Oh, blessed moments
Tiny joys among pure bliss
Sharing child wonders

© Poem by Lyn-Purcell.

Quiet strolls on moonlit nights,
A playgrounds endless laughter,
Blooming roses in the spring,
The glow of morning after,

Walking barefoot in the grass,
A poem that makes you cry,
The feel of silk upon your skin,
An eagle when it flys,

Love songs on the radio,
Old couples holding hands,
Newborn kittens nursing,
Enthusiastic fans,

Sitting on a porch swing,
Sipping lemonade,
Admiring the beauty in all,
That good has made,

Watching for a shooting star,
A breeze that cools things down,
The first snow of the winter,
A night out on the town,

Little acts of kindness,
A loving word or two,
Simple things to treasure,
These things I wish for you.

Written for my 5 children
Cné 7d

Contemplate a teardrop,
and this is what I see.
A drop of moisture
from an irritation?
Some agree.

What is a teardrop made of,
just some water from a gland?
But brush it off and contemplate
the moisture on your hand.

It's also made of sorrow
or from pain that you may feel
A treasure of emotion
on your cheek
that might congeal

"Tears of happiness" are made
of joy or great suprise
That fall like rain in summer
from a pair of smiling eyes.

They course down cheeks in rivers
or collect on lashes there.
They form in silent puddles
when emotions are laid bare.

Tears are gems as precious
as a diamond that is mined
So do not take them lightly
if their origins you can't find.

They're made of things like music
that can make the heart take wing
Or how the soul can elevate
to hear an angel sing.

Just thinking

The first time we met
I'm not so sure, I won't regret
But you prove me something...
Something that I will never forget.

You teach me how to smile,
And did'nt make me cry,
With you right by my side
I feel safe not only for a while.

For everytime I am with you
I started to felt something new
Is this love what I felt?
I think it is, so I thank God we've met.

You treat me so special,
And love me for who I am
That's why nothings gonna change
Like the first time we met.

©2008 John Vincent Obiena. All rights reserved.

Remember that first day you met this special person that turned your world up side down? I still remember that day and from that very beginning I am glad we are still together.

You are a cloud
And I am a bird,
Together we will explore
This beautiful world,
The blue velvet ocean,
The freshness of the air,
The rising of the sun
That I couldn’t compare,
Look how beautiful
Our nature is!
I hope it wouldn’t end
Like a tragic disease,
Let us help Mother Nature
Maintain her beauty,
Let us make this world
Healthy and wealthy,
For the future sake,
Do not make a mistake
Just have your faith
I believe in what we can make.

©2008 John Vincent Obiena. All rights reserved.

A short poem about Mother Nature, Written back in 2008, made some small revisions.

I don't want to float,
I yearn for the deep.
I want for treasures lost on the ocean floor,
And whether I sink or swim,
I'm diving in.

Sadia Aug 14

The tides move in and set me adrift in your love once more. The waves crash back and forth, synchronizing in perfect harmony. When I look at you, there are depths hidden in your beauty. Who are you? You are a treasure. Hidden beneath, you are the ocean; the epitome of mystery.

Seema Aug 10

Living in cold
Weary and old
In a thatched house
With rats and mouse
Still he felt good
For he had some food
But later, did he find
A man who was blind
This boy was very kind
And he didn't mind
To share what he had
With this sad old man
They sat together
To enjoy their little meal
Then the old man
Proposed, a kind deal
For the boy to look after
Him, till his last day
He broke into a crying laughter
Of how everyone went away
The boy was very obliged
And he agreed to abide to stay
After a few years, the old man died
Leaving the boy with a letter
Which stated, your life has got better
And soon, the kind boy
Inherited the treasure
Of the old man, named "Mr. Troy".


Look after your elders with respect and kindness, their blessings are the real treasures.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 6

Your song ends but your melody plays.
Your body crumbles but the feelings stays.
Minutes, hours, days, you were at my side.
You will never be forgotten in my lifetime.
Can you return to me? As a shadow, or a dream?
Because life without you is so much harder than it seems...
So much tears I've shed, my heart cannot bear.
Your touch is still upon me as they become stairs.
If I could go to Heaven, and ask for one thing,
I'd ask for you again and the blessings you bring.
I didn't shower you enough with affection and praise
Just know that
you will forever be my always...

A poem I write from my journey to the park, with fresh tears in my eyes at seeing people with their loved ones. We all hurt someone we love...
It's apart of being human.
You only live once.
Treasure all those you hold dear.
From your blood family, to the family YOU get to choose.
Nicolegy Jul 29

she doesn't have a lover
but her heart is full of treasure
by the people who cares for her
and just like that, for her it was more than enough.

yes, its been a while
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