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Lane O Sep 14
I had gone outdoors, hopeful,
For the grace of falling rain;
Though its bounty would bestow
On dry earth all the same.  

Anon, my heart's cheer withered,
As I strolled on through the wood;
Come to my surprise, the leaves
Bear more drops than they should.
Hammad Aug 23
It was cold lousy and stormy day,
and there i was
watching my hopes and dreams
slip away...
so I looked up the sky
to keep my anguish  and suffering at bay
watching the moonlight - swiftly glides
and there I was
with my deep thoughts  - making strides
letting myself soaked in the rain
letting all the tiny raindrops
wash over me
and making me whole Again!
Lane O Aug 12
Lazy clouds drift by
White billows in azure sea
Pregnant with raindrops
Lane O Aug 8
Raindrops glistening
Shining diamonds in the sun
Sodden evergreen
Zye Aldehyde Jul 6
You are not just made of atoms,
of stardust,
of something biologically explained.

You are made of liquid sunsets,
of silver dots when the sky is dark and calm,

of soft raindrops,
of green fields,
of waves in the ocean.

You are made of miracles
I never thought would come.
I can hear the raindrops coming from outside.

They are falling as the evening becomes night.

Hearing them made me want to write.

If you listen closely, you can hear music right?

And now I wish you were here tonight.

As I sit here, I wonder what it would be like?
I got inspired in my bedroom :)
ardnaxela May 28
I don't like
the shrill excitement of sirens
warning me of what's to come.
I would prefer
melancholy raindrops
tapping hints into my window from the sun.
I can go without a quick start
with the false hope of an emergency.
Please, just lift me gently
and promise me that there's no urgency
when you wake me for the day.
alarms just don't do it for me these days.
InkHarted May 15
Oh cry of the heavens why pat my shoulder
will they ever return to me
I think  not
thank you for lending your heartfelt sighs
but I too can cry a river
but like all rocks, sharp and cutting
my tears will go around them
and within their hearts
will remain dry.
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