Where do you go?
My soul shivers when I think -
The wind blows different when the moon is low.
Like the ocean,
Long blue waves sparkle under the heat of your sun.
But cold bones shine, waxing in the dead night's glow.
Except -
Underneath the surface, there's a lot that you don't know.
Do you water tall grass just to watch it grow,
Out of control?
Undeniable -
You'll always be a galestorm over a tugboat.
Sometimes I wish my fins were real,
So I could finally sing the way my heart sounds
So you'd finally know what if feels like
To be trapped in your undertow.

I ran to the sea
After reading a story
About a girl who fell in love with a mermaid
I stripped down to my bare skin
And ran into the waves
The water was coated with darkness
Lit up slightly by the moons opal glow
My heart ached to hear a sirens call
The vocals of a Goddess, who I could give my all
I had trekked far past the depth that my feet could stand at
Still not hearing a single sound, taking a deep breath
It was time to cross into the ocean
I sank down as something grabbed my feet
I saw the body of a man pulling me down
A man who looked exactly like me

Star BG Jan 7

A unicorn princess lived near sea.
Saying a prayer with a special plea.
He wanted to see a mermaid so grand,
who swam in grace on watery land.

"Alas great mermaids do come near
so I can thank you, your so dear.
You have great tails that are yes swell
inside of dreams I see you well."

"Show yourselves I now do say
We can celebrate all day.
I will give you a ride in sun,  
no ones here so we'll have fun.
Oh I love you mermaid sweet,
it is you I'd like to meet."

After the Unicorn recited his poem.
On seashore with waves he did roam.
Until soon they met inside time.
They echoed in a sacred rhyme.

And when day did end she Yes left
The Unicorn he felt so blessed.

StarBG © 2017

Inspired by Unused Quill Thanks
Jay Lewis Jan 2

I am from Myths and tales.
The one that sailors,
wish to prevail.
I am the girl,
who wails.
The one that men,
can't resist.
I am the Siren,
named Bliss.

With just one kiss,
I'll drain you up,
and you'll think,
it's true love.

I'll take you all,
I'll drag you down.
I'll drown you in perfection,
until the next guy comes around.

I would happily drag you down.

Eva Nov 2017

‘I can’t say anything’- a girl said
And her mouth filled up with bubbles until
They floated out between her lips
And when they burst
A whole ocean filled up the floor
Rising and rushing around
The living room
And she watched
Sholes of fish
Dart around
And her eyes followed
While her lungs filled up with water
And seaweed tangled round her ribcage

olb Nov 2017

She wanted more,
more than she was able to have.

She wasn't happy with herself,
she wanted to be part of their world.

Swimming wasn't enough.

Oh how she wanted to walk,
to walk away from all of her problems.

The people she let down.
The disappointment.

She was scared.
Scared that she'll never be as good as she was,
a long time ago,
in a place almost distant.

She changed.

She lost her voice.
Her motivation.
Her desire.

She wanted to be happy Again.
She had lost her world and everything important.

She wanted to go back
to her previous home.

She jsut wanted to swim
and be happy
with little disappointment.

It was fear that held her back.

Temporal Fugue Oct 2017

On the sea of love
searching for a raft
treading salty water
no dingy, and no craft

In dire need of rescue
sharks circling below
my kingdom for a float
the ladies, I would know

The dingy doughnut of life
keep with you, for the pinch
mermaids like it slow, and loud
and care for more, not lesser, inch

:D my minds there today, again.....always
Lora Lee Sep 2017

Within the salty swirl of foamy loam
where depths collide with rushing tides
mystical creatures' hearts do roam
their secret desires, they so carefully hide

But one day among crystalline shadows of light
in shades of turquoise and emerald,
two beauties emerge from dark into bright,
and in their meeting a shared destiny heralds.

One with a voluptuous feminine grace,
swaying hips, fullness of breasts and velvet thighs
auburn-haired, with lips made of cherry
and her mellifluous voice her treasured prize.
The other a magical alchemy
of shapely woman and magnificent fish
her violet eyes and iridescent smile
would fulfill Poseidon's deepest wish.
With gemlike scales and long, lithe limbs
a glow lights up her mystic aura
yet behind it a sadness and longing for love
hide behind the coral reef's gentle flora.

Chancing upon each other,
at first hazy shadows
in the blue-green light
the Siren and the Mermaid
started to discover
that they shared a similar plight.

