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Lunar 1d
Love is a tidal wave
that one alone
cannot brave.

Unless it's a boat for two,
then the ocean is made
for the both of you.
I wrote this for my friend's cousin's wedding.

The sun rises everyday
And so, it sets every night
The same way a boat docks at bay
Before it goes out searching for light

Though it’s true what they say about fool’s gold
We spend so much time searching we become lost
In this we learn the true treasure is to be bold
So bold you would never know what it cost

As the sun starts to set
Instead of going out, go get some rest
And as the sun rises early in the morning, so it seems so far away
Take leave in your boat, go touring and sail along your own merry way
The Little Bessy  molts its white chipped,
dull letters out to waves it cannot use.

Capsized on the rocky Maine beach, where  
it once fished for lobster in richer anchors,
the peapod displays its tattered nets on its hull
while the Man O War, filled with a haul of tourists,
bruises the gentle waves of Penobscot Bay.

Its oars are mounted on the lobster shack wall,
its sails framed in the nautical museum.
Abandoned are the days it was pulled
from its moorings on the wharf and sailed
through Penobscot air or spilled weighted circles,

days that were longer than any of its old parts,
times when old hands  hoped for better ways
never knowing they’ve come and gone.

Its broken, rusty anchor once met the spent waves,
the hands holding and releasing it down
to mate firmly with the mount, the moment
when the old lobsterer father firmly grounds
The Little Bessy’s wanton desire to push out to sea.  

Betrayed and exposed every day, run by no one,
Bessy drifts into beauty she never desired:
the pretty postcard in the wharf gift shop,
photos  taken by others rushing by in other boats.
when she was always meant to be the secret  
memory of the lobsterer hauling up his lonely pots.
Alex Aug 1
Some can walk through the ocean,
Some can sail boat,
And some would fast enough to swim,
And how envy to see,
How lucky they're...
Cause i can feel the cold in my feet,
I can taste the salt on my throat,
The weight that dragging me in,
And even sinking ship had the chance breathe under,
But i am here....
Drowning all alone...
Dante Rocío Jul 31
Of beige gaze.
Premonition in the river cast passing.
Would those trees looming
uncertain by gravity
fall on us?
The effort tried in setting
oar’s agility,
so as not to
Hit the sides,
For my own persistence
And calm,
willed mistakes is.

In steel.
As bliss.

Bliss such of slipping
out of boat’s grasp
to that of illusionary time,
Out of speech’s hold,
From how summer moulds.

Head out,
I will
to lying in river’s sole
fine line of freeze,
Who holds dear the mute,
those who feign not appurtenance
of this world,
As the sail companion’s
left to thinking.

Though oars may hit the shore
Lungs in silver lining stay aboard.
Face backwards.
And the bottom separating
River and Boat
will pretend its existence
No more.

I walk
and my laudability
can’t be taken

As a current like I
Runs air-tight bubbles.

/And the sounding:
SHeeSH | CLing |LiNK |
SHeer | CRinge | PLinTH |.

FLOW, mOUld me SOre/
Kayak passing, speeding,
Forest reed, stream clicking
And a companion to give you a moment.
Silver’s sky that could reek of your lips so strong.
A most beloved cloak
My tanned shoulder will bear for.
sadnspicy0 Jul 29
Red leaves are falling to the ground...
"I hope this rain won't drown me down,
and I'll get to the other side!"--
said Paper Boat...
and died.
Nidhi Jaiswal Jul 28
Love is like an ocean...
Its swimmer must be proficient in all art...
Than life boat will be survive in deep ocean...

Love is like an ocean...
Its swimmer must be proficient in all art...
Than life boat will be survive in deep ocean...
Thomas W Case Jul 14
I dreamed that I had
a boat on a leash,
which was strange
because moments before,
I had it in the ocean,
and I was fishing off
the starboard side.
My nephew was with me
and he got us lost.

We dragged that boat all
over Ventura.
We were looking for
the marina.
The longer that the boat
was on the leash,
the smaller it got.
Pretty soon it was
just a toy, a poisoned
dog that we
threw in the trash.
Alex Scaife Jul 2
I waved Brighton away as adventure called,
My heart filled with childish enthusiasm.
The whole world spread before my eyes as the
Wind did gently rustle my sails. Away!

Three months I sailed without excitement,
Making my heart lose faith in the open sea.
In anger God let my vessel venture
Into a storm to swallow worlds and eat me whole.

I prayed and begged with clasped cold hands. "Oh, God!
I am quite dead. Save this wretched servant!"
He ****** thunder from the grey skies and laughed
As I floated. A corpse drifting aimless.

As my filled lungs spewed out the sea, the sky cleared.
I saw a shore. England! My heart flew high
Just a story
the life will go
with our souls
which move this bad waves

these surrounding our boat
which will float
and resists every worst

life is deserved
to show your brilliant
the lifeu is desrved to live and gain every point of happiness and not to look to the harmful and worst things
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