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Hunched over in this Bastille dwelling
cobbling out words stitching to a page
day after ----------------------------------                              
            day after ------------------------              
                        day after--------------
                                      day ------

The last bottle of Bordeaux Rouge shatters
and pools on the ***** floor, frantically I
bow down and touch lips to dirt and wine
**** until my sore cheeks flush with blood
stumble back to              the makers bench
carefully carve                  initials marking
days gone by and          by days gone by
at night I lay my head upon the guillotine
hoping to wake drenched in red in a basket
this self revolution will some day pass
maddie 7d
You convinced me to go home with you
After a night of good fun
I knew I shouldn't have trusted you
How could I have been so dumb ?

It started out with a kiss
A little bitter from the wine
I was in a state of bliss
Everything was just fine

But then I froze in shock
Your hands were down my shirt
I couldn't even move
As your hand went up my skirt

I wanted you to stop
But I was petrified by your actions
The sweet man I knew
Became a monster needing satisfaction

You took what you wanted
I couldn't stop you
You left marks on my body
***** my mind too
Daksh Nov 3
Broken glass, wine on the floor.
Everything red, red Everything.

Let blood flow and guide your soul.
Don't be scared, deep down you know.

What's it like to leave and to lose everything.
Everything hurting, hurting Everything.

You know you cared but never shown.
That's your burden to be known.

The wine was red, so was the blood.
All i'm doing is getting hurt.
There she goes

Girls file into line
Three by three
Knee length skirts

Down the aisle

Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine
Prayers morning, noon, and night
Careful now, They're prepared to smite

Up the Stairs

Now we dine
And then off to bed
One "lucky" girl gets to practice head

The tallest tower

She's had too much sacramental wine
Hands touched and caressed
And she felt far from blessed

Down she jumps

Touched by filthy swine
"what a horrible disaster"
Her eulogy given by that same pastor

The Devil moves on
Elisabeth Oct 31
He passes that gold chalice down

Full of wine redder than the blood you share.

He knows you can make everything gold but drinking this only once will ruin those chances-

And he hands it to you with a smile on his face.

His own blood made into wine

Through those iron bars on your window

Supposed protection from this deadly spell.

This opportunity for you to become one yourself  

An alleged King

But only to oneself
Nuna Oct 27
the poem started with your lips on mine
but ended with some tears and wine
Karijinbba Oct 26
It was all pre planned
You got drunk by another woman she mounted you
she lied and deceived you she
told you it was me Ginny
the old love of your life
when you found her **** in your bed and as you were going to **** her the **** ***** announced she was with your child in **** you kissed that shameless jealous viper
your getting drunk was your misfortune into the *****
black hole of a greedy **** you weren't even attracted to.
surely love is never by force dear

Denying love in marriage to the one born for you has no reparation neither in time nor in eternity and there karma became
a ***** in the eyes of the one forcing you to give her everything you had for your worthy beloved.
your feeling small insecure
rewarding bad women for envy jealousy greed and malice was unhealthy and ****
for any rich man as the only means to fill important in life.
your alcohol was your misfortune and my **** on earth.

You fell into her black hole
and from there not even your light can escape shes not anchored to your heart by treason whats the grown ground work of your happy marriage?
my heartache and heartbreak? my pain and suffering?

the heart face and body of a ****** is your demise when she violates your trust again she'll be smiling all the way to the bank there you'll know that
a greedy envious vampire and a
shameless thief are utterly
bad unacceptable company.
You'll still see my star, my moon my sun, my night and my day and remember our fireworks
my twinklin' starry eyes
ever feeling ever knowing
where your heart spirit soul E.T. really belong.
By Karijinbba
All rights reserved
Do not repost thanks.
"Till death do you part."
..waiting. No jealousy here at all
I know my true hearts worth.
Cné Oct 22

As passion surrounds me in the dark
Hearts ignited into a spark.
Tongues mate, a ritual dance
Lost in a bliss without a chance

The gentle caress upon my face
Tingling sensations grow with the trace
In a frenzy of kisses long denied
Hungered passion can no longer hide.

Within this depth we are deeply drawn
As sensual desires begin to spawn
Night passion is lost in endless time
As I become drunk on your sensual wine.

Tender kisses placed upon my skin
No fighting desires that I can't win
My soul and heart fly as you caress
Slowly, slowly as we undress

Heat deepens into our senses
Passion tearing ... into our defenses
Your kissing lips move upon my leg
Sending silent urges ... as I beg

Longing boils and starts to crest
As we glide into our ****** quest.
While we lay our bodies intertwine
Intoxicating me ... your sensual wine.

Trembles quake, ecstasy takes control
Whimpers escape my lips, as you caress my soul.
Desire drips, sweat runs down your back
Drawn into passion as our souls attack

Slowing from our quicken pace
Gentle kisses rain upon my face
A blissful aftermath, I’m lost in time
From being drunk on our sensual wine.

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