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Love is
like perfume
it's fragrance will
definitely scatter.

if there is a
bird on a tree
definitely it will chatter.

if the spark
exists in ashes
a day surely come
when it become raging fire.

Every human being
is full of emotions so
actualization of relationship
must be kept alive without spatter.

© deovrat 18.10.2020
IdkLove Oct 7
Come with me
Let's explore
And reminiscence 
Our times 
When we fall in love every time
With each other
Under the sheets we build 
Our castle of love 
And river of lust 
Just the perfect view of us
Under the moonlight
Surrounded by the stars
We kiss like no one is there 
Only you and me 
And our fragrance of breath
Spriha Kant Oct 1
For concealing myself from the wicked eyes of melancholy , I tightly hug reverie and melt into its fragrance on intertwining with it as a twinkling soul.
Day, and Night
by Michael R. Burch

The moon exposes pockmarked scars of craters;
her visage, veiled by willows, palely looms.
And we who rise each day to grind a living,
dream each scented night of such perfumes
as drew us to the window, to the moonlight,
when all the earth was steeped in cobalt blue―
an eerie vase of achromatic flowers
bled silver by pale starlight, losing hue.

The night begins her waltz to waiting sunrise―
adagio, the music she now hears;
and we who in the sunlight slave for succor,
dreaming, seek communion with the spheres.
And all around the night is in crescendo,
and everywhere the stars’ bright legions form,
and here we hear the sweet incriminations
of lovers we had once to keep us warm.

And also here we find, like bled carnations,
red lips that whitened, kisses drawn to lies,
that touched us once with fierce incantations
and taught us love was prettier than wise.

Keywords/Tags: day, night, love, rhyme, moon, moonlight, pockmarked, craters, window, vase, flowers, fragrance, starlight, music, spheres, communion, crescendo, lovers, kisses, lies, love, unwise

Riverfront path, lined with trees
The Temple, fresh flowers and incense
Peculiar the fragrance
Sound of Incantations and ringing bells
From a different time
Distant, yet so closely familiar
The memory of this place
Thoughts that begins in her head
like  sparkle light clouds of her imaginary sky....
white Grass flowers are meant to die soon!
But nevertheless, they want to live like other flowers ;
Want to experience the sound of the whole weekend...
Love to make bridge like other's fragrance
But she stopped her thoughts and took leave like forever..!
Hidden lost thoughts
Sing Me your Poem,
on Love Divine.
As I raise U a Toast
and Sip on some Wine.
Our Nights have been,
on Beds of Red Roses.
With rooms that are filled,
with Fragrance of Posies.
Midnight Romance begins,
as We draw the Curtain.
When We are done,
Our Happiness is quite Certain.
Nights without Passion,
are simply Boring.
As I fall off to sleep,
in an Hour I'm Snoring.
Savio Fonseca Jun 19
Your Fragrance Tonight,
is full of Passion.
Let's crawl into Bed,
in the same old Fashion.
Shut the Door,
as I off the Light.
So We can start Our Romance,
on this naked Night.
Unwrap your Feelings,
that U have for Me.
Like the flowing River,
My Love will never cease to Be.
As your Moans and Whispers,
sound their Flirtatious  Note.
I shall recite to U,
The Love Poem I Wrote.
Savio Fonseca Jun 17
Scent of a Woman,
is a Fragrance
to a Man's Soul.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 16
Exposing the rose to the stars
I might say for a mirror
look at the sun.
But how can I give the moon
a demo of its fragrance?
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