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Knit Personality Aug 2016
Sleep, Sleep, tender, mild,
Meaty, sweet & juicy child.
Sleep, Sleep: Sleep a sleep
Soft as is an infant sheep.

Sweet Babe, restful Lump,
Rest thy limbs & belly plump,
Jellied arms & legs & ****:
Every tender, juicy cut.

Savory, salted thou shalt be,
Season'd most deliciously.
Sleep, Sleep: Disease will both
Spoil thy meat & spoil the broth.

Anastasia Jun 6
in an old
old house
there are corpses in the cradles
and an old
delusional woman.
it's reeks of flesh
and baby powder
piled with blood-stained clothes
a "husband" lies
cold in bed
with parts
from "almost-perfect" men
the floor sags
and the stairs creek
the walls echo
with the cooing
of an old
outgrown the cradle
generation ships cruising
the stars are all ours
Our first day together,
wasn’t a normal date like lovers’.
I was happy to be with you,
and to be yours.
I knew nothing.
I saw nothing,
but I felt the beats of your heart,
against mine,
when you hugged me.

I didn’t hear anything,
but I heard you praying to God,
that I never become intractable,
and to be someone who will always love you.

You were always there for me.
I was selfish, and moody but in love with you.
I some days hurt you,
and you healed me.
I sometimes ruined your days,
and you fixed mine.

Days and nights go by pretty too fast,
and I didn’t forget your voice or how you look.
Holding your photo while in bed at present,
I just wish the day comes soon, and it will come,
so I can be on my knees beside your knees,
kissing your blessing hands,
just like how you rocked my cradle at night for years and years,
while singing and praying for me.
My mother, Endlessly, unhesitantly and immortally I say it, and will always do,
I love you today and everyday.

Mohammed Arafat
This poem to my mother who is the best of love.
Arisa Mar 2
I need baby bars on my bed
To keep me from falling
On my head.

- Sincerely, I'm a wild dreamer.
I wake up in the morning on the floor. I need help.
Max Feb 26
It's time to sleep, my honeygirl
to close your pretty eyes
You stare into the ceiling
as if into the skies

The sand of sleep in all good children's eyes -
- an anxious flame in yours
And there has never been a night
when i could see them closed

Each day you wake up full of life -
- at nights you do not breathe
Is it an illness or a ghost
that we are dealing with?

It's Christmas day now, Madeleine,
to God above I pray
to send you dreams sweet like yourself
and take disease away

My poor girl Madeleine, sleep tight tonight
Jayesh Sharma Feb 21
A red lamp glows in the corner of the room..
The clock is ticking  and its time  to leave..
Her eyes are shut and breathing is innocent..
Like a sleeping child in a cradle, her lips smile soft,
with a streak of golden hair across her face.

I dont want to wake her up, she looks angelic..
I dont want to dissapear.. without kissing her goodbye..
I knew what I had to do.. I knew what was right ..

The golden streak of hair is in place now..
The lids open to reveal the glittering eyes
which look at me with a glowing smile on her lips..

The sound of the ticking clock fades away..
The time didn't freeze but it didn't matter anymore..
my arms wrapped around her, she goes back to sleep..
Like a child in a cradle...
Poetic T Feb 17
abandoned silence
forfeiting creations cradle  

our morality
ryn Oct 2018
Wish I could cradle you.

I’d keep the nightmares

and heavy thoughts away.

I’d hold you close

and lull you to sleep.

Alas I hold you

but with demon arms.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018

Cradle each day of life within
your years

What better way to start the day than with a poem? Morning everyone! ^-^
Even when you're facing hardships, be grateful that your still here!
Treasure each day, both good and bad.
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
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