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A Jun 6
I always wanted to blow my mind

To get swept away,
dance through roses and sorrow,
colour my soul with the paint from the sky,
to tickle my belly with the sun, even when it's grey

I never thought I actually would

And then, I never thought I would be stuck here

In dreams, melancholy, fantasies and daydreams about skies so beautiful I would never ever want to look outside my soul
And warmth so tempting I could never feel the refreshing cold reality

I just never saw this coming

And it just feels impossible, you know?
To go from fluffy, yellow mist to harsh, sweet life
To be awake, to not go back to safe, old dreams
To ignore the moon smiling at you, to stop believing you're actually going to be special
because in an ordinary world, the only way you are someone is in your head
Interesting how,
They say to stop daydreaming
Stop imagining and living in your fantasies,
When those are the only things
That have given me the courage and hope
To get where I am now
And stay here
sometimes you do have to stop, are at least put those dreams into action. But without them, where would you be?
And baby I really need you
And maybe we can take this farther
Oh honey just love me harder

And maybe I am just going insane
But I need you in my veins
And take all my pain away
And I think I might actually stay

Because the way you looked at me
Tells me that you really want me
Can't keep my hands to myself
"Just need to love yourself" you say

But I wanna love you instead
Want to wake up with you in my bed
Don't want this to stay in my head

I need you
Can't sing the blues
I'm out of tune
Boy, fill me up with your magic
And baby this is passion
So I need you
Ashanti Mar 21
In my fantasy I’m the center of attraction the one that calls the shots the queen of my fantasy world. In my reality I’m just a girl hidden away in my shadows trying to free the inner me the true me the me I wanna be not only in my head but also on the outside for you to see it one day that person will be set free from its prison but until then I’ll keep being the person I wanna be in my reality in my head.
Marina Al Hassan Sep 2020
As lick and
**** the AK
As if it where your
I hope you
Come up
And alive ready for my mouth and
Marina Al Hassan Sep 2020
Cuff me to your
Run your tounge al over
My body
Stop at my *****
Lick around it
And then in it
As you rip my ******* off
Marina Al Hassan Sep 2020
Dear Gaddafi
I was hoping to be
One of your female
Body guards
So I can tease you
With my AK
Against my self
Be your play thing
And by day protect
You my sweet
and before the sun hit my windows,
or before the warmth of its light kiss my cheeks,
i dreamt of you.

it started with a random event, venue and cast,
-people are at our newly renovated house, celebrating;
family, relatives and close relations, and then you came.

you entered the house with such elegance and demeanor which
urged my unconscious self tremble in fluster and unknowingly smile,
how could a person be so beautiful?

and so you sat down on the seat beside me, facing my family;
we moved past the introductions as i frantically searched for your excuse for visiting me -how are you here?
do you have an ongoing project nearby, perhaps?

i kept asking questions, to make up an excuse for your visitation,
but you kept answering 'No," and when i gave up
you completed your answer, "No, I don't know." You smiled.

You smiled as if I know what you meant.
You smiled as if that'll erase the glares of the people around.
You smiled as if we understood each other, so well.

You smiled, and for the first time i saw your vulnerability;
you were shy, flustered and utterly adorable -you didn't even try;
you smiled as if you're helplessly falling in love.

and then i smiled,
as if to answer your proposal,
as if i knew what you meant, and that i say 'yes.'

but as all dreams work,
i woke up.
here's the direct anecdote from my notes:
I dreamt about you. You came to our house, i asked you why -if maybe you have any project nearby. You said no, you said you did not know. And you smiled, you smiled as if i know what you meant, and i did. Out of frantic panic that my family might know, i accidentally pushed the light bulbs off the table. And my mom said it's okay. It's okay as long as i also like you. And then i woke up.
That night, i saw you. In your most vulnerable state. Past your eloquence and your sturdy conviction whenever you're asked something about your profession. You were shy, flustered, and fidgeting your hair. You were so soft, i could almost hug and smother you with soft kisses.
context: he's a licensed professional of the degree i am currently taking; and we met one time during a convention.
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