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Savio Fonseca Sep 2023
Standing underneath a Billion Stars,
I looked down at the Roaring Sea.
Something jumped out of the Water,
I wondered What it could Be.
I leaned Myself a bit further
and tried to figure things Out.
A Mermaid caught My Eyes
and I had no time to Shout.
I thought I ought to save Her,
from the 'Sharks' there out at Sea.
Then I changed My Mind,
as Her Beauty enchanted Me.
I waved out, My Hands to Her
and that brought, out Her Smile.
She said to Me, "Let's go Diving,
so U can Romance Me for a While".
With a Splash, I was in the Water.
Holding on, to My new found Love.
She was a Soft as Cotton Candy
and murmured like a Snow White Dove.
At times I've Romanced in Sunshine,
At times I Held Hands in the Bitter Cold.
Today I was at Nature's end Swimming,
With a Mermaid and Her Heart of Gold.
Michael R Burch Jan 2023
The Drawer of Mermaids
by Michael R. Burch

This poem is dedicated to Alina Karimova, who was born with severely deformed legs and five fingers missing. Alina loves to draw mermaids and believes her fingers will eventually grow out.

Although I am only four years old,
they say that I have an old soul.
I must have been born long, long ago,
here, where the eerie mountains glow
at night, in the Urals.

A madman named Geiger has cursed these slopes;
now, shut in at night, the emphatic ticking
fills us with dread.
(Still, my momma hopes
that I will soon walk with my new legs.)

It’s not so much legs as the fingers I miss,
drawing the mermaids under the ledges.
(Observing, Papa will kiss me
in all his distracted joy;
but why does he cry?)

And there is a boy
who whispers my name.
Then I am not lame;
for I leap, and I follow.
(G’amma brings a wiseman who says

our infirmities are ours, not God’s,
that someday a beautiful Child
will return from the stars,
and then my new fingers will grow
if only I trust Him; and so

I am preparing to meet Him, to go,
should He care to receive me.)

Keywords/Tags: mermaid, mermaids, child, children, childhood, Urals, Ural Mountains, soul, soulmate, radiation
Àŧùl Jul 2022
Love is life.
Love is eternal.
Love is forever.

So what if the candidates of my love keep changing?
I am constant and truly love myself.

One day I shall be a little less lonely.
My HP Poem #1953
©Atul Kaushal
Farah Taskin Jun 2022
a comely mermaid
her diamond

she has
to let
it go

she won't
be happy
the briny

she won't
be happy

she won't
be happy
the eternal

she wants
but not
the necklace
Jay Apr 2021
Mermaids die with mortal souls

At least that’s what Hans Christian wrote

And so we’re born with shallow holes

Where hearts should be.

Where nothing sleeps.

And when our bodies turn to froth

And mouths agape sing final notes

We wash away upon the waves

And dwindle to an arctic haze.

A darkness born of quill and ink

To drift to fog upon the sea.

His holy words.

His blasphemy.

His written verse has rendered me

And stolen my infinity.
My first post on this site. A poem about on of my favourite mythical creatures and one of my favourite authors.
Jane Smith Apr 2021
Her breath like the waters edge
And I, the poor sailor, strayed

Siren on high, weeping angel
Beckoned me, amorous, to the foam

Acceding her escort, fool evermore
I'm submerged, the glint in her eye

Machiavellian goddess and hellfire
Biting down on the neck

Choking through waves of aqua demise
Failing to keep afloat
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