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It was God's cruel gift
he gave unto me

the ability ,

to look into someone
through their heart

(and see)

The eyes are a portal
through which light flees

(be it)

white or dark

it's all revealed
to me

The words they say
or in silence be

(unto my eye)

there is all to see

Sometimes the overload . . .

the thousands touched
looking for gold

not finding much
My Petit Prince is dead
Long live my Petit Prince.
There will be no funeral procession
No flowers no crown
No guest list no readings
No musical selections no choir
When my new Petit Prince takes over
As his perfect twin's Nemesis
Always fit and ready cavalier
Born to rise from his ashes
A brave yet inconstant heir
Who kept his secret horses to himself.
His forever surviving princess is a mix of joyful mermaid
And melancolic grasshopper
Who likes to dive and swim
Into words and phrases
And elaborate new grammar constructions
There was so many fish in the pond
But, he was searching for a mermaid.

He was searching for a mermaid but the one that caught his attention was just an another fish in the pond.....
Liz Alvarez Aug 11
I had to learn eventually
Someone else makes you smile
Someone else occupies your mind
Someone else holds you up
I have to realize what we had was literally nothing
Compared to her now
I hope that smile is permenant till your last days here
Wrinkly, old, wise and jubilant
Warm in your bed
Nothing but best wishes truly

-from the girl you called your wonderwall to maybe your unicorn to now no one
Au revoir
Ill doubt he will ever see this, let alone know im on here since he is too, but I sure do hope but good luck and thank you for giving me your precioys time. With someone and alone, I always thought of you. Will always, till my next lifetime.
ALesiach Jul 27
Under a starless sky,
the sails billow in the wind
and across the deck surges the tide,
while the ship's wheel spins.

The wind carries with it a hypnotic melody,
luring sailors with a passionate plea.
Eyes captivated by their seductive beauty
and blind to ships broken on the reef.

Long, shiny hair in various hues,
green descending scales on their backs
and lustrous eyes, bewitching you,
leaving you oblivious to the trap.

Slowly sailors inch to the rail
and then they start to dive.
While others swept away by scaly tails,
but none will see another night.

They kiss you with honeyed lips,
letting you inhale their sweet breath.
Then, entrap you with their lovely limbs
and drag you into the deep and death.

ALesiach © 10/22/2014
ALesiach Jul 27
Would you like to go to a land,
where the stories never end?
It rests on a golden bank of sand,
down where the river bends.

The sky turns suddenly pale,
while passing through the mysterious veil.
But what a magical, wonderful sight,
to see the fairies in flight.

To see the elves dancing two by two,
in the early morning dew.
To hear the sweet music from the leprechaun's lyre,
as the laughter trills through the air.

Skipping over a babbling brook,
down where the trees do sing.
The dragons give a dubious look,
to see the mermaids enchant the Unseelie King.

And while frolicking in the meadows,
watch as the gnomes gather rose petals.
But be ready to pay the toll,
if you pass over the Bridge of Trolls.

Night is nearly on the land,
time to greet the Sandman.
I hope you have had a happy day,
and do not forget to come back this way.

ALesiach © 10/01/2014
ALesiach Jul 24
Strolling along the white sandy beach
Aquamarine waves lapping over my feet

A gentle breeze brushing against my skin
Billowy clouds hide a cerulean sky within

So I took a dive into the aquamarine sea
It's dark silky depths enclosing me

Swimming fiercely into the tides
Through the chartreuse seaweed I glide

A tangerine octopus smiles up at me
As sea lemons hide in the coral reef

Sea horses spin pieces of sea lavender
Through my green and ruby watermelon hair

Fastening saffron flowers about my neck
As I hover above a woeful shipwreck

Lips are shined with pale lilac shells
As above a summer wind swells

Always returning to where I belong
Casting spells as I sing my song

ALesiach © 8/12/2017
Ainnoot May 23
You’re hurting, I know.
I hope to bring solace
to a desolate soul.
Even If I tried
I couldn’t replace you.
I must admit you‘re
my favorite shade of blue.
What is said is true of the plenty
of fish in the sea,
but you are a mermaid
basking by the beach.
it was on a shirt and yea idk. cringe? maybe.. mean it? also maybe.  This note? also cringe. ***** it, right
Bhumeeka May 6
I am an ocean.
My high waves, lusting the sun
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