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Àŧùl Jul 23
Love is life.
Love is eternal.
Love is forever.

So what if the candidates of my love keep changing?
I am constant and truly love myself.

One day I shall be a little less lonely.
My HP Poem #1953
©Atul Kaushal
Farah Taskin Jun 7
a comely mermaid
her diamond

she has
to let
it go

she won't
be happy
the briny

she won't
be happy

she won't
be happy
the eternal

she wants
but not
the necklace
Jay Apr 2021
Mermaids die with mortal souls

At least that’s what Hans Christian wrote

And so we’re born with shallow holes

Where hearts should be.

Where nothing sleeps.

And when our bodies turn to froth

And mouths agape sing final notes

We wash away upon the waves

And dwindle to an arctic haze.

A darkness born of quill and ink

To drift to fog upon the sea.

His holy words.

His blasphemy.

His written verse has rendered me

And stolen my infinity.
My first post on this site. A poem about on of my favourite mythical creatures and one of my favourite authors.
Jane Smith Apr 2021
Her breath like the waters edge
And I, the poor sailor, strayed

Siren on high, weeping angel
Beckoned me, amorous, to the foam

Acceding her escort, fool evermore
I'm submerged, the glint in her eye

Machiavellian goddess and hellfire
Biting down on the neck

Choking through waves of aqua demise
Failing to keep afloat
Jen Noah Oliver Mar 2021
Standing beside a tree, near the warm and calm sea.
I pondered at the wonders of the life beneath, was it a heath or sheath?
Dazzling on a rock, grappling me along,
greeting with pleasure, leading me to the treasure
- a mermaid

The squid and the jellyfish came with a glow
paved the way with light, like the winters moonlight.
Deep underneath, like cold and dark night.
Shivering all the way, with the mermaid I go.

Anemones covered me like a blanket of snow,
and then let me slow.
Wading through the sponges,
On a strong coral, by the brittle sea star,
without a quarrel I sat.

The feather dusters moved with ease
making me freeze.
Came a shark,
very near and I trembled with fear.
Soon with a lift, away it shift.

The octopus and the butterfly fish,
what a splendid sight!
With pleasure I write.
Cared and shared my little wonderland,
In the lovely hands
away from the thunder lands.
lua Jan 2021
i wanna be a fairy girl
with see through wings
so thin and frail
that glitter and flutter
jingling like a bell
humming bird girl
small sweet sounds
drink the nectar
from the flowers
nymph in the woods, deer girl
tree girl, mermaid
with magic in my veins
i wanna be a goddess girl
bow down
the sea licking at my feet
i wanna be.
Amy Perry Jan 2021
Under the Babylonian sea
Lives a place hid from you and me
And in this place, broken in two in the sand,
Known as a fault line cursing the land,
Is the place where we return again.

You and me, citizens of the earth - we’re people from the center of
The earth
And we search out to the stars
To try and find our birth.
All while the truth lies under our feet.
But don’t ask me.
This is the mystery you see.
The mystery of me.

Not to make the story all revolve around me,
But I lived for lifetimes as nature’s pulse,
A most high pixie maintaining the roses,
All the little vines and terraces,
And I was whimsical and wise
And greatly cherished.
I lived to be about a thousand years,
And died of self-sacrifice
In 2005.
As our planet grew more and more technical,
Avoiding the organic, skeptical,
It was for a simple reason:
The present goes in two directions.
The present goes forward and
The present goes backward.
And somewhere in between
We have our fate,
Our choices.
Free will drives this place.
Don’t think too much of gravity
Or relativity.
Free will is the ingredient in this Universe
Holding it all together.

So the extraterrestrials that guard this planet,
They guard like a gourd
Rotting on a hot Saturday.
They guard like a hound
Pitched on a chain
To its little box of a house.
They guard like an abusive stepfather.
Like they are the way.
And I know them.
They killed all the mermaids,
When I reigned as Queen.
That is for another tale,
Or tail?
I forget what sort of humor is
Current at this age,
But puns are a sign of great wit,
So with them, I’ll spit.

I reigned as Queen of the Mermaid people and indeed all of the people. I reigned when there were humanoids
Similar to you, but stouter.
It was before your race mated with
My race.
We raced
Towards death.
You captured my people with the utmost brutality.
I see it done to my cousins,
The porpoises and whales,
And it hurts me
To see it happen again.
You stab these creatures in their blowholes,
Just like you stabbed my sisters
And eventually, me,
In our wombs.
The pregnant ones howled the loudest.
You brutally desecrated my people.
You did it again on the land
To the people we were most connected to,
The original tribes of North America.
And not that it’s you, people of the land.
I am one of you.
That will not change in this lifetime.
As Earth Mother for a thousand years
I obtained the Earthly information,
The muscle memory
Of the plants.

We call it a planet
And terra,
Like Mother Earth is a plant.
We see her as affectionate
And beautiful,
But some has seen her wrath.
She shakes,
She fears the madness
That lives on her skin,
And burrows into her,
Deeper and deeper,
Searching for her heart.
But I, as Queen fairy,
Took the honor
Of self-sacrifice
And took her heart
And hid it
In an average baby girl.
Will she realize her goddess heritage?
Wiped her mind and by-passed the sacred
Earth Mother heart.

Baby girl grows up in Babylon.
The chances of her
Freeing her Beast
Are as low as it goes.
Half of the pixies wept
Half of the pixies cheered.
Then they chose sides
And the positions, they veered.
daphne Jan 2021
a mermaid perching on a rock
in the vast but forlorn sea
salty tears trail down her pale face
her weep seasoning the blue water
and burn the slashes on her face

perhaps i should have not stared
and let my heart pulsate at her song
seducing me into her pool of sodium
pulling me under the ocean floor
alas, sending my lungs aflame

now i drown in her reservoir of pain
as she carves her scars on my face
still, i am charmed forever to believe
she was stealing my breath away
Chris Saitta Jan 2021
The scrimshaw of the air, the long whales-tooth of sunlight
Etched with seafarer’s care and his great wantonness for the sea,
A kiss as light as the bottlenose dolphin cresting from the water,
Then night undressed and falling down like sliding beads of watery stars
From the wet coriaceous porpoise skin and a tail of silver fire.
Coriaceous here means leather-like and rubbery
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