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solEmn oaSis Jan 30
sa paglikha ng tuwina kong katha
madama mo din sana ang kakatwa
ngunit nakasanayan ko nang pagtatwa
hinggil sa himpilan ng tagong lubha

naririnig kahit di man pakinggan
nahihilig saglit kundi man tanggihan
inaaliw pilit ang sarili sa kundiman
bumibitiw singkit kong ngiti panandalian

dahil sa dingding lang ang pagitan
hilahil ng singsing dagliang pasakitan
walang pasakalye kang papanigan
humarang pa sa kalye silang marasigan

sapagkat ang magtengang-kawali
sa pangkat ay sadyang balewala rin
kapit sa patalim talagang tatanggapin
kahit pa maitim pawang palipad-hangin

wala kasing malaking nakapupuwing
ika nga nitong napipintong
niyong yaong paimbulog na daluyong
tila halinghing, pakiwaring
may naduduling

dagundong ng kulog kung maihahambing
ang gulat na sumilay sa mga mata mo
sa halip ang kalakip yaring halukipkip
namulaga't humimlay di nais matamo

yun bang sa kabila ng pagka tulog-mantika
nakuha pang magbuhat ng silya-elektrika
tagos sa buto ang hiwa ng pahiwatig
halos tanto ang tugatog na matigatig

may tainga ang lupa, may pakpak ang balita
ganyan ko maikukumpara Ang Mala - Palara
na sistema ng isang walang muwang na puwang
pag sa sandaling mag-pasaring ang ingay ng kulay

mala-abokado ang sapak' na mau-uLinigan
mansanas sa pagkapula sa kabalintunaan!
mga paksa na may pasak natutunghayan,
tuwing ang kapas ay sawing masasaksihan

" Ang dapat ay isang Wika sa Magandang ibubunga "
pambihira naman ang mga dalahira ,
wari bagang mapupunong inuugatan !
Martes pakatapos ng Lunes ! Linggo lang ba ang pahinga ?
I was suppose to say that
precious or not
misuse or important
I always neglect the fact
of those direct track
coming from the back
of my splitting spit of my pen
symbolically every now and then
YReem619 Jan 30
All I craved was peace for once,
A sky full of stars,
A gentle breeze that strokes
And a deep conversation with you.

I have this sort of fire in my heart
It burns to the thought about how
I wasn't sure what is it you wanted,
I thought maybe a spark.

Maybe just a drink though or
Maybe a night out.
Middle of the night you rest your head on
My shoulder and all I can feel is you living.

Your fragile breath against my neck,
Your scent penetrating my attention,
You look and we whisper.
You are confused and it is confusing me.

I breathe then I wonder about what will happen
If the sky fell on us tonight.
I look into your eyes and what I can see
Is stars that are nearer than you are.

But imagine this baby,
Beyond breathing,
Breath stuck in your mouth for so long,
Before you know it your jaw starts to ache.

Just breathe,
Ren Sturgis Jan 29
a soft breeze, waves lapping against the shore

circling around and around, every time learning something new

an exploration of self; a journey of pleasure

sweet caress

wet, wet, wet

it's like the tide is whispering to me


a moan like a sigh of relief

there is no shame here

only love <3
vega Jan 27
twitchy sniffly noses
silky bracelets woven
a sennight of whispers
and soft rains fallen
bones strident ringing
skins slow submerging
bloodshot eyes and
star-shot skies and
cheekbones shrouded
in staling chlorine

sneaking syrup smiles
under honey gold
four tonics drowned
to fight off the cold
and fast fortune-telling
for finites foretold
trace the lines and
face the folds, please
hold both palms closer
but leave them closed

twitchy ditzy fingers
***** rings unspooled
a sennight of stories
and sinking in pools
bones washed in phenol
skins slick like ferrule
bloodshot minds and
star-shot why’s and
wisteria lips speckled in
the warmest shade of cool.
Hussein Dekmak Dec 2021
Everything draws me to you:
The pulse of a new dawn,
The laughter of the sun,
The aroma of baked bread,
The song of a bird,
The fragrance of a flower,
The magnificent beauty of nature,
The miracle of a baby's birth,
The whisper of hope and humanity.

Everywhere I gaze, I see your beautiful face.
Anywhere I go, I feel the touch of your love.
You are the compass of the hearts
And the Infinite light of the whole universe!

Hussein Dekmak
Estelline Dec 2021
When you whisper to me
The sweetest things
How much more smitten could I be

I could listen to you talk for hours
When I’m with you
I feel like the whole world is ours

So when you hug me
Don’t let go
I don’t care if everyone knows
That I’m obsessed with you
And everything thing you do

I’ll squeeze you tight
Just to let you know
How much I love you.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2021
I remember
That blush and glow
When I call you mine

I remember
The way
You looked at me
That eye contact
And the state of mind
And the stillness of time
That paves a way
Of sweet embrace

So what's it, to be?
To write or being written?
Admiring you
In verses
From afar

It is you
And so
It was
When you are next to me
Every day is
A new beginning
That's just how it is
Nothing else matters
Theme: Silence understood, and so much more. If it's simple, it's her
If it's simple, it's love.
Moe Oct 2021
i am left with
all these alien feelings
as you stand by the window
rain and wind slowly
make their way into you
the light from your cigarette
becomes colorless
in and out...every breath
the whisper of being here
gives the idea of being out of place
as you will without-end be a long goodbye
Zack Ripley Sep 2021
Whether you hide or stand out,
Whether you whisper or scream and shout,
If you want to, you can be found.
And if there days you feel you have no one
But your fears and your doubts,
Like you've looked everywhere but can't find a way out, if you want to, you can be found.
You will be found.
Coleen Mzarriz Sep 2021
If dreams occur because reality shifts into sequences and give a human being series of the strange specific pathway to open the doors of truth over desires and fantasy over morality that sometimes predicts the future of someone, it may look like something out of a classic painting, or Van Gogh's, or Breton's manifesto surrealism or even the impressionist Claude Monet — or simply falling off a building.

Though in dreams, someone will say it is their escapade, their haven, their call of past, their deja vus and jamais vu — but the occurrence of dreams are a horror to someone. And that someone is me.

Nobodies are like masses of droplets of raindrops collapsing on the ground and vanishing like smoke; they lit as the fire and at the same time, water as it is called the rain. Nobodies are treated as no faces in a dream. They represent the being of a human in the realm of this world. Sometimes, they are the persona of our hidden self, sometimes, they are feelings, a place, or a person.

Although nobodies can have faces, it is often that they remain clueless and distinct faces. Faint like a whisper, their touch is almost as the ghostly one and in the gist of it, it is as if they never touch us.

And we forget about their existence. I wonder if nobodies are considered to exist in our realm but are used as a subject to define meanings behind our waking life?

I want to be somebody in someone's waking life. To escape the amenities of the horror the somebodies are facing. I want to be there to breathe a small fresh air and be like a little fairy guiding someone who lost their way.

I guess then in dreams, nobodies want to escape too.
After a month of being gone here, I am back with this piece. More like a thought for this day. I am glad I have a lot of drafts like this.
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