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Fashion’s symbolic sensuality draws eyes, stir passions and maybe even resentments!  =]

Of course, maybe you’re above worldly conceits, above fashion. YOU, go through life as unaware as sinless Adam and you’re excessively handsome, or pretty, obviously.

But for the rest of us - fashion is the medium of our beauty and God created Paris for fashion.

We’re pretending we’ve come to Paris (our immediate, pandemic safety-pod-family) for a family reunion - but REALLY, we’re on safari - a freshmen, college-wear, “back to school,” ensemble hunt (for meeeeeeeeeeee!).

Step 1 (there’s only 1 step) - go to the Rue Saint-Honoré.

This year, I like-like Anna Molinari - most of the ready-to-wear daily-trash I snapped-up is hers - all hers. It didn’t start out that way - but she sould me on an uncharted course at first sight.

Other designers seem to be pushing old-lady-looking floral prints this season. Eeuw! Why?? DIAF.

My gran-mère (grandmother) told me - 6 days ago - as she attempted to tame my run-away hair: “You need to be unpredictable, petite beauté, not some comely young automaton. Then everyone will find you interesting and watch to see what you do next.”

Thank you, gran-mère - I’ll settle for looking interesting any time.
It was wonderful to be able to go and see beautiful things again.
He Pa'amon Jul 24
at age 8 i stopped wearing jeans because they were uncomfortable.

at age 14 i wore high heels, fish nets, and skirts to school and a man once asked my mother if she really let me leave the house looking like that.
i also wore checkered pajama pants and shirts with holes in them to class, i dressed up and down because everyone else seemed to dress in the middle.
i dressed however i wanted to because my mother told that guy to shut the **** up and mind his own business.

at age 16 i wore crop tops the size of sports bras and pants so tight i understood why they called them skin-ny jeans
my **** and *** would be flying all over the place,
but people with larger **** and larger bellies, people like me, weren't supposed to be wearing those sorts of things so i thought i must.
or so i thought.

at age 18 i started dressing in oversized shirts and formless dresses
i didn't believe my body needed to be objectified and put on display anymore,
i didn't need to prove that my waistline was small enough,
i didn't need to wear the spanx i wore every day at 16.

at age 20 i stopped wearing make up or a bra,
my **** sagged and eyes bagged but i wanted to show people that ***** aren't always perky even on twenty year olds.
i also stopped shaving my armpits
i thought they were cute.

at age 22 i stopped shaving my legs.
i didn't think they were cute.
but i realized not every decision i made about how i presented myself needed to be in order to make myself more beautiful.

and at age 24 i shaved my head.

a man once asked me,
as he looked at my college ring wrapping itself around my pointer finger,
if i always did things differently just to be different?
and if id always be doing things just because someone told me not to?

i should have looked at him and asked him
what has he ever been told he cannot do?
Camera, lights, action...
Wake up, get up and don't forget to stay up.
Sway n walk but remember not to drop,
this is what we are going to call fashion.
Bring your hips left to right, stand up tall
and try not to fright. Bright lights up in it,
cause every gentleman loves to stare as the
senorita walks up the stairs in her high stilettos.
Smell of fresh fabric and the grip of leather tights,
take it and wear it because tonight you're the Queen
of the ball baby, coming out through the dark light.
We want fashion, poise and something to call Sensuous.
Do the cat walk
Strike a pose and tip to your toes,
cause tonight is fashion.
Competitive looks and reading books, you know you're in
it for the game to win it.
Carlo C Gomez Apr 21
Ziegfield girls with Gatling guns
in complete synchronization,
decked out in Erté.
Watch your step, soldier,
for what's often considered foreplay.

Much like Peter and the Wolf,
one thing leads to another
on this daisy chain,
and as you know,
Burke's only jealous of Lorainne.

I'll tell you what,
dress warm for the ******* snowstorm,
and there'll be a place alongside
such an ingenue.
But what a terrible let down
it would be to find out
she was always smarter than you.
Erté (pronounced AIR TAY): Romain de Tirtoff's pseudonym; he was a 20th-century artist and designer in an array of fields, including fashion, jewellery, costume and set design for film, theatre, and opera.
Man Feb 23
there's secrets, hidden beneath the corduroy
a world of wonder
where admission varies
guest to guest,
it's a game of guess
at whether you're let in
or you're like the rest,
corduroy's the fashion though
for sure
they'll be others
that hold you high up
just to push you down under
Beckie Davies Dec 2020
I wear my skirt backwards simply to make a statement

You do not see the skirt because you don't find them attractive

She thinks we're so absorbed in what is not important

I made a statement but I was using the wrong language
what language will make the most impacting statement ?
femininefiction Dec 2020
The color of passion, the color of pain

The color of delusion, the color of flames

I slip my swollen soles into your hallow hysteria

Cracked, fragile feet from the frost bite

  of a West Virginia snow

Size six, ruby red stilettos

and I push

and I pull

and I scream

and I sigh

and I try and I try and I try

In my six, ruby red stilettos

Freezing poetic lullabies

Until I can find a place to call my own


Sparks of scarlet bloodlines

Dripping down my spine

Wrestling through rivers

between the spaces in my mind

My heart is much too loud for a place like this

My lips are much too quiet for a place like this

I dance with him in

The color of courage

The color of fame

The color of charisma

The color of strength

The color of my lipstick when its fading through my lies

Much too broken

Much too bold

Bursting into a violet plum

until I am in pieces—

until I decide to throw myself back together again

In my size six, ruby red stilettos

and it wasn't my intention to force them to fit

and I push

and I pull

and I scream

and I sigh

and I sell dignity of my poverty

to get them to come off of me

but once I started dancing

I fell in love with the sound

of my heels clicking

the surface of the floor

and I made myself a home

in my size six, ruby red stilettos.
Amanda Hawk Nov 2020
Wrap myself up in Saturday
Tighten the day around me
Relaxation should be fashion
With a stage of people lounging
Letting the week fall away
Wouldn’t that be luxury
A runway show
Of casual mornings, easygoing evenings
Affordability in the convenience
Drink down fancy coffee and hot chocolate
As Saturday becomes a world renowned designer
Of my relaxation
Favorite day-Saturday
Savio Fonseca Jul 2020
Her Beauteous Body,
was filled with Curves.
I took some Time,
to settle My Nerves.
My Lips set Rolling,
a Hundred Kisses.
I never Dreamt,
for this kind of Blisses.
I unwrapped Her Fashion,
to settle over Her Map.
Her Kisses kept pouring,
like water from a Tap.
As She parted Her Lips,
I entered Her Holy Shrine.
With every gentle Stroke,
    Her Face began to Shine.
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