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Ryan Joseph May 16
tranquility was there
not until when raindrops appear,
then tranquility bears.
V May 7
Raindrops of glass,
Cascading over moonlight.
Captured so briefly by her luxurious rays.
In a way this is love,
Plucking at the the waves.
Fleeting and gone.
But forever a moment for memory.
Kenny Anthony Apr 22
The echo effect of water
when raindrops hit the surface
send ripples of space and time
never needing a purpose.
Does she need a purpose
to create the fractals of her living?
Needn't she be, whom she be
and just be?
Without the unforgiving
need of a purpose
Melody Mann Apr 13
Look beyond the borders of the walls that contain you for the world is vast,
Push past the horizon that surrounds you because your heart is true,
Let the raindrops dampen your existence as you begin your journey,
You embody light and emit potential,
Let your work be your legacy,
May your diligence be gracefully saluted,
For you are more than their minds can ever fathom.
Some little drops of water
Whose home was at sea
To go upon a journey
They once happened to agree
A white cloud was their carriage
Their horse, a playful breeze
And over town and country
They rode along at ease
But the cloud held too many
And began to grow heavy
The little drops of water started to fall
And the cloud looked on with appal
The water fell to their dismay
Was this how they end their day?
:0 I wouldn't want to end my day falling to my doom either...
mica Jan 29
this creative mind would never make him like you. no matter how colorful you color your words, or how you decorate it with pretty flowers, he wouldn't like you.

he asked you about the rain, you answered and thought of it as a release. a burst of emotion, just like letting go. but it seems that he had brought an umbrella and avoided your indirect release of feelings, or maybe he took shelter upon a waiting shed. as he stands alone, waiting for the one his heart yearns for, you continue to shower him with your deepest feelings through the form of raindrops that make sound above the roof, desperately wanting for his attention.
a penny for a thought.
Jay Jan 10
I leave my house for the last time
And prepare to drive for the last time.
I planned where I would go
And how they would never find me in time.

Soft rain pours down the windows
As I pull out of the driveway.
I look at the hazy world around me in awe
Of how dreamy it looks.
Suddenly I don't want to go anymore.

Life may just be worth it again...
I'm in the middle of a rough patch. I relapsed again, and I've pretty much given up on being clean. Forgive me because I know I can't. I wrote this poem hoping that maybe I will believe it eventually. Until that day, I'll just honour the pinkie promise I made.
Shaun Yee Dec 2020
I am relaxing in my bed,  
While outside the house I can hear  
the raindrops patting on the pane,  
They seem to be extremely near;  
It’s raining and the room is warm,  
I’m tucked in bed at half past nine
to listen to the falling rain,  
So tonight I can sleep just fine.
Michaela Ferris Nov 2020
The softest raindrops hit my window pane,
They help me feel the peace I long forgot,
Their graceful dances fill my mind with hope
That I'm not alone in this dark fight.
I watch the raindrops tangle into one
And hope that my day will come,
When I can trust someone who's good and true,
Who won't forget what the darkness brings.
Oh I don't want to be alone
So I'll sit and watch the raindrops dance,
A graceful harmony of sorts
Helping me feel a little less alone.
Lane O Sep 2020
I had gone outdoors, hopeful,
For the grace of falling rain;
Though its bounty would bestow
On dry earth all the same.  

Anon, my heart's cheer withered,
As I strolled on through the wood;
Come to my surprise, the leaves
Bear more drops than they should.
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