Alec Jul 16

We are the dreamers
We are who imagine a better reality
We turn our ideas over to, or become, the inventors.
We build our worlds and never want to escape
We don't pretend we are sane.
To watch us is to see a blank canvas
But to look in our eyes and mind is to see a world of color.
We imagine the impossible
Nothing is too far out of reach in our mind
But we are the dreamers
And we fear reality.
It's never as amazing as in our dreams...
Dreamers get nightmares
They are, after all, another kind of dream
Reality is the base of our nightmares.
What if I got in trouble? What if they didn't like me?! What if I forgot to wear pants to school?!?
Nightmares are apart of being a dreamer.
We create our own realities
Because our real reality is what we fear.
We stay up late, and dream while we're awake.
Because to fall asleep would be to subject to our fears of reality and hate.

sunprincess Jul 14



It's all falling apart,
But people continue to hold on
To Delusions.
It's all falling apart,
But people continue to hold on
To Fantasies.
It's all falling apart.
So, people try to hold themselves together
With drugs that dissolve their brain cells.
It's all fall apart.
Some people try to Smash It to bits
So it will fall apart even faster.
Those who can't see that it's falling apart
Also can't see
How stupid they are!

Of course, I was listening to Nirvana's "Nevermind" recording when I composed this poem.
sunprincess Jun 25

You're in my dreams Love
and my nighttime fantasies
Oh sigh, goodnight stars

Chloe Jun 16

There are two worlds that I know of.
The first can be seen, and felt, and heard.
The other spins inside the eyes that pry it.

What becomes of fantasies
That break the paradigm
And live in its schism?

Stacie Anna Jun 3

I'm so into our love...
All this pain and passion...
Envy and intense orgasms...
Competing for your lips is such a wild thrill...
I feel my blood seeping out of my chest when you're gone...
I'm so addicted to this feeling of loving you...
You turn me on because you're a monster...
and you caught me with your claws...
and in my defense... I didn't try to get away...
Baby girls are usually scared of monstrous men like you...
Not your girl... She's creating you in a Story-land of Pleasure...
Become my vampire that sucks my blood...
Become my prince charming that gives me his love...
Become my lover that seduces me with his kisses...
I let go of my armor for you...
I'm bare and vulnerable on display only for you...
You tossed me out into your sea of colors
And I'm in love with you... I don't wanna go without you...
I just wanna go down on you...
Be my Vampire that sucks my blood...
My Prince Charming surrounding me with his love...
My lover that seduces me with his kisses...
We can live in our Story-land of Pleasure...
Darling... Come find me at the front gate...
I'll be waiting for you at 8...

I love you baby..
YumnaKay May 29

His skin​ ...​ a landscape​,​
​upon which I doodled
​shapes, memories, fantasies

​drawings on an empty canvas. ​

​My fingers ... splayed;
vibrant colours ... brushes of ecstasy
refreshed, reawakened, revived​​

~ A long lost dream ~

Experimental. Totally random.
Star BG May 8

Creative enhanced blood cells move within
as I harvest kind words.
They enter the mind to explode
expanding, blooming,
tickling senses to write.

The moon is lit to enhance as
well the sun with its rays bright.
And when it rains moisture touches skin
to anoint cells with boost bringing forth words.

Words to enrich and inspire others
All in the day of a poet.
A poet, who flies in dreamscape fantasies.

StarBG © 2017

That day…
That day when you spewed absurdities

Absurdities concerning a future

A future with a matrimonial union

A matrimonial union that would produce a child

A beautiful black child holding both your name and mine

I wish those absurdities went in one ear and out the other

To where I can’t recall
Note: Never play into fantasies that might never form to reality

One picture
One night
One image
It gets me excited
It makes my fire ignite
You and me
Not your man
Fuck him
Even if for one night, I picture sweet lusty romance
I want you
I need you
You turn me on more and more
To that one image
As I beat it off harder
And harder
To that picture
And then...

I love you.
You’re so sexy.

Sweet ecstasy.
And then... I ask myself,
What did I just do?

A poem about the dilemmas about masturbation, from the male viewpoint.
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