To the girl,
he is going to marry,

   When he comes home drunk,
   And calls out my name,
  Just kiss him and whisper,
  "I'm here, honey."
my tongue twitches
from the words
it won't whisper

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
Winter night whispers.
Complaining jealous mistress,
Soon to be deported!
Deb Jones Jan 5
A soft parting of the lips
To invite my lover’s kiss


A small hiss
Please touch me there
And there


Parting my lips
In a small round sound


You’re kisses make me
Forget to breathe
I inhale


Like Thor with his hammer
Striking an anvil
Thrusting this sound out


Lips in a rictus grin
Trying to quiet
My moans at the end



This word in my mouth
and on my tongue.
Caressing my lips in small sips of air.
It feels **** to me.
Sunshine Jan 8
I see a whisper
I hear a touch
I touch a feeling
I feel to much
the devil on my shoulder whispers the reasons I should call you
it's the reason I'm thinking of you while he's driving me home
why I feel you when his hand is clenched tight in mine
it's foolish but I'd spend the rest of my life falling apart if it meant falling apart with you
your name blends with his and I have to bite my tongue
look what a mess we made
a draft from 2017
theforest Jan 2
i whisper something
into your ear

you laugh
but i hear wind chimes

i brush your hair
away from your face
and kiss you

daisies sprout
from your lips
Caitlin Ellis Dec 2018
Words fight against waves to reach her lips
they linger till calm
and those that form in her chest
merely escape as a gentle whisper
She looked at me with a whisper, a whisper of impossible tonics kissed by error and wrapped in something her very own: a cobblestone alleyway with gas lamps.

She whispered through centuries and languages, from unintelligible crude rocks to dashes and swoops of a corset. Through blue eyes and clouds, through dizzy spells of humanity’s uproar and endorphins fueled by alcohol.

She whispered and yelled and then she screamed, with the power of an open heartbroken and men fallen, up through the air and down through roots long faltered.

She screamed and screamed and nothing came out like it did from her whisper. She fell quiet. For she was nothing without the lilt of a tongue when greeting the one vitality she couldn’t make tangible.
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