Shofi Ahmed Oct 2017
Keep your sea
keep your
treasure trove
just give me a drop.

Reach out to
the open horizon.
It's all yours.

Unleash that
is at the bottom.
It goes to the top!
In your loving arms
You hold me ever so tightly
Such a warm embrace
Time seems to last forever
These tender moments I treasure
Wene 1d
I walked on my own
Thoughts swirling around
Can't think of a way to bind
All of them in one poem

I tried to write my thoughts down
As I sat on a cold rock
I saw birds singing different rhythms
And rabbits hopping around endlessly

I looked left,
And I saw a stream of water
Traveling through different places
Some people call it ' A Stream of Life ' .

I looked at my right,
And there I saw
The trees.
Where the beauty of nature begins.

I looked below,
And I saw little saplings
Waiting to grow day by day
To give life.

I then looked above me,
And I saw the skies
That symbolizes

Nature itself is the greatest work of art
It's so beautiful.
Its beauty starts from the roots of each tree
To highest point of the trees.

How sad it is
To know
That some people nowadays
Doesn't seem to see the beauty of nature.

Nature itself gives life
From the smallest organisms
The highest organisms.

Wherever we look
Nature never fails to amuse us
There are so many surprises
Nature can bring

We just need to look for it
And once we do,
We will see the true beauty of nature
That God created himself.
Wene 2d
Nobody knows I'm hurt
When in fact, I'm gashed
By the pain that's inside me
And then you came into my life...

Nobody knows I'm crying
They think I'm happy
But deep down inside, I'm dying
You always care for me...

Nobody knows how hard it is
To pretend
That I'm something I'm not
And then you believed in me...

Nobody knows me better than you do
And I love you
Deep down inside you already know the truth
You're everything anyone could ever ask for.
Among the people who you meet every single day , we always have this kind of friend that loves us no matter what . Friends are the ones who will always be by our side until the end of time . Treasure them <3 .
rosie 2d
i followed my heart into the deep
of your eyes
looking back at me
it’s been so long since i’ve felt something
like this
they’re an abyss
i’m falling into
the deeper i go
the more i know there’s treasure sparkling from within
strength and dignity line the walls in gold and a fine silvery line of humor threads around the ceiling. gemstones peek out, glinting into view every now and again: love, respect, responsibility, intelligence, joy, faith blink brightly at me.

you’re not a shallow surface level puddle. you’re a deep and ever-reaching cave of wonders. i want to explore them all.
thanks to any readers xx
My teeth won't meet
with meat between,
but if you
       a.             bite.
       b.             plain.

I don't have the mind
to deny you, of the wanton,
the treasure of pleasure
in plethora.
Above the dragons and
Below the kraken lies
A much deeper sapphire
Than the deep blue abyss,
Hiding more jewels than
The humble clam can confess.

Wildfire and wyrm squander
Aimlessly for this kingdom,
Night, day, flame and fire,
But ashes form ambitious graves
And kings killed from neck to nave
In search of this treasure.

History has been a true heretic
To the truth of the matter,
For no such bounty is bought,
Naught a man to be sought,
As she is glorious beauty, grace
And will bash you with a mace.
Oh, Gwendoline.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 14
Mindful of the tongue
It's important to speak life
into your own life

There's power in words
As well as in your actions
And now, I will stand

My heart burns with hope
The pain scattered to the winds
I am free of thorns

I walk to the light
I know my work is not done
I need to go on

See sacred treasures
that is not from this dark Earth
And it's fufilling

Keep moving forward
I will keep moving upward
My eyes on the Gates
Keep looking and going up.
Focus solely on the up. Believe and one day, you will achieve.
And reach the heights that surpass your greatest dreams.
I wish this upon everyone here on HP and beyond!
Love you guys, thank you so much!
Lyn xxx
Dan Beyer Jul 13
Midnight excursion
Streetlights of gold
So many treasures
The darkness unfolds

Silver leaves illumed
By the moons ghoulish glow
How many secrets does
The darkness know

Diamonds that shimmer
In the vast blackened sky
What next to this in
The darkness am I
CJ M Jul 7
Is it worth it to you?
All these tears that wet my lips, are my lips moist enough for you? Warm and juicy like honey apples that stimulate the senses like only flavor knows how.
Was it worth it is all I'm asking.
I'm dizzy, floating, choking on the bitter taste of a pill i cannot swallow. Help me, help me, I can't keep my food down or my attitude positive, or my voice from cracking like the skin on my lips as they dry from a lack of kisses from you.
Everyone in the population is addicted to their phones, I was addicted to you. And it may sound a little unorthodox because I left, but I already miss you. I wish time moved like Microsoft word: ticking with each stroke of the keys you control and allowing for rewrites to reach a perfect conclusion, I miss you. Maybe more than the feeling of comfort that once inhabited my soul or the warm hands that once occupied mine, I was a faithful concubine.
But was i really?
Who would've known that a month could span years? We moved so fast and i couldn't switch gears so I knew we would either crash and see our relationship fears or stomp the breaks and leave in tears. Im stupid, I know. But I don't know how to change that
I wondered was the time we spent together worth it, but maybe I was just living in a short fairy tale. Idk. I jumped to a stupid conclusion and lost someone who I was instantly close to.... Yeah I'm stupid.
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