high by that pairing

Towers over buildings, towers over pines
Those two yonder towers are the most
on my mind

Here where the leaves are dramatically red,
quietly falling and littering bends
Here where the birches are a heavenly white,
those two yonder towers are the most on my mind

No rest till I'm dwarfed by those towering twins
No rest till I'm flush with the deafening drink
There a horizon and sparingly strewn,
with buoys and boats; sitting strange in the gloom
Jenish Feb 4
On the streets where striplings beseech
Sweet benign breeze swept my tears dry
For some nibbles, they beg and preach
While some granaries choked and sigh.
Leah Feb 2
walking down the streets at 3 am
with my girls
complaining about how cold our legs are
but we actually know very well
that this is what we live for
screaming, laughing
as if we were alone on this planet
neither afraid of the dark
nor thinking about tomorrow
because at this moment we are free
just us and the streets
we don't sleep at night
lua Feb 2
The glow of orange streetlights
The neons, the stale greys, the ***** whites
The many shades of skin I see
Oh how I love the city

A dreamer's den
And sights to see
The souvenir pens
And skyscrapers so high you can't see the peak

The mix of language
The workers' plight
The late night hours
And the fear of heights

All these one night stands
All these broken hearts
All these underground bands
All the vandalised street art

This concrete jungle
This cement sea
To where my heart belongs
Despite the battles, we don't fight alone
I love the city
I love my home.
Somehow, I get myself in these situations,
Where all of my efforts can end in stagnation,
But sometimes I manage to find inspiration,
In my concentration and intoxication,

I've had so much beer i should be in my bed,
But there's too much to think of,
It's all in my head.
There's ideas and there's music,  there's joy and there's death,
And there's realization that there's nothing left.

See tonight I got word that it's working for me,
My whole life is decided,  I know what I'll be.
I'll write and I'll speak,  I'll get high and I'll teach,
And I'll be grateful for every mind that I reach.

But I'll always remember the path I once took,
Before novels and poems and college and books,
I'll remember the streets in December,  '09,
When I hustled for China and needles and wine,
When I first learned this world had two sides to its face,
There's the side that you see, then there's one other place.
And it's dark and it's *****,  but sometimes,  it's kind.
It can give you that shelter you've been trying to find.

But now after living in both of these worlds,
It honestly hurts me to have to decide.
Because one path will lead to respect in their eyes,
And the other will grant me that sweet peace of mind.
I lived in two worlds. I have no regrets.
Amanda Nov 2019
Life is life
Winding streets
Moving feet

Take every step
With cautious care
You will get somewhere
Written 2010.. found it in my facebook memories
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