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Steve Page Mar 6
They were a common or garden,
run-of-the-mill variety
of right weird bleeders.
Individually, nothing I'd not seen before.
But oh boy, together -
it was like the circus had passed through and their apprentice scheme had got left behind.
Mind you,
you could see what they were attempting,
and give them a few years
I'm sure they would figure out a style
and colour scheme
that worked.
For now,
well like I say
- right weird bleeders.
The experiments of youth are a necessary phenomenon.  Great to be part of but difficult to observe.
myrrh Feb 27
You may not be a model fashion wise
But I model myself in your fashion
Jenny Gordon Feb 13
I do, seriously.  Problem is, I want to have babies...


He said, "You don't need anything fr'intents
In there." as I picked up and flipped t'avail
Through Boden's latest catalogue.  In pale
Excuse I talked of this skirt, or from thence
Stared keenly at the models like their sense
Of perfect:  "you can't live without this" scale
Of being was tops.  Yes, studied aught detail
Like I was nonchalant oer sheer pretense.
If that earned me his lecture on how poor
My chances are of seeing him longer to
Effect are, guess I should have known as twere.
There was not anything I wanted.  You
Can argue that I'm wrong and that's fine too.
My wallet can't afford aught now in tour.

What's left to add?
A Jan 31
Gold rings on slim fingers
Long eyelashes batting, bright
Amounting to the moment, no value when the night runs
Men laughing, their eyes full of unbridled ****
Only the tinkling of glasses, carried on a breeze
Rushing champagne from a bottle, embossed with the best label
Outrageous fashions, the fabric thin enough to rip
Under twinkling stars, the players move on
Snakes all of them, their fangs shining in the light.
Johnny Noiπ Jan 24
*** men often are setting
the agenda for women's
attractiveness; projecting
an ideal femininity onto
someone far from perfect.
Kat Jan 13
I used to care nothing 
About fashion 
But then 
I began to wonder if 
Each outfit I wore 
Could portray a facet 
Of my personality 
Symbolize the aspect 
I'd choose to showcase 
On a particular day 

For instance 
Sometimes I wear
Black skinny jeans 
Grey belted coat that falls past my knees
Blue flowered blouse
Boots that can weather a normal day
But are not very good 
At dealing with extremes 
On these days I feel confident,
As in, I feel comfortable and beautiful 
At the same time 
As in, I'm trying to fit in by looking stylish
Without looking too frilly 
And it's working 
As in, people will assume
My mind is just as put-together 
As my outfit 

Sometimes I wear 
Green pocket-covered cargo pants 
Sporty jacket
Black T-shirt 
Hiking boots
On these days I feel powerful,
As in, I'm trying not to look feminine
The way society defines it
As in, men won't cat-call me
As I walk through the streets 
As in, people will believe
I am just as strong mentally 
As I am physically
Adventurous and ready to tackle
Any obstacle 

Sometimes I wear a
Tight-fitting dress
Fancy earrings
Sparkly high-heeled shoes
When the occasion requires it
On these days I feel powerless,
As in, I do not feel comfortable
In my skin right now 
As in, people will watch me for my body
Instead of for my words 
As in, people will think
I am as awkward
As I appear

Sometimes I wear 
Loose-fitting stretchy pants 
Mismatched socks 
An old sweatshirt 
Ragged running shoes 
On these days I feel worn-out,
As in, I worry too much
What others think of me  
As in, I didn't have the energy
To pick out a stylish outfit 
As in, I don't care if people wonder if 
My emotions are as chaotic 
As my clothes 
Because I know it's true 

But the truth is
I can feel confident 
And comfortable 
And beautiful 
And stylish 
And put-together 
And powerful 
And strong 
And adventurous 
And powerless
And awkward 
And worn-out
And tired 
And chaotic
Every day  
At the same time
And most times  
I can wear whatever I want
Regardless of what people think
And I don't need an outfit 
To showcase my personality 
Or to make me feel 
Like my mind is in the place 
I want it to be 
I just need 
To keep on being 
The person I know
I want to be:
Look at all these wannabe gangsters
Terrorising our streets
That one's wearing camouflage trousers
Just wait till you hear him speak
'Dems bear skills mate'
'Can you lend me fifty bar?'
He sounds like he's from Los Angeles
Doing time in the yard
But he's not
He still lives at home with his mum
And his pregnant girlfriend
And he's under the thumb
You see them outside Tesco
But they're not shopping for pesto
Let's go
They've seen the old bill
He's known around this town
For selling dodgy pills
Guns, knives and slang
That's what you need
If you wanna be in their gang
No education
Just a stolen Playstation
And don't forget the ****
Even on a school night
They're out doing speed
You'll see 'em in the park
With a bottle of cider
Then they'll start
On a poor old-timer
Tracky bottoms
And a Burberry hat
Chav fashion
Cause they think they're all that
But the funny thing is
They don't have a clue
They don't think like
Me or you
They think that they're rap stars
Dreaming of fast cars
But they're just wankers
More like 'wannabe gangsters'
Paul Butters Jan 1
Let’s get hysterical.
Let’s go mad
About the Winter Solstice passing
And our football team winning.

We party hard
For Christmas and New Year.
The Americans do Thanksgiving too.
Bad times for turkeys
Great days for making sales.

Anniversaries, birthdays and Celebrity celebrations,
Big Brother and Get Me Out of here.
X Factor and Lithuania’s Got Talent.
All excuses
For making mayhem
And a fast buck.

Any present will do
No matter how useless
Or banal
At times like these.
Compulsory enjoyment
Even if you’re ill.

Oh what sheep we are.
(Apologies to sheep).
We must conform
Follow fickle fashion
And hug the herd.

We may be social animals,
But woe betide anyone
Who is

“Be yourself” they say,
But do they mean it?
Course not.
The “Individual” is cursed,
Cast out
A *****.

It’s time to stand back,
See the truth
And find your inner soul.
Break the brainwash,
Defy the dictators
The Nanny State
And really,
Be You.

Paul Butters

© PB 1\1\2019.
Influenced by the glibly funny UK comedian Richard Ayoade.
Scarlet McCall Dec 2018
These shoes be hurtin’ me
and this top’s too sheer.
I can’t sit in this skirt.
Do you think I want men to leer?

I’ll wear my skirt long,
like the Orthodox Jews:
A high-necked top
and a pair of flat shoes.

I’ll wear sneakers with socks,
and jeans or black leather.
I’ll wear wool scarves and hats
on account of the weather.

Is it really “fashion”
or some type of mockery?
To dress women like ******
seems to me an atrocity

I don’t care what you think
of the outfit I chose.
I’m considering Islam
just for the clothes.
Inspired by an exhibit I saw in a museum today, on "Muslim fashion." So different from what we're told in this country about what "femininity" is.
a targetable
liar lured
her church
with cunning
that it
mixed fashion
as salsa
as she
danced while
her culprit
was hers
and swayed
in the
belfry but
a  mare
of thorn
in reality
A Selma in reality
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