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I can't think
of anything
but her
thought. Nothang
see I anymore
but her face
in the mirror
of my heart.
Her name
cease not in
my hearing
as the wind
whispers in
my ears. A
precious gem
found I for
myself and
I'd treasure it
till eternity.
My eternal life
is assured
with her. My
Mary with
whom I'd marry.
My old friend,
the omniscient moon,
do you still chase the Sun?
you should settle for the stars,
they sing to you,
if you cannot see,
I selfishly ask,
guide me on the path,
to the treasure I seek,
that hates you so.
Thank you my friend but it's my turn to tell you it's time to move on from her.
CA Jane Mar 13
Rippling waves
Softly crying
Clam to the window
And calm to the whole
Under blue
I see lurking Gold
Hiding perhaps
Or being hidden.
Lyn-Purcell Mar 2

A kiss under stars
is the greatest place to be
For they are our sparks

Hard to believe we're in March! Time is really flying by.
This one is just a small haiku for my journey.
Something I've always dream to have, haha!
It's a girlish dream of mine but a dream none the less ☺💜
I'll hold onto it though, in a better time and when I'm in a much better place.
Please stay safe and well all, everyone! You and your families!
Much love,
Lyn ***
I Kissed My way through,
Her Hills and Her Valley.
In search of a Treasure,
that lay between Her Alley.
She spread Her Legs,
across the White Sheet.
Welcoming Me inside,
so Our Souls could Meet.
Our bodies got locked,
as We both Embraced.
We were following a Trail,
Our Passions had Traced.
We had no control,
over what We were Doing.
But till the Dawn of Light,
Our Romance kept Brewing.

Why do we
have to
remain in
the past,
when the
could be

deprived of

The future
holds a
whole lot
But only if
the price
is paid.
Priya Gaikwad Dec 2020
I am invisible,
No one can see me,
I’m the lost face in the crowd,
No one would look for,
I’m the lost treasure in the sea,
Sunk deep down,
Gone forever,
I’m the unknown star in the sky,
No one is aware of,
I’m the unappreciated piece of art,
No one would ever discover,
I’m not a fairy-tale,
Cheerful and pretentious,
I’m an apocalypse,
Real and tragic.
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