Who am I to try to force anything,
Fooling my true self with illusions that separated me
From my own completion.
Oh how often I forget
When I'm questioning life,
To just let go..

Like the waves in the sea
Always returning to where they belong.

Here I shall find myself
With an understanding from a deeper place.
Oh how often I forget
That what is meant for me
Will always find its way to me.
Who am I to chase anything
In fear of it going away.
Forgetting that whatever is chased
Wasn’t mine anyway.

How silly I was
To lose trust in life,
In my destiny that’s surely on its way and is always there
Like the waves in the sea
Always returning to where they belong.

Now I've been reminded again,
From the depths of my own knowing
Initially showing itself as rejection,
Now transforming into so much more.

-Zowie Conway Writing <3

Blinded because of the sea
surrounded by some beach trees
looking deep inside I could see
some mermaids staring at me

''Oh my dear what do you desire?''
a love that could light up a fire
that will resist the strongest storm
and still keep me warm

One of them grabbed me by the hand
''not even in the farthest sealand
you will find a love that could stand
and you probably will never understand''

As she told me that
the sun began to rise
but luckily I wasn't sad
because I truly believe
my mermaid is out there

cait-cait Jul 9

i met a mermaid
once, at
a little girl:

and salty,
she sang songs in

and i loved her:

her hair like

and pearl-fluorescent

i know her song,

a song of seaweed and
green sailors
and the

but i was caught,
one day,
in gray hues
                      while i was
starry eyed,
almost slimy with

         my father found her,

when i was little my dad took me to his boat a lot and i always hated it. i also really love mermaids, so in this i used them as a metaphor for dreams. tomorrow (july 9th) is my birthday!

she stood in water
her skin exposed

she closed her eyes as
still images
rushed toward her

her legs grew into a tail fin
and she dove deep to
where the water stopped and earth
opened up

she touched her hands down
and pushed off until she broke
the surface and it all came out
her breath deep and hollow,

lungs tight and grasping onto
the surface

then she reached again, feeling
herself open, the water calling and
she swam beneath and
stayed there

letting everything inside float out around her

Rosey Jun 18

She lit up through the haze
Like a glow stick on halloween
Or a siren calling sailors
Laughter dripped out of her smile in slow, controlled, practiced motions
She ran her hands through her hair like she rehearsed

And her lipstick was coming off where she was drinking coffee
I could never catch her without that deep burgundy smile
She was inviting, not scary, just
Like surfacing when you thought you'd drowned
Like this siren was the only lifeguard

Her hand was stretched towards me
Just out of reach-
We were swimming out past the breakers
Past the sailboats and into colder water
Her body melted in with the currents every once in awhile
And we were back in Starbucks
That burgundy tasted like coffee and cream
A sharp contrast to the sweet tea in my cup

And her hair got in the way so I was just staring at her again
Her eyes kept me locked in the ocean
Her smile felt like fishing line and I was drowning again
Pulled up only by burgundy and the coffee stains on her teeth
I know how to swim, just not as well as she does
She swallows air and bleeds water
She's seeping through my skin and I'm in love with drowning all over again
I took a sip of her coffee, wondering why she was so intoxicating
And I never sipped tea again

They say inspiration comes from everywhere, and I was seriously playing with my hair ans decided to write about mermaids. And then I did something completely different.

On a more serious note:
I am looking for someone to write a collaborative poem or even a short story to publish on another platform! If you are interested, take a look at some of my recent work and see if your style would be a good match or contrast to mine. I have no expectations for topic or theme, I really want to learn about other peoples' style and integrate some new voices into my writing. Send me a message if you're interested!

Please comment :)

A beautiful person is sought,
To fill in colours of happiness,
Upon a big blank page of mine,
Love pearls could be rethreaded.

Now success is on the horizon,
Even though I have tried all along,
Every time I have failed to achieve,
Drawing even closer to success is life,
So have been the recent days of mine.

Loneliness haunts me like ghosts,
Of the future-past will have come,
Vanished from my life are all joys,
Edging closer to the end of my days.

A nerdmaid is a beautiful and intelligent woman.

My HP Poem #1540
©Atul Kaushal
M Harris May 1

Through Prismatic Stairways & Monochromatic Sways,
Under Cinematic Rays,
She Twinkles In Ecstatic Daze,

In Her Promiscuous Silence,
With Spatial Violence,
She Enlivens My Sins In Her Aphrodisiac Vehemence,

Her Fake Plastic Smiles,
Under The Vienna Skies,
In Blank Reflections Under Disguise,
With Her Wings Of Destiny, She Sensationalizes,

With Her Spectral Prayers & Kryptonite Searchlights,
She Rains Her Ethereal Affairs, Painting Satellite Twilights,

Her Effervescent Fantasies,
Orchestrating Crescent Intimacies,
Verses Perpetuating Into Iridescent Complexities,

A Stellar Starlight Dazzling In Stardust,
Like An Astral Butterfly She Flounces In Lusts,

On Her Audiotronic Escapades,
Serenading Under The Symphonic Shades,
She Transmutes Into An Iconic Mermaid.

- 02:32AM

M Harris Apr 11

Sapphire Eyes Of An Astral Mermaid,
Perpetual Eternities & Her Sundrenched Serenades,

Myriad Odysseys & Spellbound Fairytales,
Veiled In Elysian Elegance Of Her Harmonious Tales,

Erotic Landscapes & Electric Fire,
Stellar Cloudscapes Of Her Ecstatic Desires,

Spatial Matrix Of An Emerald Queen,
An Ethereal Butterfly Perpetually Serene,

Colored Screenshots & Blue Moon Foundations,
Wrecking Overdose Of Her Summer Seductions,

Synthetic Transformations Of Her Sun Caged Maze,
Interstellar Canvas Painted In Her Galactic Sage,

Searchlights Trapped In Her Floral Vortex,
Eternal Burns Streaming Spectral Sex,

Supernova Charades & Her Uncharted Palisades,
Dewdrops Verses Drenched In Her Toxic Shades,

Restrained Insanity & Crystal Heartbeats
Stained Perspectives Of Her Intimate Deceits,

Phantasmal Radiance To Her Billion Dreams,
Enigmatic Raves Blossoming Into Epiphanic Realms.

- 05:47 AM -

Sleep is the surface
we slip under, where,
though we may look up with
mermaid eyes, another piece
of ourselves, quiet observer,
floats near the ceiling,
like a kind of fuzzy balloon,
expansive as smoke,
tied to a string,
the tail end
like the stalk of a flower
in water.

Literizzature Feb 19

She's just a lost mermaid
under this sea of thoughts
begging the sky above her
to grant her only wish
for she's willing to trade her tail
for a pair of lovely wings.

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