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Robert Rittel Sep 22
Through the gates of purple twilight under sea,
sound of sirens moving with the kelp forest silently.
In play of that light swarms of fish in synchronicity,
attracting passage into central deep intentionally.
Low adown a different light like fountain of gold,
a open theater of majestic brilliance to unfold.
On an coral altar a coiled Mermaid so fair,
glistering shine by emerald eloquent glare.
Large gorgeous eyes slim and dark pearly hair,
tender ***** marble sculpture fair.
Transitory dreams seem surrounding her,
singing of a time that is to come to bare.
That false hearts and broken vows,
bouncing back by natural balance ploughs.
Some live long minutes need truest to dare,
assisting foes in their greatest vain to prepare.
That the blind ignorance of waste has its price,
and invisible viruses spreading to entice.
Where isolation and self pity will proceed,
credited indulgence and its deed.
The despised truth and its manicure,
trivial perception enslaved in poor.
Mother earth and her salty tears,
dire souls need to overcome its fears.
If love is the living water salty and sweet high,
it will touch the impossibility to amplify.
The shores of new worlds still to explore,
the mind wants to know what is beyond for more.
Divine thoughts should be applied even in vain,
then motions are constant in the ocean of the brain.
The living oceans are the soul’s true resources,
the body of water and its delicate courses.
Amanda Sep 1
Oceans and rivers of tears I have cried
I am the siren of my sorrow
Swimming deftly through my pride
No smiles to own or borrow

Where salt and sin settle deeply in
Old wounds reopened sting
Sharp reminders on my skin
Of what hurricanes will bring

Hollow bones
No feet to stand
Yet lacking feathers to fly
Not searching for shore or sand
Instead I seek the distant sky

The air above seldom touches my face
Except for in my sleepy head
And in my dreams I see no trace
Of monsters inhabiting my bed
Obviously the title is referring to The Little Mermaid"

Ah I love Disney
Diana Aug 13
And so in the years to come
The prince and the maiden become one
And though he misses his family
He and the maiden live joyfully

How far they’ve come from the prince of the seas
And the maiden who sails with the breeze
How far they’ve grown through the years
Through pain and joy and laughter and tears

The story all started back when the prince saves
The maiden who fell beneath the waves
And in the future days hereafter
The prince and the maiden live happily ever after
Diana Aug 13
So early that day, before the rising morn
The prince kneels at the water, sad and forlorn
And his brothers rise with a solution
That to save him there must be an execution

So they hand him a knife, sheen and bare
Traded for their golden hair
And tell him this **** he must complete
And let the maiden’s blood drip at his feet

Only this way could he enter the sea
But the prince knows he cannot agree
For it is not the maiden’s faught
That it is the wrong man she sought

And so the angels of the sky
Hearing his sad, lovesick reply
Seek to show the maiden the wrong obverse
And fly down from heaven to break his mute curse

And so finally he could speak again
And he sprints to the wedding glen
His voice calling to the maiden’s ears
And hearing it, she cries joyful tears

And as their words of love are spoken
The last part of the spell is broken
So that they will forever live on land
The prince and the maiden, hand in hand
Tricia K Aug 12
A thousand stars,
none as precious as you.
My darling, my love.

The forbidden fruit of our love,
despised by the Land and the Sea.
Our future, non-existent.

My muse, my dear mermaid,
years may have passed –
but nonetheless, you are by my side,
Following my every move
from up there in the sky.

When my heart broke,
yours broke.
Bitter love, bitter death.

If only you were human,
you'd still be by my side –
holding my hand, holding my heart.
I wrote this poem for my best friend's pirate king fanart, and I fell in love with it as soon as I finished it. It was made on a dark starry night, while I was looking through my window, thinking about my lost friendships.
Diana Aug 12
The prince wanders, unable to
Think of the things that he must do
For he thinks his heart is starting to ache
For the women he met by mistake

But she won’t know that it was he
Who saved her from the depths of the sea
And without two legs like the other men
He could never see her again

Melancholy and pain arrayed
And then he knows that there’s a way
To travel to the witch of the sea
And ask her to answer his hopeful plea

And so he swims to the dark and deep
No time to rest, no time to sleep
He reaches the dungeon of the ocean floor
Goes up and slowly knocks on the door

Inside answers the witch, appeased
Thinking of the kingdom she will seize
She listens to the prince ask for legs
As he bows his head to her and begs

She tells him that he has a choice
To give up his alluring voice
And in return walk on land
But only if he follows her demands

For should the maiden not love him back
The spell that holds him would begin to crack
And he’ll dissolve into the seas
But foolishly, the prince agrees
the lagoon turned lilac at the sight of her
hair as golden as the sun, eyes as pure as pearls
her voice like a hundred piece orchestra

sailors swooned and searched the lilac lagoon
for a chance to uncover her beauty

she rests just below the surface
preying on the sailors above who sought out sin
she lured them in with her golden hair and pearly eyes
sang a song of the ocean
i have hidden beauties just for me, take a peak you’ll drown at sea
Diana Jun 24
As the maiden sinks down and down
A few more seconds, and she will drown
What a coincidence, for at this instant
The prince is there, coexistent

As he watches the beautiful maiden fall
His father’s rules he can’t recall
He swims over and quickly saves
The maiden who fell beneath the waves

The prince brings her over to the sands
And crawls up upon the human lands
Quietly he sings his sorrowful songs
And goes back to the water where he belongs

The witch watches with spiteful delight
As the maiden blinks in the incoming light
The maiden knows not of the prince appearing
Only the voice she remembers hearing

The prince swims back to his palace home
Coated with seashells and draped with foam
His father would never approve, he thought
So him leaving was not for naught

How he hates his responsibilities
No point dwelling on impossibilities
Or on the maiden he’s forbidden to see
How he just wishes to be free
Diana Jun 24
Once about a time, she began
There was a kingdom no one knew
It resides underneath the waves
Entered and seen by few

In the sea, these creatures swam
With not two legs, but a tail
They had shining sparkles and flares of light
At the teardrop of each scale

They were different, these creatures were
Not many know the truth
They had beauteous faces, and shining skin
And forever remained in their youth

Some say they have magic, simple spells
But wicked sorcery is what’s said by the rest
Spells and power that rattle the stars
It is said it’s what they do best

Some men say that they’ve spotted them on
The journeys upon which they embark
But these men think foolish fantasies
And are complacent in the dark

For these creatures are never seen
Forbidden to lay eyes on the lands
They stick to their homes beneath the waves
Away from the human sands

So some say they’re only a myth
But they’re just not there to dwell
So listen closely, listen here
For I have a tale to tell
JEG325 Jun 14
the sea god Poseidon enchanted a lady
of virtue and beauty, her grace did shine
making her a mermaid, daughter of the sea
passing on his joy of the ocean's depths

but the young lady longed for a mortal man
shedding unhappy tears, flooding the sea
trying to be the daughter of Poseidon
yet unable to break her chain to the land

our sea god removed his spell of enchantment
to his great surprise her tears kept pouring
for what good was having a mortal man,
if you couldn't be the daughter of the sea?
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