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Savio Fonseca Aug 30
Count the Raindrops,
falling in a Rainstorm.
Count the Leaves,
that are there on a Tree.
Count the Stars,
Up there in Heaven.
Count the Fishes,
Swimming out at Sea.
Take the Happiness,
of the Universe.
and Add them all,
to a Love that never Ends.
Her Heart,
will taste only Laughter
and Her Eyes,
will hold U until the End.
Coleen Mzarriz Aug 2022
My heart would fold so quickly, in a rush, falling off of ledges when I could remember all the things you said to me. It was the first time I learned to read your lips for gestures by the way they moved. A period, a comma, a mark, a scar, the why's and the suffering it weighs.

But it would fold so easily, the heart I longed for swishing in the wind, stealing kisses in the sky and letters of forbidden romance all over the city. The same scene, the same garden, the same promises and stars fading away in order to live through a thousand light-years. Yet in the meaning of something, I get to learn how to control the reading gestures you unconsciously make when I pass by.

Even though it is the same as my movement, I fled in order to live the few years I have here, because the earth evolves so quickly, in rush, in remembrance, in light. And I get to go back to the music of my own rhythm, while my eyes are closed and I sing two notes of sonata.

Even when you tell me a thing or so, I get to wipe the longing raindrops from both my eyes. As if a waterfall had been longing to go out. At the very least, I got to write even a single word, which I wish you could hear. Maybe the wind will deliver me to you.
it feels good to fall in love, sometimes.
Kora Sani Apr 2022
raindrops danced
on top of the pavement
as I searched for a reason
to continue on

drenched in misery
i begged
to feel just a small mist
of what life had to offer

this downpour
continued filling the gutters
and drains of my soul

and still
these raindrops danced
enjoying a brief moment
of bliss
before falling
to form puddles in my mind
Nickolas J McKee Feb 2022
You’re the next Jesus Christ,
Waiting to be crucified,
Among your flock of sheep.
Blue eyes ready to slice,
I, your prophet beautified,
Heresy to stab deep.
Let’s gather around you,
To magnify your glory,
Nails to skin under glass.
Raindrops rising from dew,
Superficial & weary,
Ready the blinding mass.
Hosanna of the high,
Dare you me to deny…
Odd Odyssey Poet Oct 2021
Under tears of-
We're   all         the

No matter of
           came. ..

We all take life-
       day by
  wait  and
                      pray. ..

What      stops 
  doing  a    
 ­                miracle


         Enjoy the-
kissing tears
                    of the
A grey blanket wrapped the sunlight,
Soon, the daylight turned into dark night.
Black clouds captured the blue sky,
Dusty ѕtorm covered the whole surrounding, before my eyes.

The sky roared and clouds clashed,
Environment trembled when thunderbolts flashed.
Happiness engulfed, when it drizzled some raindrops,
And from then, it rained... it rained nonstop!
Raining, Raining and Raining....
Ryan Joseph May 2021
tranquility was there
not until when raindrops appear,
then tranquility bears.
Kenny Anthony Apr 2021
The echo effect of water
when raindrops hit the surface
send ripples of space and time
never needing a purpose.
Does she need a purpose
to create the fractals of her living?
Needn't she be, whom she be
and just be?
Without the unforgiving
need of a purpose
Melody Mann Apr 2021
Look beyond the borders of the walls that contain you for the world is vast,
Push past the horizon that surrounds you because your heart is true,
Let the raindrops dampen your existence as you begin your journey,
You embody light and emit potential,
Let your work be your legacy,
May your diligence be gracefully saluted,
For you are more than their minds can ever fathom.
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