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cover my mouth with yours
and let me taste
the poetry dripping from your lips

write me a kiss that
will be remembered
through the length of time

and I will fall
from the pages of your fantasy
straight into your arms

Johnny walker Mar 21
I didn't almost have It all
I had It all why? because I gave my sweetheart the love and respect she deserved, for she had
given her very
soul to
Because she believed In me because the love and respect I showed her and
I was rewarded with Incredible love for twenty years we had
And though she has left this life my memories and the love she gave to me Is stronger In death than a any new relationship could ever
So I'm staying In my own little world with my sweetheart just as If she still with and I know to
live memorie Is not quite the
but personally to me It Is and all I want now
I'm happy to dream when want relive memories when I
and even fantasies about Helen and that's more than enough to see me through the rest of my days before I join her
My dreams memories and fantasies of Helen even though she has left this life mean more to me than any new relationship could do so I'm happy with all my thoughts
of Helen till the day we meet again
Hello Prolly Mar 19
I miss you
                                 I kiss you, too
Oh, I love you )
                                     I live you, too
Johnny walker Mar 13
Closing my eyes I see this vision of Helen and me
I'm stood at the end of this beautiful field of golden corn
I smell that beautiful summer air blown ever so gently carried on a breeze
that makes the tops of the
the corn sway with that oh so gentle breeze my attention drawn to the other end of the field of gold I can see Helen making her way through the corn weaving pathways through the
I can see her hand waving she calling out to me but can't make out what she saying
As she draw near I can she dressed In this beautiful summer dress oh stunning she looks at that point
I start to go towards her where we meet somewhere In the middle
where we throw our arms around each other we kiss
Helen draws the very breath from my body we lay our clothen down and there we make love amongst the beautiful field of gold corn laid there afterwards with smiles on our faces on a lovely sunny
and warm day but It's only  
the Sun and then the field of corn that knows our secret I'm sure they won't tell
Total creative Imagination of what could have been but at least I have a very vivid Imagination make my own fantasies as go along its  often very difficult In these trouble times
Johnny walker Mar 11
I often have a fantasy of Helen waking In the of the dead of the night seeing her sat on the bed waiting for me to wake, how did you get here I ask
I've got time off from Heaven she says so thought to use It to come and see you, a fantasy I know but so real to me I hold my hand and she takes It with hands so
Not cold but warm she tells me she misses me and said says sorry she had to leave
but said I know you will understand
Would you like to kiss me she says with those so expressive eyes how could I resist her passionate kiss
For I couldn't resist that kiss In
So certainly I wasn't going to resist her kiss even though I knew I was
having one of my fantasies so
she kissed me almost took my breath
We sat and we talked for a while she then leaned over kissed me again and said It was time for her to return to Heaven
She turned and waved and said she would return when I have my next fantasy I think of
Helen night and
write off all the time, so I can call her name whenever I wish all I have to do Is fantasise and I know my darling will be
Because I think of Helen 24/7 I call her name anytime In my fantasies and she'll be there
Johnny walker Mar 11
I'm lucky to have such
a vivid imagination I can create pictures of Helen still with me
There Is nothing that neither of us can't do In this Imaginary world I've created
A world is hidden away from reality Helen's and my private world where we can lay down again to love each other just as In
I can create such wonderful fantasies through the power of my own mind It like creating a picture book
with the Illustrations of drawings of Helen and I that are stored deep In my innermost
Whilst drawing the pictures of Helen and me In my head then adding verses to each Illustration drawn I can create wonderful fantasies
of Helen
and I
Our own personal book of fantasies of thing we would have loved to have done but for whatever reason probably through ill health
never got chance
to try but this Imaginary book I've created I can read whenever I
because Its stored here In my deepest thoughts Is this wonderful book of our Helen's and mine our own personal fantasy
Vivid Imagination allows me to create Illustrations and verses
just like writing a book but the book of fantasies that lay safely deep In my thoughts of Helen and I only to be shared by by friends
There are places lover go
whilst lost In Dreams at night fast asleep wrapped In the arms of there
Feeling comfortable and safe protected by there lover safe within there deepest Dreams and ****** Fantasies
****** Dreams and Fantasy
shared by those In love as
they sleep for all there Dreams forever
will keep stored In their memories safe from other prying eyes protected by lovers as they sleep at night
****** Dreams and Fantasies a lovely place at night a place no one but their lover can touch
or see
memories of a lifetime together turned Into ****** Dreams and Fantasies whilst sleeping safely In their bed at
snuggled to their partner that only they no of snuggled warm and safe from prying eyes drifting In and out of ****** Dreams and Fantasies
****** Dreams And Memory of fantasies our love and how It
used to be
These scenes play out on eyelids’ screen,
This virtuoso performance
That no playwright could have foreseen,
Of such fantastic discordance!

Engrossed in this film with no plot,
With unknown actors in the lead,
I’d look away but I cannot,
The action is driven by my need.

Leaving the theatre of my sleep,
All of the faces still remain,
Fantasies filed away so deep
Inspire the poems in my brain.

From whence a poet’s vision comes—
Forgotten scenes that once were clear,
The rhymes are just a trail of crumbs
I use to bring the real near.
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Fantasies and dreams,
and queens.
Happiness and love are
the only things that
can be seen.
Somewhere out there are my dreams.
Now I just
have to go after them with
a scheme.
I have no idea on what to title this poem. If you have any suggestions, please comment and I will take it into consideration.
Caitlin Jan 27
I cannot escape you,
even in my dreams.
Sometimes they are fantasies,
showing how I wish we were.
Sometimes they are nightmares,
reminding me what we really are.
Both torment me.
I realize my last two have both started with I cannot, but to be honest I do feel helpless when it comes to this “muse”
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