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Josiah Bates Oct 4
The sky over peach hill
Was dulcet last I looked,
Without a hint of clammy March
In the middle of a bright July

The sky over peach hill
Had clouds surrounding the kites,
My girl and I would stare for hours
As hot-air balloons passed by

That sky over peach hill
Ever soft, ever sweet.
That was the place where I found
That life passes in a sigh

The peaches fell,
And august came.
My girl went away,
I was left behind.

The sky over peach hill
Looks a little darker now.
But I know once winter ends
The kites will fly again
Shofi Ahmed Sep 25
Eye on the sun  
up from the blue hill
descending down
waits for none.

Something is better
Not seen in the light?
The sun is on the run.

Maybe it's in the night
I wonder though does
the Moon see what's inside?
Because the black box
the night is yet wrapped
with countless stars!
rach Sep 22
waiting, standing still
reaching you as if you're here
looking old like that hill
where we met
and where you disappeared
Bhill Sep 9
There are times in our life when things seem to tough
The climb is too hard and the going is rough

If you look up the hill and see the whole climb
It might be too steep and take too much time

It’s important to stay focused on staying upright
One pedal at a time will take you to heights

The fact that you’re there and giving it your all
So you know that you can, even if you fall...

Brian Hill - # 224
This is inspired by a mountain bike ride I just finished from Telluride Co to Moab Ut...  200 miles and 16000 vertical of climbing...
Sometimes I write
A poem that leaves
Feeling naked

So bare that I
Can't help check
Any comment?

I can't keep doing this though!
It's not healthy
It's just

So I turn
Off my


Now it is

At least
I think about doing
That but..

I am powerless


Peace I can find
But first
One small
Comment to say

"I read your thing"

They read my

And for one

I am not alone in
This hell

Whoever it may be
Read my


For a moment
A magical moment
A holy instant

You were holding my hand
You were right here
Next to me

I felt you

With me



To me

Thank you
Qweyku Aug 31
An ancient river
an old London chapel
& our last summer rays
of such an august Sun
The promise of niceties...
laughter, drinks, ice cream
& perhaps a softly stolen kiss

Fill my hand with yours.

If you please;
a pleasant walk with you
up on Tower Hill

© Qwey.ku
Who knows?
Dream Fisher Aug 28
I remember slow nights
Sitting up on Daly Hill
Where the air always felt a bit colder
Across my skin leaving chills.
I would lay down looking up,
The stars would lay up looking down
No people, just all the nature
Stirring from the trees around.
Just a kid with a notebook,
Just a kid with a dream,
Waiting for life to enter the scene.

I wasn't looking for answers there,
I lacked the knowledge of questions to ask.
But life only leaves you wondering
When time has already past.
If I could paint it out as a picture,
I wouldn't and can't.
You just have to be there,
In a place where the world feels still
Looking over nothing, up on Daly Hill.
Johnny walker Aug 11
In the two years since my sweethearts been gone for I
finaly lost her to Heaven after many years struggling
with ill health Helen finaly passed
And In the two since she left
It seems I'm now struggling
too Helen and we're so close
I have developed a lot serious problems Helen had I now suffer as she
One day It will **** me too for most of what Helen had wrong with her I now have as well and cannot be reversed far too late for
But I don't really mind for I never won't to reach an age that  I'm totally dependent on others to get me through each and every
So I'm  just sort of hanging waiting killing time till the day I'm with my wife again
and we can live again without the pains of
jonni inferno Jul 21
purple shades
o' velvet black
strewn across
dark green grass
on rolling hills
gently laying
in sylvar shades
her face
is softly waning

an' scattered thru
the starlit nyte
her dreams
her hopes
her fears
an' i...

hear her
plaintive pleas
desperate cries
and so
reach out my hand
an' gently soothe
the aches an' pains
of her
precious life's
most bitter wounds

i stand my guard
an' watch
o'er her shattered gates
thru many a long
dark treacherous nyte
aware of
every shadows fall
wary of each
an' every noise

an' i swear by all
by strength of heart
breath of life
an' death of soul
on these i swear
tha' none shall pass
from hellish realms
of fiery ash
to breach
her broken battlements
nor press 'pon
her battered gates
to cast
their wicked stones
of hate

her fate i swear
'tis my soul's life
mine only heart
my one true light

be off with thee
oh wretched swine
tread not near
my beloved's breast
trouble not
her slumb'ring rest
nor gaze upon
her hallowed face

remove thy stench
from this
mortal plane
for thou art curst
an' thou shouldst flee
to brimstone's hearth
to thy master's knee

purple shades
o' velvet black
strewn across
dark green grass
on rolling hills
gently laying
in sylvar shades
her face
is softly fading

an' scattered thru
the starlit nyte
her dreams
her hopes
her fears
an' i...

p j upchurch
Äŧül Jun 19
Kindly avoid going to any hill station,
While planning so, bear some hesitation.

You are so very hot,
But the hills are not.

What if you go there when,
All that area starts boiling then.
My HP Poem #1745
©Atul Kaushal
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