"Are my eyes really seeing what I think?"
breathed the Siren into the salt
"I've never seen a more beautiful creature,
I thought the chances would be nought"
"My name is Nerine," said the Mermaid. "For a sea nymph I truly am
who has roamed the oceans day and night
feeling more empty the harder she swam"
"And I, am Ula," declared the Siren, in a voice like crystals , fine-tuned
"They say that my voice is as clear and smooth as a sapphire
which is why I am called a 'sea jewel.'"
The two embraced and began to talk, speaking of their pasts,
their present and future
and both realized that they wished for spiritual and sexual mates
to mend their hearts that were achingly sutured
"Oh darling," said Ula
"Let us journey to the land of the forests
for surely as they day I was born
we may find our blessing a-waiting us
in the spell of the wondrous Unicorn"

And so a sacred pact was made
as they swore unto each other
that their vigour would not fade
until they found their one-horned lover
and with knowing eyes,
pressed palm to palm
the beauties made their choice
Nerine would give up her tail for legs
and Ula her singing voice

Foreheads together, arms raised in light
their prayer was spun to sky
and suddenly, the two enchantresses
found themselves on land, quite dry

Excited, giggling like nymphets
they jumped and twirled in delight
and set off for the forest green
For their hearts they were ready to fight

I feel their presence first
a Fey being knows another Fey being.
The magic of the Otherworld,
announcing arrival long before seeing.

Into view they came walking along the forest path,
fluid movements hinting at an elemental source.
Chitter-chattering, the same way that finches laugh,
feet strong, steady, never straying from their course.
Two carefree girls, making trails through my Green,
I feel a purpose brooding, so sound out a call.
They stop, gracious, as if surprised to be seen,
whispering these words as on their knees they fall.

“We are Sea-sisters of the ocean,
we are here to follow our notion.
Searching the forest in gentle kind,
for the Unicorn we wish to find”.

Hark! Hear your wild Lord speak,
listen as your mind he frees,
leading you on a fantasy journey,
through valleys and betwixt the trees.
His stories weave a forest dreamscape,
a sylvan land of purest Green,
leading you by a cautious hand,
he'll show you things you've never seen.
Twisted hazel and the mighty oaks,
meadows and glades of sweetest light.
Streams that catch the moons cool rays
and secrets held within the night.
But the Unicorn, a law unto himself,
is one thing this Lord cannot show,
a creature to be sought for alone,
so off through the forest you must go.

Following deer tracks and mystical ways,
strange paths that turn and twist.
Deep into the woods the wanderers stray,
yearning the fabled Unicorn to exist.

Then it happened, inclement weather,
rain soaked the bracken and heather.
So Nerine and Ula, a decision made,
took to shelter in a canopied glade.
The irony was, to them, quite plain,
creatures of the sea hiding from rain.
The forest floor did start to steam,
creating an eerie warm sylvan dream.

And the girls so excited hugged and kissed
as a mighty beast emerged from the mist.
Slowly coalescing and so taking its form,
the raw masculine power of the Unicorn.

I had felt their presence as soon as they touched land,
emerging from the foaming waves, crawling hand in hand.
I heard the echoes on the ether, as they made their Sacrifice,
the resonance throughout feydom as they gladly pay the price.
I knew their wandering had led them a merry crooked dance,
and now they shivered before me, they think as if by chance.
But I am a law unto myself, the Unicorn of the trees,
roaming at will in the forest, showing myself to whom I please.
So these Maidens come from the sea where they were born,
two adventurous girls' brave quest to find the Unicorn.
Nerine and Ula looking awestruck statues in my presence,
rooted to the spot, rigid liked scared and paralysed pheasants.
Their deepest wish fulfilled, they marvel at my existence,
and I in turn marvel at their resilience and raw persistance.
But the Sacrifice means that the sea is no longer home,
tied well to the land, destined now to forever roam.
And what of love, their desires and lust to find a mate?
Well, for Nerine there is no choice, feelings came so late.
Parting from the Forest Lord, latent attraction she had felt,
and knew she would return his way, in his arms to melt.
The Siren Ula was very quiet, looking frightened and forlorn,
her greatest dream had always been to follow the Unicorn.
So now we walk together through glades beneath the Moon,
my primal urge keeps calling for her to sing a tune.

Sacrifice made, quest fulfilled, to her Lord, Nerine has gone.
Ula happily rides me, never once missing her Sirens Song.
And here, for now, is where this story sadly ends,
Nerine and Ula Sacrificed their gifts, forever sister-friends.

© Pagan Paul & Lora Lee (25/09/17)

Thank you, PP, for your time, flexibility and patience! This has been a lovely creative process. The end result was worth waitng for  :)
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