Nathan A 15h
My heart is stamped with an X
But nobody is looking
For this unknown treasure
Jimmy 16h
Her beauty-
stunning like a shooting star soaring across an abandoned night sky.

Her personality-
vibrant as an early morning sunrise.

Her hair-
beautiful as a Christmas snow.

Her smile-
warming like a summer night bonfire

Her lips-
gentle as a baby butterfly

Her skin-
smooth like Mulberry silk

Her thoughts-
endless like a rainbow

Her heart-
mountainous like the Appalachian Trail

Her love-
addicting like a drug

And her laugh-
precious and breathtaking like the 7 wonders of the world
This beautiful girl has me losing my mind. I can't and won't stop thinking about her.
Amanda Apr 8
Laugh at my anger
Shrug off my tears
I run upstairs
Red burning my ears

For the thing you asked
I did my very best
Instead of helping
I made a big mess

Now you deny
What I treasure most
Your love and attention
To you I am a ghost
This is another old one, about my brother, he used to be mean when we were kids.. I guess he still is haha. Siblings, right?
I appreciated your beauty
But denied the pleasure
And to make up for my failure
I give you this treasure
Words from my heart
Describing your splendour
Which gives beauty to the earth
Queen of the galaxies
What are you doing among men?
For yours is a splendour above splendours
And your smile is desired among angels
And your deceptive innocent looks
That melts the stone-hard-heart
And sends the sons of men
On a journey of day dreaming
Wishing you were theirs.

You, a perfect symbol of the Creator’s creativity
You give me a picture of his paradise
And send me on a journey of day dreaming
Praying you are mine.

But reality most a time is deceptive
Like love within the verse
I pray for the day I will hold you
And feel you
And your beauty
Then I’ll recount your wonders
To all men
As love within the verse
I profess.
where I
direly met
favor and
tact wholly
this exact
but there
to triumph
in law
yet we've
attracted and
sufferably much
has still
proffered that
tract inviolate
with message
that rhetoric
obtuse organic
when it's a crime to draw thier lines
Chini Tabara Mar 21
I seek Your words like silver
I search Your voice like music
I memorize Your sound like notes
I stand in awe of what I’ve heard

May Your words echo in me
May it be loud
May it keep me kind
For by it, I live, breathe and move
Keeping me on ground
I stand in awe of what I’ve heard

My feet move to your voice
May Your sound lead me to an unknown
Where there is void in noise

To an unknown where evil nor darkness will overcome
What I’ve heard is then my guide
It’s wisdom and I’m satisfied
Mystic Ink Mar 7
A moment,
When air smells decent
Celestial pulse cross by,
Felt something to write

Though ,
don’t  know how to put it into words
and, can’t  find any paper, close
I wrote it in the flesh

Now, they call it

seems nothing better
Art display.
Theme: Tattoo Art
She never stop
loving you
even when
you didn't
her  love
that woman
is a treasure
hard to find
E A Spain Feb 22
A treasure is unlike a present
Because it is not simply handed to you
It is a rare and valuable reward
That you must spend time and energy to pursue

And once you've sought out and
Acquired your gems that sparkle and glow
You must take care and protect your treasure
In something hidden such as a trove

In this trove she'll sit and wait
To be gazed upon and loved
Just make sure to appreciate her
Or else she'll escape and fly away like a dove

See, a treasure trove is like a safe
And not like a cage or a drawer
You must take out your treasure sometimes for show
And admire her all the more
written february 21, 2018
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