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annh Oct 3
You tilted your halo at me,
While I was polishing my horns,
A twinkle in your eye,
A prayer on your lips;
I can resist anything except temptation.
Can you?

‘There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.’
- Mark Twain

The penultimate line is borrowed from the playful and flirtatious character of Lord Darlington in Oscar Wilde’s comedy of manners, ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’.
Use your words.
     Even if they've been heard before,
          say them once more.
Search combinations for new letters to adore.
     Expose a rhythm, make it rhyme,
          express this messy perspective of life.
Use your words.
     Whisper, speak, shout
          find some space, a place
               to let it out.
It'd be quite a shame
     you come all this way
          and never shared
               what you're all about.
Use your words.
     Allow them to break, breath, take flight.
          Make them honest
                for those to take hold
                     and offer some delight
               to take home
                    make their own
                         and watch them grow in the light.
Klita Sep 21
I wish my happiness
Was not a lie
I wish my family
Would realize how much I try
To be who they want
             To live how they want
                       To achieve what they want
But I am not him
And I am not them
I am not her
And I am not you

I am no one
N o t h i n g

So until I find who I am
Ill float through life
    A Sign
        A whisper
                 A G  l  i m  m  e  r

Of who I can b e
Erian Sep 21
Crow’s sung in the wakening night
Causing ghosts and ghouls to stir up a fright
Kingdoms broken down in ominous sight

A moon drowned in red
Hanging on by a thread
Scarecrows wandering from field to field
A night escaping by echoing cries

Where the black cats pounce through dusk
Where witches laughter is cold to the touch
A whisper heard in the atmosphere
Halloween is near
Anastasia Sep 20
She had a heart of ice
Holding his, she squeezed
He stumbled back, and she looked him in the eyes
She told herself he deserved it
Tears pooled in his eyes as he clutched his chest
“What you did,” She said
“It hurt,”
“You said you’d never hurt me,”
She said, her heart melting
She squeezed again
Blood dripping down her hands
He fell to his knees
She got closer
“We were supposed to be happy,”
She sobbed
He leaned in
And whispered his last words
“I never meant to”
And thats when it shattered
Anastasia Sep 19
the shadows of stars
sparkle on your face
with your tears
i want to kiss your cheeks
and tell you it's alright
and we whisper to each other
in the pale moonlight
Gale L Mccoy Sep 17
I whisper to myself
no, I write to myself
cause the clack of keys
is a sound unreadable...

                 "let me be ****"
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