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Romance Me, among the Flowers
and confess, your Love for Me.
Nature will stand as a Witness,
for a Love that's deeper than the Sea.
Hold Me with your Fragrance,
as I sway U with the Breeze.
Our Passions must keep pouring,
As We nestle among the Trees.
Lead Me to all your Hidden Secrets.
I promise they will be Dear to Me.
When U draw yourself a bit Closer.
Your feelings must pour over Me.
Your Heart must beat a Rhythm,
that will narrate all your Pain.
The Pain will surely Disappear,
When I Kiss U in the pouring Rain.
Savio Fonseca Jun 29
U have the Eyes, of the Stars
and your Lips, are crucial as Air.
U have warmth of the Sun and Mars,
and your Heart is valuable and Rare.
I Wish to Write a Poem on your skin
and illustrate every word I write for U.
Sail My fingertips on your gentle Curves
and trace them on the Heart I Drew.
If the Morning Sun forgets to rise,
U will be lighting up My Skies.
It’s both Beautiful and Tragic.
When I'm with U, how fast time Flies.
My Passions are coursing in My Veins.
As sweat appears on your Skin.
Heaven has opened it's Doors for Me,
So Darling......Please let Me In.
Savio Fonseca Dec 2022
Her Rosebuds began to bloom,
in the middle of the Night.
As both My Hands went surfing,
after it had turned Twilight.
My Head rested, between Her Hills
and it took Shelter, on Her Lap.
My Ten fingers began tracing,
the vital points of Her Map.
She then carved on My Heart,
each Alphabet of Her Name.
Creating a new Beginning,
for both Our bodies to Shame.
My Hands, began their warm-ups
and stopped, at Her Garden Patch,
Giving My Passions a spurt
and thereby lighting My Match.
Louise Jul 2022
I am known to have several hobbies,
as I also have significant prowess in each.
Because in anything that I do
and whatever I want to try,
I always do it naturally and good
just like a bird taking flight.

When it comes to new interests,
I am simply the best student.
I learn and plan carefully with method
and execute flawlessly with madness.
Calling and pulling down rain like a God,
I water my passions like lilies in the garden.

When it comes to new knowledge,
I am a servant yet the queen of this village.
A newcomer gangster who rules the streets,
I am feared in every turn and corner.
Yet an overqualified maiden on the sheets,
I am tenderly adored and kissed better.

When learning about new languages,
I dedicate it only for the arts and letters.
Speak foreign words like it's teenage love,
I've sworn this is only on paper, not my lips.
Sing fluently like my head with heels above,
I swallow my pride and swing my hips.

When talking about arbitraries and goals,
I am never not in the know from the get-go.
I am an angel who sets and builds the stage,
when I show up, nobody feels the breeze.
Yet I am the devil that gambles and trades,
in my refusal everybody finds their release.
Jack of all trades, master of none
Carlo C Gomez Jun 2022
Green reflections
Clouds of pollen
Butterfly mornings
Her face forms in summertime
She sells electric ego
And flowers of herself
Reaping the wild wind
From a haunted garden

Hakikur Rahman Feb 2022
Who goes to assignation, in a pleasant promenade of grove,
The flame of love is burning there
Which great warrior is singing melodiously?
In the middle of the unobstructed heart, the sound of the anklet jingling.
Who goes to assignation, in a pleasant promenade of grove.

Awake the night, taken the heart,
In the auspicious moment of moonlight
Very silently under the mimusops elengi
Said the words of the stored heart, inseparably.

So to ask, to whom to call in any tune,
The submerged heart remains full
The Jamuna flows exhausted
Even today, with painted eyes, what a picture to draw.

Who goes to assignation, in a pleasant promenade of grove,
The flame of love is burning there
Which great warrior is singing there?
In the middle of the unobstructed heart, the sound of the anklet jingling.
Savio Fonseca Jun 2021
My Lips like Flaming Fire,
are in search of Quenching Kisses.
I'm lost in your Midnight Love,
experiencing Romantic Blisses.
My Passions are full of Feelings,
as I look into your Eyes.
U settle into My Arms,
waiting for another Sunrise.
Your scent lingers in My Senses,
turning the fire On.
Tempting Me for another Session,
before My flame is dead and Gone.
I have a good taste for Romance,
therefore I crave for U.
Darling.... U are the only Woman,
turning My Dark Nights into Blue.
"The night she bathed into the light
Came with the blessings of your heart
And strong she was to your good sight,
So fragile in appearances yet so bright!

That light came slowly caressing the night,
Embracing her soul for the fairest fight,
So strong, still, too fragile for the part
Written on walls and danced to the right

Height. Looking up, stare into the blight
Of all sorrow ed-souls I saw how you fell apart
And it ached my soul, what solutions, right
To find? What Word for you... crave straight. "

Music to...

©Theodora Oniceanu
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