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******* of suckling cheeks
taste of wine gone vinegar
left out too long exposed
to sunlight

twice ways between nowhere
we drank a bottle or four
before resigning ourselves
to defeat

we woke so many mornings
in drawn shade sunlight
with our heads split twain
by buzzing

we'd never known what it
was to taste hurt or defeat
until we likened our arguments
to chemistry
aphelion Oct 2022
You take me out and analyse me like I’m another person you have known
Like all the girls before
You keep guessing what’s on my mind
Sinking into the heels of your feet
Sipping wine with tired hands
You make swirls to calm the nerves
Comfortable in the fact that you know me
I smile and lock eyes
But really I am sad for you
I see you
More than you want me to
You think I want to kiss you because I like giving myself up too easy
That I don’t know myself
But your wrong in so many ways
I live and breathe
Knowing that my days are counted
You blink and your world invites chaos
Swallowed by days and weeks
Living but not living
You're scared to let go
You tell me your a gentleman
But gentle isn’t apart of you
Your a whirlwind
And I'm just watching
Water to wine and wine to precious blood
The Lord transfigures; taken at the flood,
    The dregs of outrageous fortune, once imbibed,
Will be like compost to a growing bud.  

So, drink and happy be, for all is well
In Paradise, where living waters swell
    The stilly stream by quiet pastures green,
And sheep in peace and perfect weather dwell.
Natassia Serviss Jun 2022
Our blood is golden wine,
I’ve been told to try sweeter blends.
My cups lay in my favorite number but the unknown in my shadow still stand.
Inside could be my salty songs for a memory that never ends.
I pull you down underwater to see just how far you can be from the sand.
Eyes wide open to the flame of your being;
It’s confidence and conflict that drag me out of my stalemate.
A torch to gaze upon something I know to be worth seeing.
Whether together or apart we still crawl the same trail to feel and be something great.
The oleander and roses course through our veins like the wax that holds together our armor.
We’re meant to grow our vines past the heavens.
That’s the place that holds serenity and storms that you never have to barter;
Where admiration never leads to lessons.
To be strong through our valleys when we feel like we’ll never climb back up.
In this garden is the place where I can accept your oceans dichotomy.
No matter how many wands, no matter how many cups;
I’ll accept it completely but of course cautiously.
All the eyes can see all the burning in my hands.
What could be sparked by nature feels easier to light on my own.
Is it gasoline I smell on demand
Or has the apple already grown?
5 of cups, 8 of wands, 7 of wands, the magician, the knight of swords. He lives in sunsets.
D A W N Jun 2022
I want to love her with my eyes wide open
and my heart a bottomless chalice
love  should be unafraid
to look me in the eye
when it sees me
so do not look at me with one eye closed
and tell me I am the prettiest thing
you've ever known
I want my lover to take me in
let your gaze
drink at the sight of me
a glass full of love
sip it slowly, my dear
momma, i like this girl. and ure gonna like her too. i cant ****** digress how beautiful she is- not even the poems and the paintings i make are enough to justify her beauty- my god.  her mind is pretty too, momma. ure gonna like her.
D A W N Jun 2022
no matter how intoxicating you are
my aphrodisiac girl,
you can never entice my
i am listening to aphrodite- rini while i attempt my job account to commit suicide in this ****** workplace( im trying to get rid of it) , and  i thought abt her (very random ***) and how she works with deities and that is sosososoos attractive *** . ive also thought about downing a wine bottle awhile ago  hence why i gave birth to this poem :p
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