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-read from bottom to top

stop hoping for the future
gaze for the stars and don't ever
stop hating yourself
please, I tell you
you’re truly a humiliation
don’t ever believe that
you shine in my eyes and mind
because you really, as a person,
change me on who I become
never be scared to
make yourself torture in hatred
not in a million years you'll try to
be the epitome of perfection
because you will
be forever loathed by many
never believe that you will
always be the person I loved
reminisce the memory and  
be the detestation in my mind
don't every try to
convince yourself that you are a treasure.
-read from bottom to top
Sage 7d
Whatever it is what I've been searching for, I found it in your soul.
Through your eyes I can see the entire world breathe.
Universe is what I see when I kiss your mind.
I'm gracefully carried through life with the feeling of your touch.

I don't want to let you go of my hand.
Love, synonym of poetry.
Pamela Apr 29
Sail through the sea of life
What storm may be
With treasures awaiting
That you never can see..

Without worries,
Just with dreams
Sail through life
And cherish its realms...
solfang Apr 14
she was the gem
that shined bright
in your eyes;
but today,
you compared
her with trash

one man's trash,
is another man's
perhaps you've
not seen her value,
or you're never a
lapidary to begin with
thought of a relationship my friend had, and it didn't last.
guess I knew why
Ruheen Apr 5
Castles are only walls
made to look pretty.
Kingdoms can only fall
because they aren't that pretty.
You treasure decorations
over things that
do their job.
they are disposable
and beauty
is not.
Astral Mar 31
You are a poets dream,
The whole ocean,
All wrapped up,
Right in your bloodstream.

Wavy hair that covers your head,
Crashing like the waves,
Hitting the soft sand.
Literal beachhead.

Your eyes are an easy connection,
Blue like the ocean,
Meeting the sky at the horizon,
Bright like the sun’s reflection.

Deep as the sea,
Full of things we haven't reached,
We don't know too much about it,
But truth is, we enjoy it all the same.
And as deep as the sea you may be,
You're still a treasured friend to me.
I've been self distancing because of corona and theres been a lot of downsides, but a positive thing is I can write more now.
Shofi Ahmed Mar 17
The splendiferous rose
in picturesque shape and colour
aren't all its beauty treasure trove.

But how a rose is a rose
the flower by the thorns
next on the lane adjacent
to the utterly opposite heck
the very uneven grotesque!
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