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annh Apr 22
Alas, for I am master of my pen;
But Calliope is mistress of me.
‘I kept reaching for my muses, my wandering muses, floating on clouds filled with their passions.’
- Chimnese Davids, Muses of Wandering Passions
Passion's energies
You feel from the energies inside
Needful release of such
Needs slow release
Like a "slow cooker"
******* true to true attraction
Sharing your soul through the hot
movement of your body
Holding such "steamy elements," inside
You steam up and then start to explode
As the Crockpot has warned you to lift it's lid
Do not?
One shall not know true blissful enjoyment
of the experiences of sharing "a stranger's romance"
With that one which he deeply has a desire
Inside and out
Of the fashion and the **** little underpants.
Pyrrha Jan 12
My passions are not yours
My dreams are not yours
I am not yours

I will love my passions
I will follow my dreams
I will be myself, you will have no say

So please stop tearing apart
Everything that is me
Simply because it is not you
Try Dec 2018
its just another day,
nothing special,
same old irregular weather,
still thinking about your sister,
and how i filled her,
glazed her,
her flavor,
something i still savor,
so unpredictable,
she is,
captivated with every glance,
10 for 10,
every time,
in the clothes she designs,
a queen who reigns on high,
high on her own supply,
no surprise,
it was her demise,
the one tie she couldn't cut,
she was nothing special to me,
until she was gone....

© Try
don't let the ones you got close to you slip away from you into the dark abyss.
Kirsten Claire Dec 2018
It began with a fiery passion
   Formed deep in the earth
      Where heat raged against pressure
         But it was a love that possessed
            Too much pressure
               That burst at the seams
                  From the very depths
                     Of an ancient volcano
                        And unleashed a rain of ash and smoke
                           Now these two lovers are
                              Free falling
                                 And winding
                                    They clash against the water
                                 In the heat of a riptide
                              Yanking back and forth
                           Until the water threatens
                        To drown their lungs
                     But a wave of sorrow
                  Carries them
            And completely exhausted
         Onto the beach
      Where coarse sand is their bed
   And salty water
Is replaced by salty tears
                                                           ­              As a storm begins to form
On the black and white horizon
Karisa Brown Nov 2018
Poetry is flowing over my skin
Lights me up from within

The way bubblegum feels
As it pops on my skin
Sticky and sweet
I feel a burst of fresh air
Pop inside of me
Lips lick the pink aftertaste
Patrick Austin Oct 2018
There are two types of

people who are passionate...

Those with a love of being intense

& those with an intense love of being.
Personal quote.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
The history told is full of lies
for it's molded, muddled,
told by the victors.
As much as I love history, I know that it has its untruths.
Lyn ***
Wilkes Arnold May 2018
Cordon off what some may will
A date set for ruin,
Ashes stain the pedestal
Embers scatter deep within,
Passions burn white knuckles black
Regardless of who holds them,
But don’t allow the slightest crack...
Lest the pedals scorch the stem
Joseph Xavier May 2018
Looking across my window
I caught a glimpse of summer in the winter,
With you , gold is all that glitters
Pressing my face against the walls of my chamber,
I could smell your cologne even from a dozen meters
As I make for the silhouette fading like  river.

Holding your waist, looking at ur face
Your hair forms a waterfall down your shoulders,
Your lips laced with the nectar of the morning glory,
Feeling the  firm tenderness of your breast,
You face lights up , its the first of December,
Your body heals , you are an amber
Again I rise , a phoenix from the dying embers,
Slowly letting myself fall into your aquifer
Making the nights a now and forever
As we reap the fruits of our passion.
Tm-Narcissus.... Tm-beast.... Tm-god.
I am kamiikazer.... face of the living God. Narcissus amongst men, I am a god. I offer you a drink from my fount of immortality and serve you justice through poetry..."poetic justice"
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