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sunprincess Oct 19
You go ahead, I'll be counting raindrops
And planting seeds for each one that falls
And in my garden vegetables will grow
Organically of course, without pesticides
Then I'll feed all those around the world
Everyone, they'll remember my generosity
They'll be happy and grateful you'll see
She Writes Oct 9
I let my fingertips
Dance in the rain
Washing away my troubles
Bit by bit
As each drop
Kisses my hand
Seanathon Oct 4
Downfall ever sharp
Rainwards on the steeple tall
Propped up on one arm
The building farce built of old
Refuses to fall down cold
I guess Rainwards is a word now. Via Raindrops On An Old Roof, A Tanka.
Em MacKenzie Sep 30
I'm the raindrops to your roses
I can drown you or make you grow,
and my shower always imposes
on the direction that you want to go.
I seem to only fall on to you
praying to assist you to become what you want to be,
but I'm banished when the skies turn blue
are you hoping that I will continue raining?

There's some things no one will ever understand
like why we carry a torch so long that it goes and burns our hand,
and it seems like nothing in this world goes as planned
but raindrops and roses live together within the land.

I'm the raindrops to your roses
I only try to add to your perfection,
and when a window opens; a door closes
but take my droplets as the purest affection.
I hope to never weigh your petals down
I want to assist in making each a wing,
but I can keep pouring until we all drown
but roses are seasonal with only summer and spring.

There's some things no one will ever understand
like why we give away the things so highly in demand,
and even when ripped apart; together we still band,
'cause raindrops and roses live forever within the land.

I'm the raindrops to your roses
I only try to give you strength,
but alone you smell sweet to all the noses
but only my eyes are blind to your thorn's length.
I only come to show you your own beauty,
though I doubt you'd ever see that strong shade of red.
Whereas I'm transparent; you can see right through me
sometimes I wish I could be the sun to your roses instead.
Lady Bird Sep 12
springing through the tall trees
the misty drops danced as moisture
blossomed a rhythm with the breeze
surrounded dewed flowers softly swayed
gently overlapping the green grassy hill
moonlight walked across the peaceful air
floating with such an extraordinary thrill
like pearls around the neck of life raindrops fell
and nature's beauty gleamed everywhere
Inspiring Word Bank Challenge; Using These Words:
Moonlight, Flowers, Raindrops, Blossom, Extraordinary
It is still mid august,
but it is earlier this time.
Looking outside,
you wouldn’t realize that.
It is dark,
and it is storming.
In New Hampshire,
the storms are crazier -
louder thunder,
brighter lightning,
and heavier rain.
And as I lay on this inflatable mattress once more,
listening to the raindrops as they collide with my bedroom window,
I’m met with a reality.
Because if I were in Connecticut right now,
I would be laying by your side,
we would listen to the storm together
and you would comfort me as I hide.
Burrowing my head deeper into the blankets,
as you wrap your arms around me,
holding onto my shaking body.
I would listen to your heartbeat,
steady but alive,
and it would calm me -
but only for a second before another loud boom fills my ears.
And with every jump that left my figure,
you would kiss my head,
reminding me that you’re still there,
as if your embrace wasn’t enough.
Because you wanted me safe,
and you would hurt anyone or anything that tried to harm me.
But in reality -
I am alone,
there is no one on this mattress with me.
And as an attempt to drown out the storm,
I lay with my fan on high
and put it next to my head.
And as I lay here pretending that for once I’m not alone,
I roll onto my side to be met with nothing but darkness.
Because in reality,
you are no where near.
A distance of three hours separates us,
and it’s been only two days,
but with every bolt of light that rips through the sky,
I feel my heart break a little more.
And I long to be the raindrop racing down the window next to me,
as it meets another and they become one.
i remember
rainy days
spent gazing
out of cold
we'd race
with our
breath misting
the glass
inner worlds
of hidden
and signs
we were young
enough then
to remember
how to sing the
melody of rain
and understand
its secret language
of ebb and flow
in an echo of time
ageless and pure
in its sincerity

I love you,
When I am happy,
The sky is blue,
The Sun is shining sheepishly at me.
I love you,
When anger stains my soul,
The clouds clash thunderously,
The wind howls incessantly.
I love you,
When life knocks me down,
The moon lovingly beckons me to hold on.
I love you,
When fear grips me,
The night is dark,
And the twinkling stars cuddle me close,
I love you when I am filled with
various  emotions,
Raindrops of tears,snowflakes of laughter and hail of sorrow.
I love you, rain or shine,
To the depths of my heart.
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