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Lanina 5d
I had a funny little thought
We're all like little raindrops
None of us choose to fall
Like the rain falls for Earth
That’s just the way the cycle works
We all keep falling and falling
Taking you by surprise
Here comes the raindrops once again
Seanathon Feb 8
Nine meters per second
Twenty miles per hour
No speed is sufficient for this
This kind of falling

To close this wound I never knew
To slow my waking thoughts alive
One moment I am all a hope
The next I am crashing into a puddle down

But not like the others
Ever falling over and over again
For I am a selective raindrop now
Falling as a young man who learns
Bruce Levine Feb 5
A slow walk to nowhere
A metaphor for life
Hills and valleys flatten
Amid the daily strife

Of drifting ever onward
The ending never clear
If today or if tomorrow
The last hurrah is here

Like walking the dog through raindrops
Pellets of water coating my head
Sniffing the ground for nothing
Or something being dead

Longing for resolution
Holding hands again
Yesterday’s tomorrows
In bed with us and then

Turning off the faucet
Of guilt and pain gone by
A chance that’s barely taken
Happiness worth the try

A faster walk to somewhere
Only the future knows
A happy life together
A restful night’s repose

Samreena Lodhi Dec 2018
Tried to tie the rain drops
when there was rain all around
In the chains of nature’s beauty
I tried to tie it up
Soaked in rain
feeling pretty much cold
heart bathed in love light
Shining brightly in the forest

playing with animals around me
in the puddles
splashing through them
i jumped over few branches
waiting for the sun
But you came right to me
like my light and the warmth.
Becca Dec 2018
serein touches my fingertips
so sour, but so sweet
Ayan Roy Dec 2018
The rain drizzles
On the face they sizzle,
As sparks of laughter
Breaking through the hustle.

The wind sprints
In the ears they speak,
The tales of land
High around the majestic peaks.

The sun climbs
Over the thunderous kinds
Filling the eyes
With it's age old smile.

But then there's
The moon that hides
When the world is alive,
Peeping through the distance
Till the time is right.
Go out and run with the wind.
Anonymous Nov 2018
3 words.
i waited so long
to see those words on your lips
how every single one slipped of your tongue
my heads telling me to go one way
but my hearts pushing the other

3 words.
all I ever wanted to here
to you it's just another sentence
in a field of sentences

3 words
yet to me
they're like raindrops
in the middle of the desert.
sunprincess Oct 2018
You go ahead, I'll be counting raindrops
And planting seeds for each one that falls
And in my garden vegetables will grow
Organically of course, without pesticides
Then I'll feed all those around the world
Everyone, they'll remember my generosity
They'll be happy and grateful you'll see
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