In the name and ways of God there is so much hidden treasure,
Who by the loving remembrance of, is bestowed at His pleasure.

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's

To share this world's facts
My thought is able to attacts
To a treasure of the secrets
And understand a truth
Someone is in the wait
That how I really act
Under the moon' light

Simpathi Jan 12

I searched the ocean for my long lost treasure,
Only to forget about it and lose it forever.
I tried to dive deep, keep it together.
Searching for time just to discover,
It never existed.

I thought I had oxygen, I thought I’d be safe.
But turned out to be nothing when compared to the waves,
That pushed and slammed me back and forth,
Releasing my heart and stealing my core.
I’m nothing without it.

Fish everywhere of all shapes and sizes,
Some swimming in the open and some only hiding,
Never being revealed to the rest of the planet,
Nothing caring for them, holding their hand and,
Letting them win.

Their magnificent colors turn red into blue,
If I chose when to leave it wouldn’t be soon.
Fins shimmering through golden sunlight,
Holding all of them and nothing to lose sight.
No fitting in.

Every fish is different and sparkling with colors,
Never to be looked at and compared to another.
Because, quite honestly, that would ruin it all,
Comparing two fish by a mere flaw.
Life’s not a game to win.

Nicole Eden Jan 3

i stare into the temptress waters of your soul
i search for you upon the shadows
water droplets linger on my fingertips
the waves move as if they were in an argument with the moon
i stare the moon in it's eyes
searching for your soul
instead i find it in a treasure box under the sea
the box is locked and i do not have the key

Qweyku Dec 2017


T r  e a s u r e


m o m e n t s

soon will be

m  e m o r i e s


© Qwey.ku

"...wherever your treasure is there your heart is also" ~ Matityahu 6:21
Jas Dec 2017

Paved in cobblestone
glittering hues of gold
Down my throat you go
I am home;
Burning and rolling in tar
scathing down that road
I remain with holes
infiltrate my blood stream,
make me crazy with desire
cause your cousin
unlike you
gives me fire
I'm a virgin to this feeling
but you laid a glaze that left me swooning
I'm in chains
a slave to your being
when you shove me with
the tip of your tongue
my purity is gone
I'm sitting in a river of me, wasted

Pinot Grigio (2016)
tabitha Aug 2016

i have been habitually harboring my feelings
like an emotional pirate, storing my heart's hardware
protecting it from the scorch of sun rays, my chests against threats of rust
each ship a chasm of sea-sick, wayward memories that i must
keep safe

i sail the waters and dock the vessel in my own private bay,
far, far away -- uncharted waters. that's the most i will say.
then i hop to the next, neglecting to unload the former.
heaping chests of mine, glistening gems of a find....
they stay there, then i am...where?

i am a greedy, negligent pirate;
promising to be back and give my lonely pearls a place on the shore
then bolting to my next nearest ship because my quest is, well, unsure

most of my treasure, hunted and beaming,
desperate to be gazed upon
that comes from sitting in the dark too long.
i saw my very first diamond to revert back to coal;
there was no way to shine, and quite frankly
not enough pressure. no goal.
and then the occasional skeleton of
whichever soul decided (kindly) to play guardian
to the glimmer and gleam of my nostalgic, pristine
yet fucked up way to blow off some steam.

i do not let the guts of my love see daylight
i cannot let the world wear the veins of my blood money,
resting on their oblivious clavicles without the narrative, honey.
not until the ports are full, stacked, racked, labeled, categorized;
carefully prepared for a lifetime of timelessness
not a timeline of lifelessness
which is now what this is

i count down the days in my tummy-turned sleep
to when i find a new pleasure, other than
collecting treasure, and just leaving it in piles and heaps.

Jikai Zheng Dec 2017

Don't toss me away
Like any empty bottle
I'm vintage
With a stamp from
The ancient royals

Keep me please
I don't want to join
The other piles of
Tainted-colored glasses
I want to stay here

I've filled you up
And I've kept your promises
Now, keep mine
Keep me as a collector's item
Let me be there for you

I want to be found
Not by any other stranger
Only by a friend like you
I want to be treasured
And not broken

Not shattered to pieces
On the curb of a sidewalk
To be recycled
Into the consumerism
Again and again

Let me have a home
In your heart
So you can physically greet me
And we'll acknowledge
Each other

Like old friends
I've kept you alive
So don't throw me out
Like yesterday's jam
Like any other old thing

Guess believing in the past
Gets harder when you approach
The future
So, I'll take my fate
And get lost

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