I would rather
Hunt you down
And excavate
known treasure
Than spend a lifetime
Chasing the rumor
Of satin and gold
Latifah Jan 10
She is not a secret to be hidden,
Not a diamond to be treasured,
Not a bird to be captured,
Not a beast to be locked up,
Not a wolf to be tamed,
Not possessed to be holy-watered.
Sumus System Jan 9
Musty smells and dusty shelves
Many places in the pages
Where to go and what to know
So many choices, echoes of voices

Gentle handling, floorboards rattling
Once was great, now lost to fate
Still treasure inside, their value magnified
Stories of old, worth more than gold
Books are a beautiful thing.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
I treasure the strangest things.
Like the socks you gave me.
To me,
they mean more than any diamond rings.
Their smell reminds me
of your skin.
Their softness reminds me
of your touch.
Their look reminds me
of your beauty.
I treasure those socks.
I got socks from one of my best friends on Christmas. I sleep with her socks, touch those socks, eat with those socks... I love those socks.
I swear, I will put those socks under inch thick glass to protect them.
Kee Dec 2018
You stepped on my heart
And stepped once more
And then you began to stomp
Eventually you were jumping on the pieces of a heart that was once yours
But when your walls come crashing down
And it feels like you’re holding the world on top of your shoulders
Remember that I was once your home
And I held all of those walls together
And I helped you pick up that planet off your weak frame
Because your struggles were mine
Remember that once upon a time
I was yours
Your home
And you treated me like treasure
Until you threw me off of the pedestal
You swore would forever be mine
Bullet Dec 2018
Coors Light can't correlate with me
But yet it be the cure
To the dark in my core

Instructions shows on the surface
How to work my inner structure
Gave you the map just
So you can runaway with it

My treasured comes corrupted
When you run off with my heart
And use it as a back up
Incase you can't take your life anymore-

-You'd Use Me-

-While I'm broken outta my case
Scared of this lonely world----it can't take me far enough
Catch a can following memories of a map to a happier land

////I'm just hoping the Coors can Cure me\\\
MissPine Nov 2018
by: MissPine

The smile we put on our faces.
Light touches turned into embraces.
When our eyes met, I felt a sudden fear.
A sound of thunder in my heart, I hear.

Oh! You’re the most beautiful of all creatures.
I wanna put you in a box full of treasures.
Yes! I, definitely, will embrace every inch of you.
I will stick with you using a mighty glue.

You may ponder what qualities I see in you.
A perfect replica of myself - I see, and I knew.
Someone as jolly as you can be sad and blue.
As lonely as the kisses which I always blew.

I see myself in you yet everything seems a blur.
Might be my glasses are foggy so I wipe it to dry.
Now it's dry, put them back and I wink an eye.
I smile for that someone's me looking at the mirror.
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