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Chandler M Aug 30
Proud to be where I'm from
But home is in front of me
Not of me
Separate from the serpent
Capital Hill
Need a capital offense to live
Walking up hills
Just to take spills
Lyn-Purcell Jun 24
Bird flies over hills
Wait for me around my mind
Grass grows without fear
Forgot to post this yesterday where I walked up a hill and took in the sights of man and nature both...
Worth it haha!
Much love,
Lyn ūüíú
rosie Jun 17
life was a hill
and I was at its peak
chuckling, I thought
"it only goes downhill from here"
oh the irony of
such a content life
I'm going up the hill again,
The top is my destination,
Confronted with fleeting dreams of mesmerization,
The sky is clear but it feels like rain, soil gone too,
down the drain,

I've been here before, I can feel it,
Imprints of my feet, the ground steals it,
The sky is a blue hue I do not recognize
The stars look more like flies

I approach the top and something feels off,
Stress, anxiety, and vertigo on top,
I inhale but no relief comes,
Gravity is not for friends or fun,

I get the top and I can see the sky,
For a moment I feel like I can fly,
But I realize my deja vu the lack of serenity,
I'm at the bottom in an endless journey,
It has been a long time since I posted. I hope you guys like it!
Bhill Apr 5
mysterious curiosity of the runaway train
it has no direction, just a need to maintain
around all the corners, up all the hills
down through the valley creating more thrills
what does one do with a runaway train
how do you stop it from achieving more gain
do you leave it running till it runs out of track
do you try to derail it with a full-on attack
it's quite the conundrum, that runaway train
decisions, decisions, are straining the brain
really not sure, what to do with this dream
I think I'll just let it, run out of steam...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 96
What to do?
grave request
by Michael R. Burch

come to ur doom
in Tombstone;

the stars stark and chill
over Boot Hill

care nothing for ur desire;


imagine they wish u no ill,
that u burn with the same antique fire;

for there’s nothing to life but the thrill
of living until u expire;
so come, spend ur last hardearned bill
on Tombstone.

Keywords/Tags: Tombstone, Boot Hill, grave, headstone, death, doom, graveyard, morgue, final, payment, resting place
Traveler Mar 10
When red is all I see
I **** my pen and let it bleed
woes, curses, miseries
This world is built
on envy, hate and greed

When love I aim to feel
I play guitar
upon my hill
Looking down on
the desperately broken
for someone to put
my last hope in
Traveler Tim
Tiger Ayres Jan 31
On top of a hill
There's a bird that caws
And on that hill
There's a gun that draws

On that hill
There's a chick that cheaps
And next to that
A flooding creek

A top of the hill
An echoing groan
On that same hill
A bullet does go

On top of a hill
There's a bird that sleeps
And on that hill
There's a gun that breathes
On top of a hill
Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2019
Nothing matters,
Faster, Faster,
I pedal away,
To a bright new day.
Gives me wings to fly,
Every terrain I want to try,
Also chase the blue sky.
With the fresh open air,
As it messes with my hair,
I cycle everywhere,
In the woods, on a street or cycle track,
Here, there and back,
Up the hill I huff and puff,
Going up is tough.
Oh,what freedom!
Like the joy of stardom,
My mind crystal  clear,
Lots I discover as my bike I steer.
Round and round the wheels go,
In the sun, rain or snow,
Every moment I relish,
Never to end I wish.
Shiv Pratap Pal Nov 2019
Jack and Neil, Ran up to the hill
To get some fruit for breakfast

Jack climbed up a tree
Started plucking apples

Neil stood on the ground
Waiting for Jack and apples

An Apple Fell Down
Hit straight on Ground

And Jack also fallen after.
Both ran to pick the Apple

The Apple was found
Picked from the Ground

Both Jack and Neil
Changed their Mind

They took the single Apple
And came home thereafter

They Ate the Fallen Apple
And both smiled with laughter
Let's Cherish Childhood
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