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Fheyra 6d
Applause to this object
A star to look up,—
But stands lower than a house
Who gathered all the fantasies— of hopeless travellers,— Which seek for devoted fancies.

Sparkling garlands,—
Simply, a life of itch
Flashlights everywhere on the platform,— Inutile to its basis
I memorize the trades of their toasts—
One day, I shall have my own boast.

After wiping spots on gold bars,—
I am still not a debauchee of love;
Even if they buzz,— Beehives— Are not mine to offer,—
But a gourmet to their stomach.

Assets clothing their merchants—
Reserving the furnitures—
To show the best features
For myself, I want a slammed window,—
Not some firm statues
"Galatea, we all desire Galatea!"

How adorable when 'twas knotted,
Lovely, but not loved,
Sheltered, yet not protected;
Paid, but not proclaimed
How many landlords will adapt me?

There is a target—
To a sudden stampede—
Oh, how startling!
Please, capture me
I will submit to your traps!
This bird is willing to be caged— Away!
I may now have my arrows— To run the bay!
Flipped death is my reward..
We do neither want to be objectified nor sold. Everyone is priceless, especially our lives.
The cool night air, raids my skin,
embraces my breath, and holds on to me,
As if whispering in my ear, "I love you."
on midnight over the dark horizon.
I sink the feeling of mud on my feet,
my whiskery feet, ebbed with soil.

I feel naked, not in the sense, I'm bare and without apparel,
but of the feeling,
That this is my true self.
Where my wild fantasies can dance,
to every notion and every chord,
of midnight's music, on fret boards, pumping life.
The fact that I am who I am cusps me harder,
and my fantasies, pull me up,
into the musical, whimsical Arabic night.

I rediscover myself, in shattered trees,
left by the wind,
lightning crackles, dancing with joy, as I dance too.
A dance with the devil, the wind spiraling around me,
My thoughts throttled, pushing boundaries.
And my fantasies, becoming my ecstasies,
as the wind slows down, leaving me in relaxation,
like after a man's ******.
Often we need to get lost in nature, to understand our needs and desires.
Mikey Kania Mar 24
in a void of air and space
music floats and keeps us safe
you need to listen

fo real and fo shizzle: listen
it's 3:45 everybody bossed up
dough fetish fantasies

the suzuki in a jakuzzi
keeps my mind busy
(keeps my mind busy)

how can you enter the next stage?
it's fo real like tizzops cage
the barrel of a golden gauge

look into my face: a rat race
never ending being fast paced
today is my last day but i will

Today is a good day.
Adrian Feb 13
Silently bearing its teeth,
My emotions pounce onto me.
Nothing’s to happen,
But the morrow is unnerving.
My mind sprouts fantasies
Like the spring grows dandelions.
Soon the flowers change
And I’ll whisp away with the wind.
Soon the bees will come
And sting my body numb.
Ugh, my mind outruns my rational thought every time. I reflect on how she was nice to me today, but she’s just nice, and I thought I didn’t like her like this anymore.
Kyle Mouat Feb 11
Trapped in my thoughts
Dreaming of hopes,
Thinking they'll be caught
Before I reach the death's *****;

Staring at the bright blue sky
And observing the birds,
Wishing I too could fly
But the idea was absurd;

Noticing a girl walk by
Dreaming that we'll be together
And that I'd be one lucky guy,
But I know I can't get her;

Hearing the rush of a stream
And the water hitting the stones,
Wishing that it wasn't a dream
But it was a hope too well known;

I dream of hopes to often
Causing me much pain,
And my mental sanity begins to soften,
From dreaming of things I can't obtain;

I need to stop dreaming
And live the life I was given
Instead of wasting time sleeping
About things that are forbidden;

So I'll start trying to focus
On things that are a bore,
Being rid of this diagnosis
And alas, I'll dream no more;
aurelia Feb 5
I know of a small town girl with dreams of
red carpets and theater hits, maybe
shelves out of stock from bottom to top
or halls with framed portraits of the sea—
the crowds drowning, washed away
to worlds that words can not portray

A shame, she grew, this brilliant girl
stuck between youthful dreams,
and the violent whirl
of what to do and where to pluck
the food to fill her empty gut
Bhill Dec 2019
Are there limits to what you dream
Has any time been exhausted in reference to boundaries
Dreams are only limited by the borders within
Within your dreams, fantasies, pursuits, goals, and life
Believe in ”No Boundaries”

Brian Hill - 2019 # 328
You can. Do it...
Grey Dec 2019
If life was a book
or anything except this
We'd be together.
Cross Roz Oct 2019
Why does the water salty
While you are bitter
Yet those lips are tasty
a facade I want to remember.
LN Sep 2019
Happy moments
And Crazy lives ,
Cheerful days
And never ending nights,
Glittery eyes
And painted skies.

I hold onto them as strong as I can
I hold onto the skies and the friends and the man
For I know when I'll no longer see the dark
This all will fade away
Nd there won't even be a mark.
Dreams and fantasies make me a different person...... And when they break...... I come back to my bruised self to cry.
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