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The Heart is greater than the eyes,

for the heart, amidst all the pain,

sees through the delicate lenses of beauty.

The Heart is superior over the ears,

for the heart, amid all the loud noise,

listens to the softest whispers of humanity.

The Heart is bigger than the nose,

for the heart, among all of the scents,

smells the fragrance of new life.

The Heart is larger than the hands,

for the heart, amongst all that it can do,

touches in a way that is softer than the dawn’s dew.

The Heart is superior to the tongue,

for the heart, with all of its might,

speaks only the sweet letters of kindness.

The Heart is more immense than all of the human senses,

for the heart carries so much love,

it can lighten up the face of the whole universe.

Hussein Dekmak

Murakami Feb 12
The ephemeral memory of your fragrance
fills my mind with such an amorous longing,
Alluring my senses, anticipated bliss.
More intoxicating than wild lavender,
it invades my conscience.

The purest hint brings you close once more,
as if I nested my head against your chest,
listening to your steady heartbeat,
I am again embraced by your arms,
as I am lusciously reminded
of the evenings of passion

When we were a whole world ourselves.
He had green fingers,
My heart was an arid patch,
Tenderly he planted love seeds in it.
He watered it with care,
Nurtured it with patience,
Tended the delicate shoots,
Sang duets with the fragile leaves,
Until my heart blossomed into a beautiful garden of heavenly, colourful love buds,
Which bloomed and diffused an exotic fragrance of love and happiness.
Manan sheel Feb 2
Yes, you people
would have dreamed
of your sweetheart,
A thousand things you
would want to see
in your sweetheart,
Oh! I want but one -
May she love me,
May she love my heart
for its tears,
May she be a gift of flowers,
to my tender heart,
May she fill it with her fragrance,
My tears, her fragrance,
Let these two combine,
And I won't ask for anything else...

© Manan sheel.
Hussein Dekmak Dec 2018
Let me be,
the makeup on your skin,
The fragrance of your perfume

Let me be,
the breeze that grazes your face,
and the unspoken letters on your lips.

Let me be,
your hidden secrets,
and your full moon.

Let me be,
your smile, your laughter, your tears,
your wishes, and your happy dreams.

Hussein Dekmak

D A W N Dec 2018
as you went home,
the faint scent of your
wafted around the room.
hoping i would notice
the remnants you left
in hopes
that the entrails
of memories  of you
would keep me company
through the night.
people with great taste in perfume are a kink
Celeste Briefs Dec 2018
What is your name, sweet lady?
drips of river rain from your fingertips
fall upon my warm face
fragrance of potent blossoms sorrow
follow when you leave this place

Here to watch over me in sleep,
protectress of young girls' dreams
I felt you in the stories I tell my daughters
unborn and ever ascending
from some dark place of deep despair

Illusion proclaims your presence
night and day hold you in their hands
songs of warmth and water cold
alight upon your tongue like snow
from the stone faces of drowned angels

What is your name, sweet lady?
I burned to know since I saw your face

She speaks,
I am Ophelia,
the dream that you cannot escape
Lily Nov 2018
She was a rose, pressed into the pages
Of a book, meant to hold a place.
Instead of a page in a book,
She held a place in his heart,
Which she thought she would always have.
But eventually, bookmarks are lost,
And stories are forgotten,
And all that is left is
The smell of the binding
As the book closes for the last time.
Just scribbles
Julie Nov 2018
there is something in the air.
the smell of musk and cedar wood.
everywhere where the wind carries me,
it is there.
this distinctive scent.
the scent of security and
memories of beautiful days.
it is your scent
that I've learned to love
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